Gang of Yuusha

Chapter 15 – Traffic Accident and Alchemist House Circumstances

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The beastman Barcass shivered excitedly with great joy when he was ordered by Chateausea to kill the hero of the human race.

Even if it was only an instruction letter, and even if the content was written plainly, he bent his knees and prayed.

He spent the whole night offering something while prostrating to the altar of the beast god.
It shows how strong his loyalty and longing for the beast king is.

Even if it was replaced with the previous generation, it will not be shaken at all.
Similar to the wild world, the beastmen obey the strong.

If you defeated them fair and square, no one will complain.

Barcass is a crocodile beastman which is one of the sub-race amongst the beastmen.

Actually, if not for his green scale, there is no difference from humans if you look at his feature.

His jagged teeth is hidden inside his mouth, however he has yellow vertical eyeball in his eyes.

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「It’s useless. You can’t receive a reward from His Majesty until the matter is done」

He bend his poisonous fingernail’s sharply, at the same time he was troubled whether he should kill this rude fellow or not.

Bascass’s fangs and claws are the source of disease.
His poisonous hands and fangs soaks in all kinds of poisons.

This is a design that depends on the person’s unique immune ability.
It becomes possible to end the prey even with just a mere scratch.

―― The higher a beastman class is, the more they tend to stick to their own abilities.

He heard that Shouji Quik the『Sensitive (Shock・The)Hero(・Braver)』fighting style is also to fight with bare-hand, he also roared to Luck who suggests a surprise attack.

If your opponent is a real match, then you cannot take a cowardly means.

Although he hesitate to use his poisonous hands, poison is something that he have been familiar with since he was a child, and it is not toxic for him.

However, the unfairness still remains in his mind like a dregs.
At least, he should not kill until the enemy has a weapon or something. That is more like it. If so, he can give the mythril dagger to him.

There is also a thirst to fulfill the ordered mission. He is not permitted to fail the mission.

If he did not make a compromise―― Barcass crossed his arms and shut out the noise in attempt to free himself from obstructive thoughts.

He found that Luck’s chatter made noise like a broken speaker, and his heart becomes flat like a water surface.

「Oi, It’s here」

The wanderer, who walks from the other side of the crowd, live by renting a room at a cheap hotel.

It was difficult to track him, maybe because he did not have a fixed residence so he usually stays at a friend’s house, sleep on a broken boat at the dock, or assembling dry woods and camping in the mountain.

Even so, he always appears in the underground guild on weekends before the holidays.

Subjugate monsters upon taking request, go to the dungeon and bring something back, or dispute with other gangs is his daily life.

Now, Shouji was walking while biting a long barley bread unwittingly which he bough at a bakery. It seems that he is eating breakfast while in a daze.

After taking a breath, Barcass suddenly appeared in front of the brick road.

His surrounding is wrapped in a thin gray mist.
The cold air moistened Barcass’s scales.

The buildings lined up in blocks have a vague outline and color, and the view is bad.
Even if some kind of turmoils occurs, it will not disturb the local residents.

「My name is Barcass. I’m from the Wazz Family. You’re Quik, right…… Mm」

Barcass blocked him, but Shouji did not stop walking.

As a matter of course, they bump into each other.
Barcass did not retreat, but was a little surprised, he opens his arms and released his stance.


At a few centimeters away, Shouji suddenly stopped, he hit Barcass’s left cheek as if slapping a fly.

He did not put any weight, and he did not have anything in his waist, but―― Even so, the whirlwind-like blow was effective and made a dull sound.

Barcass staggered and muttered in a dangerous in a dangerous manner while stomping his feet then steps back to the cargo road in the center of the road.

He realized he was not being taken by the other party and his face raged in shame.

He rage in humiliation. He tear off the hood of his parka open his field of vision, then blow his nose and point his arm vertically.

「You bastard! Where is your pride as a warrior――」

Suddenly, a four-wheeled wagon that was hidden in the fog appeared from behind Barcass.

The bearded-driver was taken aback by the figure that appeared on the road and turned the reins sideways, but it was too late.

The horse refused the unreasonable request with a shrill voice, and proceeded as it it, because of that Barcass was trampled and killed by the giant horse.

The horseshoes that weight about hundreds of kilos approaches over his head. His skull was smashed, and he died while brain matters leaks from his ears.

All that remained was a miserable corpse, the coachman looked at the corpse for a while, but loathed trouble and chose to escape.

Shouji, who did not even glance at Barcass, found Luck who was watching the situation by the wall then raised his hand suddenly.

「Yoo, Isn’t it Luck? How are you?」

He is acquainted enough for a casual talk.

Luck, raised one of his hand awkwardly, since he usually works to carry luggage, he had also been used by Shouji too.

The aviation service job is to expand the information network, and is also for the courier to earns extra money.

He did not expect to be greeted by the person whom he intend to assassinate, but death would be inevitable if Shouji get wind of it.

「What the hell, your face looks bad. What’s wrong?」
「N-nothing, I’m full of energy」

His cheeks is twitching. Luck was trying to save his place by squeezing his death force.

What is in front of him is a demon that kills people according to his mood. Even demon will have thoughts and hesitations before they kill a little more.

「It looks like your place is going to be tough」
「Eh, no, not really, that’s not true」
「The King seems to have died, right? Right, it’s『The Untouchable』Hall Totnakun. Looong ago, I was taken care by him so I really wanted to come and say hello」

Luck could not decipher what kind of emotions were swirling in his smiling face. He can only feel chills.

Shouji seems to be looking for revenge, yet he also seems to be really thankful. Luck do not want to know.

The interaction between the Beast King’s Imperial Court and Shouji, who was a thug cannot be imagined by Luck who has served the court for more than 10 years. The war between humans and the beastmen is a story that started more than 20 years ago.

The source of evil still remains, even now the vengeance of killing his parents and brothers still appears as an incident, but Luck do not think the man in front of him is a type that emphasizes with familial love.

If they kill each other, it will definitely be a topic, but either one should be dead.

「I-is that so. The funeral is already over, you know」
「Hey, I’ll give condolence gift. I’ll pay. Anyway, good work」

He was given a fading banknotes as it was, Luck kept it into his pocket in a flutter.

「It’s rumored that his daughter will succeed him, so sooner or later they will have a coronation ceremony, right? A grand ceremony that gathers fruits and desserts from all over the world. Is it a conversion ceremony?」
「You sure know it well. Yeah…… I think they will do it」

The conversion ceremony will take place as soon as it is ready.

The elders―― At present, the chateau sea is not recognized unless they talk to the forest’s wise men, at present stage, it is nothing more than a temporary king.

「Let me join you too. I want to try eating delicious food to my heart’s content. Not something like this」

Shouji pleaded while biting the dried bread.

He shows his beast-like fangs, he chews the bread unpleasantly.

Luck was also amazed by the fool who wanted to come to center of the enemies. It is a ceremony where tens of thousands beastmen gather from various place.

Human race―― if you invade as an enemy, it is more than just being killed.

What kind of mentality is this? he do not want to know.

「Oi, oi, you hate beastmen, right?」
「Of course, I hate them. But, I will be quiet during the memorial service and auspicious event. If I hate them everyday, I will be tired」

It seems that there is no lie in his admirable words, and he really urges Luck to say「Hey」

「I want to invite you too, but unfortunately…… Unless you’re a beastman, you cannot go to the Ancient City Lara Pazard. There is a barrier that former heroes made up to become a human pillar」
「Then, it’s fine if I just break the barrier, right?」
「Don’t say it lightly. Besides, it cannot be broken. It’s a barrier that is rumored will not break even if The Great Flame Dragon attack, you know. Even if you use your full strength, you can’t break it」

Shouji nodded at Luck’s rebuttal words.

Perhaps, he understood slightly that it will not break even if he hit it with a battering ram, he hold one hand over his head and show dispirited looks.

「…… I see. Then, bring me a souvenir」
「Yeah, see you later Juming Jumping Jumping Fire bastard」

After Shouji who looks disappointed shrugged his shoulders and left, Luck who leaned against the wall, gazed at the corpse on the road.

He tried his best not to look at it, but he must bury it.

Besides, he may have noticed it.

It is a terrifying imagination, but perhaps the reason why he wanted to come to the ceremony was because he wanted to take the boss head.

No―― he should not be that reckless. There is also a high calculation aspect.

「I have to take proper measures……」

Luck grabbed a cigarette with his hand on his hat. He unconsciously put too much strength and chew it into pieces, and threw it away in anger.

Sales at alchemy stores, which are directly managed by Surupo Pharmaceutical, have fallen slightly. He cannot ignore the effect of the Perfect-Potion that bastard handles on the back road. It erodes the sales area little by little.

The addicts, who were satisfied by mixing the ready-made goods on the market, listen to their reputation and reaches their hands out. As a whole, it is a trivial thing, but he do not like it.

He sent about three assassins, but they have been killed off.

It is extremely light. It cannot hurt anything.

He cannot defeat Shouji unless he attack him with more forces.

 △ ▼ △

Percibell was carrying a case filled with potion bottles while shouting「Heave-ho!」to the trolley carrier.

The deadline for shipping that was circled on the calendar has arrived. The Perfect-Potion need to be handed to Shouji who is the boss of the gang.

She feel tired, perhaps because she was working all-night for the sake of delivery. She looked down at her dirty clothes that was stained with charcoal fire from the kettle, she turned around and looked at the tattered hut with a triangular roof, and sighed.

「Onii-san, he don’t come often except for work」

She pouts and place her fingertips in front of her small chest.

She know that her body is not that mature, and she understand that they are business partner.

She have no complaints about her work.

He brought her the ultra-purified water she asked without fail.

For some reason, the chemical can’s owner name and serial numbers were erased with a file, and she is curious about the blood that was scattered on the bottom part, thanks to that, the manufacturing process came back to life temporarily.

What should she do if the profit from this time shipment comes in? She also want to replenish her experimental tools and buy more chemicals.

She also refrain from debt’s repayment. She still have to keep saving her daily necessities―― But, eventually she also want to renovate the store when she get to live in luxury.

「It’s getting torned…… Eh, it looks like it’s slanting…… Awawawaa!」

When she notice, the whole image of the building is slanted strangely. The pointed roof has become diagonal. She observed it while suppressing the urges to cry.

If the roof brick collapses, Percibell will judge that it cannot be helped, but the situation clearly different.

She decided to walk towards the backyard while thinking some possibility, as expected there were cracks on the dry ground.

The ground subsidence―― The pipes that connects to the sewer floats and appears.

The joints are missing, sewage begins to drain into the soil and dyes the surrounding area into black.

Decay-smell mixed with metallic odor irritates the nose. She squated and looked at the missing parts.

「Gnome, eh. A fairy that height around 30cm. It excels at excavation and lives by absorbing residual magic. It shape is a mass of sand and is also known as sandman. In short, it is a sand-shaped monster」
「Ah, Onii-san」

When she turned toward the voice and presence that came from the side, Shouji was squatting beside her.

His expression looks like an analyst. He hold his finger over in each place of the embankment while looking at the traces on the ground that are similar to earthworms.

「Hii, fuu, mmm…… They’ve been attracted to the alchemy synthesis’s effluents. There are a lot of them…… There are more than 10 after crawling. We need to make gnome repellent. Otherwise, you’ll be living in an underground house」
「Eh? ah, yes」

She exhaled her breath. Not only gnomes, miscellaneous spirits are also a source of worries for alchemists.

It is easy to make the prescription, but it appears again even after you get rid of it like cockroaches living at home.

Magical creatures can manifest regardless of your will.

They love artificially seasoned magical powers and sniff out power spot.

「So, is your work okay?」
「Y-yes it is」
「How about here?」
「Hii, ah hyaa」

Percibell writhes in agony as her non-existent breast was grabbed tightly.
It is through the clothes, but Shouji can change the shape flexibly without reservation.

Percibell, who was blushing, had no choice but to wait until he is satisfied.

There is no doubt that it is still growing, but her height does not change.

Shouji got up quickly.

「It haven’t grow that much, eh. Is it better than other?」
「What do you mean by other?」

The pupil was open, and her blue eyes were frozen. Shouji could not look straight at her and turned his face away.

「…… No, well I have been liked by a kid recently. It’s not something important」
「What kind of girl is she?」
「She is a blonde with a little more brown, she has cheeky eyes, and laugh a lot」
「H-have you already do lewd things with her?」

She stand up, twist her body and bend her upper body forward, her moisted eyes become cold.

Shouji had no memory of sleeping with Lorelei, but it was sad that he could not deny it. He decide to use both potion and alcohol to get as high as possible, and even he himself do not know what he do.

He felt strangely uneasy and guilty when he receives her moistened gaze.

He was confident he could cheat a young woman without a flaw if he divide it into work, but he is not so clever as to cheat his private affairs.

He tried to explain to her groundless suspicion, but he was anxious so he decided to take another approach.

「Listen, Bell. I’m a villain. I’m destined to die somewhere in the wild…… Don’t get attached to me. You just have to think about making money and becoming rich, and then, withdraw from evil moderately and grab happiness」

His advice came from kindness.

As a villain, he do not believe in divine punishment.

Even if that happens, he will just be convinced.

Ah, expected, it turned out as he thought.

It is not weird for him and the other members if something like that happens, but Percibell have not sinned to that extent yet.

If she can get money, as an alchemist, she will at least become a person who leaves her name behind for her posterity.

There may be a proper way of life as a person who can serve the people.

「Hee, what kind of excuse is that?」

Shouji rarely said a sentimental line, but Percibell complained with a light speech like a cotton candy.

She do not know how serious it is.

「Eeh, see you then……」
「Ah, rather than that, I have something I want you to carry, so can you help me?」
「…… Yeah」

Percibell, who changed her mood, returns to the room from the back door. A glimpse of the cargo showed that most of the products were loaded.

It is supposed to be taken to the hidden warehouse nearby, but she still have time until the next appointments.

Shouji chased after her back and entered 『Atelier Percibell』. An irritating smell of mixed chemicals coming from the workshop attacks his nose.

As he walk, the flooring floor makes a squeaking sound.
It is worm-eaten and chipped all over, but it has regained cleanliness to some extent, the containers and furnishings are polished like never before.

「Where are you going?」
「It’s here」

He entered the bedroom in the back of the corridor.
It is bland, but the sheets are clean and the headboard has flowers.

As Shouji crawled around the room looking for the luggage to carry, Percibell turned around splendidly and hugged him suddenly.

「Is it okay?」

With a red face, her begging is full of expectation.

She pushes the tips of her fingers around his abdomen, she wants a deeper connection.

「…… It’s fine」

He let out a sigh mixed with agreement. Shouji decided that this was also another important task.

△ ▼ △

「Uuh…… It’s embarassing」

The girl, who kneels on the bed in the bedroom, grabbed the hem of her tutu skirt while blushing and lifted it up.

It was originally a mini that was only a knee height, so even just a little, the thighs with whiteness like a white porcelain was revealed.

The flesh is thin and only as thick as Shouji’s arm, but it has an attractive force that attracts the men’s eyes.

The cloth for shorts does not really visible. Perhaps because she was having difficulty breathing, Percibell was trying to strip off with her trembling hands.

He waits silently instead of rushing, and the tip of the delta area comes into view.

The red underwear had a bold shape. It was made of strings except for the part protecting the genital area. Two strings are spun, but the waistline is fully visible.

Even the cloth that should cover genital area digs in, even the crevice is clearly visible.

The string also draws a sharp V line with a string, which is a mismatch with the childish Percibell.

However, there was something arousing with her unbalancedness. Her sex appeal and her development were managed well, it was so cute that her cuteness covered her own unevenness.

「What a flashy underwear」
「I-it’s for Onii-san to see」

She twist her inner thighs. It is an attractive and obscene movement.

「I see, then show me more」
「Uh, t-that and this is…….」

When the skirt is lifted and the abdomen is completely exposed to the open air, Shouji requested that the skirt’s hem to be held in her mouth.

Percibell obediently held the cloth with her lips.

When he knead the defenseless secret place with his fingers, thick fluids overflows.

Even if she is wearing a shorts, it cannot prevent it from getting wet.

「Nnn…… aghh…… ahh!」

Every time he rubs it with his finger pad, the fluids drips. It reacts with a twitch every time. The secret place gradually become hot.

He play with his fingers as it invades into the back of the cloth. The sound of dripping water can be hear.

The love fluids leaks and her eyes melts with lust. Percibell puts her tongue out as if she had dried her throat. Saliva spilled from her lower jaw and fell onto the sheets.

「Nngh, p-please insert it quickly」
「Where do you want me to insert it?」
「P-please insert it in my wet hole. I don’t want to just masturbate anymoreee. Please ravish me」

Despite saying that, Percibell started devouring her lust as she could not stand it anymore.

Perhaps, she may have been struck by an urge similar to itch. She desperately puts her finger into the tear and stirs it.

「Huu, haaa hnmp uhhh!」

Her spine shivers, she close her eyes and concentrate.

Shouji was confused when she started masturbating in front of himself, but decided to observe.

She just lost her virginity, and this lewd manner is strange.

Perhaps, when making Perfect-Potion, some volatilized ingredients burns her brain.

It is a possible story. She will have to wear expensive dense mask rather than the cheap ones.

But, let’s do that later.

「Oi, are you going to leave me alone?」
「Y-yesh, a-at once」

It goes without saying, she took his pants off, she smiled joyfully at the swelling penis in front of her, she bury her face and sucked it.

Her tongue licks squirmly, she forget about neatness and disheveled her blonde hair.
Sometimes, she squeezed it while playing with it, she slid the tip of her tongue over the penis’s foreskin.

「Chu chuu…… Fwa…… Uhhh…… I-I’ll punish the naughty cock that sleeps with another girl~」
「I don’t know what, but did you ate something weird?」
「No, I’m not. Absolutely, I’m not consuming anything…… Ahh, can I insert it? My hole is already soaking wet」

Did she read a dumb magazine or something?―― Shouji felt tired with Percibell’s stupidity, but she warped his penis without consent.

Mucus is spilling drop-by-drop from her vagina. The erecting penis is buried in soft meat with a clap sound.

「Fwaaaa. T-this is gooooood!」

She raises a delightful voice while clenching her teeth.
She shook her hips while exhaling briefly in order to devoured the pleasant feeling.

Although it did not reach the piston, but the view was not that bad.

Shouji closes his eyes and leaves himself to pleasure, the fool that moves her crotch desperately while sweating, awakens the desire that sleeps within her.

Her soft small butt also felt good when it hit his thighs.
Percibell gasped comfortably, and reached climax with ecstatic eyes.

She squeaked like a puppy, she was not satisfied with just once then starts moving again, then she realized that she was neglecting the other party, then put her tongue out and smiled shyly and changed her posture.

Now, she turn her hips, attach her soles and start shaking her hips.

The secret meat’s part where the juicy love juice spills changes it shape softly.

「Hi…… uh…… nhm, I-I will comeee」
「Don’t worry about me, just enjoy yourself」

It was comfortable for Shouji because he was not moving, but for the time being, he used the bed’s repulsive force to match with Percibell’s hips.

「Y-yes, more, more, moreee…… Ngghh, I come!」

She swing her butt and drive it down.

Despite what she did, Percibell was impressed by the with electric current-like feelings and open her mouth lightly.

「When I’m about to ejaculate, I’ll shoot it too」
「Yes, please shoot it from your dick. I will squeeze it a lot with my hole」

The ferocious cock was moving back and forth inside the girl’s body, but she did not stop even until she was about to cum for the 5th times.

Shouji ejaculated twice midway. When the act is over, Percibell finally wanted to kiss him with a feeling that is different from lust, so he accepted it with a smile.

He did not intend to give affection, but it must be lonely being alone in this lonely house.

He was thinking of giving her some concern and kindness.

When he was exhausted and satisfied, he worried about the stain of love juice scattered on the bed, then brought a towel from the side table and began to wipe it.

「Fwah…… It’s refreshinggg. Uwaa, it’s sticky」
「You did it yourself, right」

Looking down at the mixture of semen and love juice that drips from her crotch while being naked, the surprised Percibell put her fingers inside her crotch.

She rub the mucus slightly with her fingers, then remove her fingers and pull the string to check the thickness.

「Onii-san, please come to stay once in a while, okay?」
「Do you mean having sex with you all day long?」
「We will also do things like shopping, okay. I will also cook donuts, but then after that we do love things~」
「Love, eh…… Does Bell like me?」
「Yeesss, I like you a bit…… Besides, we’re already in an inseparable relationship」

She put her hands around his neck and giggles shyly.

She leans over smoothly and put her head on Shouji’s shoulder.

「Today, please eat lunch with me, okay?」

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