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Intermission – Target Age II

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Flambenje Laurier celebrated her 18th birthday, but she was not planning to graduate from Saint Felices Girls’ School.

There was only one reason why she who was born as the eldest daughter of a noble family stayed at the Girls School.

She is afraid of political marriage, she also want to maintain her student’s status and play, it is all for the sake of prolonging her youth even for a moment.

Saint Felices who uses the classroom system instead of age system treats a small number of people as a group, so it was possible for such unmanned person to stay as long as the tuition fee was paid.

In name, it is for the sake of getting an education suitable for each person, but the truth is different.

There is also the purpose to separate the nobles and the commoners, there is also the aim to avoids unnecessary troubles due to power balance problems.

It is a concern that even though they are students in the same class, there should be no master-servant relationship between them.

And then they are classified, but everything is not as sweet as they think. There is a hole somewhere no matter what the system is, it fades away from its original from, it is something fragile that collapses easily.

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In the first place, she did not have outstanding skills.
If you open the lid, it is the 19th out of 20th.
It was a humiliating number.

 ―― The problem is from here on out.

If she lost to the men, all she need to do is reflect on her ability.

After all, her body is that of a woman.
if she could not beat a man using power, she could deceive the world successfully.

What she could not forgive was―― The same female student of Saint Felices won the third place.

A commoner female horse rider. A dirty woman who usually wash clothes covered with horse shits while while scrubbing a washboard at the wash house. A stinky woman who was covered in freckles has won against herself.

Laurier who was filled with hatred and wrath, conspired to kill the girl who got the 3rd place.

She did not feel any guilt, and keep her hands clean.
It was all over with just curses and a command.

There were terrible traces of humiliation by ruffians on the corpse floating in the river.

Laurier saw the corpse and thought it make her feel sick. No it was different. She regret not being able to attend the horrific tragedy.

Thinking back, by nature she did not hate human cruelty.

Perhaps such a thing is to her liking.

Since then, if there is someone Laurier do not like, she liked watching them getting hurted and tormented more than anything.

Bumping into her shoulder in the hallway, because she did not like the way paper distribution was done or just because of their shabby dress, for such trivial reasons she dropped many students into hell, but recently she was targeting a student of Saint Felices who works in a brothel.

She do not have any hesitation to insult the plebeian who tarnish her beloved school.

Rather, she carry a noble feeling as if purifying sins.
Her false conscience is also being accepted by her friends.
Evil delight lies in everyone’s heart.

「Ara ara, Micellus-san. Are you at your limit already?」

A naked girl was unconscious while being attached to a Y-shaped cross.

Her hair was a short cut, she was a town girl you can find anywhere, but cuts and bruises are engraved on her white skin and there are also traces of beeswax hanging.

Her wrist has red bruise, and remnants of lust flows from her crotch.

Fragrances were burned inside the landscape room.
It was filled with a sweet smell, the room temperature was high, and steam was mixed near the ceiling.

One of the robust servant was drinking middle-potion while sweating.
The other one is standing beside Laurier waiting for orders.

Both of them wears goat masks and show no expression.
It was because originally they were called to be a male device so they do not have to show their personality.

Laurier grab a jug and splashed it at Micellus’s face. There is a muffled voice.

「Hey, Laurier. Use my servant too」
「That’s right. Or rather, it’s a bit boring」
「I’m tired of this pattern too」

There was a loud voice coming from the bathtub.

The bathtub that exist in the room is made of brass and is designed so that many people can soak in it.

Hot water was constantly being supplied from the pipes to maintain the temperature, and the overflowing water was flowing in the tile spaces.

Laurier’s three friends had champagne while letting their servants massage their hands and feet.

Their age are around 18 years which is older than Micellus.
It is a selfish undergraduate girl’s group same as Laurier.

The waiter erases his expression and carries the alcohol and fruits that was arranged extravagantly.

Some of the prostitutes from Saint Felices were frightened and curled up by the wall.

They are the next piece, a plaything that can be replaced.

They could not go against Laurier and her friends who were important guests of the brothel, they had to sell their lives for money.

If it goes well, they can get a lot of money with just a little pain. They have such a faint wish.

They were young but had unusual wickedness more than their innocent face.

「Let me see. What do you think, Micellus-san? It seems that there are many people who want to you use your vulgar holes」
「Y-yes…… Please use it to your heart’s content」
「It’s wrong, right?」
「This vulgar slut is already horny…… I can’t help but want a man’s cock」
「Haa, you really are a vulgar person. I’m disappointed. It makes me chill that people like you go to the same school as me」

A quick slap hit Micellus. Trace of red maple is created. Micellus shed a tear.

With a proud look, Laurier exudes joy in a play and looked at her friends in the room.

「What should we do now, everyone? Micellus-san is praiseworthy for the sake of odd money」
「We need to let her earn more money」
「How about letting her sucking men in the town while being naked?」
「Why not put her in the slum’s toilet for a day?」
「There are a lot of suggestions. Good for you Micellus-san. Let’s use the toilet. Hey, Mars. Please carry her」
「Will Young Lady group come too?」
「No way. You keep a close eye on her and report to me later. Now Eid, come bring the next one in」

Micellus was removed from the cross, but her teeth shivers with fear.

When she think that she will be naked in a public toilet in the cold season and will be held by filthy men, she was filled with despair.

The chance of catching a disease are high and there is also a risk of pregnancy.

In the first place, is it unknown whether she can live and return.

Eid, who was a doorman rose silently and stood in front of the two people curled up by the wall.

It was not specified, but when tried to grab the arm of a female student near him, his throat was suddenly caught by a man’s arm.

A tough arm stretched abruptly.
It feels out of place for everyone.


Strength come in conspicuously.

Eid immediately fainted due to lack of oxygen caused by the extraordinary grip, but even so the arm still did not move away.

His skin got teared, fingers cut in, and his throat finally exploded. It sounds like a balloon exploded and blood splashed out, Eid’s head and body were separated. Only when the was broken did the arm finally separated from the door.

Everyone was speechless and the place was quiet.

A man came in slowly. In his hand is a bottle of potion that has been drank.

The disheveled black haired man had brown-toned eyes. The color of his eyes fluctuates and shakes unsteadily. The shade changed like the changing sun.

His eyeballs moved around. He find Laurier and laugh.

「Oi, oi…… Isn’t she the girl who splashed me with muddy water? God, thank you for this reunion」

△ ▼ △

「Ladies, please stand back」
「Leave this to us」

The robust and tall servants, who sensed hostile presence stood in front of Shouji.

The noble daughters were surprised at the intruder, but they feel relieved soon.

It was because they understood that the enemies were only Shouji who was intoxicated and Lorelei.

With intoxicated and drowsy face, Shouji opened his hands.

He was exaggerated like a clown.

He staggered slightly with a posture that he was about to collapse.

「I welcome you, brothers. You guys will die, but I like you very much. I love you! so I will tear you up like a cheese」
「What a lousy junkie!」

Perhaps it was because the enemy was unarmed, a servant whose hair is hardened with wax tried to give a fist to Shouji’s face.

It was an unsteady tottering steps, but was dodged easily. His extended left arm and his defenseless face are caught.

Shouji teared off his left hand with all his might.

「Let’s gooooo!」
「U-uh…… W-wait a mi- Kyaaaaa!」

If it was a scream, then there was no scream louder than that.

After a snapping, cracking sound was heard, the ripping sound of cloth being torn up began to sound.

The servant’s clothes were torn apart with overwhelming brute strength, it exposes the red muscle fibers in his left arm, it separates the flesh that looks like a pulled bowstring.

「Whoo- Kyaaaaa!」

Shouji bring his face close jokingly then he laughed loudly, Shouji who shouts randomly plucked the servant’s left arm.

The muscle fibers was stretched and hanged down, blood oozed out at the cross-section.

It seemed like the scream would last forever with the severe bleeding burst out.

A large blood pool was created on the floor, the servant who was trying to stop the bleeding using a towel but everyone understand that it was a useless effort, finally got kicked and collapsed.

After kicking, Shouji stared at the left arm strangely.

With a flushed face and empty expression like saying 「What the hell is this?」

He throw it like a trash into the corner of the room.

「Ugh, yikes…… This is awful. Was the power-potion getting expired? Damn, what a bad trip」
「W-what the hell are you!? Hurry up and die!」

The servant took out a rifle and fired.
Although the muzzled fired, but the bullet was caught easily.

The movement itself was quick, but he was not even trying to see the trajectory.

「I feel gross…… Wait a minute. Give me water. I have a sore throat」
「Are you kidding me, you bastard!?」

The sound of gunshot continued.
The remaining three servants took out their rifles simultaneously, but Shouji send the man’s neck in front of him off cleanly using his hand.

Shouji rushed while being flooded with bullets all over his body, he grabbed one of the servant’s rifle then move it with his hands and thrust the muzzle into his throat, Shouji then pulled the trigger and blew his head off.

One of the other servant boldly tried to slash Shouji with a pocket knife, but he stepped to the right and dodged it.

Shouji made good use of his footwork and deliver a left jab, after cornering the servant to the wall, Shouji put both his hands on his shoulders and headbutt him.

The servant’s forehead breaks and blood begins to ooze gradually.

「Micellus! Are you okay?」

The girl who was losing herself was dumbfounded by Lorelei hugging her from the side.

It seems like her head cannot follow the terrible show.

The same goes for Laurier’s gang, with their mouth hanging down.

「Oi, Lorelei. Which one was Laurier? I don’t know why she has the same Lau as you」(Note : Both Lorelei and Laurier name has ロー in their name. I might edit later or not……)
「Darling. As expected potions is bad for the body, it’s better for you to stopped」
「I get it. Wait a minute. I will drink this sake to sober up」

Even now, Shouji that was about to collapse held Lorelei with his hand, he put his arm on the table filled with fruits then snatched a glass of champagne while leaning forward and drank one after another.

After finish drinking, Shouji wipe his mouth with his shirt and let out a breath.

「Yosh, yosh…… I’m good. So, which girl should I kill?」
「That girl」
「Wha- Please wait a minute Lorelei-san! What kind of grudge do you have with me!?」
「That’s right. It’s not good to kill someone without any grudge」
「Darling, please have another drink. Please sober up. I’m begging you」
「O-oh…… This is good. What a fine mead」
「Have you calmed down?」
「Yeah, I’m okay now. Well, Laurier you have to pay the price for killing Lorelei’s friends, Micellus」
「I’m not dead yet」

Although he pointed it direcly, Shouji who was denied from behind held his head with both hands.

「Damn it! There are only girls who like to speak around in here! I’m starting to hate this」
「Darling, it’s fine. It’s all right, okay? I’ll kiss you later. You can touch my breasts too, okay. You can do anything you want to me, but now please do your best」
「……O-oh…… I’m all right. For now, It’s fine to kill Laurier, right? So, which one is she?」
「It’s that girl」
「Okay. Goodbye then, umm…… Rier? 」
「Please w-wait a moment, I’am a quasi-baron’s――」

Laurier’s words whose name was mistaken, did not finish until the end.

Shouji land a fist on the girl’s guts and knocked her out.

The wooden window was smashed down, it was blown out along with the wood chips―― If seems to be floating in the air, but then it fall down to the ground with a crash.

There is no way to survive a dive from the 4th floor to the stone pavement, Laurier whose back was nailed to the ground fiercely, moved her neck around with a face that could not believe what had happened to her body, but died quickly.

「P-please help me!」
「W-we’re not doing anything. We are just following that girl’s order」

The girls covered with bubbles were watching the outcome, began to beg for their lives in a hurry.

Shouji poured the glass even more to drink alcohol, even though he is drunk, he spits out coldly.

「I’m sorry, but I will kill all witnesses. That is everyone in this place」
「No, darling. That means we die too」
「Ah, that’s right…… Well, umm…… What should I do? I don’t know anything」

Suddenly, the emotion that surged from somewhere moved him into tears, Shouji sat down in a chair like a lost child.

He put his hands on his knees and cry.

Overdosing potions tend to be noticeable because of their serious emotional effects, but it can also swing into the negative way just like this.

Furthermore, Shouji’s disposition is being overly influenced by potions.

It can be said that it is an unavoidable reaction.

Shouji shook his head while wiping the overflowing tears with his fingertips.

He is in depressed state, and his mental is about to become confused.

「Lo-chan, who is this person?」

Micellus’s question, who was leaning against Lorelei was obvious.

It is because there is a grown man who sobs convulsively, but he is also the savior saved herself.

「Umm…… He is my darling, but it seems he is a bit unstable emotionally. I need to cheer him up. Oi, you three」

Lorelei restrained them because the three girls that were covered with bubbles were trying to escape. Then she lets out an evil smile.

「Go suck him. You guys are good at it, right?」

 △ ▼ △

Shouji was dumbfounded when he saw nude girls were licking, sucking and stroking his penis in turns.

He had the illusion that he was daydreaming. His lower body is strangely warm.

It seems that half of his body were soaked inside the bath. Lorelei who was naked sits in a bathtub said something stupid like 「Heee, so it’s like this」while watching fellatio.

「Oi…… What the hell is this?」

A brown-skinned girl with a short-cut hair was about to let Shouji let out an ejaculation while making clappings sound. She has gained some experience when serving Shouji while making indecent noise. Her blue eyes have tears, but she is familiar with the area that make men feels good.

The maiden’s smooth and soft skin is wrapped around his hands and feet. There was also a female student who applied a special soap to the bush that leaves a light color, and washed his arm using her crotch.

「It’s because darling did your best!」

Lorelei puffed up her a bit uneven chest. He thought she had chest, but it seems she was using pads. She really is a grown-up kid.

She giggles like a mischievous kid with one hand on her waist.

「And then…… These ladies gave me a service?」
「Yesssh. Please use this meat hole anytime you want」
「I will do anything, so please let me live」
「Order me as you wish」

I wonder what―― There are five naked girls lined up but, Shouji could not keep up with the progress.

His penis is erected, even now it is certain that it is too excited and about to ejaculate, but it is a bit too much to deal with five people.

He himself has unrivaled personality for sure, but it is not that he is matchless, and his sexual desire is average and common.

A blonde haired girl with a curly hair on her right head stopped sucking Shouji’s fingers, she opens her hips then received the penis into her vagina.

The reason why it slips in smoothly is because it is wet with lotion.

The internal condition is good. The secret meat is well-developed and converges well.

It is sluggish, but with a gradually increasing vigor, the hips begin to move lewdly. It is a movement that is performed for a man’s sake rather than her own pleasure.

When he enjoyed the meat’s warm and slimy feelings, he connected both of his soles and switched to piston movement. This is to stimulate ejaculation.

「Ahh, h-how is it?…… Yours are very big and amazing」

The action of hitting and slamming the buttock invites lust.

It would be perfect if the facial expression was not pleasure but fear.

「Don’t say it falsely…… Hurry up and let me cum」
「Yeesss. I-I understand」

The curly-haired female student shook her buttock while sweating.

It came out with a plop in the midway, her expression changed and inserted it again in a hurry.

After confirming the man’s face timidly, she was relieved that Shouji did not blame her and shake her large butt again.

The skin is exposed to the ceiling light, the skin color that was gleamed with sweat and water was tinged dimly with red.

「Darling, kiss」
「…… Ah」

It is fine if it is just a kiss―― Lorelei who turned her face when he was careless, put her tongue in. Furthermore, she try to get involved.

「Ah, ah, ah, ahhh…… haaa」

Shouji ejaculated while leaving himself to pleasure. There is no resistance.

He shoot it in the vagina, the curly-haired girl moved away from the spot when it had poured out. Next is the red-haired girl who was washing his arm using her crotch, began to clean the penis wrapped in semen.

With a hanging look, the tip of her long hair is pig-tailed. She is apparently calm, it does not look like she is taking part in bullying because she seems kind.

「N-now is my turn」
「Yeah, Hurry up and do it」

Although it was not what he desired, when Shouji answered it properly, the red-haired female student began to take the same pose as the curly-haired girl.

In a similar way, she insert the penis into the vagina and let it squish for a while. She squats and shakes her butt halfway, and switched to piston movement that enhances ejaculation.

The action was similar to that of a prostitute, but even if they were accepted by Shouji and attended at least once, there was sadness even though they were convinced it was the correct answer.

「Kiss, kiss…… Darling. These girls can be used for business」

Lorelei only made persistent kiss, but it was not bad because it stimulated the tongue’s mucous membrane.

A matter to worry about is, Micellus had an angry look behind him. It may be the anger directed at taking her close friend away, or contempt for a man who inflates his crotch to anyone.

「Darling want to earn money using potions, right? Then it’s not good if you’re not involved with the nobles」
「That’s true, but……」

The red-haired girl quivered with a twitch. It seems she reached climax before Shouji. As she sat down, she hit her butt with a snap, and was taken aback then she returned to her original position and started shaking her butt.

「Please don’t worry. Because I will hold the reins tightly. It’s okay because the guy who betrayed will be reported properly and I know that darling is as strong as a monster」
「Why do you cooperate with me so much? We’ve just met, right?」
「It’s because I like you. I wonder why even though I don’t know your name. My heart is pounding. You also kept your promise, and next is my turn」

Whether it deserves to be trusted or not.

It was difficult to judge, but Shouji was thinking that it would be good to leave it to Lorelei.

The second ejaculation has arrived. He was getting sleepy because he drank too much alcohol, somehow he felt very sluggish and wanted to go home and sleep like mud.

△ ▼ △

「And then, is that kid clinging to your arm?」

Inside the chaotic and noisy『Red Gulls Bar』

Bando drank a mug while looking at Lorelei who was stuck on Shouji’s arm. Lorelei hung on leather jacket and played a beer ball.

It is her first time she had alcohol, she use both hands to drink a mug.

「I don’t remember anything after that」
「Darling was amazing after that. It was my first time」

Contrary to Lorelei who blushes slightly, Shouji who was anxious with a ghastly face was asking for help from his friends, but Bando turned his face away.

Stark pretended to be engrossed eating meat with bones, and Doldo was stunned with his mouth open.

「This time, I really want to stop the potions. Just think about it 『Sensitive (Shock・The)Hero(・Braver)』is really uncool」
「Well, calm down Shouji. After all, you have made most of your business successful. Let’s celebrate it」
「Yeah, that’s right. The sailor threats the guy who caught a young wife the same as the guy who killed a whale」
「It’s fine as long as there’s love, right?」
「Thanks. Nice to meet you all, business partners」

Lorelei who smiled widely, leaned forward and shook hands with all of them, but Shouji was starting to deny his meaning of life.

He reached the potions with his hands and began praying to erase the mistakes he made when he was a little kid, he will repent from now on then he started praying with both hands.

「It’s wrong…… Please listen to me. I’m not doing it. It’s true」
「Darling was a starving beast, you know. But, my shorts go so wet. Ah, but I said it was good」
「Yosh! Doldo, I think it should be 16 years old or older」
「Bando, shall we change the table and drink again to mark our reconciliation?」
「I must prepare for fishing as well」

The three friends got tired with the ridiculous story and left their seats.

Shouji changed his looks and shouted.

「Wait! We are buddies, right!? Please don’t leave me alone! Please tell me it’s not! I beg you! Forget about me, I don’t understand anything when I drink!」


The gang’s squad have expanded their market, but they are still far from the road of becoming very rich.

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