Gang of Yuusha

Chapter 14 – Cannot Stop Looking at The Corpse

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The boring awful morning came again. Kaizer, the commander on-site, was planning to assault the cabin in the morning.

He sat on a simple-tailored chair and never looked away from the scene while doing a strategic meeting with his subordinates.

He cannot leave it to his dozing subordinates. His nerve tightens tightly and his expression remains sharp.

The eastern sky is dyed with morning glow and turn yellow. The sun is rising from the sea. The wind blowing through the cheeks.

His eyelids were getting heavier because he could not sleep.

Everything will be over soon. In addition, he can sleep if he tidy up the document preparation.

He stop dispensing his valuable fighting force, the strategy of attacking with military magician to silence the opponent should succeed.

There was only one person in the unit, so he brought ten people overnight.

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Unusual kinds of magicians like Holly, or in the case of class A or higher, originality is required depending on the form of the manifestation desired, but many of them are the same this time. It is also said that being the same is stable.


Some of the magician are in a painful expression and lost consciousness while folding their knees on the ground. Kaizer’s forehead twitched at the fallen subordinates.

「What’s the matter!?」

A magician who retain his consciousness because of the angry voice rush over hurriedly while being staggered then corrected his posture.

「I am deeply apologize. We were defeated」
「Report clearly!」

Atrophied by the angry voice he moved his cheek and responded.

「T-that is… in brief, the reaction is… no, it is a failure」
「What… is the enemy a filthy magician ?」
「Eh, ah, yes」
「Damn, are we back at the starting point again !? I have been waiting for you fools so far!」
「He does not have honor, but there is no doubt that he is stronger than us」
「Ah, I see. I understood now that all of you are useless. Now step back until my anger is over!」

He stamp one of his feet to the ground in frustration, Kaizer glared at the cabin with bloodshot eyes. He scratch his head and grind his teeth.

Is it a motherfucker that irritate himself anywhere ? Should he launch the assault soldier like an avalanche ? Whatever happens to the hostage, should he make it looks like an accident or something unexpected happen ? It is supposed to be fine if he make ground meat for each cabin.

Calm down―― it is not a good idea.

A calm voice inform him in the corner of his head. Even if he became desperate and he feel better temporarily what awaits him is hell. Even if he forbid his subordinates to speak, informant will definitely comes out.

Is it a glorious thing that he lose his position with such trivial things ?

When he was indulging in thinking, a loud annoying voice was heard. Even hell demons voice must be a bit more gentle.

「Oi, what was that just now! It was an extremely dirty dummy voice’s song!」
「A requiem for you! Jump and be grateful you fucking asshole!」
「I’m happy! It is time for you to let me and my comrades escape on a carriage! Then I will release one or two little girls!」
「Do you think such a king-like request will be granted!」
「I will also give you the potions you want! How about it ? Listen to your ears whether it was worth having!」

Kaizer shook himself for a moment. He do not want to be known what is on his mind so he reply in a hurry.

「Because of you, a lot of soldiers died!」
「When you kill me and if everything ends, you are also done for!」

It is worth to think about―― He do not mean to let him escape, but letting the opponent act will create an opening.

It will be troubling if he always being confined like a turtle that put it’s head into the shell forever. He cannot afford to wait until he raise a voice, he do not have a leeway to care about the cabin.

He also receive an order to solve it quickly.

There is nothing more easy than sweepings with guns at once, but he still cannot forget the existence of the hostage.

「I will prepare it! You will keep your promise right ?」
「The gold-plated military emblem that sticks on your shoulder is not a decorative, you should try to use it sometimes」

He can also sniper him if he can see his figure. Kaizer thought carefully and called his aides to face him.

I will blow off that bastard ‘s head like a watermelon and throw it away at the sewerage.

His determination has become harder.

 △ ▼ △

「Oi… Are you okay ?」

Was it because she was soaked in hot water previously, from Holly’s wrist, swells reddish color as if it was swollen, and steam is blowing out from the inflaming skin.

She stood in the center of the room as if the stare at the air flow, she shrugged her shoulders pretending to be unconcerned when she put her burned hand to her pants pocket.

「It is not important. I have confidence breaking the encirclement, but their number was a lot」
「It is a strange feeling being taken into consideration by you. I will cooperate in escaping but… If it comes to battle, I will not cooperate with you」

Holly who sank down into the sofa on the wall-side blinks repeatedly while giving a sense of fatigue.

When Shouji picked up the pitcher on the table, he made a drink with lemon and handed it over.

After that, he listened carefully at the wall. He accepted the demand on the surface, but he did not know when it will be reneged

Just to be safe, he listen to the approaching intruder and someone’s footsteps.

「I owe you a debt」
「It is fine if you returned it eventually」
「When this is done, let’s hear what you want. I will assassinate your political enemy」
「No, thank you… If you will grant anything, then I want you to do something else」
「Anything is impossible, but I will repay my debt」

Holly put her finger on her lips with pleasured expression like a queen who got an unexpected harvest.

She hesitate for sometime, and the idea that came up was absurd.

「Ah that’s right, my father ordered me to attend the royal capital 10.000th Fall Festival. Please accompany me」
「Escort ? Please do not expect too much of my etiquette as a servant」
「The aristocracy party must be attended as a pair of male and female. I was in trouble because I had no partner to invite」
「That is a given, I know it as common sense. But, inviting noble young daughters requires permission from their mothers. I cannot pass the test」
「My mother had passed away, and I am the youngest daughter. My father understand me well as being a woman who married ink」
「There are a lot of people in the capital who knows my face. There are not many searches there, but the successful war buddy will surely think I came for revenge」
「Revenge, huh… Why don’t you do it if you have a grudge against someone ?」

That was an unexpected question

When Shouji received honor as a yuusha, he had a future to just walk on the road to success.

The noble who robbed his future had already been buried under the tomb and a grudge remained for those who push himself.

If nothing is gone, he ought to kill in reversal to make him feel better.

Why he did not do it ? He understand the reason very much.

Even though he understand it, he is too busy over his head he did not want to say it out. Was it about the friendship he had lost―― He did not want to say it even if he died.

Seeing he is not responding, Holly smile secretly while poking fun at him.

「Everyone likes surprise. I am seeking surprises and excitement with an elegant manner. This is a secret, but to tell the truth I am tired of putting hunting gun bullets at people’s feet」
「…Very well. I will buy a vertical velvet, black curtain boots and a stepped swollen knee top」
「Also please wear roll-cut wigs, I am begging you, Mister Obsolete」

Holly imagined that figured and was delighted, she then lower her voice and laughed. She knock her knees and hold her mouth with difficulties.

Shouji sighed.

Even if it is on a conversation, it is only a delusion.

They like to have excitement in moderation, others who do not have a standing position also know to see it as a disguised clown.

Step back a few times, the bitter memories of the glittering gorgeous places were revived no matter how many times he pushed it back.

In order to attend the upper class party, need not only money but also tutelage.

Holly’s invitation is a sweet food resembling a swindler’s mouth, it was ridiculous and interesting, but he understood that he did not feel like realizing it.

He do not live a pleasant life as he expected when he embraced a woman overnight.

Even though the feeling is passionate right now, people’s feeling will change.

There is no way she want to be involved with a treacherous man forever.

「Hey Quik, your friends are being carried to the carriage」
「Ah… I see it」

The three people who were in a frenzy have been stowed on carriage like luggage by the soldiers while both their arms and feet are being tied.

Everyone is breathing dusty insect breath, even if their vulnerability is dead, there is no power in their body no doubt about it.

Anger came up from his throat. Normally nobody will ever see it. He do not even know fear. He is used to loneliness, he do not even think he want company.

However, Shouji liked the rough-kindness of his friends.

That is the only thing that is worth every penny.

「What kind of friends are they ?」
「Everyone likes potions」
「Thank you for the easy to understand explanation」

Holly showed disgust towards addicts, she head out from Shouji’s shoulder and looks at the situation.

Normally, the potions addicts are falling into depravity in general. And alcohol addiction is a hefty situation.

Halfway, Holly noticed that her breasts spilled from the teared dress opening was touching his shoulder then retreated in panic.

She conceal her breasts using her hands, while being driven with shame.

「You are becoming more like an unsophisticated girl」
「D-Don’t make fun of me…」

Being teased, she turn her face away because she felt embarrassed, but she asked him as if she remembered suddenly.

「B-by the way Quik, what kind of woman do you like ? supposedly you are going to get married」
「Let’s see… In our world, we seek three conditions for a woman who will be a wife since ancient times, Although I have never seen a girl who has all three」
「Hou, what kind of girl was it ?」

Because it was a talk that attracted curiosity, Shouji put his fingers one by one in the same way as when he show off a short story in a pub.

He maintains a serious face, because it should not be known as a joke.

「One is a beauty, the second is must have a good style… the last one is the most difficult」
「… Is she should be rich perhaps ?」

When Holly asked it doubtfully, Shouji put a hand on his chin and pondered, but he denied it.

「No, it is metal allergy」
「What is that ? Does it means she cannot even hold a frying pan ? What is the reason ?」
「It means I do not have to buy rings and necklaces」

A two-horses carriage stopped in front of the cabin.

The horses reins are being held and still has not been released yet. Kaizer waited for the sniper squad to finish their arrangement.

It is fine to use whatever means he has on hands. It is somewhat frustrating to let the criminal deal the first shot.

Squad members comes one after another to make a report. The decision of the sniper was done by the command force, but they are waiting for the breeze to cease.

The soft breeze from the southeast weakened. It will be calm before long.

It scattered normally, and circled around the coast so the wind can be read as much as possible.

「Alright, way to go!」

The horse-drawn noise sounded, then it crossed the cabin.

There should be a momentary opening to attack when he board. Many people hold their breath while watching the movement.

A sound was heard and the cabin’s door were being opened―― The room situation become clear slowly, but no one came out.

Several minutes passed while they are thinking suspiciously. Nobody lose their concentration, but one of the soldiers who were placed along the ocean walls cried out.

「Captain! Two shadows are being seen on the cliff, they are running away!」
「Wha―― all members chase! damn bastard!」

Why he did not think about it.

He should have expected him to use his friends as bait and ran away. He lost to a bastard with rotten nature.

The soldiers with a sniper swarms over the embankment in groups, and landed on a rocky foothold while becoming a steep slope.

Some people collapse as they lose their posture, while some point their guns at the target. Explosive and bullets land near the two shadows wearing hoods with a bang.

Kaizer was struck with terror and his face was pale like his dressed military uniform.

Even though he concealed his face completely by wearing the same guard clothes, he do not know which one is which so he cannot kill either one.

「Stupid people! Do not shoot! Absolutely catch this troublesome bastard!」

The soldiers run down the cliffs in squirms and chase the shadows with haste.

There were those who walked the soiled zigzag road too, but there were also those who stand out by jumping the slopes without walking the road.

One of the officers who had most confidence in exercise took over his colleagues and chased the shadows. At any rate, the other side of the cliffs is a rough sea.

If they swim and ran away, it will be as his wish. Nothing is more stupid than to challenge a marine into a swimming contest.

He was pleased because he could improve the captain’s impression with his intention.

As soon as he reach the point of three meters left, he draw the saber while running and sparkle the edge. He approached one of the shadow and grabbed the hood.

「Do not move!」

The shadows stopped. But for some reason it was both of them.

The contents of the dark veil opened―― There was nothing inside.

Nobody is there. It was an empty neck without head.

The two shadows fell to the ground while being puzzled. Only the clothes remained, those who were running vanished. No, a microorganism group was staggering on the hood’s back fabric, but nobody paid attention to it.

While being taken aback, the officer turned his face to the captain that embarks from the embankment.

「This is a decoy!」

Kaizer looked back to the cabin. A horse neigh was heard, and the carriage started running.

Shouji who sat on the coachman seat raise his two fingers and swung it. Then he sneered with a smirk smile.

Kaizer immediately pulled out a revolver that hung on his waist and fired. There isn’t any hesitation. When the muzzle blew a fire, Shouji’s neck was blown away backwards abruptly.

The best sniper in his life―― An exclamation response that opened a wind hole on Shouji’s face―― The bullet is being hold firmly with both teeth. His pleasant face does not change.

A sight that cannot be seen with common sense. First, he spit the bullet out and throw it away, then he waved his hands like a child to said goodbye.

Wrath like a raging fire made Kaizer’s face hot.

「Pursue! Even if you have to die do not let them escape!」

The two chestnut horses ran well. Despite having a white foam sweat on it’s neck, it’s pace still has not been disturbed.

The sound of horseshoe stepping on the dried ground resounds.

The wheels of the carriage are making ruts. It is difficult to erase it. It seems they cannot escape from pursuit.

Shouji glanced at the『Surf Chemicals Factory』in the back fade away. He did not want to go into building that group together like a row of rocks box.

Although the getaway gained some advantage, but it seems the pursuer will follow soon enough. There is no comparison in speed between a carriage pulled by old horses and a carriage pulled by swift horses.

He took the reins to the dense forest area on the east side away from Error Knife Town city center. At least it will create a temporary disturbance.

The carriage runs along the path of earth and sand of the forest where trees stretched from both sides. The pursuit’s figures still has not been seen yet.

「Oi, I will take it over」

Bando proposed to take over the reins with an impatience look. Shouji was worried, but decided to let him take over. He is the only one who can charge in case of emergency.

He place his feet on the rail of the connecting part on the running carriage, then hand over the reins.

Bando raised his voice while receive the wind and brandishing his neck sleeve.

「Shouji, is it okay to trust the girl ?」
「She is not a friend, but I did her excellent shape ass」
「Is that so ? It seems you were having fun while we kissed the ground」
「Ah, we promised to go to the party together next time. What is most lovely is that she is rich. She might become our sponsor」
「I am highly appreciating that shrewdness of yours」

Shouji opened the inner curtain with his hand, then he went inside. There was a small window in the back, Stark was sitting on the seat that stuck to the wall. Doldo is lying down with his hands and still has not healed from the gunshot wound.

The simple wooden building was small, but the ceiling was high, and was able to stand and walk.

Doldo’s consciousness was still there, but he was suffering, and Stark was tending his limbs while drinking canteen.

Traces of rope was attached, it rub the hands strongly making the blood congested.

As Holly was discouraged, she crossed her legs while folding her arms.

「Do not treat people like a source of revenue」
「I do not need money. I will be saved if I can get some investment」
「I am not that easy you know」
「I am expecting your kindness, Honey」

While snuggling playfully, Holly put her hand on her knee and whisper with a sweet voice and proposed reluctantly while closing one of her eye.

「I am sorry, but… I only have 10 million to play with」

Stark who was drinking water, choked while Doldo raised his neck and turned his head to Shouji with disgusting look like he hate the world.

Shouji reached for Holly’s shoulders and sat down, while being somewhat dejected by the difference between the common people sense and the elite sense.

「Holly, let’s talk about that later. We must deal the current predicament first」
「To be honest, you guys are hopeless. They will track you down using whatever means they have, and even if you manage to get away somehow they will put you on a wanted list. It is best to get out from Error Knife and go to the neighboring country」
「Wait , Ojou-san. We are only kidnapping and stealing. They should not be going that far」
「Your friend have killed seven soldiers. In addition, the stolen goods is related to military secrets. It is unclear whether the origin is from The Navy Ministry, but the life of the hoodlums are trivial」
「……We have buddies in Waldhard Island. It is a pleasant place to stay until the commotion calm down. We can eat excellent salmon, and there are passionate people who love liquor」

Stark suggested to flee to the Island Nation across the sea, but there was no strength in his voice.

「I will prepare another option. That is if you guys believe in me」

The strategy planned by Holly depends on her, and if she betrays them it will be hard for them to escape.

Stark, who had little to do with her naturally showed disapproval, Shouji too also concerned about its simplicity and was doubtful.

Stark put his hand on his knee when the talk was over, he was against it at first.

「I do not believe in Ojou-san. Because, you and us are different in everything. You, who wears fine clothes and ate insect-free fruits with us who ate spoiled fish until the bones to fulfill our stomach are too different」
「Stark… I am going to turn back and wipe out all of our witnesses, if there is no approval from everyone」
「Do not make it into a bloody feast. Is it possible to achieve it ?」
「It does not feel too difficult. There are seventy-five soldiers remains. The soldiers are poorly trained and the magicians are inferior to Holly. If there is any concern, it is when dealing those who slipped away. I will not let a single person returns alive」
「There are two guns that you have snatched. Bando and I will back you up and snipe those who escapes. I am about to died on their mind. Let’s kill them all.」

Stark, who stood up, grasped the sniper gun in the corner of the carriage tightly. He was fascinated with the feeling of strong weapon, he then pulled out the gun’s breechblock and laugh with a devilish look.

He turned his bald head behind the small window’s back. His fighting spirit fired up with the presence of an unseen enemy.

Holly was closing her eyes tightly while listening to the cruel idea.

There are no rules for the outlaws, and Holly’s proposal might have been slow.


A faint voice echoed inside the carriage.

「I… I… Do not want it。You guys are weird… it is supposed to be only to make money. It is not for the sake of become famous as murderer…」

Dordor’s sorrowful groan gave birth to silence for a while. He forsake his initial purpose, and he is too engrossed with things on the way.

Stark, who had a downturn, lowered his gun with a difficult face.

Holly are not the only one who has guilty towards murder, Stark who pointed his lips upward while hiding his expression too still has some humanity.

He shrug his shoulder just to say that the final decision is left to Shouji.

「Quik. What do you think we should do ?」
「For now, let’s go with Holly’s plan. Even if it fail, it will not change the current situation」
「Do you believe in the girl you have just met yesterday ?」
「Do not be fussed over “girl” Stark. Even if she is a girl, she is my buddy. In that case do not believe her」
「Wha- ?」

Holly raised a hysteric voice, but Stark nod in a big way as if running out of patience.

「…Tch, I got it. If you say that far, let’s get on it alright」
「It is not that I do not want to be a friend, but―― If you can, I am wondering if something like a lo-, lo-lo-lo lover is okay」
「Holly, there is no time left. It is time to do the operation」
「I am counting on you, Ojou-chan」

Taking no notice of the words of denial, Holly thought it would only be a momentary separation, but eventually she was swept away and agreed.

She is a type that is easily deceived by a man.

Kaizer who runs through the forest whips the old bones was riding the horse unfamiliarly.

Originally, He did not like horses. They have many timid things, and unlike humans they also do not have fighting spirit to go into war.

It is also the main cause that make it easy to disturb the pace when forming a regiment.

He don’t really like it when he is steering the ship’s string but he cannot say that.

He had no choice but to leave the pursuing and tracking the wheel track to the preceding forces.

He want to strangle them to death using his hand, but he unable to do that. It takes too much time than the original.

With this, what will happen if he cannot get the results ?

If by any chance he let them get away, he will loss his face.

He had just built a mansion in the center of the city that fits his wife’s aesthetic sense, and it takes unlimited amounts of money and connection to get his son who suffers from job shortage into federal agencies.

He need to attend the next party second to the party that attended by big shots.

He want someone to notice and praise him for his achievement even for a bit.

It was difficult to resist his uneasy feeling that was like ripples. He cough to clear his suffocating breath. It was an unbearable nostalgic feelings, around his carefree bachelorhood times.

The oblivion’s escape from reality brings awareness to the blue sky. You cannot discard what you care for. It brought pain and joy.

The uneasy time was over soon. When his subordinate returned and reported that he found the enemy carriage and secured the young lady, he believed that it was heavenly salvation.

Even his tears were about to spill, but he was calm in front of his men while listened to his report.

「Those guys seems to commit suicide. It will be helpful if you can see it yourself」
「Suicide…? That’s impossible, they are like cockroaches you know」

He cannot believe it, so he rushed to the scene.

He understood, it turned out that a deep ditch was made while making a a large curve on the loess ground on the way.

It is a proof of driving in a zigzag. It is a sign that the center of the gravity leans to one side and cannot control the horses’s reins. If this happens, they have to stop to reorganize.

They have to do it.

As he imagined―― The carriage was shifted off the forest road and crashed into a large tree. The hood is torn and the damage to the front wheel is significant.

The carriage body is broken, the wood chips are scattered, and the connected horses purrs softly without running away.

The young lady who wore the towel blanket―― Kaizer got off from the horse and called out when he found Holly Detromix.

「Excuse me, are you her excellency ? I am Kaizer Eutis. This time――」
「Why… did you not help me earlier ? There should have been a way」

The tone was strong, it made him feel angry. Kaizer lost his word.

Several people have thrown out their lives to help. She do not have the right to say such a thing.

She do not but―― Do not refute this kind of blaming. It will be a shame, and Kaizer poisition is a commoner. He should lower his head until she is grateful.

Taking into consideration the heart wound a woman has after being caught by villains, If he throw away his hardship until now temporary, his position will only get worse.

「We also made an effort, but… the power did not reach out」
「No, I am sorry. I am getting emotional. Thank you, Commander-dono. I will not forget your name. I will my father about you」
「No, I am just fulfilling my duty, it is a natural thing to do」

He responded with a business-like response while suppressing the feelings to grin and jumping with joy.

Her father Harry is still remain in political circles despite already retired from the cabinet minister.

He must be the leader that still remains in the ruling party, there is no mistaking it.

He can see the shining bright future. The achievements that was made in the present while not in the wartime will be recorded in the navy bulletin which starved for materials for certain.

His name will be known to everyone in the Navy. It will be temporary, but it will be his time. It is a tremendous honor.

He held his fist and exposed his mind to justice while watching his men inspecting the scene.

「I will hang those guys soon」
「Commander-dono… I want to talk about it as I saw it though」
「I am very sorry. If that is alright with you, nevertheless」

He called his men and prepared a folding type chair and table. Then he boil water and make some black tea while at it.

It was like all the work had been done, on the surface, Kaizer looks like he was upset while frowning.

「They were kidnapping me and run away in a carriage. They laughed while saying it went well and say that you guys were fools and the like while sneering」

Kaizer was able to imagine the scene clearly.

The villains are simple and foolish. They have no sense and cannot make a clear outlook. So they dye their hands with evil deeds.

Even though it is impossible for them to escape, it is a trivial matter to think something like that.

「They are guilty potion addict and there was also the stolen potion over there. They did not know the value and it seemed that they want to sell it, but in the end they drank it themselves」
「So did they make their head goes crazy and then crashed the carriage ?」

He was stunned.

He feel ashamed of himself being deceived by such people.

「No, what has happened is abnormal event. They writhe in agony and turned into sand. It was a potion with effect I had never seen」
「Hm… There is something like that ?」

He had drank a potion for medical use, but he did not have the slightest idea.

It might be a potion ordered to collect as much as possible. If that happens, it will be killing two birds with one stone.

When he call his men, certainly it is said that there is a lot of sand remains on the carriage. The case of the potions remnants were also found.

And, there are also clothes for four people.

「Commander-dono, I am ignorant of the world. I am not going to enter the world of such men… I am tired of the tragic event. I am glad if you return me home」
「Of course, certainly. Oi!」

The glamorous navy take Holly’s hand and carefully led her to a horse.

Relationship with Holly, this much is enough. It is better to break up without being disrespected.

To be honest, Kaizer did not think at this time that the culprits had become dust and disappeared.

It would no be strange if the rape victim’s mind goes crazy with fear.

He search around just to make sure―― After submitting the report, this matter was finally convinced after being conveyed to the superior officer and he can expect nothing but achievements definitely.

They touched something they should not touch and died.

Four men were lying in the swamp that was created by Holly’s Summoning Magic.

The mud produced by microorganisms crumbling the soil is a place where intense odor was smell, it is also a place where soldiers passing by.

The outward appearance was covered with muddy brown mud, and the four men figures are assimilated into the scenery.

Everyone was holding their breath as if already died, but after the sunset rise and the footsteps of the soldiers disappeared, Bando opened his eyes and spit a curse word.

「That slutty woman, she glanced at my dick and then said “That’s… It’s small”. Because she saw my Max she can say that」
「Calm down, Shorty. Man is all about heart」
「Hey, how long should I lie down ? My wounds are hurts like hell」
「Doldo, want to drink my blood ? It works like a saint’s blood」

When the conversation comes out, they kept talking while lying down.

The sand was a collection of rat corpses roughly about ten, it was not enough, but it was faked by making a hole in the carriage as if it was spilled by the wind.

Holly believed that the suspect’s death was the most beneficial way to keep the army reputation.

It is said that a bluff can give a feeling to bring down and cleanse out all sins.

From the beginning, the Navy is less likely to come in and out of from Error Knife. Even if they found them alive, they will not bring up the matter that have already been settled once and exposed their own fault.

It is not a bad strategy, and everything went well.

「Aaaa, this time is a failure, eh. Shit. Did we lost all the money we get so far ?」
「No, I got about three millions idols. Here, look」

Shouji lifted up a cloth bag. The semi-solid mud drops from his hand. The bag is slightly dirty, but―― It is few, but there is a bundle of banknotes.

The three men eyes were moist with delight, but pointed out as if just remembered about Stark.

「Wasn’t that guy said that he refused the Ojou-chan ?」
「How would I know. I am not going to be laid in that beautiful ass」
「You are the best, Shouji. That’s what I expected of a true man. Let’s go buy some strong liquor and prostitutes asses or something tomorrow」
「I… I am going to the hospital first」
「Of course, we will share the money. I am counting on you for the next mission alright」

The three of them were silent while made a wry smile, but―― Soon they smiled and laughed out loud.

「Next time, let’s rob a Bank. My hateful arrogant Tax Office is also good」
「I am recommending the rich mansion. That will be easy I think. I am confident I can even unlock the key that was installed with magic」
「Let’s sell potions normally. Steady is the best」

After the three of them giving their own opinion, Shouji suggested to take one week vacation.

It’s an odd sum of money, but it will last for awhile.

They will get all the things the want. They will not let it ends just like this. They will definitely grab a fortune on their hands.

And then, they will live without any inconvenience.

Even so.

Right now, they just wanted to rest slowly.

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