Gang of Yuusha

Chapter 13 – The Third Stratagem

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Holly was prepared as Shouji moves away from the chair while laughing, but then he quickly picked up a round bottle filled with atomic potions with his mouth.

He then drops the liquid into a small dish that was brought from the kitchen.

His actions can be seen as experimenting rather than sampling, he take a distance as to avoid being splashed, he wear gloves carefully so as not touch the liquid.

He stare at the liquid and thought if he could confirm the smell. He put the small dish slowly in the corner of the room. A thin membrane was spread on the dish and the potions’s surface flicker heavily.

Lastly, he flips the paper bag containing the bread, and drop the remaining breadcrumbs. after confirming the results he nod.

He turns his feet to the wash basin, bashabasha sound was heard as he washed his hands carefully.

「…What are you doing?」
「If it is an orange color potions then it is a mixed potions. Red color means attack potions. While yellow color is alteration potions. If the two were mixed then it will created a mixed form. If the elements of the alteration potions wins, then I can also drink it. Depending on the effects, I will drink this guy and power up」
「Do you dislike embracing me that much?」
「Although it is only slightly but I did like you. Even though you are a woman, you are a courageous one. You keep your chastity while praying to God until you got married」

Shouji stood up after finishing his work ironically and returned to his original chair. He put both hands in his lower abdomen and relaxed his posture.

Holly gave a glimpse of astonished looks, but glancing at the breadcrumbs which soaked wet with water she let out a sigh.

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Just before dying, it hit the edges of the small dish. The splashed potions falls into safe area where the rat was in.

Then―― It got startled by the flying water drops and bounced around for a moment.

The rat crumbled easily while running.

It becomes thin sand, and a triangular sand puddle remains on the floor.

「What is this… What does it mean!?」

Shouji answered with a low voice to Holly’s shout while looking at the situation.

「Oral intake or through skin absorption… Is it a potion that turned the targets into sand ? If it is mass-produced and sprayed, you can destroy the enemy in case of airtight equipment. Although it is difficult to manage, but it can kill even with just a small amount and can be used to assassinate important figures as well, and disposing corpses is unnecessary too… It is quiet an ecological weapon isn’t it ?」

「Did you made this kind of thing ? It is too cruel… It is unforgivable to use such a thing on peoples!」

Unlike Holly who is driven by her righteousness, Shouji was considering how to utilize the atomic potions effectively. He does not care about ethics particularly. Whether it was being burned with flame or turned into sand, for a magician experienced being scorched by a fireball like Shouji, it is all the same.

A potion that can kill living beings can become money depending on the approach.

If Percibell can figure out how to mass-produced it, it can be sell well to the Death Merchant.

I know some people who would do that kind of work.

Even if I cannot find them myself, I can rely on the other fellows.

Set a thief to catch a thief. I know how to do it, but―― will it fit in my hands ? It is not that I do not want to become a weapon merchant, but an undrinkable attack potions is incompatible with me.

「I do not want to be forgiven by anyone particularly… Now then Holly, It is a shame, but I have made a decision for both of us」
「Do not say such stupid things. You will do it right ?」
「Perhaps… I do not mind violating a cheeky girl, but… I am sorry but、I hate your defenseless appearance」

He squat down after placing his hands on the wall which the same height as him.

Holly looks back at the bullish, and put her lips together quickly.

She shuts her tightly eyes, and her tooth root shakes a little, but unlike his anticipation, she did not bit the tongue. He was caught up by the feelings like before by the inexperienced little girl.

No, actually looking at the anxious figure, her inexperienced is still there.

「What’s wrong, hurry up and do it!」
「Perhaps while we took our time idly, the help might come, you know」
「No… I do not want that anymore, that… There are already plenty enough victims from last night」

Did he did not thought that far ? Laughter seems to comes up to her statements hastily while he avoids her gaze.

He stretched his arms out right above and untied the tied up knot with his fingertips.

Holly’s both arms were released. It falls down loosely as it is. The constrains were removed and she stared with a blank face.

「I do not mind being spitted」
「Are you kidding?」
「Of course, it is a joke」

Truthfully it was not a joke, but Shouji changed his intention.

It is a bit different from what he thought, he did not care about the strange emotions in his heart, he intended to draw back, but it is a different story if the other party wants it.

Silently, Holly’s eyes started carrying dangerous colors, she sucked his lips to lock it.


She twisted her hands around Shouji’s back neck. She will not let him escape.

Come to think of it, he forgot to cover his mouth, but he did not even try to use magic. It is a pleasant idea, but perhaps I was hoping for it. Was he holding a contrary noble spirit behind his cruelty spirit ?

Shouji hurriedly took off his coat and exposed his upper hard body to air.

Kisses were exchanged many times, the body temperature has risen due to excitement. *Pachitto* a brazier burning in the corner of the room make a click sound. The back of the neck got heated, it brought a mysterious feeling as if they understand each other even if they did not speak.

Holly completely change from her bad mood voice into a delighted happy voice.

「…Why did you turn away from the glorious way ? I happened to saw you at the party, but you do not have a dull color like you are now」
「I still remember quite well the day i was released from prison. Fine snow was falling as if burning the skin. Nobody came to pick me up, nor helping me」
「Hahaha, I do not like to lowers my head to other people」
「Hmm, let me see… It is that am not good at it」

He inserted his hands between her crotch, and poked her swollen underwear’s tip with his fingertips. The resilient meat was rebounded as it pushes in forward.

He felt a warm body temperature when stroking the genital area using the palm gently. I rubbed it with a slow movements to give further stimulation to the crevice.

His jaw jumps rapidly. The spinal column and the eyebrows got caught. He lick the neck and give the earlobe a licking with his tongue.


The reaction is excellent each time. The feverish breath is turning into a panting voice. Is it in order to clear up the whole body tension, then he leans his head on the stud.

「Hey, Quik… I thought it was strange that you do not have weapons. But now I know by touching your back. Hey, if you wish――」
「Shut up. Let us just cherish the mood」
「…I do not remember ever agreeing it, but…Hyaa~」

Instead of pushing down, he swift her underwear and rub the concealed meat with his thumb.

Holly who was given stimulus tried to close her alluring leg to hold it, but the power was not coming even when she thought about refusing it.

He grab her underwear as to make it easier to remove and raise her buttocks.

Her face that was stained with shame was refusing to let their eyes meet.

He glide his fingers on her back and remove the brassiere hook. Her round breasts shake. Unbalanced big tits on a thin body. It is quite established a lewd atmosphere.

For the sake of caressing, he sucks her nipple, Holly giggled and smiled at the amusing situation.

The secret place with thin and thickly hair is wet enough. Were there any nervousness that I keep it steadily up to this part ? or was there already enough preparations ?

He thrusts the soft pleat with his fingers, he play with it by pushing up his fingers. A sticky thick fluids pass through between the fingers and dripped to the palm of the hand. The V line thin film was reflected from the moonlight poured from the window is like a little girl who cannot feel any vulgarity.


Shouji also take off his underwear exposing his standing penis to the open air, Holly opened her eyes wide in surprise and lower her eyes.

And then stares at it narrowly while being puzzled.

She is trying to observe the grotesque parts until the narrow side, Shouji became uncomfortable.

「Hmm, I see」
「What did you see ?」
「No, I am interested」
「… Is that so ?」
「I have interest in male penis, but I am more interested with sperm」
「Wait, I do not want to hear it」
「My specialty is to summon and control microorganisms. I would like to try to control sperm. First of all, I want to taste ejaculating inside my vagina――」
「No, I refuse」
「Then, please do it inside my mouth. I want to see the material」
「… Ah, if that’s the case」

She open her mouth widely with a serious face and show her inside mouth with her fingers.

Body researcher’s Holly’s requests was cold, but I cannot associate it with a pervert desire, so I need to reassessed my mind. It was my first time associated with a woman who said to please let her drink personally.

No, it is better to think her as a pervert woman.

That way, it is likely be deflated.

「Let me see, I will serve you」

As she grab the penis, she close her face while lifting her hair and devour it. Wrapped inside a warm mouth, her tongue stroked the penis glans inside.

He closes his eyes to deceive the awkward fellatio, and peeped to look at the situation in detail.

This is fine, and he also seems to be asking.

「It is quite good」
「Hmmpp… Nn… chuu… i-is it not very good ?」
「Practice with me」
「I-i will do that…Unn」

The face of Holly who puts the penis in and out is obscene, but the inexperienced girl unique elegant still remains. That fulfilled feelings violating such loveliness had a taste of cruel pleasure.

Although it does not lead to ejaculation, but plenty of saliva was attached and the root is becoming sticky.

He pushed the thin body and knocked it down. Pushing down the stiff towering penis with his fingers while holding it against her vaginal opening. Holly was being confused as expected. The meat that is becoming red by being congested is quiet wet, the tip slips and was being buried.

The virgin’s soft meat tightening strength was like being grasped by hand.

There is a strong resistance feeling that try to eliminates foreign matter.

There was a feeling of gouging the lining membrane when inserting it all they way to the end one go. It was pleasant and unbearable to conquer a place that did not get stained for nearly twenty years.

「…Ku, it.. is painful… Nn」
「Does it hurt ?」
「Although it is hurt, but it cannot be compared to the training in the past…Ua~a, hii!

He put his hand on a thin constriction, then lift and pulled it. Changing the sitting posture.

He penetrate more deeply while keeping their waist close. Most of the bushes are shaved and a puffy crevice can be seen.

When the wet lower abdomen collides, the difference in temperature between the warmth in the moist vagina and the cold fluid in the abdomen tells how Holly feels.

At first the penis penetrates slowly. When pulling the slippery meat, the pulls was filled with burning desire.

He shake the slender hips back and forth using his arm strength. Although power is necessary, but Holly gradually started to match the rhythm.

He doubt whether the lubricant oil overflowing from the scratch is soaked in incontinence or not.

「Uuuhh… It feels good… It will become a habit I think」

She muttered to endure something while putting her fingers in her mouth.

To be honest, Shouji was slightly cold due to the previous exchange, but Holly is apparently beautiful, so it is not too difficult to get pleasure through the meat.

Because of the concentration he became silent, but It seems unnecessary to speak the blaming words for now.

「Nnn… chuu

When kissing, he feel a lewd feelings from Holly who made a sluttish face.

No matter where he touch her skin, it is fair and smooth.

It is easy to move even if it is slender, he can also get a perverted feelings like destroying the beautiful little things.

「Come… I come!! … uuhh」

She clenched her trembling teeth. She threw out her hands and feet and twisted her palms.

Regardless while keep pushing, Holly opened her mouth as she gasps. She opened her eyes wide, but while being swept away by the flowing pleasure, she entrust her body to Shouji.

He turned her buttock while rubbing it.

His arms got tired, but he also wanted to see the soft ass.

The two meats excellent shapes were drawing a stunning curve and it was aspiring.

Her buttock has the whiteness and tension that a man want to touch. Small buttock that is suitable for a woman around her age.

For magicians, the muscle of the feet are trained. He got a feeling of being entranced when he touched the buttocks as a test.

「Fuu… Uuh, I-its enough right, I am getting tired」
「I will end it soon」

He put his hands on her waist and thrust once again.

The wetting near the entrance was stopped, but in the inside he found that the wetness was left behind and spreading. The tightness is still there. It squeeze his cock when he put it in. He fasten the rhythm and became devoted to ejaculate.

It made a clear sound when the meat bumps, Holly was disheveled by the ponytail which fell from the head. Drop of sweat fly.

Saliva sink from her mouth, while swaying her big breast back and forth.

「… I comeee… Huu…」

The feeling of ejaculation came up. Shouji was at a loss whether to release it inside her mouth as Holly want, but he lost to his desire and released it inside the vagina.

Holly turned behind and noticed the white liquid that flows as it throbs.

「Uwaa, did you came inside… ?」
「It is your first wish right」
「Yeah… That’s right… That’s right but, Let’s see… Those who desire for a wide shoal which is wider than the sea have vulnerable will――』

Holly took the cum out and wiped her genital with a towel, then she sat down and cast a spell.

While watching his own crotch.

Shouji was feeling something unspeakable, but then he felt strangely dirtied and wanted to take a shower very much.

「I see, it has no function other than fertilization. It is too stupid. I cannot use it as a medium」

It felt like he was denied himself.

「However, It became my knowledge. Now that I know the nature, I will be able to control sperm within 10 meters for now on」

She pick up the semen spilled over from her vagina and spread it with two fingers.

Her cheerful face was overflowing with joy of getting a new technique.

Shouji somehow managed to respond by swallowing his sigh.

「Good for you」
「Yup. My collections increased. I feel like I had level up」
「This is my first time seeing a woman be pleased with being violated」
「I wanted to experience any sexual activities. You have won against me, it cannot be helped even if you rape me. Your character is inhumane and worst, but fortunately your appearance is to my liking」
「… I am happy. I also only praise your body. It is an excellent substitute than I had not seen it over the years」
「Of course it is. Because I have confident over it, it is a good body right ?」

She put her arms on her waist proudly.

Were they tired with the peculiar conversations ? Shouji began to walk to take a shower, Holly followed up with a quick pace.

Cold water come out from the water pipe which seems the army has not yet thought of destroying it.

The magic stone that makes water into hot water is a common household necessities which is not kept in the security office.

While showering with the chilling water, Holly suddenly hugged Shouji from behind.

The rich breasts crushed and pressed softly. The waist roundness draw an artistic line. Shouji close his eyes and indulge in something.

He did not know whether he was regretting or was being caught in love, but the whimsical eyes sober up.

He suddenly turn around and face each other, at the same time he pushes her towards the wall. He put his hands on her thigh and open it, then insert the pubic region which is barely wet.

He pushed into the interior again, but it was cramped.

「Ugh… Quik, your life will be gone soon …」

The arched protrusion in the vagina, Holly who was pierced with a penis in her uterine mouth, breathed a mellow hot breath.

Her eyes got wet, and a single tear flew down on her cheeks.

She press her finger against his chest.

「What should I do…」

While pushing deeply, he grasped one hand that was playing with his chest. Life is regrettable, but he believe that there will be a time when it will come somewhere over such a life.

「Well, you are an arrogant man with confident … But, I will let that life a little more … 」
「Do you have any plan or something ?」
「…Fuu, uh… Hurry up and let the semen out from the cock quickly. The virgin has just been scattered recently. I will kill you before talking about the plan you see」
「You can manipulate it right ?」
「Unn… hii… so far, I am also boorish aren’t I… I liked you too for a bit」
「Did you like doing it with me ?」
「Aa… no, it is wrong !」

While receiving water drops from the shower, Holly denied it, but even while soaking her long hair in water, she still cling to his chest that was kind of like a lady who behaved like a spoiled child to her lover.

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