Get Out, This Damn Money!

Chapter 4: Confession Rejected

Li Linlin was like a student who was called in class. She stood up and exclaimed, “Brother Yiran!”

Lu Siyu glanced at Li Linlin, and the professional smile on her lips slightly tightened. Beside her, Chen Yiran who didn’t show any expression, slightly smiled. His lips hooked at the side. “I didn’t see you at the airport yesterday. Meeting you here today is unexpected!”  

 Li Linlin said happily, “This is probably fate!”

Lu Siyu’s eyes deepened. She saw Li Linlin on the Weibo hot search yesterday. So, she went to the airport yesterday to pick up Chen Yiran? 

Mr. Yu looked at Li Linlin, then at Chen Yiran. He asked, “So, Mr. Chen and sister Linlin know each other?”


Chen Yiran glanced at him and said, “She’s my little sister. She must have given you trouble.”  

“Where?” Mr. Yu secretly moved away from Li Linlin to show that he wasn’t hitting on his little sister..

“Everyone, don’t stand here. Let’s sit down and talk.” Lu Siyu smiled at them and took the lead to sit down in her place.

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How could she be used by others? Since she entered the venue, no one else implicated her except Queen Lu.  


The first thing she did  was  to take a look at Lu Siyu’s dress.  She, more or less, recognized the models of major brands. The one Lu Siyu was wearing tonight was very recognizable. It was Fluer’s new design, and was also the brand that other actresses couldn’t hope to reach.

It was indeed perfect for Queen Lu! 

She retracted her gaze from her dress and looked at Lu Siyu.”Thank you for reminding me, Ms. Lu, but my friend spent a month customizing this dress for me. I like it very much. I’m a little sad to hear you use ‘this kind of dress’ to describe her heart’s work.”

Her big eyes fluttered as she spoke, looking at Lu Siyu. She showed some sadness. “By the way, my friend isn’t unknown. She’s Chen Xi, brother Yiran’s cousin.” 

Lu Siyu faintly froze, a flash of consternation was evident in her eyes.

Chen Yiran took his mother’s surname. His cousin, Chen Xi, was his uncle Chen Zui’s daughter. Chen Zui was a famous host of ABA, and she had been on the talk show he hosted before.

Lu Siyu’s mind turned a hundred times in an instant, but her expression was still flawless. She sneered in her heart. The media were saying that Li Linlin was a “beautiful girl who  was rare in a million years.” Fans also praised her as “honey on Earth”, but in fact, in their business, there was no such thing as a simple-minded person. 

“Sister Linlin you misunderstood, I didn’t mean to say that your dress is not good. I just used improper words, I apologize.”

Li Linlin didn’t expect her to apologize so graciously. She couldn’t help but exclaim that the Queen of Film was indeed the Queen of Film, really able to bend and stretch.”I also didn’t mean to blame Teacher Lu. I just don’t want people to look down on Xixi’s heart and blood.”n.”

Queen Lu smiled and looked at her, showing a trace of envy. “You sisters’ have a really good relationship.”  

If Lu Siyu’s black fans saw this, they would have boasted that this was the highlight of Queen Lu’s acting skills this year.

This matter was revealed, and neither of them mentioned it again. The first thing Lu Siyu needed to do was to make sure to explain to Chen Yiran, “Your sister is studying clothing design? The clothes are beautifully made.”  


Chen Yiran nodded slightly, showing no emotion. “Xixi has loved drawing  since she was young. Her grades are not as good as Linlin’s, but she is still quite talented in clothing design.”

“Oh, so ah, then have you thought of sending her abroad to study?”

“Xixi can’t bear to leave.” Chen Yiran didn’t say any more.

Lu Siyu was a person who was very good at reading people’s emotions. After she saw that Chen Yiran did not want to talk more, she also had the sense not to ask again. Anyway, she already knew that Chen Yiran did not have any opinion of her because of what she just said, and even if he did, he had no intention of showing it.

That was enough.

As the event went on, Lu Siyu frequently brought her body closer to Chen Yiran’s direction, whispering to him. Li Linlin just sat next to her and watched silently. Occasionally, she had to force a smile at the camera. 

This party was held for as long as Weibo was lively. From the initial celebrity red carpet competition to the later dinner scene with who intimately interacted with who. They took turns in the hot search.

The red carpet dress of Li Linlin tonight and the dinner scene also made it to the hot search but the most popular one was Lu Siyu. The most important thing was she was  the most popular because she was with Chen Yiran. The dinner party here was not over yet, and the media had already claimed that Lu Siyu was Chen Yiran’s girlfriend.

The biggest news in the entertainment industry recently was definitely the signing of Lu Siyu to Shengteng Entertainment which was invested by Huachuang Group. Before Lu Siyu’s contract with her original agency expired, it was speculated that she would not renew her contract, but would choose to set up a personal studio.

When Shengteng signed Lu Siyu, they naturally showed their sincerity and soon announced that they were preparing a big movie with Lu Siyu as the main character. Huachuang Group backed Shengteng Entertainment and had strong financial resources, so when they say big production, it must be very big.

 They had money, and Lu Siyu was famous. The two parties took what they needed. 

 But it would be boring to write it like this, so under the media’s manipulation, they wrote it like this: The overlord Chen Yiran paved the road for his girlfriend, Lu Siyu, in the international arena.  


Wu Hui held her phone and ate the melon with relish, not forgetting to share it with her good sister, Li Linlin. Seeing the news she sent, Li Linlin once again regretted that she had hired her to be her manager.

The dinner was nearing its end and the emcee began to guide the guests from the venue to leave in an orderly manner. Li Linlin didn’t pay attention when she got up and stepped on her trailing veil. She almost fell, fortunately, Chen Yiran was quick to help her. “Be careful.”

“Thank you, brother Yiran.” Li Linlin patted her chest after standing firmly.If she had fallen, she would have made a big fool of herself.

Next to her, Lu Siyu laughed and looked at her, “Sister Linlin is so careless, this trailing veil is so long, it is a little inconvenient. Why don’t I hold it?”

“No, no, thank you, Ms. Lu.”

“How about I help sister Linlin?” Fu Zhen suddenly sprang out from nowhere, and diligently came up to Li Linlin. Chen Yiran raised his hand with a cold face, looking at him. “What are you shouting for? This is my sister, not your sister.”

The corner of Fu Zhen’s lips tilted. Li Linlin was the national sister, he still couldn’t call her one? 

Li Linlin was a little upset after hearing Chen Yiran’s words.

She knew that Chen Yiran had always treated her as a sister, and when she was introduced to President Yu of Huan Yu just now, he also said she was a sister, but she didn’t want to be his sister anymore.

 “Xixi is your sister. Even if she and I are good sisters, I am not your sister,” Li Linlin said emotionally.

Chen Yiran faintly froze, and Fu Zhen next to him was also surprised.

What was wrong with sister Linlin? Why was she suddenly angry  with Mr. Chen?


Hey, this was interesting.

Fu Zhen was so happy, usually no one dared to talk to Chen Yiran like this.

Chen Yiran glanced at Fu Zhen who was ready to watch the show from the side with the other people going in and out of the venue. He looked at Linlin, and said to her, “Let’s go out and talk.”  

Outside the hallway of the venue was a large European-style garden, not many people passed by here. Li Linlin followed Chen Yiran until he walked deeper into the garden, before stopping.

There was a statue here, and it was made to look like a large birdcage. The railing of the birdcage was wrapped with red flowers, which still looked very eye-catching in the night.

This place wasn’t that far from the venue,  but it seemed like two worlds apart.

“Linlin, what’s wrong with you?” Chen Yiran was the first to open his mouth, “Are you angry that I didn’t wait for you at the airport yesterday?”

“No, I was the one who arrived late yesterday.” Li Linlin knew how busy Chen Yiran usually was. She heard Uncle Chen say that as a child Chen Yiran was a jerk, no, very lively, but now he had been forced by life to become a cold and ruthless capitalist who hated to take a break for a second or two.

“What’s wrong then?”

 Li Linlin would only officially turn 20 years old at the end of the month. Chen Yiran treated her as an adolescent young girl with a sensitive mind and with a lot of patience compared to other people.

Li Linlin said, “Nothing! I just don’t want to be your sister anymore.”

Chen Yiran did not understand. “Why?”

Chen Yiran consciously treated Li Linlin and Chen Xi the same. There was no favoritism. When he was studying abroad, every time he sent a gift back, he sent two. When it was Li Linlin’s birthday, he would send another separate copy.

Unexpectedly, he wasn’t welcome anymore. 

Li Linlin’s mouth pursed, not knowing whether she was stimulated by Lu Siyu earlier or because Chen Yiran always called her a sister, she blurted out angrily, “Because I like you! I want to be your girlfriend!”

Chen Yiran froze.

The night wind blew between the two of them, but it didn’t ease the atmosphere a bit. Li Linlin had never seen such a surprised expression on Chen Yiran’s face.

She vented her emotions, and the next thing she did was regret. Wu Hui’er was right, she really was lovesick crazy.

She clearly planned to wait until after she graduated from college before confessing to Chen Yiran … but she was in a hurry. Chen Yiran was so good, how could she guarantee that when she graduated, Chen Yiran would still be single?

She didn’t know how long it took, but Chen Yiran finally spoke up, “Linlin, listen to me.”

Chen Yiran, who had always been decisive at the negotiation table, organized his words carefully for the first time. “When girls are young, they are prone to depend on people like their father and brother, and you may have confused these two feelings. Coupled with the fact that you may not have a familiar person of the opposite sex around you, so you projected your feelings onto me …”

“No, I’ve liked you since elementary school, and Xixi always knew that!”

Chen Yiran: “……”

Elementary school?

When he was so messed up in elementary school, he didn’t even think about falling in love, and a well-behaved girl like Linlin thought about this?

And also with him?

Chen Yiran’s mood was complicated. “Linlin, you and Xixi are the ones I watched grow up, and I’m ten years older than you. You are all my sisters in my heart, and I…”

I can’t lay my hands on you.  

Not to mention that Chen Yiran was so busy with the company expansion and had no time to fall in love.  Even if he dated, it wouldn’t be Linlin. Even if he really chose Li Linlin, his uncle and Uncle Li would be the first to jump up and tear him apart.

He tried to say this as tactfully as possible, but Li Linlin’s face was still pale.  He suddenly felt that he had done something unforgivable, and if his uncle and Uncle Li knew about it, he was afraid they would still jump up and tear him apart.

It was so hard to be a human being.

“Linlin, let me take you home first.” Chen Yiran could only say this, he had not been so passive in a situation for a long time.

Li Linlin stood still as if she didn’t hear him. Wu Hui popped out from the side at this time and said to Chen Yiran with a smile, “Don’t bother, I’ll just send her back. Oh, I’m her agent, Wu Hui.”

Chen Yiran looked at her and saw that she was also a girl about the same age as Li Linlin, and was obviously uneasy.

Wu Hui said, “We are using the studio car, you can rest assured.”.

After saying that, she came up to Chen Yiran and whispered to him, “You have to let her calm down for a while. You’d better go first.”

Chen Yiran pursed his lips slightly, looked at Li Linlin again, and side-stepped to explain to Wu Hui, “Send a message to Xixi after you deliver her home.”

“Okay, okay.” Wu Hui watched the male God leave and let out a long breath. Just now she saw Li Linlin and Chen Yiran come out, so she secretly followed them over to eavesdrop, no, she meant to keep watch.

She really did not expect that Li Linlin would be so straightforward, and directly confessed to Chen Yiran, but the final result was also expected.

She said that a man like Chen Yiran didn’t love women at all. He only loved work!

“Wah–” Next to her, Li Linlin took advantage of her inattention and cried out. Wu Hui was so scared that she almost jumped up and hurried over to calm her down. “My aunt, we’re still in the hotel. What if others see? If you want to cry, we’ll go back to the dormitory. Be good.”

Li Linlin wiped her tears and looked at her, “I don’t! I want to go home and cry in my big villa.”

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