Get Out, This Damn Money!

Chapter 3: Sister

There were three hundred and sixty-five days a year, and it seemed as if Xinghua Avenue always stuck in traffic for three hundred and sixty-six days.

A shiny Bentley lined up in a long convoy, moving forward at a snail’s pace. A man in a suit in the back seat looked at the dense traffic outside and teased Chen Yiran beside him, “Mr. Chen, it seems that it is useless to buy a car even if it is expensive. The traffic jams as always.”

Chen Yiran looked at the report on his tablet computer and ignored him.

Feeling bored, Fu Zhen stared out of the car window again, “Look, there is a promotional film for our amusement park broadcasting.”

Only then did Chen Yiran look up and glance out of the window. On the giant screen outside the Starlight Department Store, the promotional video they had put up some time ago was indeed being broadcast. Fu Zhen looked at the girl holding an oversized plush teddy bear on the screen and said to Chen Yiran, “Li Linlin did a superb job with this set of promotional videos. She is very expressive, and this video is particularly popular on the internet.”


As he spoke, Li Linlin, who was wearing a pink dress earlier, changed back into a JK uniform, with her pink hair tied into a double ponytail which was then braided. She had her mouth full of lollipop, with some freckles deliberately painted on her face. She sat leaning on the railing outside the carousel, looking down at the camera.

“I heard from my colleagues in the project team that the postcards from the Li Linlin set that came with the advance tickets sold out as soon as they went on sale, and now scalpers are speculating the set to sky-high prices.” Fu Zhen’s fingertips tapped twice on his knee, “Does this little girl have a thing for you? I heard she didn’t even want money to begin with.”

Chen Yiran frowned slightly and looked at Fu Zhen beside him, “Don’t you talk nonsense here, Linlin is my sister.”

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“Nkdzkd kp pvkzz uswdt, obyv jkde sq alzyvksdpbkr kp vblal?”

“She’s in her third year, isn’t she? She’s not too young, college students fall in love all the time, okay?” He really wanted to tell Mr. Chen to open his eyes and see the world.


Chen Yiran said, “I don’t care about others, but Lin Lin only has her heart set on studying. She won’t fall in love.”

Li Linlin grew up with very good academic results, and her grades when she entered Imperial University were also number one in the department. Where would such an outstanding Li Linlin have time to fall in love?

 Fu Zhen: “……”

He felt that Chen Yiran was not a brother, but an old father. The person’s father was the international superstar Li Shen. Even if Chen Yiran was a great man, he had nothing to do with him.


The amusement park clip on the giant screen had already finished, but the traffic jam had not yet ended. Fu Zhen took out his phone and casually swiped through Weibo, then he found the video of tonight’s charity gala.

“So many stars have arrived and are being interviewed before the red carpet,” Fu Zhen said casually. Chen Yiran didn’t care much and continued to look down at his report.

After the car drove through the most congested section of the road, it finally became smooth. Fu Zhen was holding his mobile phone next to him, and said in a rather high spirit, “Li Linlin is here tonight too.”

 As he said this, he turned up the volume of his phone to the maximum, and the voices of the media reporters immediately rang out, “Linlin, your dress is so beautiful tonight. Is it a mermaid princess gown?”

“Yeah,” Li Linlin smiled like a real princess in front of the camera, “This is a custom-made model made for me by Xixi.”

Chen Xi was the daughter of ABA’s famous host, Chen Zui and was half a star. Plus, she often appeared in the mouth of Li Linlin. The media knew her.

 The reporter asked, “Is Chen Xi also attending the charity gala tonight?”


 “Xixi didn’t come.” But her brother, Chen Yiran, was coming.

  The smile on Li Linlin’s face got sweeter as she thought about it.

The cameraman was so excited that he just about pushed the camera right on her face.

“Linlin, you set up a studio a while ago, I heard that there are only two people in your studio now. Do you plan to hire some more people?”

Li Linlin said, “No plans to hire people for now, but I would like to fire people.”

The media laughed and asked her, “Who do you want to fire?”

 Li Linlin said, “Of course it’s Wu Hui’er!”

“Wu Hui, I remember, is your manager, right?”


“Are you unhappy with her work in any way?” The reporter asked, very gossipy. Nowadays, the status of artists had risen, and there were so many who have opened their own studios as bosses that their agents worked for them. From time to time, disputes between artists and agents broke out on the internet. Could it be that Li Linlin’s relationship with her manager was bad? If that was the case, the conversation was going to explode again tonight.

Li Linlin held a microphone in her hand as the camera’s flash kept flashing in front of her eyes. She looked at the reporter who asked, as if she was exposing something dark. “You don’t know, this person Wu Hui’er, before I came out today I ate one sesame pill! Two such small biscuits and drank two sips of water. She kept shouting next to me, ‘no more, no more, you’ve eaten too much!’ She was eating chicken legs by herself, she could eat two in one sitting!”

 The media at the scene once again let out a laugh, and Chen Yiran’s lips hooked. 


Fu Zhen watched the video of Li Linlin’s interview and followed suit, criticizing Wu Hui: “She should fire the agent, look at how hungry the child is.”

Chen Yiran did not comment and lowered his head to read his report again.

Fu Zhen couldn’t figure it out the person sitting next to him. Was this statement so good looking? Is it even better than the glamorous actresses at the party?

After being interviewed by the media at the charity gala, Li Linlin went to walk down the red carpet. The crystals and sequins on Li Linlin’s dress looked even more dazzling under the lights of the venue, and the photographers were again snapping away, afraid of missing a stunning moment. Wu Hui also hired a team of photographers to do follow-up shots and post-retouching of Li Linlin tonight.

After receiving the limelight, the MC guided Li Linlin to take her seat. She was not technically an actress, let alone a veteran in the entertainment industry, but with her father Li Shen’s superstar aura over her, the organizers still gave her a front row center seat.

The guest chairs were all labeled with the names of the guests, and the arrangements of positions were over early on, with all sorts of precautions, and people couldn’t sit indiscriminately. Li Linlin glanced curiously at the empty chair to her right. Goodness, this was actually the seat of the film queen Lu Siyu.

The organizers had actually placed her next to the film queen. What a great way to look out for her!

“Sister Lin Lin, how are you?” Someone came to the left of Li Linlin and greeted her politely after sitting down. The other person was a middle-aged man, wearing a high-quality custom-made suit, and his whole person had a “rich” aura. Li Linlin just glanced at the name on his chair. It seemed to be someone from Universe Pictures.

   “Hello, Mr. Yu.” Although Li Linlin didn’t know him, she was right to call him “Yu.”

“Hello, hello.” Mr. Yu sat down next to her and said to her with a smile, “You look very impressive in this outfit tonight.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

 “Let’s take a picture.”



Li Linlin took a picture with him, and Mr. Yu even said generously, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely get someone to photoshop it before posting it.”

Li Linlin laughed along with him, and Mr. Yu took his phone back and gave her a business card: “I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future.”

Li Linlin looked down and saw that it was indeed someone from Universe Pictures.

The company is currently the largest film and television company in China. Everyone in the industry wants to work with Huan Yu, so that the outstanding actors can go to the next level, and the popular artists can take advantage of this opportunity to make a smooth transition.

The organizers really love her too much, with the Queen of Film on the right and the boss of Huan Yu Pictures on the left.

Li Linlin put her business card into her clutch bag and took her phone out, “Mr. Yu, I don’t have a business card. Why don’t I add you on WeChat?”

“Sure.” Mr. Yu took his phone out again and added her WeChat, “Actually, I’m a fan of your dad’s singing.”


As the two were chatting, the venue suddenly became noisy, and Li Linlin glanced up to see that it was Lu Siyu who had arrived.

She wore a long red dress tonight, which was very eye catching. Her long black hair formed big waves and placed in front of her body, quite like a Hong Kong star in the 80s. The skirt had a high slit at the side, and Lu Siyu’s long legs hid beneath the hem.

 She did not enter the venue alone, she also had a man on her right arm.

Lu Siyu was originally 5’7″, and tonight she was wearing a pair of black high heels, but the man beside her was still a cut above her. The man wore a suit and had a straight posture, and his angular face had little expression, but he couldn’t stop the noble aura he exuded.

 The flashing lights of the camera flashed wildly at this moment. The pairing of a handsome man and a beautiful woman never failed to attract attention.

Only that handsome man…why was it her Yiran brother?!

Li Linlin immediately ate a ton of lemons. A movie queen was great, she could hold her future boyfriend! 

The seats of Lu Siyu and Chen Yiran were right next to Li Linlin. She hadn’t even noticed that the seat beside Lu Siyu’s had Chen Yiran written on it.

 Chen Yiran didn’t expect them to sit with Li Linlin. Her presence surprised him. Before he could say anything, Mr. Yu, who had just greeted Li Linlin, stood up, walked straight around the Queen of Film, and extended his hand to Chen Yiran: “Mr. Chen, long time no see.”

 “Hello Mr. Yu.” Chen Yiran also extended his hand and shook it.

When facing Chen Yiran, Mr. Yu’s attitude was much more attentive than when he had just been with Li Linlin: “It’s difficult to meet Mr. Chen.”

“Mr. Yu is serious. I’m busy running around for business.”

Lu Siyu stood between them and let out a laugh, “Mr. Yu, it seems that I’m not as charming as Mr. Chen in your eyes. I’ve been standing here for so long and you act as if you didn’t see me.”

Mr. Yu smiled and made amends, “My bad, my bad, hello big beauty Lu. You look so pretty today.”

 Lu Siyu smiled and ruffled her hair, “That’s more like it.”

 Li Linlin who was sitting in her seat looked incredibly well behaved in the middle of this crowd of social people.

 Chen Yiran looked down at Li Linlin in her seat and called out to her, “Linlin.”


The author has something to say:

Chen Yiran: Linlin only has to learn.

  Li Linlin: Brother Yiran, have you changed your name to study?

 Chen Yiran: ?

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