Get Out, This Damn Money!

Chapter 12: Rumors

Never in Li Linlin’s wildest imagination did she ever think that with just a photo, fans could blow her up just like rainbow farts, as if she was a level 10 scholar, and even complimented the senior staff of the company. 

It didn’t stop there, though. The hot search ranking climbed up on the board, and a post appeared: “What do you think about Li Linlin’s  role as Ou Jiaxu?” — Donovan’s post. 

“Thank you for inviting me. As an industry insider, I can only say that Li Linlin is worthy of being the top senior student from the Imperial University. Her vision is much broader than other actors.

If she picked up the role of the female lead, Zhou Rongrong, she would end up trapping herself. Currently, this role might be a bonus for her, but it would drag her in choosing roles someday. In the future, the director would only think of her if they needed an innocent beauty. It would be hard for the producers to give her roles such in realistic, life-oriented, and serious themes.   

If Huan Yu’s adaptation of the script was maintained to the standard level, and if Li Linlin’s acting skills didn’t drag her down, then this decision will benefit her for the rest of her life.” 


Li Linlin: ?   

What, what, what are you talking about? Why did this become such a significant move when all she wanted to do was simply make a spectacle of herself?  

“Wu Hui’er, are there available water army in the studio?” Li Linlin faced Wu Hui. 

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The agent commented, “Wang Xin is very good in his work, but it still depends on Li Linlin’s performance on how she acts the role.” 


“Heh, doesn’t she brag every day that she’s a senior student at Imperial University? What can she do? She hasn’t studied acting professionally. I’m a graduate majoring in acting.” 

When she heard that Fatal Heartbeat was looking for actors, she was determined to win the role of Zhou Rongrong. At that time, Li Linlin was one of her toughest competitors, but then, Lin Zhen didn’t know what happened, Li Linlin accepted Ou Jiaxu’s role. 

Without Li Linlin in the mix, Lin Zhen took over the role smoothly and she hadn’t been happy for long. Suddenly, this announcement broke out. The popularity of today’s announcement was focused on Li Linlin. Those who didn’t know might think she was the heroine!

Her lips curled, opened her account and commented to the thread, “What do you think about Li Linlin’s role as Ou Jiaxu?” 

“What a group of people who only follow their five senses. You can even brag about it? Isn’t it just because her make-up photo looks good? It’s not difficult to come up with reasons why her makeup photo looks so great.The drama hasn’t started yet, don’t wait to be face-slapped afterwards.” 

After posting this, she logged out of her account and logged in her assistant’s account to reply to herself below. 

“So true. I’m stunned when I see all the hype on the internet. All the disgusting things Ou Jiaxu committed can be written off just because she looks good? Do those who like Li Linlin have no three views?” 

After posting several protesting comments, Lin Zhen’s heart finally calmed down. 

On Li Linlin’s side, she finally noticed some voices bashing her! They appeared! Although she didn’t know who was the person on the other side that was hacking her, as long as the person could scold her at this time, she was a living Bodhisattva in her eyes!

When Wu Hui saw her staring at her phone with an excited look, she went over to take a peek. “What happened? Did a big V compliment you again?” 

“No, finally, a criticism has appeared!” 

 Wu Hui: “……”


Could this be Li Linlin’s profound thinking again?

As her agent, was she not standing tall enough? 

Originally, she believed that when someone criticized her, things wouldn’t turn bad. Unfortunately, life had something in store for her on the last day of the year. 

Chen Yiran and Lu Siyu were in the hot search again. 

This time, the two didn’t go to an event, but a paparazzo followed Lu Siyu and caught her meeting Chen Yiran in private. Although there was nothing intimate in the photos and videos captured, the media still used the sensational headline: “Lu Siyu and Chen Yiran meet in private.” They even swore that the two were on a date. 

Anger overtook Li Linlin as she stared at the picture of the two people on her phone. She threw her mobile on the bed. 

Chen Yiran was usually very busy with work that Chen Xi didn’t see him a lot, and Li Linlin hadn’t seen him for quite some time as well. She didn’t expect that film queen Lu, who was like the moon up high, would pester Brother Yiran every day. 


“Mr. Chen, you and Lu Siyu are on the hot search again,” Fu Anshi excitedly informed him while looking at his mobile phone. “Obviously, this Queen Lu is interested in you. If someone would spread rumors about her, creating hype, she would dispel the rumors immediately. But you and her have been in the hot search for half a day, but she didn’t make her move, ah.” 

Chen Yiran’s brow frowned, his eyes showed impatience. “I had dinner with the director yesterday, isn’t Lu Siyu’s movie in the works?” 

Lu Siyu was now the face of Shengteng Entertainment, and signing her over with a great fanfare was also for Shengteng’s future plans. Fu Anshi’s lips curved and stared at him, grinning. “It’s hard for you, boss Chen. You have to sacrifice yourself for business.” 

In line with Chen Yiran’s temper, he wouldn’t bother about this kind of thing, but Lu Siyu was the person they signed to the company with great difficulty. It would not do Shengteng any good to have any conflict with her.


“Find someone to remove the hot search.” Chen Yiran closed his eyes and massaged his temples. 

Fu Anshi said, “Don’t. I think the hype is better this way? For the sake of the company, you can only cooperate.” 

Chen Yiran opened his eyes and glanced at him. “You seem very happy. Why don’t the company send you?” 

Fu Anshi stretched his hands. “I would love to, but the other person — Queen Lu — doesn’t have me in her eyes.” 

Closing his eyes again, Chen Yiran leaned back in his chair and rested. “Take down the hot search, Shengteng doesn’t need this kind of hype.” 

Fu Anshi reminded him, “It’s an easy job to remove the hot search, but are you sure you want to slap queen Lu’s face?” 

Although Lu Siyu didn’t bring the paparazzo, she also had not clarified this matter. Didn’t she just want to acquiesce in this situation? Fu Anshi smiled secretly. It had been ten years since he had known Chen Yiran, and during those years, countless women wanted to own him, but who got what they wanted? No one. 

Chen Yiran went silent for a few moments, then he answered Fu Anshi. “Lu Siyu isn’t the only one in the entertainment industry. If she’s going to act like this, then we can find someone else.” 

Lu Siyu was a smart person, he believed that she knew what to do. 

After Fu Anshi told someone to do it, he glanced at Chen Yiran. “Mr. Chen, did you do this because you’re afraid your sister will misunderstand?”  

“You think Xixi will care about such a thing?” 

“No, no, no…” A sarcastic smile graced Fu Anshi’s lips. “I’m talking about your other sister, Linlin.” 


Chen Yiran’s eyes opened, then gazed at him without uttering a single word. 

Fu Anshi felt a chill crawl on his back, so he took a sip of the hot tea but it wasn’t able to suppress the freezing cold. He coughed, stood up and said to Chen Yiran, “I’m meeting a client right now, so I’ll leave first.” 

 Fu Anshi fled from Chen Yiran’s office.  

On the way out, he ran into Xiao Wu, Chen Yiran’s assistant.     

“Oh, Xiao Wu, I advise you not to go in right now. It’s life-threatening inside.” 

Xiao Wu held a stack of papers in his hand about the information on the new real estate. A drop of cold sweat dripped from his head. “Mr. Fu, did you make Mr. Chen angry again?” 

“I don’t dare to mess with him. He’s the narrow-minded one.” Fu Anshi glanced at the information in his hand. “Yo, Mr. Chen, is buying property again?” 

Assistant Wu said, “I just help Mr. Chen regularly put together information regarding new properties. He’ll take a look and decide if he’ll buy it.” 

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.” Fu Anshi shook his head. “He bought so many houses, but he hasn’t lived in them. Do you think Mr. Chen suffered from a trauma when he was a kid, and has to make up for it by buying houses?” 

“This… Mr. Fu, don’t talk about this type of nonsense, or else, Mr. Chen will send you on another business trip again.” 

“……” Fu Anshi suddenly recalled some not so pleasant experiences. “Don’t report those words I said just now to Mr. Chen. It should just be between us.” 

“Sure, Mr. Fu.” He wouldn’t even utter those words even if he was given ten guts. “I’ll go in first.” 

When Assistant Wu entered Mr. Chen’s office, Chen Yiran was frowning as if thinking about a difficult problem. Assistant Wu moved closer and carefully asked, “Mr. Chen, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong?” 

Chen Yiran turned to him, relaxed his brow, and shook his head. “Nothing.” 

Assistant Wu said, “These are the new real estate information recently, I’ve compiled them.” 

Assistant Wu had been working with Chen Yiran for a few years, and had a good understanding of Chen Yiran’s taste in buying houses. He would help him sift through them first, and leave the best ones for Mr. Chen to choose from.

“Just put it on the table.” 

“Okay.” Assistant Wu left after placing the information on the table. After the door closed, Chen Yiran was in a trance, staring at the desk.

His phone suddenly vibrated. When he checked, it was Chen Xi calling. 

“Xixi.” He picked up and answered, then he loosened his tie around his neck. “What is it?” 

Chen Xi said, “It’s New Year’s Eve tonight. Mom asked if you’re free to come home for dinner?” 

Chen Yiran checked the time on his watch and nodded. “Yes.” 

“That’s great! Uncle Li and Aunt Yu ain’t back yet. So, today, Linlin is alone at home. I asked her to join us.” 


The author has something to say: 

Li Linlin: Thank you for the kind person who scolded me today, making things turn for the better.

Lin Zhen: ?    

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