My Beloved Ghost

Chapter 8

Winter finally came again.

It snowed all day and night, and the branches above the roof were covered with a thick layer of snow. In the early morning, When a few elderly neighbors came back from their grocery shopping, they saw a young man uproot a tree with all his strength. The rattled snow from the branches all fell down on his body. With the snow on his body, he looked like a snowman.

“Ah? Isn’t that the kid of the Cang family? Has he returned for the Chinese New Year?” An auntie recognized him, “Cang Qiong, are you pulling a tree?”

“Uh… No, just doing some morning exercise…” Cang Qiong smiled and nodded to the auntie, and then continued “pulling the tree”…

“Kong Kong! Will you come with me or not?” As Cang Qiong spoke, white breath came out of his mouth.


“Don’t want to go! Don’t want to go! I want to go back!” Kong Kong desperately hugged a Metasequoia tree. No matter how much strength Cang Qiong used to pull him off the tree, Kong Kong would just grab the tree tightly. They were outside of Cang Qiong’s home, but Kong Kong suddenly changed his mind and refused to enter the house!

“Didn’t you want to come back home with me for the Chinese New Year? I’ve already told my parents, so don’t cause any trouble!”

“No, no! I regret it! I am going back now!”

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“Psd’v nyal!” – qykzle!

“Isdt Isdt, R esd’v oydv usw vs ts cynj yzsdl qsa vbl Llo Zlya, R clzklhl usw oswze xkpp xl vss, aktbv?”

“Psd’v nyal!” – Wykzle ytykd!

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“Vyv!” Uydt Cksdt rypvle y vyzkpxyd sd Isdt Isdt’ qsalblye. Isdt Isdt’p lulp&dcpr; kxxlekyvlzu cltyd vs aszz zkjl y xspiwkvs nskz, yde vbld psqvzu qlzz esod sd vbl taswde. Uydt Cksdt nyaakle Isdt Isdt sd bkp pbswzelap, oyzjle wr vbl pvykap sq bkp bsxl, vssj swv vbl jlu vs srld vbl essa, yde vbld vsal sqq vbl vyzkpxyd sd Isdt Isdt’p qsalblye.

Kong Kong was like an insect that pretended to be dead. As soon as he regained his consciousness, he tried to run away, but was suddenly kicked inside the household by Cang Qiong…


“Dad, mom, godfather, I’m back!”

Cang Qiong’s father appeared surprised at the kid, who was busy rubbing his butt after his son kicked him inside the house. His cute and aggrieved expression really made people laugh. Cang Qiong’s mother hurriedly approached her son and looked left and right, “Where’s your boyfriend? Didn’t he come?”

At this time, the godfather rushed down from upstairs, “Here, here, Sister Yue, put on this!” The godfather gave a pair of glasses to Cang Qiong’s mother, then pointed to Kong Kong who was still sitting on the ground and said, “This is who I mentioned before. Cang Qiong’s babe–Kong Kong, isn’t he cute?”

Cang Qiong’s mother was temporarily frozen, no one knew what she was thinking.

Cang Qiong’s father looked at Kong Kong with a smile, Cang Qiong’s mother stared at him in a daze, Kong Kong was panicking when he had to face Cang Qiong’s parents. Suddenly, he froze and didn’t know what to do…

Cang Qiong unpacked his bag, walked up to Kong Kong, and pulled him up from the floor, “Okay, get up, did I kick you too hard?”

Kong Kong nodded and then shook his head suddenly. He seemed to be too nervous to know how he should react.

“Dad, Mom, let me introduce him. His name is Kong Ru, he’s a… boy, I think godfather has told you. He should be much older than me, but now…you can treat him as the same species as godfather.”

‘Godfather’s species?’ His godfather looked at Cang Qiong in dissatisfaction, “Hey! Young man, I’m a god, not a ghost!”

Cang Qiong pushed Kong Kong. Kong Kong lowered his head and spoke in a small voice like a mosquito singing, “Hello auntie, hello uncle, hello godfather!”

“What?” Mother Cang only saw the child move his mouth, but couldn’t hear what was said.

“Wait a minute, Let me go upstairs and grab something first!” Godfather flew upstairs again.


Father Cang frowned in dissatisfaction. Kong Kong buried his head even lower, he was almost about to cry. But unexpectedly Father Cang said, “It’s not fair, you called Cang Qiong’s godfather ‘godfather’, but call us ‘uncle and auntie’? My son is a faithful person, the person he brings back wouldn’t be wrong. Hurry up and call us Mom and Dad!”

“Ah?!” Kong Kong raised up his head in surprise, it seemed that his worries were unfounded! Cang Qiong was right, his parents were very kind people! Mother Cang walked up to Father Cang vigorously and asked, “What are you talking about? I can’t hear you!”

At this time, the godfather took two earplugs and stuffed them into Mother Cang’s ears.

Cang Qiong said to Kong Kong: “Okay, now call them again!”

Kong Kong asked a very silly question: “Qiong Qiong, should I call them father-in-law and mother-in-law, or father and mother? “

“You should call them Mom and Dad!”

When Kong Kong received the order, he smiled brightly and shouted out with confidence: “Hello dad, hello mom, hello godfather!”

“Okay, okay, we have another member joining our family! How lively!” Mother Cang laughed hard. ‘It looks like there’s no problem at all?!’ All the worries that Kong Kong have disappeared!

It was the first time that Kong Kong saw Cang Qiong’s house. It was a big villa, spacious and bright. Standing on the third floor’s balcony, one could vaguely see the beach. Even Cang Qiong’s bedroom was bigger than their small apartment!

The cutest place was the godfather’s room, in which a large photo of the three-year-old Cang Qiong, chubby and tender, hung on the wall. Whether it was a ghost or a human, all couldn’t resist squeezing the baby’s face. It was no wonder that Kong Kong, who was in love with Cang Qiong, liked the photo too. However, he couldn’t pinch the three-year-old Cang Qiong’s face, so he only could pinch the adult Cang Qiong…

Since Kong Kong liked that photo very much, the godfather took out a large stack of photo albums for Kong Kong to enjoy… Cang Qiong and his godfather sat beside him to explain every photo in the albums. In fact, Kong Kong had also been to various places as shown in the album. While he looked at the photos, he remembered his childhood too…

After looking at the photos, Kong Kong tried to move the large-scale photo from the godfather’s room to Cang Qiong’s room, but this idea was strongly rejected by the godfather, So, during the daytime, Cang Qiong had to watch this boring “Battle between God and Ghost”…


The most anticipated occasion was lunchtime. Mother Cang had made a table of dishes by herself. Kong Kong, who saw these delicious dishes, worked hard to control his stomach from making noise ——‘Kong Kong, you must perform well today! Don’t lose face!’

At dinner time. Mother Cang put a bowl of white rice in front of Kong Kong. When Cang Qiong saw it, he said to her mother immediately, “Mom, change to a bigger bowl! This is too small!”

Kong Kong hurriedly denied: “No no no, that’s enough! I don’t eat a lot…” This lie was quite obvious. And then Kong Kong gave Cang Qiong a dirty look.

Cang Qiong immediately understood and silently started making his plan!

During the meal, Kong Kong behaved very politely, eating his food bite by bite. When the parents asked him to eat more, he nodded but didn’t move his chopsticks very much.

“Qiong Qiong, help him to get some dishes!” Cang’s mother reminded Cang Qiong. 

“No way, Kong Kong, how come you’re acting polite while eating? You usually eat your rice in a basin-sized bowl and drink soup with a ladle. Your look during meals was super ugly. We can describe it by using the word gobbling. Are you feeling uncomfortable today?”

Kong Kong glared at him. Cang Qiong didn’t seem to understand the look and continued saying, “Hey, don’t be embarrassed! You look very pretentious!”

‘Cang Qiong! I hate you!’

Kong Kong stepped down on his foot, but Cang Qiong continued talking in high spirits. Kong Kong smashed it a few more times—Cang Qiong! Don’t destroy my public persona!

Unexpectedly, Father Cang opened his mouth: “Kong… Kong Kong, it’s Cang Qiong’s fault. Please don’t smash it again, please…”

Kong Kong and Cang Qiong looked under the table at the same time, and it turned out that the foot that Kong Kong had trampled on was Father Cang’s…


Kong Kong’s foot quickly retracted like he stepped on a landmine, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I…”

Cang Qiong suddenly realized and laughed, “Well, well, did you try to murder your husband?”

“No!” Kong Kong believed that he had made a big mistake and he just stomped on Father Cang not long after entering the door. Now he couldn’t wash it off, even jumping into the Yellow River wasn’t enough. He just wanted to give Cang Qiong’s parents a good impression, now it was all ruined!

“Um…wooo…” Kong Kong started to cry…

“Okay, okay…” Father Cang didn’t mean to blame him. But Cang Qiong still irritated him: “In front of all these delicious foods, if you have the time to cry, you might as well save some energy and eat more.”

‘Bad Cang Qiong! It’s all your fault! You want me to make a fool of myself, don’t you? Snort! Then there you have it; I will eat all the food! Your parents won’t have a good impression of me anyway. Since I will be driven out of the door sooner or later, I would rather eat enough food now!’

So Kong Kong showed his true self and no longer ate in small bites like a graceful lady. While desperately putting all the food into his mouth, he was still whimpering, his eyes turned red, almost crying…

Cang Qiong was delighted by seeing Kong Kong’s change. He smiled and served Kong Kong more food and soup. Mother Cang hit her son’s head with a chopstick, “Damn boy, do you always starve Kong Kong at home?”

“No, Mom! It’s not true!”

“Sister Yue, Kong Kong is a little glutton. Cang Qiong can’t feed him with enough food…” Godfather immediately came forward to explain, just as expected. He had always protected Cang Qiong since he was a child.

“Husband, what’s a glutton?” Mother Cang asked Father Cang.

Father Cang smiled and pointed to Kong Kong, “That’s what we call ‘glutton’.”

While looking at Kong Kong, Mother Cang felt somewhat guilty, as if Kong Kong had been abused by her own son for several years. “Kong Kong, eat slowly. Nobody will take away your food. Be careful not to choke! “

Mother Cang’s thoughtfulness caused Kong Kong to burst into tears. — ‘How could there be such a good mother?’

Cang Qiong patted Kong Kong’s head and said softly in his ear: “Okay, enough. You don’t need to be exaggerating, alright? I just don’t want you to pretend to be someone you weren’t, so I decided to stimulate you to behave naturally. You will stay in my house for a long time, you can’t pretend forever. Have you eaten enough? Don’t rush, you can eat slowly. I will clean the dishes after you finish…”

Honestly, the kindest one was Qiong Qiong!

After their meal, Cang Qiong used a hot towel to wipe Kong Kong’s face as an apology. What a romantic and cloying scene! Seeing them being affectionate, Cang Qiong’s parents were puzzled. They didn’t know their son, Cang Qiong, was a devoted  husband material!

“Husband, from whom do you think that child got it? You weren’t that affectionate when you chased me, right?”

“You aren’t that caring too! He is unlike you, unlike me, then he can only be like the third person…”

The third person — Godfather — was overjoyed as if he was the one who was being held in the arms of his lover and enjoying the service! In fact, the godfather has always been lamenting in his heart, ‘Why have I never met a person who loves me as much?’

In the evening, Mother Cang brought a hot water bottle to the children

“Qiong Qiong, it’s quite cold at night, so I brought a hot water bottle for you.”

Before Cang Qiong got into the bed, he pointed to Kong Kong who was lying on the bed, and said, “No need to, I already have a big hot water bottle waiting for me!”

Once Mother Cang heard it, she ran up, grabbed Cang Qiong’s ear, and started scolding her son: “What’s wrong with you? Letting Kong Kong warm the bed for you?! Why don’t you warm the bed for him?”

“Ah—!” Cang Qiong couldn’t bear when his mother pinched his ear the most! When Kong Kong saw that his lover was being punished, he jumped out of the bed immediately, “Don’t tug at Qiong Qiong’s ears! It hurts a lot! It’s me who wants to warm the bed for him…”

Ultimately, besides the godfather, Kong Kong was another person who wanted to protect her son. Mother Cang let go of Cang Qiong’s ears and replied in distress: “Kong Kong, you don’t have enough clothes on you now. Go back into the bed quickly!”

Kong Kong only wore shorts and a vest, because in this way the bed could be warmed faster… He rubbed Cang Qiong’s ears and said, “It doesn’t matter. I’m no longer alive, I won’t get sick!”

Cang Qiong naturally fell into Kong Kong’s arms in a cheeky manner, and asked Kong Kong to touch his red ears, “Mom, Kong Kong is so sexy and waiting for me to get in the bed. Don’t be so ignorant, go away! We have some business to attend to now” He even raised his eyebrows to Mother Cang!

After hearing what her son said, Mother Cang’s face became flushed and then white. She threw the hot water bottle into her son’s arms and left.

“Good night Mom!” — ‘Mom, I’m a grown-up man now. Hey hey hey…’


Kong Kong happily spent the winter vacation in Cang Qiong’s home.

On New Year’s Eve, Kong Kong ate a lot, and finally burped with satisfaction for the first time since he had become a ghost. Cang Qiong, who heard this sound, was astonished and rendered speechless. He then claimed it was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard since he was born.

When the fireworks were set off at night, Cang Qiong took out the sparklers that he set with Kong Kong together last year, validating the genuinity of that moment. Kong Kong was wholeheartedly moved… After being together with Cang Qiong, he would be in bliss year after year.

During the winter vacation, Kong Kong unexpectedly found his dictionary in the godfather’s bookshelf! Even the book cover was still there! According to what the godfather said, he bought it at a secondhand book store for 5 yuan before… Cang Qiong and Kong Kong tore off the book cover in excitement, and the 100 yuan sheet was still there! Cang Qiong’s handwriting was clearly on it.

“Qiong Qiong, I really followed the address on it and came to find you…”

“Yes, do you feel it happened a long time ago?”

“Hmm… Qiong Qiong?”


“Shall we frame it?”


In this way, a luxurious clear frame was hung in Cang Qiong’s room, and inside it was a piece of 100 yuan. Conceivably, people would think this couple was obsessed with money!

The joyous period sure flew by. Cang Qiong felt that last year’s winter vacation was so long, and this year’s winter vacation seemed particularly short! However, as long as he was with Kong Kong, no matter where he was or what he did, it didn’t matter! At the end of the winter break, the unhappiest person should be his godfather, right? Cang Qiong had stopped his part-time job and could take Kong Kong home every weekend!

However, let’s pray that summer vacation comes soon!

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