My Beloved Ghost

Chapter 6.2

Kong Kong didn’t know whether it was because of the noodles or something else, but he felt his heart become warm. He had never heard such “disgusting and nauseous” words since he was born, but why did he want to cry? He finished the noodles with an absent mind and paid for Cang Qiong’s bowl of noodles. He let Cang Qiong keep the 10 yuan because he thought Cang Qiong was pitiable without any money.


The first candle went out; the second candle had been lit immediately, green flames started flickering…


‘10 long hours have passed. He should have found Kong Kong by now, right?’ The godfather looked at his watch and continued playing his game console.



Cang Qiong spent the first night on the stairs of the building where Kong Kong’s apartment was located. Nothing happened. Cang Qiong then fell asleep around midnight…

On April 22. Sunday.

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“Kong Kong, you’re back!” Cang Qiong immediately sent a warm smile.


“Why are you still here?”

“Waiting for you.” Cang Qiong took out a bun. “Are you hungry? I bought your favorite XingHuaLou BBQ pork buns!”

“XingHuaLou has BBQ pork buns? I have only eaten XingHuaLou’s mooncakes and never eaten the BBQ pork buns. What makes you say that I like them?”

“Huh? Really?” ‘But wasn’t that what you’ve told me?’

Anyway, Kong Kong happened to be hungry so he accepted Cang Qiong’s kindness and sat beside him to eat the buns…

“The buns are cold now. They’re more delicious when they’re warm!”

Kong Kong glanced at Cang Qiong, “Who are you really?”

“Me?” Cang Qiong remembered what his godfather told him, not to leave his mark on this period. Thus, he quickly replied: “I am a student of Meige University.”

Kong Kong immediately showed his admiration and asked, “What’s your major?”

“History. Are you interested in the same major? You can become my lovely junior.”

‘Well, even if Kong Kong majored in history, I’m the one who’ll be his junior, right?’

However, Kong Kong denied it. “I want to major in business administration, so I can make a lot of money and make my mother happy! “


Cang Qiong pouted. It turned out that Kong Kong had lied to him in the first place by saying he wanted to major in history.

“Where is your mother now?”

“At home… I live alone here. My mom only visits me occasionally. Usually, I go back home to see her. She is very busy with her work.”

“Don’t you feel lonely?”

“Lonely? I’m so busy with my studies; how can I have the time to feel lonely?” Kong Kong bit the last piece of the bun and thanked Cang Qiong, but did he buy the buns with Kong Kong’s money after all?

Cang Qiong grabbed Kong Kong’s arm and asked: “Eat another one!”

“Okay!” Kong Kong agreed cheerfully.

Cang Qiong moved himself a bit closer to Kong Kong. “Kong Kong, what kind of person do you like?”

“I shouldn’t think about this question now.” What a thought a good student would have!

“Kong Kong, I hope you will always remember me…”

“Yes, I will remember that I once gave 10 yuan to a handsome beggar.”

Cang Qiong pouted unhappily, ‘You treat me as a beggar? You are the one begging for food from me all day long!’ “Kong Kong, do you… do you know anyone who looks a lot like me?”


“No! You are the most fine-looking guy I have ever seen!”

‘Kong Kong, you are so honest!’ Cang Qiong was tremendously proud, but then he thought about it: Something was wrong? Kong Kong had said that a boy who looked quite similar to Cang Qiong had also confessed to him. Did Kong Kong talk nonsense after he got drunk? Or was Kong Kong hiding it now

“Hey, what’s the matter with you?” Seeing Cang Qiong pensive look, Kong Kong couldn’t help but poked him with his elbow.

“No, nothing…”

“You haven’t told me your name yet.”

“I…” Cang Qiong hesitated for a moment. His godfather’s warning echoed in his ears again. “My name is a secret; I’ll tell you when I see you in the future.”

“Hmph, strange! I’m done eating~ leaving now!” Kong Kong stood up and went upstairs…

Cang Qiong raised his spirits and started guarding from downstairs again.

In order not to fall asleep, Cang Qiong began to wander around downstairs. At midnight, the light in Kong Kong’s apartment finally turned off.

‘OK, I’m going to be more vigilant! Those three bastards will be there in two hours!’

Another half an hour had passed.

Cang Qiong suddenly saw who appeared to be an approaching male student with a note in his hand. When he saw Cang Qiong, he smiled and walked straight over…


“I’m sorry. Do you know the address on this note?”

‘Oh. He is just a passerby’. Cang Qiong took the note and started reading: “Room 403, No. 16, Fengyuan Apartment.”

“Oh, Fengyuan Apartment? You can walk along this road…” Cang Qiong suddenly felt a heavy blow on his head and only remembered the boy’s belittling smile in front of him…

“Quick! Move him away!” In the dark, three shadows dragged Cang Qiong away…


“It hurts!” Cang Qiong opened his eyes in a daze but found that two guys were punching and kicking him… “Who– who are you?” Cang Qiong felt dizzy and weak. It seemed like he was in a warehouse. Under the moonlight coming through the window, the guy with a pair of glasses looked familiar to him…

“Why should I tell you who I am?” The guy punched Cang Qiong again! His voice was very familiar…

The boy who asked him about the address came out of the dark: “Don’t beat him too hard. Be careful. We just want to vent our frustrations, not to kill him…!”

‘Vent their frustrations? What happened?’

“I haven’t beaten him enough yet! It feels incredibly good to beat another person!” A brawny man kicked Cang Qiong’s knee hard; Cang Qiong counterattacked with a punch, but he didn’t even have a bit of strength in him. ‘What happened?’

The boy with glasses smiled and said: “Do you feel lacking in strength? I just injected something in you to keep you weak, you will have hallucinations later! Zhifeng, let’s go and teach that little un-cutie a lesson…

‘Little un-cutie? Is it Kong Kong?!’ Cang Qiong gradually couldn’t see anything in front of him, but he had to find out what was going on! “Are you Kong Kong’s classmates?”

“Who gave you the right to call him ‘Kong Kong’?!”

“Crack!” Another slap.

“What are you planning to do to Kong Kong?!”

“Kong Kong rejected me but didn’t reject you—this little white face! He said that I was abnormal but accepted another man?! Where the hell did you come from?”

‘They were the three people!’ “I’m warning you! Don’t be too impulsive, or you will regret it!”

“I won’t let you have him… Kong Kong is mine! Ayong, Xiaohui, let’s go!”

The iron door was locked. Cang Qiong was lying on the ground, helpless. He remembered the person with glasses. He was the young man who stared at him on the overpass that day and his voice was the same voice that confessed to Kong Kong that day… Taking off his glasses, he was the one who raped Kong Kong!

‘Why was I so careless? Why is this happening? Kong Kong, you should hurry and escape…’

With his remaining consciousness, Cang Qiong remembered what Kong Kong had said: “He looks… looks a lot like you!… I’ve only seen him three times and don’t even know his name. …I didn’t know I liked him at that time. But after I died, I realized that it was called love at first sight… Besides, he was a college student…”

‘The first time was on the overpass… The other one was in the noodle restaurant…the last one was downstairs…the boy from the university…looks a lot like me? Don’t know the name…love at first sight…so that person is me? Impossible, impossible… Could it be that Kong Kong died because of me? I killed Kong Kong…’

The wounded Cang Qiong fell into his own hallucination and kept shedding tears…


“Hisss” the last candle was lit…

The player in the godfather’s hand showed GAMEOVER.


‘Qiong Qiong, you must be in pain right now, right? Please forgive me……’

The rays of sunshine went through the warehouse windows. Cang Qiong, who has been suffering all night, finally woke up. Pain covered his entire body. He looked at his watch. It was 9:15! He would return in his own time after 45 minutes!

‘Kong Kong?! It’s not yet two o’clock in the afternoon! Kong Kong is not dead yet!’

He struggled to get up, and rushed to the door. Unfortunately, the iron door was still locked…

“Open the door! Is there anyone there? Open the door!” Cang Qiong banged on the iron door, ‘Where is this place? Why can’t even one person hear me?’ “Open the door! Open the door quickly!”

“Knock knock knock… Knock knock knock…” Finally! Someone nearby heard it and called the warehouse manager. When the people looked at this wounded young man with astonishment, Cang Qiong had already rushed out with his bag… only 25 minutes left!

‘Where is this place? Those three bastards couldn’t have moved me that far!’

The more rushed he was, the more difficult it was for him to find the right direction. Cang Qiong turned into a dead-end again. The changes in this area in the past 10 years had made Cang Qiong unable to recognize the place. Finally, he found a way out and rushed down the street. 

‘This is the main road to my school! Kong Kong wait for me!’ Only 10 minutes left.

Cang Qiong’s knees hurt! ‘Probably due to those kicks caused by that dead fat pig!’

He limped heavily as he rushed to Kong Kong’s apartment…

While he was climbing up the stairs, there were only five minutes left!

“Kong Kong! Open the door! Kong Kong!” ‘No sound inside? Is Kong Kong already awake? Wait a minute! The key! I have the key!’

Cang Qiong immediately took out the key from his bag,  inserted it into the keyhole, and turned it. The door was opened… Great! The door lock was the same! Cang Qiong ran in a rush but didn’t see Kong Kong. Only saw the bloodstains on the bed…

“Kong Kong?” Cang Qiong called in a low voice… He saw something. A thing that made him feel like being struck by lightning. The alarm clock on the table stopped at two p.m…

“No… Kong Kong… No…” Cang Qiong shook his head in disbelief, “Impossible! Kong Kong he couldn’t…”

Cang Qiong rushed over to open the bathroom door…

The blood on the ground had flown everywhere; Kong Kong’s arm hung out of the bathtub, and a blood-stained utility knife was placed beside him…

“Kong Kong! Kong Kong…” Cang Qiong rushed over and hugged Kong Kong, trying to wake up his little babe, but Kong Kong’s body had already turned cold and lifeless… Yesterday. Just yesterday, Kong Kong was sitting beside him, eating the steamed buns. Yet today, just in a blink of an eye, Kong Kong has turned into a cold corpse…

“Kong Kong… I’m sorry… Kong Kong, it was I who caused your death…” Cang Qiong cried bitterly. Never did he think that the person who had caused Kong Kong’s death was himself… How could that be? How come……

Kong Kong’s white T-shirt was half dyed in red. The blood in the bathtub was still flowing. Just like the first time they met when Kong Kong played a trick on him… How much he had hoped at this time that it was also just a trick made by Kong Kong…

“Kong Kong, wait for me… Wait for me to grow up. You must wait for me here…” Cang Qiong kissed Kong Kong’s cold lips, and before he could say ‘I love you’, he disappeared in the light…


The present world was still in the dark, while his godfather continued playing a game…

“Godfather! Please! Let me go back again!” Cang Qiong desperately shook his godfather’s shoulder, like a deranged man.

His godfather calmly removed Cang Qiong’s hand and said, “Qiong Qiong, it’s already in the past! You are destined to appear at that period, and Kong Kong is destined to die…”

“What did you say? What do you mean?”

“You are destined to go back to the past and meet Kong Kong, and you are also destined to indirectly cause Kong Kong’s death!”

“You knew… How did you know?” Cang Qiong felt that this godfather before him was a stranger…

“Yes! I knew it from the beginning! If you don’t go back, Kong Kong won’t die!”

“Then why didn’t you stop me?!” Cang Qiong couldn’t control himself and shouted in the valley. His voice reverberated in the dark night for a long time…

“Because… if Kong Kong didn’t die, your whole world would have been different. You would have forgotten about Kong Kong and that you had loved such a person. You would have no idea that such a person would exist in the world. You guys would never meet at all… No one can deprive another person’s memory of their love, and neither can I… Even if you hate me, I had to send you back… This is my role in this history …” The godfather with a straight face spoke quietly.

“I hate you!” Cang Qiong ran away from his godfather, dragged his injured leg, and went down the mountain…

His godfather carried his bag and followed closely behind Cang Qiong…

Cang Qiong was so tired that he had fallen asleep on the train… His godfather took out an ointment and applied it to Cang Qiong’s bruises. As for the wound in his heart, that could only be healed by Kong Kong…… Cang Qiong was calling out to Kong Kong in his sleep. Looking at Cang Qiong’s heartbroken expression, his godfather wondered if he did the right thing… He weakly leaned against the window and slowly closed his eyes…

‘Qingqing, drink this bowl of Mengpo soup…’


‘After you drink it, you will forget your love for me, forget everything that happened, and will never be afraid of the thunder anymore…’

‘I don’t want to! I don’t want……’

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