My Beloved Ghost

Chapter 5.3

In the morning, Cang Qiong woke up and saw Kong Kong lying beside him. After having been “bullied” yesterday, he quickly fell asleep…

When the phone rang, Kong Kong jumped up! Seeing Cang Qiong’s eyes open, Kong Kong was extremely thrilled that he didn’t know what to say. He almost jumped to answer the phone.

“Hey, Kong Kong, are you awake?”

“Yes, yes!” Kong Kong shouted happily.

“Then… ask him to answer the phone.”


“Um!” Kong Kong handed the phone to Cang Qiong, “It’s your godfather!”

Cang Qiong answered the phone with a smile, “Hey, godfather.”

“Hey, how are you feeling now?”

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“Alau tsse. R osjl wr qllzkdt alqalpble vbkp xsadkdt! Qseqyvbla, bso eke usw jdso?”

“Mbl zkvvzl tbspv nyzzle zypv dktbv yde pyke usw olal ycswv vs ekl! Mbyv’p obu R alzlyple xu naydl vs elzkhla vbl xleknkdl! Mbydj xl!”

“Mbydj usw, tseqyvbla!” Mbyv zkvvzl tbspv pyke bl oyp ycswv vs ekl?!

“Mbld tkhl uswa tseqyvbla y jkpp”

“Zsw vbkdj R’x pvkzz y nbkze? Rv’p ekptwpvkdt! … Qseqyvbla, oblal yal usw? Ebu yal vblal ps xydu dskplp?” Uydt Cksdt nswze vlzz vbyv bkp tseqyvbla oypd’v bsxl.

“R’x sd vbl vaykd qsa y vakr!”

“Eso, alyzzu?!” Tkp tseqyvbla oyp rzyuqwz zkjl y nbkze yde ldfsule vayhlzzkdt yaswde. Tl byp yzalyeu hkpkvle xydu rzynlp yzz shla vbl nswdvau.

“Psd’v cl ps pwarakple. Ju vbl oyu, uswa kdfwau oyp nywple cu y Zyjpby, aktbv? Zsw byhl vs yrrzu vbl skdvxldv sd uswa cseu voknl. Gzps, usw esd’v dlle vs vyjl vbspl czynj rkzzp yduxsal…”

“Yes! It’s a Yaksha! Godfather is so smart. How did you know?”


“Do you know how many Yakshas were in our city last night?”

“How many?”

“At least two thousand!”

“No wonder the yin was terribly strong last night!” Cang Qiong finally figured it out, “How could that happen?”

“I don’t know. Your dad also killed one Yaksha last night and suffered a bit of injury, but I’ve dealt with it and he is fine now.”

When he heard that his father also encountered such an unfortunate thing, Cang Qiong couldn’t help but worry, “Then… what about those Yakshas?”

“They all disappeared before sunrise today, should be gone by now… However, you should be careful in case they appear again in the next few nights! After the 13th of this month, there should be no problem. Also, tell your little ghost not to go out!”

“I know……”

“That’s it, bye!”


Cang Qiong hung up the phone, smiled at Kong Kong, and said, “Thank you for what you did yesterday!”

“You haven’t told me what happened to you last night?” Kong Kong sat down beside the bed and took a cloth for Cang Qiong to change.


“I went home yesterday and found my little idiot missing. So, I went out to find him. I came across a really big and powerful Yaksha and saw the little idiot’s umbrella next to it, thinking that he was eaten by the Yaksha. As a hero to save his beauty I killed the Yaksha, but it turned out that my little idiot wasn’t that stupid and knew how to escape. But in the end, he was still missing! I suffered a lot and have wounds all over my body. Tell me, how should that little idiot make up for me?” Cang Qiong blinked his eyes and threw himself into Kong Kong’s arms, acting coquettish…

“I… I… woo…” Kong Kong started crying again.

“A 30-year-old man who is still crying all day long, aren’t you ashamed?” Suddenly, Cang Qiong was acting mature again…

“Yes, it’s my fault… woo… I made you bleed so much… I won’t run around in the future; I will return the amulet to you…”

“No need.” Cang Qiong put Kong Kong into his arms, “I believe Kong Kong will never run around recklessly again. Especially these days, don’t go out. Don’t cry, your crying is giving me a headache… …”

His words really worked. Kong Kong immediately stopped sobbing. Cang Qiong decided to say something endearing…

“Thank you for helping me with the medicine yesterday…”

“That was what I should do……”

“I was unconscious yesterday. How did you feed me the medicine? Was it difficult?”

“Just– just put the medicine in your mouth, and then pour water into it…”

“Can I eat it like this?”

“Of..of course, you can.”


This kid wasn’t telling the truth; unfortunately, he was neither blushing nor was his heart beating hard when he lied, so Cang Qiong couldn’t tease him further, ‘So boring!’

“Kong Kong, what day is it today?” Cang Qiong suddenly realized that something was wrong.


“Thursday? Ah! I’m over! I have a test on Calculus today!”

‘It’s alright, it’s alright,’ Cang Qiong would just lose a bit of his score in his GPA this semester by missing a calculus test. He could still make up for it if his score on the final exam was a little higher. Compared with his calculus test, Kong Kong, of course, was more important! It was worth it! Worth it!


The next several months: April, May, and June passed, the lives of Kong Kong and Cang Qiong became more and more enjoyable.

Using the excuse that the weather was getting hotter and sweltering, Cang Qiong started to hold Kong Kong at night; Kong Kong also started to feel that Cang Qiong was becoming more and more childish and liked to act like a spoiled child by his side. 

The godfather, who had been wandering for three months, finally came back. After asking, Cang Qiong found out that his godfather ran away further this time and went to Tibet. Every time Cang Qiong asked his godfather why he kept running away outside. With a smile, his godfather would always answer: ‘To do sightseeing and broaden my horizon.’

However, Cang Qiong always felt that there was something hidden under his godfather’s subtle smile.

The summer vacation was just around the corner, Cang Qiong found an excuse that he had to stay at McDonald’s to work and would return home late. Kong Kong was glad and grateful as usual.

Halfway through the summer vacation, it was Kong Kong’s birthday.


 At night, Cang Qiong turned off the lights and walked out of the kitchen, holding a big cake full of candles. “Long live the Kong Kong! Happy birthday!”

“Thank you!” Kong Kong sat on the sofa, waiting for Cang Qiong’s thoughtful service. Today was his birthday, so Kong Kong was the boss!

A beautiful strawberry cake with the words “For Dear Kong Kong” was written on it. Kong Kong realized that Cang Qiong remembered what he had said before.

“Kong Kong, make a wish!”

“Can a ghost’s wish come true?”

“Yes! Of course!” Cang Qiong thought: ‘If God won’t fulfill it, then I will!’

Kong Kong closed his eyes, held his hands, and quickly made a wish.

“Blow out the candles!”

Kong Kong let out a breath. A gust of overcast wind blew in the room. The candles were all extinguished at once, with the papers on the desk flying all over the room.

“Okay, that’s amazing…” Did Cang Qiong just compliment him as if he was a child? Kong Kong pouted unhappily.

“Kong Kong, what wish did you make just now?” Cang Qiong began to cut the cake.

“I won’t tell you!”

“Tell me! Want a hundred watermelons? Or a hundred buns? Tell me, and I’ll help you make it come true!”

“No! My wish will never come true…”

“What kind of wish is that that even the omnipotent me can’t help you make it come true?” – Said the shameless Cang Qiong. 

Kong Kong lowered his head and fell silent…

“Tell me, eh?”

Kong Kong looked at Cang Qiong’s sincere eyes and said slowly, “I hope I’m not a ghost. I hope that I’m a human…” ‘In this way, I can truly be with you without feeling small or anxious!’ ——Kong Kong thought to himself the other half of his wish.

Cang Qiong frowned, “Aya, this is so difficult! Actually… it’s good to be a ghost… You won’t be bothered by the changing weather. You don’t need to eat. Also, you can’t even die even if people stab you ten times…”

Kong Kong stared blankly at him, then tears started flooding his eyes. He was immersed in his tragic past again. Cang Qiong realized that he had gone too far so he cautiously offered a piece of cake that he had cut, “Kong Kong, I’m sorry. I said too much…”

Kong Kong shook his head, took the cake, and ate it silently…

Cang Qiong absently looked at Kong Kong and cursed at himself: ‘I’m not a ghost. How can I understand the pain of being a ghost? Kong Kong has stayed in this cramped room for 12 years. If I were him, I would have gone mad by now.’

‘Kong Kong, truth be told, I want to hug you and feel your warmth; I especially want to bury my head in your chest and count your heartbeat; I really want to listen to your breathing when I lean against you at night; I want to see your flushed face and feel your heartbeat when I tease you…


Before his classes resumed, Cang Qiong went home.

As soon as he entered the door, his mother yelled, “Bad boy, you finally decided to come home, ah?”

“Ow! Mom, don’t twist my ears! It hurts!”

The godfather smiled as he busily licked his ice cream. He was pleased by this scene of “Strict mother teaching her unworthy son”. Of course, Cang Qiong should be punished. When he was a young boy, Cang Qiong would always cling to his godfather during the summer vacation. But now, he has found a lover and put his godfather aside; He didn’t even come home to visit his “three parents.” Not until his school was about to start and he needed money for his tuition. He deserved this beating!

“Godfather…” Cang Qiong sent a pitiful cry to his godfather, asking for help. When he was a child, as soon as he was scolded by his parents, his godfather would immediately stand up for him.

“I didn’t hear!” His godfather continued eating his ice cream…

After being scolded, his godfather took two pieces of ice and put them on Cang Qiong’s ears. “Aiyayaya, they really look like two roasted pig ears, tsk tsk… Your Kong Kong will definitely feel distressed after seeing this?”

Speaking of Kong Kong, Cang Qiong remembered his unfulfilled wish. “Godfather, is there any way to make a ghost turn back into a human?”

“Are you dreaming? You are not King Yama.”

Cang Qiong sighed, “If only Kong Kong was a human…”

“What? Having trouble holding him?”

“I-Did I say that that was the reason?”

The more his godfather laughed, the more wicked he looked, making Cang Qiong feel as if his godfather knew everything.

“But… other than becoming the King Yama, there is another way!”

“What?” ‘Was there really a way?!’

“Go back to the past and stop your Kong Kong from resorting to suicide?”

“Is it feasible?”

“Yes, but the chance of success is very small because the past is difficult to change. And if you accidentally succeed – once you return to the present – Kong Kong may already be a father of two children! You still won’t have a chance.”

“Has anyone succeeded?” Regardless of whether he became a father, Cang Qiong believed he could still win back Kong Kong!

“Uh…let me think about it…I read a successful example in a book more than a hundred years ago, but I don’t know if it’s reliable.”

Cang Qiong was quite puzzled, “Godfather, can you tell me how old you are?”

“Aya, the ice cube is melting! I’ll replace this with another one! Well, you need a lot of power and some magical tools to go back to the past. Moreover, people who go back to the past better not disturb what has already happened.”

“Godfather, you’re not a woman! Why do you care so much about your age?! Don’t avoid my question.”

But his godfather continued avoiding it and didn’t answer: “Besides, will your Kong Kong want you to do it or not?”

“Him? I don’t know…”

“Well, if he didn’t die, he must be 30 years old by now. Will he like an immature boy like you? How many chances will you have if you start to chase him now? Now, Kong Kong likes you because there is a big possibility that you are the only person in his world and the one that can see him. You are the only person he can rely on…”

His godfather’s straightforward analysis made Cang Qiong fall into contemplation… That’s right. If the person living in that room wasn’t him but someone who could also feed Kong Kong, Kong Kong might fall in love with that person too…


The day before the start of school, Cang Qiong returned to his love cabin. As soon as he entered the room, he shouted: “The hot weather is killing me!” Indeed, the sunshine outside was viciously hot! Kong Kong rushed up and gave Cang Qiong a bear hug… Moreover, Kong Kong wore his original clothes – a T-shirt and shorts.

‘Uh… so happy!’

Holding Kong Kong and eating a popsicle would immediately cool Cang Qiong down. Cang Qiong held Kong Kong with one hand while he opened the refrigerator with the other hand.

“Where are the popsicles? They’re all gone? Don’t tell me that I’ve only been gone for three days and you’ve eaten them all?”

“I had been missing you so much. The more I missed you, the more I wanted to eat…”

“Why associate me with food?”


“Alright then! The only thing I can eat now is you!” Cang Qiong nibbled on Kong Kong’s neck…

“Ah—!” Kong Kong screamed, but the slight bite immediately tickled him. Kong Kong then started to produce sounds which were close to a giggle.

Cang Qiong let go of Kong Kong and looked at the neck he had bitten on—there wasn’t a hickey! Not even a reddish mark. It was still as white as snow. A trace of sadness flashed through Cang Qiong’s heart.

However, Cang Qiong would never let his sadness be revealed. “Kong Kong, you know that I’ll always come back. And you didn’t even give me a glass of cold water? You’re being impolite!”

Kong Kong blinked and said, “I can give you my saliva…”

Cang Qiong almost had a nosebleed. He hasn’t been home for only three days. Since when did Kong Kong become a master of flirting ? Cang Qiong stared blankly for a few seconds, then slowly lowered his head, “Then I won’t refuse…”

This was their second kiss. Cang Qiong tasted the wintry sensation from Kong Kong’s mouth again. However, the coldness didn’t help him to cool down at all. Instead, his body temperature kept getting higher and higher…

Kong Kong felt Cang Qiong’s breathing become erratic; he stepped back unconsciously, retreating to the wall with no way to go. Cang Qiong no longer modestly placed his arms around Kong Kong’s waist. Rather, his right hand crawled into Kong Kong’s T-shirt…

“Hmm…” Kong Kong resisted, however, as Cang Qiong felt the tremors in Kong Kong’s body. He stopped the prolonged kiss and looked at Kong Kong affectionately. Kong Kong had a panic-stricken expression on his face, like a wounded deer. His wandering eyes dared not to look at Cang Qiong…

“Qiong Qiong, I, I’m not… I…” Kong Kong continued trembling as he spoke.

Cang Qiong gathered Kong Kong into his arms, “I know. You don’t need to tell me…” He placed a light kiss on Kong Kong’s forehead, “I’m going to buy popsicles at the store. What do you want to eat?”

“The cheap one but plenty…”

“Okay! Just wait here for a bit!” Cang Qiong patted Kong Kong’s head, turned around and went out…

As soon as he went out, Cang Qiong clenched his fists. ‘Of course! How could I forget? Kong Kong responded like that because of those three bastards! Even if the defiled body is long gone. The terror inflicted will still haunt Kong Kong for a lifetime…’

‘Kong Kong, I have made my decision!’


Kong Kong sat on the balcony, watching Cang Qiong go out.

In fact, he had patiently waited for today’s kiss for a long time. He carefully planned for three days. He drank all the water in the apartment, and ate all the popsicles in the refrigerator. Since his improvised method in feeding Cang Qiong medicine, he has been fascinated by the idea of kissing Cang Qiong. He was waiting for Cang Qiong to take the initiative to kiss him, but he didn’t get it after so long. So he took the first step to try it.

He was satisfied with the result, but why did his body unwillingly start to shiver? Why did he resist Cang Qiong’s closeness?

“Qiong Qiong, I didn’t mean to…”


In the evening, the air gradually cooled down. Cang Qiong and Kong Kong laid side by side on a bamboo mat…

“Kong Kong, if… the past could be reversed, would you choose to resort to suicide?” Cang Qiong touched Kong Kong’s little ear.

“What time in the past are you referring to?”

“The moment when you died.”

“Yes!” Kong Kong replied without hesitation.

“Why? Do you think… a man’s… a man’s chastity is so important?” Cang Qiong felt he was acting like an idiot!

“It’s not only that…” Kong Kong sighed. Now that they were on this issue, Kong Kong would no longer shed tears of grievance since he had Cang Qiong beside him.

He thought for a while and continued: “One of them took a picture of me and asked me to “voluntarily” give up the opportunity to be recommended for Meige University’s admission. You know, my mother had been very strict with me since I was a child; and she required me to get into that famous university. I had barely seen my mother’s smiling face since I was a child. If I didn’t get in, I didn’t know whether my mother would still want me… To be honest, I wasn’t confident that I would be accepted into Meige University without their recommendation. It was much harder to get into a university back then than it is now… I was being pressured then. Besides, even if I didn’t agree, he might have still came to threaten me with something else one day, right?”

Cang Qiong had always been afraid of reopening Kong Kong’s old wound, without knowing everything that had happened to him, “Why is there such a despicable person?”

“That student… I don’t know him well. He was the class monitor from another class. He and I were often listed as the top students in the school. Meige University only gave our school one slot to recommend someone that year. It’s possible that he saw me as his biggest competitor. Besides, I had the decisive advantage since I was the president of the student council…”

The more Kong Kong described his story, the more Cang Qiong felt his heart ache. Such an excellent and diligent child only to end his life young. The flames of anger burned in Cang Qiong’s heart more and more…

“I believe that even if Kong Kong didn’t receive that recommendation, you would have still been admitted. Because Kong Kong is the best. Nothing like me. I have done things half-heartedly since I was a child…”

“You were accepted in Meige University even if you’re half-hearted! You must be very smart!”

If the conversation continued further, it would turn into mutual flattery. Cang Qiong brought the topic back again. “If Kong Kong hadn’t been bullied, would you still resort to suicide?”

Kong Kong rolled his eyes at him, “Are you crazy?! Did you think I chose suicide just for fun?!”

Oh yes! Cang Qiong felt that he wasn’t like an idiot. He was an idiot!

“Then… Kong Kong, let me ask you one more question. If Kong Kong was successfully admitted to the university, what would you do next?”


“What about after you graduated?”

“Find a job.”

“What’s next once you find a job?” ‘Kong Kong, you are the idiot!’

“Well… make my mother’s life better!”

“Have you ever thought about… forming a family?” Cang Qiong eventually couldn’t hold it in anymore. He must know Kong Kong’s thoughts in this regard.

Kong Kong was stupefied as he looked at Cang Qiong and answered, “Even if you think about it, it wouldn’t be your turn, right? You were a primary school student back then!”

Cang Qiong was unhappy to be called a primary school student, he couldn’t restrain himself. “Who says I care? Did I say I wanted to form a family with you?! Don’t flatter yourself!”

Kong Kong pursed his lips in grievance–’ Yes, Cang Qiong didn’t say that he wanted to form a family with me. Why did I assume… Too embarrassing.‘

Cang Qiong could roughly guess what Kong Kong was thinking from his expression. He smiled arrogantly and continued his stupid questions: “If you had a family of your own when you reached 30 years old. Then, what would you do if the more mature and more handsome version of me became the third party in your marriage?”

“Why would you want to steal my wife?”


“Did I say I want to steal your wife? The one who I wanted to steal is you!” Cang Qiong poked Kong Kong’s stupid forehead.

“Who likes who?! Fierce, megalomaniac! Calling yourself handsome all day long and likes to bully people! Humph!” – Well, Cang Qiong didn’t actually like to bully people. The one he only liked to bully was this ghost.

“Humph!” Cang Qiong turned around, showing Kong Kong his back; Kong Kong also turned around. Both of them ignored each other. Tonight’s talk was completely over!

After a while, Kong Kong felt Cang Qiong turn back and wrap his arms on Kong Kong’s shoulders, and then one leg on Kong Kong’s leg…

Kong Kong turned to face him. Before he could say what was on his mind, he found that Cang Qiong was asleep. Cang Qiong’s handsome sleeping face moved slightly with his steady breathing. It was probably only Kong Kong who had the chance to see this side of Cang Qiong, right?

“Sleeping pig! Fell asleep so fast!” Kong Kong squeezed himself into Cang Qiong’s embrace, finding a suitable position, and fell asleep too…

After a while, Cang Qiong opened his eyes and looked at Kong Kong. He took a breath and saw that Kong Kong didn’t respond. He whispered, “You are the sleeping pig!”

Cang Qiong hugged Kong Kong tightly and fell into sweet dreams.


Cang Qiong went home on the first weekend of school and rushed into his godfather’s room.

“Godfather, I’ve decided!”

“What have you decided on?” His godfather was taken aback by Cang Qiong who suddenly barged in! He immediately covered the bronze mirror with a velvet cloth.

“I want to go back to 12 years ago to stop Kong Kong’s suicide!”

“Kong Kong agreed??”

Cang Qiong shook his head.

“He didn’t agree or you didn’t ask?”

“I didn’t ask.”

“You made up your mind without asking him?”

Cang Qiong nodded.

“Do you know that you might lose Kong Kong?”

“I have confidence in myself!” Cang Qiong picked up the bronze mirror on his godfather’s table, removing the black velvet cloth; he wanted to see how handsome he was when he saw Kong Kong instead!

“Wow! Godfather! What is this?” Since he was a child, Cang Qiong remembered that it was just an ordinary bronze mirror.

His godfather began to sweat and answered intermittently”This– this… It’s called the Sky Access mirror. Through it, you can see everything from any corner of the world…”

The Kong Kong in the mirror was naked since he was busy taking a shower! And he was using Cang Qiong’s towel again?!

“Godfather, I never knew you had such a perverted hobby…”

“He..hehe… I don’t watch him when he takes a shower…” his godfather let out a dry laugh.

“You stopped watching because I rushed in, right?” Cang Qiong retorted while looking at Kong Kong in the shower, ‘Kong Kong is so cute …’

“Hehe…” His godfather continued to laugh quietly, “Kong Kong is so cute whenever he takes a shower! He even sings songs… Besides, what you don’t know is that he prefers taking a shower with your towel on hand when you’re not there. He said it has your smell on it. You are quite a charming man, Qiong Qiong!” His Godfather tried hard to flatter him.

“Godfather, why does it look like you know Kong Kong better than me?!”

“Not much…hehe…”

“The mirror shall be seized!”

When his godfather heard Cang Qiong say that he would seize the mirror, he immediately rushed up and hugged Cang Qiong, “No! If I don’t have this mirror, I will die… Qiong Qiong, you don’t want your lovely godfather to end like this, do you? “—Everyone could clearly see who Cang Qiong’s narcissistic character was inherited from.

“Godfather, I can’t let your perverted habit continue to develop. Believe me, I’m doing it for your own good…” Cang Qiong solemnly persuaded this lost lamb — his godfather. Cang Qiong looked holy like a church priest, but he had his own dishonest thoughts: ‘With this mirror, I can see the answer keys for the exams and can also peek at Kong Kong during class! Great!’

“If you don’t return it to me, you will never go back to the past! Humph!” His godfather’s attitude suddenly changed. This was indeed a vicious move.

The two stared at each other for a long time; finally, Cang Qiong retreated. For Kong Kong, Cang Qiong had no other way but to let his godfather succeed temporarily! ‘Hehe… But as soon as the issue with Kong Kong is settled, I will rob the mirror from you!’ “Then, I will give the mirror back to you, and you can help me return to the past now!”

“Easy for you to say! This requires a lot of planning! Wait until the next Golden Week holiday to talk about it!”

“You…” Cang Qiong was speechless.

That night, there was a thunderstorm. After the first thunderstruck, Cang Qiong laid on the bed and counted down: “Five, four, three, two, one…”

‘Bang—’ The door was opened with force! His godfather, with a pillow in his embrace, rushed into Cang Qiong’s room and threw himself onto Cang Qiong’s bed. Cang Qiong hugged his godfather as usual, hiding his godfather in his arms. He hoped Kong Kong would never see such a scene.

The thunderstorm had continued for an hour and faded away slowly…

“Qiong Qiong…”

“Huh? What?” At this time, these two didn’t have the arrogance of tit-for-tat as in the daytime. But the quiet atmosphere slowly flowed around…

“Actually, I…” His godfather only said two words but didn’t continue…

“Actually, you what?” Cang Qiong opened his eyes, although he couldn’t see his godfather’s face clearly.

“Actually… I’m a wanted criminal from the underworld…”

“I knew you weren’t that simple… What did you do that caused you to be a wanted criminal?”

“I skipped work… I was originally a petty official in the underworld.”

“Skip work? They could just fire you! Why treat you like a criminal?” The underworld was too stingy. Why did they even want a person for such a trivial matter?

“You think it’s like the human world? If you don’t like your job, you can quit and change to another job. Our jobs are all assigned by the Emperor of Heaven. There is no room for any adjustment. So, I skipped my work; and when I left, I also stole many treasures from the underworld.……”

‘If you want to skip work, you can do it. But you can’t help but steal those treasures, can you?! No wonder you are wanted in the underworld!’

His godfather pulled out his necklace from his collar. “This chain is called ‘Covering Star’. With it, I won’t be detected by the people from the underworld. It’s like the humans’ radar jammer. But every time I use my power, they can detect me based on the residual power;  then I have to run to other places, leaving traces of my power everywhere. I can see where they are searching through the Sky Access Mirror, so I could go somewhere else and it would be difficult for them to find me. During the last QingMing Festival, those 2,000 Yakshas were released on purpose from the underworld. They might know that I am in this city and hoped that I would take action against the Yakshas and leave some trances behind.. But even though I released the paper crane, they still didn’t find me! They are so stupid! So, if you want to go back to the past, I have to make a full preparation. It’s better that we can do it far from home…… Qiong Qiong, don’t blame me. Give me some time to prepare…”

“No, I’ll never blame my godfather. We can wait until the Golden Week Holiday and find a place with picturesque scenery, is that okay?”

His godfather nodded and peacefully closed his eyes.

No wonder his godfather always ran around everywhere… However, Cang Qiong still felt that his godfather’s excuse of skipping work wasn’t that simple. His godfather must have kept some other secrets. 

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