My Beloved Ghost

Chapter 2

Cang Qiong’s home was too far away from school, so he went back home once a month. He had to spend his first weekend of university life with the little ghost whom he could not see or even wanted to see.

“Hey, I’ve had breakfast. I am going to wash the dishes!”

The little ghost drifted over to clean up the dishes. This was his punishment for stealing his snacks. The snacks in that drawer were brought by Cang Qiong’s godfather for him to eat for the first month of school, but this glutton devoured them all at once! Even the desiccant bags in the seaweed packs were eaten by him. Cang Qiong threatened the little ghost to wash his clothes for a month, and the ghost readily agreed.

Cang Qiong was not a bad person; he would occasionally save some food for the ghost to eat. Therefore, he became a ” good person” in the eyes of the little ghost.

But after a long time, the little ghost started to misbehave. Whenever he was hungry at night, he liked to stand beside Cang Qiong to disrupt his reading, the growling sound of his stomach was like a surge of waves one after another. When Cang Qiong gets mad at him, he would just cry. It didn’t take long for him to figure out Cang Qiong’s personality—yielding to a softer approach while rejecting the assertive one. When Cang Qiong couldn’t stand it, he would find something for the ghost to eat. Finally, the ghost could say goodbye to his previous lonely days.


After a while, the phone rang, it must be from Cang Qiong’s godfather. As soon as Cang Qiong picked up the phone, he could hear an excited voice.

“Hey, Qiong Qiong, what are you doing today?”

“Nothing. Just had breakfast.”

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“Tso ycswv uswa xyke?”

“Eypbkdt vbl ekpblp.”

“Cksdt Cksdt, nyd usw nsxl esodpvykap?”


“R’x esodpvykap. Vzlypl ts pbsrrkdt okvb xl vseyu!”

‘Ebyv!’ Mbkp tseqyvbla ynvle pokqvzu. Uydt Cksdt oyzjle shla vs vbl cyznsdu yde zssjle esod. Tkp vbswpyde-ulya-sze tseqyvbla oyp takddkdt yv bkx qasx swvpkel sq vbl cwkzekdt. Tl bye ds nbsknl cwv vs ts esodpvykap.

“Tlu, R’x zlyhkdt vs ts pbsrrkdt vseyu!” Uydt Cksdt nyzzle swv vs vbl tbspv clqsal bl tallvle bkp tseqyvbla. Tl vbld srldle bkp yryavxldv essa yde oyp ycswv vs zlyhl.

“Jwv, cwv…”

“But what?”


“You said you will cook noodles at noon…”

“Am I not allowed to decide on how I should spend my time? You are dead whether you eat or not. Does it make any difference?” After walking out of the door, he stepped back and added: “You can’t touch anything of mine when I’m not at home. But today you are allowed to cook the noodles.”

“Can I boil both packets?”

“Okay.” Cang Qiong gave him an amnesty today and then added: “Don’t forget to turn off the gas!” He wasn’t afraid that the little ghost would die due to the leaking gas, but the gas fee would be expensive. With a ‘Bang!’, he shut the door.

Cang Qiong walked downstairs and saw his smiling godfather waiting for him. He knew his godfather was not an ordinary person. Since he was a child, his godfather’s appearance had never changed. His dad said only gods or spirits could stay young forever. His mother also said that if it wasn’t for his godfather, he would have been a stillborn baby ages ago. Cang Qiong believed his godfather was a spirit; because his godfather could use “Strange Tales from A Chinese Studio” as a preschool education book, could draw all kinds of monster cards as reading pictures, and also could make black and white impermanent rag dolls… He was remarkably strange, yet he was vibrant and free spirited.

Therefore, his godfather was Cang Qiong’s favorite person. He liked to stick to his godfather when he was a child; but after he grew up, a problem arose. His godfather was exceptionally stunning, appearing to be more feminine than the common man. After he grew older, Cang Qiong was always misunderstood as having a ‘girlfriend’. So, he started to distance himself from his godfather.

However, his godfather was ignorant to this issue..

“Godfather, what time did you leave this morning? Even the fastest route to get here from home takes three and a half hours. It’s nine o’clock in the morning now. It seems like you got up early.”

“I forgot to look at my watch when I went out. Hey, hey, your little ghost has been watching you from the balcony! He’s looking at you with quite an affection!” As soon as his godfather said it, Cang Qiong immediately looked up. He forgot that he couldn’t see him.

“Qiong Qiong, stop looking. He went back inside as soon as I spoke. Don’t you feel sore when you raise your neck for so long?”

Cang Qiong rolled his eyes at him.

“Qiong Qiong, have you seen him yet?”


“No, I’m not interested. Don’t you want to go shopping? Let’s go.”


After a few steps, his godfather whispered, “Hey, I feel that that little ghost is peeking at you from behind again…”

“Let him see! I’m handsome anyway!”

“You’re so boring! But forget it, that little ghost looks so ugly! Very, very ugly! Not ordinary ugly! You will definitely vomit when you see him!”

“Why didn’t you vomit?”

“I didn’t eat breakfast.”

Cang Qiong rolled his eyes again, “I will buy you breakfast.”

“Okay, I want BBQ pork buns and preserved egg congee!” The godfather took Cang Qiong’s arm sweetly as they walked forward.

In the evening, Cang Qiong came back with a large grocery bag, threw it on the sofa, and shouted angrily: “Ghost, come here! I bought a lot of food for you!

Actually, all the food he brought was bought by his godfather. He didn’t know what was wrong with his godfather to have bought these things for the little ghost. Moreover, he wanted to give them in Cang Qiong’s name.

“Huh? These are for me? Is it true?”



“You’re such a good person.” The first package of potato chips was opened. He wholeheartedly ate it without hesitation.

“…” Couldn’t he say something new?

“Was the person with you this morning your girlfriend? She looks so pretty!”

“…” Cang Qiong was speechless. Whenever he listened to people praise his godfather’s beauty, he didn’t know whether to feel proud or ashamed.

The little ghost continued to eat with relish. Cang Qiong found that the room had become a lot cleaner, someone had cleaned it up. It seemed like this little ghost spent his alone time today cleaning the place. He figured he was quite cruel when he thought about it.

“You must have had a lot of girlfriends?” Cang Qiong became stunned by the ghost’s sudden question.

“Not your business.” In fact, because of his godfather, his first love hadn’t arrived yet.

“It must be! Because you are very handsome.” Well, what he said was true. 

“You’re someone who had died before you got into a relationship. Stop with your nonsensical remarks.”

“Says who? I have someone I like!”

“Acting out like a kid. So boring.”


“What are you talking about?! Listen, kid, if I hadn’t died, I would have been thirty years old! You would have to call me uncle!” Sure enough, he started to act childish when he had been spoiled a little by Cang Qiong today; he even messed up with the title. 

“You call me a ‘kid’? Don’t you want to live?”

“Hehe…you asked the wrong question; you should ask ‘Do you want to die again?’. 

‘He even talks back!’ Cang Qiong angrily walked over, grabbed the snacks floating in the air, and poured them all into his mouth.

“Ah—! Those are mine!”

Cang Qiong felt this kid rushing up to grab the food, he dodged and moved left and right.  Accidentally they bumped into each other and somehow fell on the floor. He was pressed by the ghost; when he reached out to push, he touched a portion of ice-cold and delicate skin.


The ghost screamed again! Cang Qiong realized that this ghost’s specialties were: eating, crying, and screaming.

The weight on his body had suddenly disappeared. Cang Qiong began to think where he had just touched? ‘This little ghost couldn’t possibly be naked, could he?’

“Ghost!” No one responded.

“Dead ghost?” Still no response.

‘He’d better not respond anymore. From now on, no more noises! You brat! You dare to ignore me after I brought you food!’ Cang Qiong started to think. 

He closed the big bag of snacks tightly, put a spell on it, and deliberately threw it on the sofa. ‘Let that ghost sleep with a barred bag full of snacks!’

As he expected, the ghost didn’t bother him at night, but the “gurgling” sound from another corner of the room didn’t stop the whole night.

He recalled what his godfather said in the morning: ‘That little ghost looks so ugly! Very, very ugly, not ordinary ugly! You will definitely vomit when you see him!’ Then he remembered from a distant past, his godfather was eating a newly released ice cream flavor and said to little Cang Qiong: ‘This ice cream is so unpalatable, very, very unpalatable! It’s not ordinarily unpalatable! I almost vomited after eating it!’ But he was eating the ice cream joyfully. You didn’t need to think twice to realize the ice cream must be absolutely delicious.

Cang Qiong couldn’t help but think about the ghost all night. A weak little boy had always appeared in his mind, crouching in the corner while crying silently, his big eyes full of tears as he looked at the bag of snacks with longing…

Cang Qiong got up, tore off the spell, and then laid down on the bed again. Finally, his conscience had been appeased. Eventually, he could fall asleep. The existence of the little ghost was indeed a big challenge to his conscience.

The next morning, Cang Qiong found out that the whole bag of snacks had not been touched “Little ghost?”

No response.

“Kong Ru? Kong Kong? Ru Ru?” Cang Qiong began to call his name. Hearing it, the little ghost answered him.

“Um…why were you calling me?” He seemed to just wake up.

“Why didn’t you eat the snacks?”

“Mr. Cang didn’t let me eat it. I dare not eat it. I know that Mr. Cang must have been angry yesterday…”

‘Hehe, is this kid obedient now?! It’s quite an improvement.’ Cang Qiong thought and asked: “Then what were you doing last night?”

“I stared at these goodies until morning… and just fell asleep.”

Cang Qiong felt his conscience trouble him again. “Are you hungry now? Eat them if you’re hungry.”

“Okay! Thank you, Mr. Cang!” The ghost instantly came back in high spirits and started to eat blatantly. 

Cang Qiong watched from behind. He voluntarily reached out for his glasses and took them off from the bridge of his nose… He saw a thin back, with soft black hair, a white undershirt covering the ghost’s body, revealing white, small undies; two legs which looked especially pink and tender… they seemed to attract trouble.

‘What am I doing?!’ Cang Qiong was startled by his behavior and hurriedly put his glasses back on.

With a flushed face, he went to the balcony to cool down. The glasses were specially made by his godfather when he was three years old. Because he could see things that ordinary people couldn’t, his godfather said it was not good for the psychological development of a little child. So he had to wear these glasses ever since he was a child and only took them off before he went to sleep. In fact, Cang Qiong often took off his glasses secretly when he was a kid, and made several “ghost friends”; but they all reincarnated one after another. When they left, Cang Qiong felt sad for a while. Now, he had met a ghost again.

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