My Beloved Ghost

Chapter 11

‘So warm…why doesn’t it hurt at all?’

‘Am I dead? …where is Kong Kong?’

‘I’m so thirsty. I want to drink water…’

Cang Qiong felt that cool and delicious water flowing into his mouth instantly… He could hardly open his eyes. It was his godfather who was feeding him water!

“Godfather…” Cang Qiong cautiously called out.


“Have you awakened? Are you thirsty? Drink more…” His Godfather slowly helped Cang Qiong up a little bit, “How do you feel?”

After drinking a few sips of water, Cang Qiong felt much more awake; and looked at his godfather. He had combed his hair in a bun and wore a blue robe similar to the beauty in an ancient painting.

“Godfather, have I also become a ghost?” Because the wounds on his hands and feet have disappeared, and besides, jumping into the oil pan, even if it didn’t burn, he was supposed to be fried into a golden-brown color…

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“Ls, yald’v usw qkdl?”

“Eblal’p Isdt Isdt?”

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“Rp Isdt Isdt sjyu?”

Isdt Isdt oyp pzllrkdt, yde bkp qynl oyp… ale. Mbyv’p aktbv! Tl bye y qzwpble nszsa! Uydt Cksdt rwzzle Isdt Isdt’p byde yde vakle vs bwt bkx; cwv sdnl Isdt Isdt qlzv vbyv bl zlv ts sq Uydt Cksdt’p zlt y zkvvzl ckv, bl kxxlekyvlzu tayccle Uydt Cksdt xsal vktbvzu zkjl yd snvsrwp… “Cksdt…Cksdt…” Isdt Isdt lhld pzllr-vyzjle!

Uydt Cksdt zssjle yv Isdt Isdt nyalqwzzu. Tl oyp calyvbkdt… bkp pxyzz nblpv oyp abuvbxknyzzu akpkdt yde qyzzkdt. Uydt Cksdt rwv bkp lya sd bkp nblpv, yde pwal ldswtb —“esdt, esdt, esdt”— Isdt Isdt bye y blyavclyv!

Uydt Cksdt oyp elqkdkvlzu vbakzzle. Isdt Isdt oyp ds zsdtla y tbspv! Isdt Isdt oypd’v y tbspv yduxsal!

“Qseqyvbla!” Uydt Cksdt oyp ps lmnkvle vbyv bl eked’v jdso obyv vs pyu!

“Shh—! Don’t wake him yet. See if his toenails have a warm color too?”


Cang Qiong lifted Kong Kong’s foot. His toenails were pink color! Cang Qiong nodded happily to his godfather.

“Then wake him up!”

Seeing his sleeping baby, Cang Qiong didn’t want to disturb him. Kong Kong must have been very tired after crying for so long yesterday… Cang Qiong was very curious about his wounds, “Godfather, why are all the wounds gone? Besides, I don’t feel dizzy or hear any ringing in my ears. I don’t feel any discomfort at all. What happened?”

His godfather smiled gently and said: “I just found out too, that because no one had ever been so infatuated like you and persisted to struggle until the end, except for the King of the Underworld, no one knows the secret of the oil pan. King Yama said that the oil pan looks like it’s boiling but it’s not hot at all. It was just testing your courage. As long as you jump down, you will recover from the wounds on your body and the blood you shed. Moreover, it will turn you into an immortal being. Even all these are nothing to you. Since for you, the biggest goal was to have Kong Kong live again, and like you, an immortal being!”

“So that’s how it is…” Cang Qiong looked at his hands in disbelief. Not long ago, they were still covered with flesh and blood. “Godfather, what about you? Will the King of the Underworld still punish you?”

“No, he has forgiven me. You don’t have to worry. When Kong Kong wakes up, you can go back to the human world.”

“Then godfather…can’t you…go back with me?”

The godfather sadly shook his head.

After his godfather stood up and left, Cang Qiong decided to wake up Kong Kong.

“Kong Kong! Get up…” ──No response.

“Kong Kong, your Qiong Qiong is leaving!” ──Kong Kong actually started to cry while sleeping?

There was no way! “Kong Kong! There are spicy chicken wings!” ──Kong Kong jumped up with a bang, knocking Cang Qiong aside.


“Chicken wings? Chicken wings! Where? Where?”

‘Kong Kong…you are no longer a glutton, why are you still obsessed with food?’

Kong Kong immediately woke up and saw Cang Qiong covering his chin. Kong Kong quickly asked, “Qiong Qiong, are you awake? Are you alright? Where did I hit you?”

Cang Qiong pointed at his chin, “It hurts! You hit me! Idiot!”

Kong Kong held up Cang Qiong’s face and kissed it several times chrip chrip, “Does it still hurt?”

Cang Qiong pointed to his lips mischievously, “This hurts too…”

“Hey, you little pervert!” Even saying this, Kong Kong still kissed it…


Godfather, Black and White Impermanence, and King Yama sent Cang Qiong and Kong Kong to the edge of the Styx River and called for a ferry boat.

“Cang Qiong, after you cross over the river and get on that bus, the bus will take you back to the human world.”

“I know. Godfather, take care of you—” Cang Qiong’s eyes, which hadn’t shed a single tear on the Mountain of Knives, unexpectedly turned red this time.

“The moon will wax and wane, people gather and disperse, don’t be sad…” Their Godfather took Kong Kong’s hand and said, “Take care of Qiong Qiong for me, and protect him when his mother beats him and scolds him!”


Kong Kong nodded desperately, tears falling down…

Cang Qiong and Kong Kong crossed the Styx River and got on the bus. These two knelt down in the last row of the bus and looked back, waving to their godfather constantly. On the other side of the river, their godfather also kept waving back… The bus drove further and further until the river disappeared at the end and they couldn’t see the blue figure…

Shi Qing could no longer see Cang Qiong anymore. Maybe for him, the role of being a godfather has come to an end. He put down his waving hand and let the King of Hell do whatever he should do.

“Okay, come up and take him down…”

“No need. I can walk by myself! I know the way to the prison!” After the play was over, Qiong Qiong could leave in peace…

The King of the Underworld wanted to say something but hesitated. A ghost servant came from the palace of the Underworld to tell King Yama that the Heaven Emperor has summoned them…

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