My Beloved Ghost

Chapter 10.1

The godfather dragged Cang Qiong and Kong Kong, running away to a dilapidated house located in the urban area. Cang Qiong didn’t know how they got there. He felt that he flew in the sky and then suddenly arrived home. The teleportation technique was a secret skill of his godfather…

Cang Qiong found the ointment that his godfather had given him when he was injured, and gently applied it to Kong Kong’s wound. Kong Kong was injured by the Black Impermanence. The deep wound caused five unsightly holes on Kong Kong’s white shoulders. Cang Qiong was frustrated, “Kong Kong, does it hurt?”

Kong Kong endured the burning pain and said, “Not at all.”

The godfather looked at the poor Kong Kong and repeatedly sighed: “Aya… I thought I could attract their attention so they would ignore Kong Kong. I didn’t expect…  I haven’t seen Little Black for 20 years, how can he become so cruel? Kong Kong is just a little ghost!”

Cang Qiong hugged Kong Kong into his arms. He knew that Kong Kong was in pain, so he tried to hug and pat him and hoped it would distract him from the pain. Cang Qiong asked his godfather again: “Godfather, can you tell me what exactly is your rank in the Underworld?”


“Me? Me…” Godfather thought for a while and decided to tell Cang Qiong! “I am the poor and unloved little judge of the Underworld!”

What little judge! Cang Qiong’s eyes suddenly widened and stared at his godfather in disbelief. “Were you the judge who aided King Yama of the Underworld to determine life and death?”

“No, I am not the Judge in charge of the Book of Life and Death. I am the Chief Judge above the four judges of the Underworld.”

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“Mbld, kp kv aktbv qsa xl vs pyu vbyv usw yal vbl plnsde-kd-nsxxyde sq vbl Bdelaosaze?”

“Zl…ulp, usw nyd pyu vbyv…”

“Pked’v usw pyu vbyv usw olal y rlvvu sqqknkyz kd vbl wdelaosaze? Zsw cypvyae tseqyvbla!”

“Elzz… Cksdt Cksdt fwpv pnszele xl…” Qseqyvbla qyjlzu nakle.

Uydt Cksdt vwadle yaswde, ktdsakdt bkp pbsou tseqyvbla! G ektdkqkle fwetl qasx vbl Bdelaosaze kdlmrzknyczu pjkrrle bkp osaj, nyxl vs vbl xsavyz osaze, zkhle kd plnzwpksd qsa 20 ulyap, yde nyxl swv okvb yd lmvay psd qsa ds alypsd. Tl elplahle vs cl y qwtkvkhl! Mblpl rssa Jzynj yde Ebkvl Rxrlaxydldnl olal clkdt rzyule yaswde cu bkx qsa ps xydu ulyap…

“Cksdt Cksdt, R eked’v xlyd vs bkel kv qasx usw qsa ps zsdt…”

“Rq kv byed’v byrrldle, R vbkdj R oswze byhl dlhla jdsod kd xu zkql vbyv xu tseqyvbla oyp y fwetl!”

“Cksdt Cksdt, R’x dsv y fwetl yduxsal..” Tkp Qseqyvbla cltyd vs ynv zkjl y prskzle nbkze.

“Go and buy something to eat! My Kong Kong is hungry…”


‘Cang Qiong is so mean!’ His Godfather obediently went out to find something to eat…

“Qiong Qiong, is being a Chief Judge a high-ranked position?” Kong Kong asked in a faint voice.

“Well… it should be, everything that KingYama of the Underworld doesn’t take care of is handled by the Chief Judge. It’s a bit like the Emperor with the Prime Minister…”

“Can godfather help me stop my reincarnation? I want to stay with you all the time.”

“I don’t know, he can’t even help himself like a mud bodhisattva crossing the river…”


On the beach.

“Little White, have you had enough fun?”  Little Black sat on the rock, staring at the white silhouette on the beach. He knew that Little White did it on purpose, and there was a possibility that Little White had colluded with that bastard judge! He wanted to chase them, but Little White said that the scenery here was beautiful and wanted to play here for a while. It was rare that these two could have the chance to come to the beach and relax with the sea breeze. When Little Black thought of it, he picked up the bucket that was left by the bastard judge and started to pick the crabs…

“Little Black, I haven’t had enough fun yet! You should come down too!”

“It’s going to be a high tide! Come up quickly!”

“No!!” Little White staggered and took a few steps deeper. A wave hit over, and he disappeared all of a sudden…

“Little White!” Little Black immediately flew down and searched indiscriminately at the place where Little White had disappeared!


“Little White! Little White!”

“Wow—!” Behind Little Black, Little White suddenly emerged from the sea and playfully splashed water on Little Black’s back who was instantly turned into a soaked Black Impermanence…


“Little White, you are so naughty.”

Then the two started their water fight on the beach, temporarily putting on hold the arrest for the wanted criminal behind.


The next day, Cang Qiong, who slept on the sofa, opened his eyes and saw Kong Kong flying all over the room… ‘Am I still dreaming? Let me keep sleeping for a while. It must be that I am not used to sleeping on the sofa since I let Kong Kong and Godfather sleep on the bed last night…’

“Qiong! Qiong! I can fly! Godfather taught me!” Kong Kong landed on Cang Qiong’s torso with a bang! It was so sudden, Cang Qiong almost screamed!

“What? What did you say?” Cang Qiong was still drowsy and wondered if he was dreaming.

“I can fly! Godfather taught me! Let me show you how to fly!” Kong Kong jumped up and down instantly, flew out of the balcony, flew in again, and sat firmly on Cang Qiong’s lap.

“Uh, uh… You can fly…” Cang Qiong hadn’t figured out what was going on. His godfather came out of the kitchen after having made breakfast.

“As an old ghost who has died for 12 years, Kong Kong should be able to fly with the power of psychokinesis. I just taught him a little last night, Kong Kong got it at once! He is so smart! “


“Hmm! Hmm!” Kong Kong proudly nodded.

‘Well! Both of them can fly, but only I can’t!’ Someone had a chip on his shoulder… Cang Qiong pulled Kong Kong over, “Kong Kong, is your wound still hurting?”

“It doesn’t hurt, it’s really not hurting anymore! Godfather’s medicine is really good!” Kong Kong pulled down his collar to show Cang Qiong that the five holes have almost disappeared.

“Of course, my medicine is the exclusive secret recipe of a certain great divine sprite!” The godfather was complacent and greeted the little ghost for breakfast.

The three of them just enjoyed the moment. They were unable to hide from the divine spirits or run away from them! They didn’t know what would possibly happen before them but they believed that they would figure out the solution. When the sunset reached the western mountain, the family of three took a short walk on the road. Little Black and Little White came to them, looking for some trouble again…

“Yo, Lord Shi, we meet again! What did you eat for dinner?” Little White greeted him courteously as soon as they met like they were cordial neighbors. Little Black was awfully frustrated as if he was having a surge of hypertension.

The godfather replied to him with enthusiasm too, “For dinner? We had loofah, edamame, eggplant, and braised chicken! I made them all by myself!”

Cang Qiong’s facial expression wasn’t much better than Black Impermanence…

“Lord Shi is really a hard-working individual…” Little White praised enthusiastically.

“Little White, don’t play around with him!” Little Black yelled at Little White, “If we don’t catch them back, we will be punished!”

“Got it!” Little White flipped his sleeves and bowed to the godfather, “Lord Shi, I’m sorry, but I have to hit you…”

The godfather also acted wittily. He bowed back and said, “It doesn’t matter. Friendship comes first, fights come second.”


So, the godfather and White Impermanence started to fight in this relaxing atmosphere. Their movements were super slow, like the flamboyants in third-rate martial arts films. Cang Qiong and Black Impermanence couldn’t stand it anymore, they started to beat each other too with endless cursing…

“Your White Impermanence is simply an idiot!”

“Your godfather is even more of an idiot!”

“No one is good in the Underworld!”

“The mortal world is also full of bad ones!”

That’s right. After all the rotten people in the mortal world died, they would all come to the Underworld. That’s why there were no good ones in the Underworld.

Fortunately, Black and White Impermanence set up a barrier earlier, otherwise, the noises made from their fight would attract TV stations!

Cang Qiong found out that the weapon in Black Impermanence’s hand was very powerful. It was a trident. People usually said that the Soul Breaker Sword was a very formidable weapon; but when the sword and trident clashed, it was the sword that got defeated with several small cracks left on it. …

Little White explained from the side: “Little Black’s claw is under repair and will be fixed after three days. Erlang Shen*, who is a meddlesome fellow, volunteered to lend his trident to Little Black last night! That’s a very powerful tool, be careful!”

* Erlang Shen is a Chinese god with a third truth-seeing eye in the middle of his forehead. In the legend, he is known as a great warrior god of heaven. He is the son of a moral scholar and a fairy who is Jade Emperor’s sister. He is also an ML in this author’s other book。

‘Oh, I see!’ Cang Qiong thanked White Impermanence for his defection. He pointed at Black Impermanence and scolded: “You cheat! The weapon you are using is not yours!”

“Do you think the Breaking Soul Sword is yours?”

“My godfather transferred his right to use it to me. Thus, it’s mine!”

“Humph! That death judge left without permission and stole the treasures from the Underworld. He even fornicated with a mortal to give birth to you- this bad seed! Under all these charges, he will be sent to the eighteen layers of hell!”

“Damn it! The trident you borrowed came from a bad seed who had been given birth by a divine spirit and a mortal! You should use this big fork in your hand to eat some instant noodles!”

Bangdang–! The big fork split the sword! What a powerful weapon from Erlang Shen!

Cang Qiong’s sword was broken. He was stunned, didn’t believe it for a while. Black Impermanence kicked his abdomen and threw him away for more than ten meters. Kong Kong hurriedly picked up a trash can at the roadside, flew behind Black Impermanence, and tried to hit the back of his head with the trash can…

The stainless steel trash can became flat, but the Black Impermanence’s head didn’t. He fiercely turned back with a vicious look, causing Kong Kong to become frightened and dumb…

Black Impermanence stretched out his ghost claws and easily choked Kong Kong! ” Death judge! If you don’t behave, I will effortlessly kill this little ghost!”

“Don’t—!” Cang Qiong got up from the ground and looked helplessly at the struggling Kong Kong… ‘Fool! I told you to hide behind me and don’t come out!’

The godfather and Little White suddenly froze. Both of them hesitated…

What should come would come eventually. Just as the godfather was about to surrender, White Impermanence suddenly screamed “Aah!” and fell into the godfather’s arms. He shouted out to Black Impermanence: “Ah! Lord Shi! You are indeed insidious! I can’t believe you actually used such a despicable, psychedelic means to catch me! You already have forgotten that we have been friends for thousands of years, and I have treated you as my own mother… woo woo… Little Black, I’m so scared… help me…”

The godfather expressed his innocence and swore in his heart: ‘I didn’t do anything! I didn’t do it!’

‘Little! White! You are doing this deliberately!’ As Black Impermanence gritted his teeth with hatred, the hand he used to suffocate Kong Kong unconsciously increased in strength. Kong Kong let out a painful moan……

Seeing this, the godfather fixed his own expression and slightly squeezed White Impermenance’s neck, “Let Kong Kong go! Otherwise, don’t blame me for turning my face and be ruthless!”

Cang Qiong was like an outsider watching this farce play acted by this group of people. He was certain that his Kong Kong might need to suffer a little but should be fine…

Seeing Little Black was still hesitating, Little White suddenly sighed: “Hey…Little Black, just forget it…It doesn’t matter if I die, as long as you can go back to the Underworld and report to King Yama. There will be a new White Impermanence substituting for my role soon…” As Little White lamented, he also shed sensational tears. With his smile fading, his expression became resentful, and his words became desolate. “I have something in my heart that I have been hiding for a long time… I didn’t dare tell you. I’m afraid that once I tell you, you will reject me… I’m also afraid that it will be a burden to you…” Little White’s eyes were like a tankful of tears and the sympathizing tears trickled down one after another on his face. The corner of Little Black’s mouth slightly twitched… “Now, as I face my death. I think the secret that I have long kept in my heart should also dissipate together with my demise.…”

Little White’s pitiful look finally defeated Little Black. He said: “Forget it! I’ll let you go again today! Release Little White now!”

Little White pulled down their godfather’s hand, wiped his tears, and ran back happily to Little Black. The godfather, Cang Qiong and Kong Kong took the opportunity to slip away…

Hearing what Little White said, Little Black had jitters in his heart that kept beating like a jumping deer. He no longer cared about chasing the wanted criminal. Facing Little White who was smiling gently beside him, Little Black stammered and asked, “Little, Little White, what did you just… want to tell me, what thing did you want to let me know…?”

Little White blinked his eyes and asked, “Would you mind if I say it?”

Little Black showed a rare soft expression and shook his head gently.

“Then, what I want to say is…”

Little Black immediately pricked up his ears nervously!

“Two years ago, when we were looking for Lord Shi in Guilin, you borrowed 500 yuan from me…… and haven’t yet returned the money back. When do you plan to pay me back?”


Black Impermanence literally would vomit three liters of blood. Now he finally understood why people would die due to being too angry…

Little White added more: “You… won’t refuse to pay me back, will you?”

“Yes! I refuse! I refuse to pay you back forever! I’ll never pay it back to you till the remaining days of my life—!”

“Are you hungry? I’ll treat you at the night market!”

Little Black allowed Little White to pull him, walking towards the night market. Even though he was furious, at least, he still had some strength to walk. He didn’t want to react at all to Little White’s “generous treat”… The two turned into ordinary people and sat down at the night market.

Little Black didn’t respond until the two bowls with a few wontons and clear-water soup were being served to them. “No way? You’re going to treat me to eat these cheap wontons which only cost 2 yuan per bowl?” – Little White shouldn’t be a Ghost of Impermanence, he should be the Ghost of Miser!

“Oops! It’s the end of the month! It’s not yet the day of the paycheck! The rest of the spiritual money is not enough to exchange for the money of the mortal world. It’s good that we still have wontons to eat!”

Just as the two were about to start eating, a familiar and angry voice suddenly spoke in their ears: “You have time to eat food, but don’t have time to catch the culprit? Don’t you want to live anymore?”

The icy voice was like a basin of cold water being poured down on Black and White Impermanence from their heads to their toes. The wonton seller only saw two young men suddenly stand up and run away…

“Hey! You haven’t paid yet!” In a blink of an eye, the two guys who ate the wonton for free disappeared without a trace…


“Qiong Qiong, does your stomach hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt. He kicked me a little bit!” – What a stubborn person!

The godfather cloaked them with a camouflage spell so they could fly unscrupulously in the dark night – two non-humans were flying while dragging one human.

Once they felt exhausted, they came down and rested.

“Hey, where is this place?” Kong Kong didn’t have a good sense of direction.

“I don’t know. It’s not the urban area anyway…” Qiong Qiong wasn’t the person who was guiding them.

The godfather seemed a little uneasy, looking left and right. He even sniffed the air…

“Godfather, what are you doing? Are Black and White Impermanence coming this way too?”

“I sense that a ghost is coming…”


“The big head ghost. The ghost who has no taste, no thoughts, no feelings, no humanity, no brains, no heart, and no liver!”

“Big head ghost?” Kong Kong found the name a little cute.

“Ah, he is the head hound of all the ghosts, so he is the head ghost! “

At this moment, Black and White Impermanence appeared again – “Lord Shi!”

“Oh my mother! Why are you here again? How many hours do you have to work a day? Has anyone paid you your overtime salary?” As soon as the godfather finished speaking, he realized that something was wrong. Little White took out his whip made of bones and put on a ready-to-fight pose. Little White’s White Bone Ghost Whip was strung together by the first section of the extremely vicious ghosts’ right middle finger. The grievance permeating around the whip was terribly strong. Every time Little White killed a vicious ghost, his whip increased one inch. But it was rare in history to encounter a vicious ghost. Only a ghost that Black Impermanence couldn’t handle would be punished by White Impermanence.

Little White held the whip, and his mouth kept pouting upwards. Godfather thought: ‘Little White, what are you doing?’

Godfather slowly looked up, following the direction indicated by Little White’s mouth. It was a street light. Looking again, a dark shadow was standing above the street lights!

“Ah—! Ghost!” Godfather shouted!

Kong Kong and Cang Qiong were startled by their godfather. The dark shadow on the street lamp slowly descended, standing firmly in front of Black and White Impermanence. He wore a black robe draped with a dark cape, no trace of warmth on his handsome face, quite like a Western vampire!

Cang Qiong wondered why the people from the Underworld were either in white or black clothes? Did no one like to wear bright and cute colors like his godfather? “Godfather, who is he?”

“King Yama of the Underworld…”

Kong Kong looked at King Yama  of the Underworld and then at Cang Qiong in amazement, “Qian Qiong, why do you look a bit like him?”

“Damn! How come I would look so ugly?”

Black and White Impermanence’s faces were covered with black lines. No one in the Underworld dared to say that Lord Yama was ugly.

“Shi Qing, how long do you plan to continue running away?” After standing for a long time, King Yama finally opened his mouth.

The godfather stood on the spot and hesitated, without giving an answer. But Kong Kong knelt down with a thumped sound. He kowtowed to the King of the Underworld and said. “Master King of the Underworld. My name is Kong Ru. Although my lifetime is over. But may I please ask you to be kind and to not bring me to the Underworld? I don’t want to be reincarnated, I want to stay with my lover.”

The King of the Underworld stared at Cang Qiong coldly for a while, then spit out two words: “How preposterous!” Then he stared at his godfather and asked, “Will you go back?”

The godfather seemed to be angry, rolled his eyes at him, and gave him two words: “Such foolishness!”

The King of the Underworld angrily widened his already furious eyes all of a sudden. The surrounding dark wind started blowing. Even the flies and mosquitoes were trying to flee. The godfather suddenly threw a ball of light, which exploded at the feet of the King of the Underworld, sending out billowing smoke. The godfather pulled Kong Kong and Cang Qiong to flee in the dark night…

“No, godfather. I can’t fly anymore…” Kong Kong lost his strength, and the godfather felt that the weight in his hands was getting heavier and heavier…

“It’s better that we run!” Cang Qiong couldn’t bear that his little baby had to hold him and fly for this long.

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