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  • My Beloved Ghost

    Chapter 13

    “Little White! Please tell me! What should I do?” King Yama returned to the Underworld in an instant, hurriedly found Black and White Impermanence, and asked them for help!

    Little Black and Little White were packing for their vacation. The idiot King Yama had to bother them at this time. How annoying!

    Little White sighed lightly, “So, you created that mess and deserved what happened! If you didn’t do that awful thing to *Pan Pan at the very beginning, you two would definitely be happier now than the couple who climbed the knife mountain… “

    *Pan Pan is the godfather’s other nickname. Because his job is the judge of the underworld, a judge is pronounced in Chinese as “Pan Guan”. Little White was calling the godfather’s nickname “Pan Pan” based on the godfather’s job. 

    “Don’t tell me you already knew that he didn’t lose his memory?”


    “Hey, don’t talk nonsense!” Little White retorted immediately. “However, every normal person can notice if his behavior and eyesight has changed, more or less after he drank the Meng Po soup. After all, his acting skills aren’t as good as mine, so why can’t the thoughtful Lord King Yama not notice that?” ──Thoughtful? Was this being sarcastic?

    “How should I know…” Except for regret, the only feeling that King Yama had was vexation, “Then what should I do now?”

    “We are not your dog-head military counselor…” Little White refused to provide any consultation – nowadays people were usually charged for consulting services!

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    “Vzlypl esd’v vwad yoyu y eukdt xyd, sjyu? Zsw jdso vbyv R’x dsv tsse yv alzyvksdpbkrp!”

    Nkvvzl Jzynj pyke okvb y eyaj qynl, “Ps usw vbkdj R’x yd lmrlav?”

    “Nkvvzl Ebkvl…” Gnvwyzzu, Ikdt Zyxy dlhla rkddle ydu sq bkp bsrlp sd Nkvvzl Jzynj…

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    “Ckdt Ckdt, R’x psaau… R eked’v jdso kv oswze cl zkjl vbyv yv yzz. Rq R bye jdsod vbyv kv oswze byrrld zkjl vbyv, R oswze ayvbla cl bkv cu qkhl nzyrp sq vbwdela vbyd ypj usw vs eakdj vbl Yldt Vs pswr… R wdelapvyde yzz vbl rykd usw byhl pwqqlale shla vbl ulyap. R esd’v eyal vs clt qsa uswa qsatkhldlpp. R fwpv bsrl vbyv usw nyd tkhl xl ydsvbla nbydnl, zlv xl pvyu cu uswa pkel, yde zlv xl pzsozu xyjl wr qsa vbl eyxytl R byhl nywple usw kd vbl rypv 20 ulyap…” Nkvvzl Ebkvl’p lmralppksd oyp caktbv. Mblal oyp lhld y vlya kd vbl nsadla sq bkp lul…

    Nkvvzl Jyznj oyp caswtbv kdvs vbl rzyu cu vbl rkvkqwz Nkvvzl Ebkvl. Tl tldvzu zkqvle Nkvvzl Ebkvl wr yde pyke: “Nkvvzl Ebkvl, esd’v nau. Rv’p dsv uswa qywzv… R qsatkhl usw…”

    King Yama found a pen and hurriedly wrote down Little White’s words… “…I don’t dare to beg for your forgiveness… Little White, what’s the next sentence?”


    He looked up, but the Black and White Impermanence had already disappeared … “Little White! Little White…”

    King Yama hurriedly asked Ox Head and Horse Face to substitute for him to work on the affairs of the Underworld, and he flew to the Human World with the manuscript…

    Ox Head and Horse Face spoke with sad faces: “What Master White said is right. We should report it to the Jade Emperor that King Yama has been torturing us animals…”

    “Qiong Qiong, it’s almost eight o’clock, and the tide is about to rise, let’s go back!” Kong Kong got dirty all over his body, and it was unbearably hot this day. His stomach started to growl too…

    “Okay! Godfather, let’s go! Go back home to have our breakfast!”

    The three happily climbed up the bank. It didn’t matter even if they only had one bicycle! Cang Qiong pumped air into the tires until they were sufficient!

    “Kong Kong, you sit at the front; godfather sits at the back!”

    So, these three squeezed on one bicycle, like circus jugglers, riding slowly towards home…

    Before entering the house, they heard that there seemed to be guests in the house. Who would come to visit them early in the morning?

    As soon as they entered the door, they saw two large suitcases. And——the Black and White Impermanence dressed in bright red and blue colors!

    The Godfather Shi looked at Little Black and Little White in surprise. Did the King of the Underworld want them to arrest him again? But something was wrong, they were dressed like they were on vacation in Hawaii.


    When Father Cang saw Cang Qiong had returned, he rushed up and dragged Cang Qiong to Little White, “Kneel down! Hurry up and pay respects to our ancestor, Lord Cang Ling!”

    “Why do you want me to kneel down? He’s just the White Impermanence of the Underworld!” ‘The judge of the underworld is still here! And this White Impermanence wants to be called the boss?’

    His father was surprised: “You already know?”

    “Of course!” Cang Qiong nodded.

    Little White slowly spoke to Father Cang with a smile: “Cang Yun*. Cang Qiong and I have already met each other a long time ago! He doesn’t want to admit that he is a descendant of the Cang family, so I don’t know what I should do with it…”

    *Cang Yun’s Father Cang’s full name

    “You unfilial son!”

    When Father Cang tried to beat his son, Kong Kong immediately stepped forward and protected Cang Qiong as if Cang Qiong was a little lamb, “Dad! He didn’t want to endanger anyone at that time, so he didn’t admit it!”

    “At what time?” Father Cang didn’t know what had happened before. All he knew was that his son had turned Kong Kong into a human in some sort of way!

    Their godfather stepped forward and said, “Can we talk about this later? Qiong Qiong, Kong Kong and I are all starving to death! I want to eat breakfast!”

    Only then did Cang Qiong’s father realize that the godfather was back, so he hurriedly introduced Little White to the godfather: “Let me introduce him to you. This is the ancestor of our Cang family, Cang Ling, who is currently the White Impermanence in the Underworld; this…”

    “This…is the confidant of the King of the Underworld; Little Black and my immediate boss; the person who fled from the underworld for 20 years —— the Judge of the Underworld!” Little White interrupted Father Cang and finished the latter part of the sentence.


    “What– What is going on here?” Father Cang was totally lost now. His mind was in a jumble!

    Mother Cang brought out several bowls of white congee from the kitchen, “Come here, let us have breakfast! Godfather is back, right? Let’s eat together!” After putting down the congee and setting up the chopsticks, she said to Father Cang, “Why do you ask so much? As long as everyone is safe and happy, it’s fine!” Then she said to her son, “Our ancestor came to our house this time for a vacation with his friend. Although they look as young as you, they are still seniors after all. You have to treat them with respect! You have to remember that in this family, you are the youngest!” Yes, even Kong Kong was 10 years older than him! They were all immortals!

    Cang Qiong with a long face replied, “Yes, mother…” ‘Why should I call them senior? They were just a bunch of idiotic spirits! There must be nothing good when they came to my place this time! Maybe godfather escaped from the Underworld again!

    The family was about to start having breakfast together when another person appeared. He was in a strange black outfit and stood at the door, twitching and talking hesitantly. When Father Cang asked him whom he was looking for, he couldn’t provide a proper answer but kept looking inside! As soon as Godfather Shi saw him, the godfather took a steamed bun and went upstairs, saying that he felt sleepy due to lack of sleep last night; the Black and White Impermanence pretended that they didn’t know the other guest, Little White even asked him enthusiastically, “Who are you looking for?”

    King Yama really wanted to kick him into a big pig’s head*! However, he must keep in mind to keep a graceful! demeanor! Be sure to remain courteous! His actions represented the entire Underworld!

    *Kick or beat him into a big pig’s head is a metaphor which means that you beat someone so fiercely until the other people’s face become swell that just look like a big pig’s head

    “I…I’m looking for Shi Qing…” Why did he stutter when he arrived in the human world? Was he born to be eloquent to the dead but not to humans?

    “Who is Shi Qing?” Father Cang didn’t know that godfather’s name was Shi Qing.

    “He’s… Cang Qiong’s godfather, don’t you know?”

    Father Cang shook his head and turned to look at his son – who was with Kong Kong and was engaged in feeding each other. What a cheesy sweet couple! They didn’t have any interest at all in the person standing outside the door. But after all, this person was looking for their godfather. Father Cang still invited him to come in and take a seat…

    “Qiong Qiong, tell your godfather to come down!”

    “Humph! If godfather wants to see him, he wouldn’t go upstairs in the first place!”


    The vibe was so weird! It seemed that this group of people was hiding something! Father Cang noticed that something was wrong with his son, and everyone in the room was odd except his wife! And, he was sure that everyone in this room should be familiar with this stranger! Maybe he was here, so people couldn’t openly discuss some issues. When Mother Cang finished cleaning the dishes, Father Cang dragged her to “shop for groceries”…

    Little White didn’t want to be involved in this matter, so went out with the owner. And, of course, Little Black acted like Little White’s shadow.

    As soon as the homeowner went out, the King of the Underworld ran upstairs and knocked on the door.

    “Qing Qing! Qing Qing! Can you open the door for me?”

    ‘Qing Qing?! When did he become so cheesy?’ Cang Qiong suddenly felt that this King Yama became a little weird! ‘Could it be that he and godfather have some unspeakable secrets?’ He secretly perked one ear to listen!

    Finally, Godfather Shi opened the door, and the King of the Underworld entered the room… Cang Qiong and Kong Kong launched upstairs, hid in their room, and pressed their ears on the wall to eavesdrop on the conversation next door…

    They couldn’t hear their godfather’s voice. Only the King of the Underworld was talking…”I’m sorry…I…I didn’t know it was going to be like this, if, if, if I had known it was like this, I would rather be punished by five claps of thunder than ask you to drink Meng Po Soup… I know all the pain you’ve suffered over the years…”

    ‘Is this a normal conversation? How come it’s like he is reciting an article? However, it is certain that the King of the Underworld had done something bad to godfather! Could it be that King Yama was Godfather’s lover? Then King Yama went out and played around but got discovered by the godfather? So godfather ran away from home in a fit of anger?’

    Both of them kept listening…

    “What is this?”——Finally they heard the voice of their godfather…

    “This this……”

    “You are so rigid! Even apologizing to me, you have to write it down on paper! Don’t these words come from your heart? Is it so hard to apologize to me?”

    “I-I just want to make it better…”

    “If you are truly sincere, when you see me in person, these words of apology should come out of your mouth naturally. Why did you have to prepare such a hypocritical message?”

    “No! I really didn’t know what I should do, so I asked Little White!”

    “You don’t know? If you don’t know, you shouldn’t do it at all! Are these words taught by Little White? No wonder they all sound like Little White’s cheesy style!” ──The style of the ancestor of the Cang family was really… ah…

    “It’s true that I want to apologize to you! You tell me what you want to hear, and I’ll say everything that you want to hear!”

    “Your apology should be what you want to say, not what I want to hear! Get out!”

    The sound of the door opening and closing, screams, and heavy objects rolling downstairs echoed across the house…

    Although Cang Qiong and Kong Kong didn’t like the King of the Underworld very much, but this matter involved their godfather. They went downstairs to ask the person who had smashed his head. King Yama reluctantly told them the whole story…

    “Godfather is so pitiful…” Kong Kong was the most sympathetic one.

    “You deserve what you are getting!” – This reply again! A real killer!

    The King of the Underworld asked for help from this pair of lovers: “Can you help me?” ‘I’m so pitiful!’

    Kong Kong also said: “That’s right, Qiong Qiong, let us think of a way to help them. I think Godfather must be feeling miserable too!”

    “Uh… King Yama, do you know transformation magic? You can transform me to look like you!”

    “I can!”

    “Okay. In the end, you still have to solve this matter yourself, but I’ll show you how! In the future, you can just show your love to our godfather like this!”

    “It won’t be like Little White’s idea again, right?!” That would be so difficult!

    “No! I can’t say such disgusting words.” ‘But If the person who hears these words is Kong Kong, it will be another matter.’

    As a result, the King of the Underworld immediately turned Cang Qiong into his own likeness!

    When the time came to start acting, Cang Qiong instructed Kong Kong, “Kong Kong, take him to our room, take out the Sky Mirror, and let him learn!”

    It turned out that the Sky Mirror was in the hands of these two little devils; King Yama took a note in his heart.

    Cang Qiong made a cup of chrysanthemum tea and knocked on the door of his godfather… His godfather naturally didn’t respond.

    “Qing Qing, I made a cup of tea and came to apologize to you… I know I have hurt you but have you thought about me? Actually, I… haven’t had any blissful days over the past 20 years…” — This sentence went straight to the heart of King Yama!

    “You open the door. Let’s have a small reunion between two old friends. Let’s have a good chat, okay?”

    Finally, Godfather Shi opened the door…

    “King Yama” smiled softly and went in with the tea… King Yama next door widened his eyes as he studied every detail!

    “King Yama” sat down and handed the tea to his godfather, “This is your favorite chrysanthemum. It has a sweet fragrance, but you hate the little bugs in it the most, so I picked out the little bugs one by one… Take a sip to cool down, okay?”

    The godfather looked a little moved and even drank it!

    “Well, you drank my tea. It means you have forgiven me, right?”

    “When did you become so good at pleasing other people? You have become a little naughty too. It feels…a bit like Qiong Qiong…”

    “Huh? Really? In fact, pouring tea for you was Qiong Qiong’s idea…”

    “Really?” The Godfather’s expression suddenly changed greatly, “Drinking chrysanthemum tea is a habit I formed after coming to the human world. How could you know?” 

    “’s what Qiong Qiong told me…” Cang Qiong started to sweat. ‘Why is Godfather so sensible?’

    “Is that bastard next door?” The godfather shook off “King Yama” and rushed into the next room immediately… Sure enough, Kong Kong and King Yama stood there in embarrassment… It turned out that because they knew each other for thousands of years, the godfather really wasn’t easy to be tricked by something like that. He could tell the truth from what was fake by the slight difference in his behavior. It was hard for others to pretend to be King Yama…

    “It’s fine if you don’t want to apologize to me. Why ask someone else to apologize on your behalf? You are high above others as the King of the Underworld, apologizing to me makes you lose face, is that it? It’s a shameful thing to do, is that it?”

    “No, no…”

    Godfather Shi ran back to his room with red eyes. What should King Yama do?… Cang Qiong just wanted to help, but he didn’t expect that he would make things worse… It seemed that no one could help the King of the Underworld.


    Mother Cang and Father Cang listened to Little White’s “thrilling” story in the market, and even forgot to shop for groceries! It turned out that their son climbed the mountain of knives and fell into the frying pan for Kong Kong. What true love! The King of the Underworld could already be taken as their own, yet he had the heart to let Qiong Qiong suffer so much?! That’s unacceptable! But after all, he was the King of the Underworld, so they couldn’t do anything to him.

    “Wifey, buy some pig livers for dinner to help Qiong Qiong gain some blood!” — Actually there was no need for that!

    “Yes, yes! We should buy more nutritious ingredients for Qiong Qiong! “

    Little White didn’t tell them the healing properties of the oil in the frying pan. ‘Anyway, the more they buy, the more delicious food they will cook, hehe…’

    During lunchtime, the godfather still didn’t go downstairs because a certain person was waiting here…

    King Yama stood up, “I think it’s best if I leave…”

    Kong Kong wanted him to stay longer, but he couldn’t find any good excuse. He wasn’t the owner of the house. After Cang Qiong’s parents came back from the market, they were a little indifferent toward the King of the Underworld. It looked like he was really not welcomed.

    After the King of the Underworld left, Godfather Shi went downstairs to eat with everyone. “I’m starving! I’m starving!” he yelled as he hurried down the stairs.

    “Don’t stay there for so long if you know you’re hungry!” Little White finally saw him again, “Why are you so heartless towards the boss? Don’t you want to give him another chance?”

    “No, I just haven’t forgiven him yet! Why didn’t he sincerely apologize to me?”

    “You are so cruel! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The temperature is 38 degrees today and the boss didn’t go too far outside! If you feel distressed, ask him to come in and wait for you to calm down…”

    “Maybe if he waits under the sun, Pan Pan’s anger will disappear faster!” Little Black’s words made some sense.

    The godfather said: “He has cooped himself in the dark underworld all day long. It’s good for him to come out to bask in the sun, disinfect with ultraviolet rays, remove mites and prevent mildew…” But the others, bringing their rice bowls with them, walked up to the window and kept looking around! – ’Humph! King Yama is not a fool! Didn’t he just hide under the big tree to enjoy the shade?! The sun can’t get to him at all! Keep eating!’

    Kong Kong was soft-hearted and said good things for King Yama: “Godfather, forgive him. He is so pitiful…”

    “Don’t defend him! I’m angry with him not only because he forced me to drink Meng Po soup, have you forgotten how he treated us? When Qiong Qiong went up to the Mountain of Knives, we knelt down and begged for mercy, did he even look at us? Qiong Qiong is my precious son! He doesn’t take me as his lover at all! He’s not like Qiong Qiong who is so obedient to you…”

    “Godfather, everyone has their own way of showing their love… Besides, he is the King of the Underworld. He must strictly enforce the law!” Cang Qiong didn’t care much as usual. He just followed what Kong Kong said. 

    “I don’t care! I hate him the most when he uses his identity as the King of the Underworld to oppress me!”

    “That’s right! We hate him the most when he uses his identity as the King of the Underworld to oppress us too! He has already deducted our bonuses for 20 years!” Little Black added oil to the fire. The King of the Underworld truly didn’t get any respect and love from his subordinates…

    Poor King Yama waited outside the house all day and was cursed by a number of people inside the house.

    At night, when the stars and the moon came out for a walk, King Yama was still standing under that tree. The godfather secretly looked out through the translucent window screen…

    “Godfather, you are still worried…” Qiong Qiong suddenly appeared from behind, holding a fruit pudding. “Well, this was made by Kong Kong. His craftsmanship is getting better and better. Try it!”

    The godfather glared at Cang Qiong, grabbed the delicious-looking pudding, and said, “I’m not worried about him. Even if he stands outside for a year and a half, he won’t die!”

    “Godfather, there are a lot of mosquitoes outside…”

    “Don’t worry. If any mosquito dares to bite him, then there’s no need to think about the next life.”

    The next day, the third day, King Yama had been waiting under that tree since he came. Even Cang Qiong’s parents felt guilty and wanted him to come in, but Godfather Shi wouldn’t allow it. Of course, whether he would forgive him and invite him into the house should be decided by the godfather himself!

    In the middle of the night, when the godfather saw that it was almost time, he stealthily flew to the King of the Underworld. King Yama sat on the grass, leaning against the tree and was fast asleep.

    “Hey, get up!” The godfather woke him up in dissatisfaction. Why didn’t King Yama feel anything when he was so close to him?

    “Well…” King Yama was abruptly woken up, completely startled awake. When he saw Shi Qing, he thought he was dreaming, “Are you really here?”

    “How are you reflecting here?”

    “I don’t know…” The words were slurred and stuttered as if he was still dreaming. “I’m here to wait for you to come out anyway. But now that you’re here, I don’t know what to say to you. The only thing I know is to say sorry. I don’t know a single sweet word like Little White. But I’m afraid that if I only say ‘I’m sorry,’ then you won’t forgive me… So I can only wait here, continuously waiting…”

    “It’s okay to just say ‘I’m sorry’ as long as you’re sincere… I made you wait for three days. I think I can forgive you…”


    “Yes. Now give me one proper apology!”

    “I am sorry. I love you……”

    A very simple and straightforward confession, without any extra decorations. ‘This is my King Yama…’ Godfather smiled sweetly.

    “It would be better to have a bit more of an atmosphere at this time…” Little White who was hiding in the building rolled his eyes, “Qiong Qiong, come and make a few claps of thunder!”

    “Don’t you know how to do it yourself?” He gave Little White a deadpan look! People who came from the Underworld had night vision ability. The Black and White Impermanence hid in his room to monitor the situation from the beginning. Cang Qiong only hated that he didn’t have night vision binoculars in his hand. He couldn’t see the situation of his godfather at all!

    “No!” Little White replied simply. “The King of the Underworld and the Judge were sent from above, and Little Black and I were brought up from below. There is a fundamental difference between the two. Although Little Black and I were designated as official gods, we are still different from their kind of ‘gods’. We can’t summon thunder easily…”

    “Then why can I?”

    “Don’t think too much! Hurry up! Slash it on the head of the King of the Underworld!” – It was so vicious, Little White didn’t seem to be an official from the Underworld at all but seemed like a creditor that the King of the Underworld owed him hundreds of thousands.

    Instantly, a slash of lightning flashed, and then a roar of thunder echoed…

    “Ah–” Godfather immediately threw himself into the arms of King Yama… Why was there a thunderstorm tonight, woo…

    King Yama happily looked at the sky and tightly hugged Shi Qing, “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid… Since you have me with you, you won’t be afraid of thunder again…”

    Although Cang Qiong couldn’t see it clearly, he knew that something good must have happened! So he made another burst of thunder – let them hold each other tighter! Hahaha…this moment was worth opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

    As a result, three televisions of Cang’s family were struck by the flashes of lightning…

    Little White said: “This has nothing to do with me. I will not compensate.”

    A few days later, Father Cang and Mother Cang couldn’t stand having their house full of “ghosts.” They finally abandoned their home and traveled far away, with a thousand yuan and a note left for Cang Qiong:

    Qiong Qiong:

    ‘This time, we went to the home of the nephew of your third uncle’s female cousin for a vacation. I heard that it is a very quiet and suitable place for the elderly like us to relax. We left a thousand yuan to greet our ancestor and those guests. You must frugally spend the money. We will come back when you start school.’

    Your father 

    ‘Elderly? What are mom and dad talking about? My family has been passed down from single generation to generation. Where did the third uncle come from? Also, do you want me to spend only a thousand yuan for more than a month? According to the expenses of this group of people, it is simply a dream! Mom and Dad are really old foxes! If I knew it earlier, I would also take Kong Kong on a trip!’

    However, Father Cang and Mother Cang were right. These six people with six mouths could’t die even if they didn’t eat anything! It’s just that they would become hungry! But they could still get used to being hungry…

    “Qing Qing, let’s go back to the Underworld!” King Yama was still thinking about the affairs of the Underworld, so he couldn’t be at ease.

    “No! If you want to go back, you should go back alone!”

    “Didn’t you forgive me?”

    “Forgiving you doesn’t mean I need to go back to the Underworld!”

    “But it’s not good for us to stay in Cang Qiong’s house like this for too long…”

    “I don’t care. I won’t go back anyway!” This was the result of being spoiled for a long time. The godfather would say anything against King Yama!

    ——King Yama, it seems that you have to think of a better way…

    “Little White, is it okay for us to eat and drink like this here?”

    “It doesn’t matter! Of course my offspring have to honor their ancestor. Without me, there would be no them!”

    “But I… feel very uncomfortable…”

    “Then you can go…”

    “What about you?”

    “I’m not going!”

    ——Little Black decided to go out to work and earn some living expenses to support the family. This was his way to be useful and worthy of the conscience of Heaven and Earth…

    “Qiong Qiong, I’m sorry…”

    “Why? Having a sad face doesn’t look good on you…”

    “I asked Uncle Zhang next door to leave me the biggest grouper when I went out to sea yesterday… But Mom and Dad left today…”

    “Huh? Oh…”

    “Qiong Qiong…”


    “Having a sad face doesn’t look good on you…”

    ‘——Grouper, be smart. Don’t let Uncle Zhang next door catch you…’

    The next day, the godfather started running his flower shop again and it seemed that the business was still excellent—— It was because of the help of Kong Kong and Cang Qiong. Needless to say, the customers were aiming for the store clerks, not the flowers; Little White returned to his old business, restored the banner of “Celestial Master”, trying to make money to “support his family” by picking up his old job; Little Black acted as the ‘Celestial Master’s apprentice; only King Yama…no one knew what he was busy with… Finally, after a few days, everyone saw his answer! There was an extra door on the wall on the ground floor of the Cang family’s house for no reason.

    “What is this?” Cang Qiong asked as he opened the door, which was supposed to be a wall. But now there was a downward staircase leading to a dark space.

    King Yama was quite proud, “This is the door to the Underworld! In the future, I will work there and rest here! Balancing work and family! Qing Qing can also bring his work and do it in the human world too!”

    The implication was that he was going to live here forever…

    Little White couldn’t help but sigh, “From now on, the office of the Underworld is my home’s basement?” – emphasizing “my home”!

    “My lord’s ROM brain can actually come up with this method. I really want to look at you in a different light!” Little Black only had a few pleasant words!

    At this time, Cang Qiong was the most upset. He deeply understood the meaning of “dove occupying a magpie’s nest”, and he was the poor magpie…

    “Qiong Qiong, Kong Kong, come and work for the Underworld! Just take it as helping me. There’s been a lot of backlog for a while!” King Yama with a thick face actually dared to ask them to work!

    “Uh…” Cang Qiong scratched the back of his head, “I have a bunch of summer homework… I have a few papers to write and a few thick books to read…”

    “Hehehe…” Kong Kong hid behind Cang Qiong and smirked, “I haven’t even graduated from high school, so I’m not knowledgeable enough…I might not be able to help you…”—He was so humble. But be humble when it is the right time to be humble!

    King Yama turned his eyesight to the Black and White Impermanence again. Little White replied quickly, “Don’t count on us. We are on vacation and we won’t go back even if you double our salary!” ‘We will help you after the 20-month vacation!’

    “I’ll do it!” Godfather Shi knew that this was the effort made by the King of Hell for him and he should try to understand King Yama no matter what. “However, I haven’t done it in a long time, so don’t blame me if I forgot some things.”

    “Qing Qing is still the best…” The project of transferring the space by himself was not in vain.

    The ghost messenger of the Underworld ran up and down through this door to ask the Judge and the King of the Underworld for approval and signature. Kong Kong and Cang Qiong also began to visit the Underworld out of curiosity. Within a week, Cang Qiong and Kong Kong visited the whole Underworld. Almost all the ghost messengers knew the two of them and secretly started calling Cang Qiong – Little King Yama. 

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