After the Global Evolution, I Stand at the Top of the Food Chain

Chapter 029: [Untitled]

This chapter is translated by Rin, edited by Cia, and proofread by Kris Xian.

[Ability transplant operation, I would rather call it immediate reincarnation surgery.]

[The donor of the surgery immediately reincarnates.]

Even Pollutants would fall into a state of extreme weakness when special items were stripped from them, not to mention stripping abilities from humans.

Lu Yan still remembered the first day his ability was awakened, when Lin Sinan brought his staff to the door, the System told him never to enter the Research Institute.


The three departments related to the Enlighteneds were said to be the most mysterious existences in the Research Institute, they were never opened to the public. However, no one could deny the contribution the Research Institute had made.

No matter if it was the equipment, the miracle drugs provided by the PDC, or the sensor watch that every Enlightened carried— all of them couldn’t be done without the Research Institute’s sacrifices of working day and night. 

Just like a knife, the knife itself was harmless, it all depended on the person wielding the knife, either they would try to kill or save lives.

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“Congratulations, Mr. Lu, you have reached the level of an E-class Enlightened. We will replace your work permit immediately.


Spiritual power threshold 500-1500: E-class.

Lu Yan was at the lowest level, F-class, before this. He didn’t expect that he had already touched the threshold of D-class in just over a month since his awakening. 

Nonetheless, the few instances he experienced would have been the dead-end of any Enlighteneds with the same level. Danger had always gone hand in hand with opportunities, Lu Yan had no complaints.

After his class was updated, he could receive more salary every month.

Lu Yan went to the logistics department and received this month’s miracle drug, 3 capsules. He also casually picked up the brochure placed at the front desk.

The staff took a glance at the employment card pinned on his chest and smiled, “Hello, Sir. This is the latest warehouse psychic equipment from the K City PDC, as well as a list of contribution point exchange.”

One contribution point could be exchanged for 10,000 cash, and 100 contribution points for a D-grade miracle drug.

Lu Yan took out the medicine he had just received and compared it with the one in the photo, and it was exactly the same.

According to the advertisement, the Headquarters invested an average of ten million in the Enlighteneds every month, and it seemed that they weren’t kidding.

Lu Yan flipped two more pages to the back.

The average price of F-grade psychic weapons was around 100.

The average price of F-grade healing items was around 300.


The first page of the brochure was a B-grade psychic energy equipment, a very beautiful silver longbow, the name was called Startling Dream.

Introduction: B-grade psychic equipment. If the arrowhead hits the enemy, it has a hallucinogenic effect and comes with damage reduction.

Recommended user’s spiritual power threshold: 5, 000 and above.

Price: 30,000 contribution points.

Lu Yan had been paid more than 6,000 contribution points for treating Zhou Qiming, but unfortunately, he hadn’t even kept it for a long time before he spent it. Now there was only a little balance remaining in his card, therefore, he had to put down the brochure, pretending not to be interested.

The New Enlightened Recruit Training Conference was held in A City. It would last for three months, from April 1 until June 30.

While waiting for the training date to arrive, Lu Yan had nothing to do, so he started doing surgeries in the hospital again.

Because his body had improved after awakening, Lu Yan was able to do seven or eight major surgeries per day. It reached the point where the anesthesiologists who had to work overtime had their legs shaking whenever they saw him.

Even the little nurses who used to sing and dance around him changed expressions and couldn’t wait to leave first every time.

Due to Lu Yan’s outstanding performance, he successfully took up the top position and became the youngest chief physician of the First People’s Hospital in K City.

This was not in accordance with the rules, but it was reasonable. Since an unknown young doctor suddenly appeared, people who were ignorant expressed dissatisfaction, but they were easily suppressed by the hospital authorities.

What a joke, his main job was no longer a doctor, what’s wrong with giving him a chief’s position?!


Unfortunately, Lu Yan only heard the honorific “Director Lu” for a few days before he was forced to hitch a ride with Zhou Qiming and head towards A city.

The tickets were booked with the help of the Headquarters, first-class seats.

Zhou Qiming drove a silver Rolls Royce at the hospital entrance as he picked up Lu Yan from work.

He wore sunglasses and a flowery shirt, like a gigolo1It refers to a young man paid or financially supported by an older woman to be her escort or lover. who was about to go to the nightclub. A big red roll of pennant was also placed on the front passenger seat.

When he saw Lu Yan come out, Zhou Qiming got out of the car, took out a pennant, and shook it full of excitement. “Dr. Lu, I searched for it. It says you doctors don’t like many things, but this, do you like it?”

Lu Yan took a glance at the banner. Two lines of large letters were written on it.

—Gynaecological Sage, Doctor’s Benevolence. 

—Patient Zhou Qiming presents this to Dr. Lu Yan of K City First People’s Hospital.

The System couldn’t hold back, [Pfft.]

Lu Yan felt a headache, “… Are you afraid that others won’t know that you were pregnant?”

At that instant, Zhou Qiming saw a line pop up clearly from the top of Lu Yan’s head.

[Favourable impression: -1]


Yes, because of his ability, Virtual World.

Everything around him, in Zhou Qiming’s eyes, could be materialized.

The title above Lu Yan’s head had also changed. The previous “Dr. Cannibal Flower,” after not meeting for just a few days, he didn’t know why it had become “Bloodlust Fish Killers.”

Lu Yan confiscated the pennant. He couldn’t afford to embarrass himself. 

He sat on the passenger side as Zhou Qiming throttled the luxury car all the way from the hospital to the airport.

Zhou Qiming: “I didn’t join the SpecOps Division because there’s no freedom. But Dr. Lu, I’m all for you joining. Becoming a public servant, it’s good, even the subsistence allowance is provided. Life is guaranteed. After all, not everyone is a rich generation who started with nothing like me.”

System, [His business was also sponsored by the PDC to avoid failed investments and retaliation against society.]

Zhou Qiming, “My ability serial number ranked 39. It is considered a high-level ability ranked quite at the top. I didn’t carry out much training over the years, so my spiritual threshold had only risen to more than seven thousand. However, I think I’m still relatively reliable, Dr. Lu.”

Lu Yan didn’t really pay attention on what he was saying, “En.”

Half an hour later, the car finally arrived at the airport.

Lu Yan stepped out of the car and was about to pick up his ticket when he saw Zhou Qiming open the trunk and take out a handful of bright red roses from it.

Zhou Qiming said with deep emotion, “We have experienced life and death together. Dr. Lu, I can honestly say that in my whole life of more than 40 years, you are the only person that I have ever felt interested in.”

The sky was blue and the sun was shining.

Zhou Qiming looked extremely handsome. His conditions seemed to be okay.

Lu Yan asked the System softly, “Is there any way to politely refuse?”

Although Lu Yan always said to the public that he was gay, he was actually more like an asexual.

His interest in cadavers for dissection in anatomy classes far exceeded that of his interest in living humans.

System, [There is, think carefully about his forum name.]

Thus, Lu Yan took the roses and smiled, “Mr. Zhou, you are a good person, but I am a shou.”

The atmosphere became a little bit awkward.

Along the way, Zhou Qiming did not say another word to Lu Yan.

The spaces between the seats in first class were far away, Lu Yan watched as Zhou Qiming ordered three glasses of whiskey on the plane, trying to drink away his sorrows.

Lu Yan thought about it for a while then put on an eye mask and laid down to sleep.

However, not long after falling asleep, he was awakened by a violent shaking.

Overhead, he could hear the captain’s panicked voice, “We’ve unexpectedly encountered an extreme thunderstorm during the flight. The plane is about to make a forced landing close by, please don’t panic and fasten your seat belt—” 

Lu Yan turned his head and looked out the window.

Black clouds were pressing down on the city.

The dark clouds were like ink, and occasionally, a few wisps of purple lightning crackled at the edge of the clouds.

If this was the case, Lu Yan was not too worried.

After all, he heard that the captain was from the fighting nation (Russia), this kind of extreme weather might just be a small event for him.

What worried Lu Yan was the rising value on the sensor watch in his hand.

Pollution value: 2, 000.

The System said faintly, [Mutated flock of birds— they were originally a flock of geese, now they’re called Thunderbirds. E-level Pollutants that usually appear in flocks.]

[They are migrating, this plane of yours just happened to encounter them.]

[Seriously, this System advises the host to go out less. The fact is that you will always trigger a disaster buff whenever you go out.]

“Animals can also mutate?”

[Animals are also living things, why can’t they mutate? In addition to animals, it’s also possible for plants. Anything with life can mutate. Especially things in the sea… They are much scarier than the Pollutants formed from human mutations.]

[The mutations on land started a hundred years ago. But the mutations in the sea had lasted for hundreds of years…] 

Lu Yan ignored the flight attendant’s dissuasion. He unbuckled his seatbelt and came to Zhou Qiming’s side.

“Zhou Qiming.” Lu Yan shook him awake, “Wake up, there are Pollutants.”

As the plane was shaking, Lu Yan had almost propped his hands in front of Zhou Qiming’s body, like doing a kabedon.2

Zhou Qiming’s eyes were hazy, and he hadn’t yet recovered from his hangover, so he said with tears in his eyes, “Dr. Lu, you are so handsome. I’ve figured it out, I’m willing to be a gong for love.”

At that moment, Lu Yan wanted to pour a bottle of water on his face to sober him up. 

The author has something to say:

PS. Enlightened/Pollutant Classes/Levels Classification.

0-500: F-Class

500-1, 500: E-Class

1, 500-2, 500: D-Class

2, 500-5, 000: C-Class

5, 000-8, 000: B-Class 

8, 000-10, 000: A-Class

10, 000+: S-Class

Translator’s Note

Kris Xian:

Girls: I like you.

Lu Yan: I like men.

Looking for a Gong: I like you.

Lu Yan: I like gongs.

Poor ZQM. XD

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