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  • After the Global Evolution, I Stand at the Top of the Food Chain

    Chapter 027: [Untitled]

    This chapter is translated by Hoenimochi, translation checked by Rin, edited by Bluburry, and proofread by Kris Xian.

    Lu Yan stood there, hadn’t reacted yet to Tang Xun’an’s phrase “You girls.”

    He said to Zhou Qiming with complicated emotions, “Hurry up and delete the gender female setting for me.”

    Zhou Qiming scratched his head, “But we are still in the Dragon Maiden Lake, do we really want to delete it now? What if we become pregnant?”

    Lu Yan thought about it for a while and felt that what Zhou Qiming said actually made sense, so he gave up.


    Several people gathered around the small golden snake. Chen Shi’er went to the car and took a food storage box, muttering under his breath, “I’m not trying to take it away, I’m just getting a box to put it in.”

    The dragon snake was packed in a glass box. Under the sunlight, it looked like it was some delicious jelly.

    This kind of special item stripped from the Pollutants had always been something good.

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    He was not the kind of person who wouldn’t appreciate getting a good deal, so he expressed his gratitude very sincerely.


    Lu Yan made another dinner on the way back. Four dishes and one soup, fragrant and delicious, it was so tasty that Chen Shi’er wanted to cry and call “Mom.”

    As the RV left the mountain village, the mountainous area where the Dragon Maiden Lake was located was once again covered by dense fog. There was no way out, and no way back in. 

    Detective looked back and glanced, “Is it really okay to leave Mr. Zhao there? He’s the only normal person there, right…”

    There was inevitably some worry in his tone.

    “That was his own choice.” Lu Yan said, “For him, it is already the best choice.”

    Zhou Qiming sent Lu Yan back to K City.

    Instead of going to the PDC, Lu Yan returned home, logged into the Enlightened Forum, and transferred the contribution points to the other three.

    Just when he was about to quit the site, a new message popped up.

    [Tyrant requested to add you as a friend? Accept/Refuse]

    Lu Yan was taken aback and chose to accept.

    A few minutes later, a message came in the chatbox.

    Tyrant: Are you into women’s clothing?


    Because of excessive mental pressure, many Enlighteneds had some problems with their mentality.

    He knew that Lu Yan was a man. But how was it that both times when he saw Lu Yan, he was dressed like a female high school student. This made Tang Xun’an very… confused.

    Curious Listener: ?

    A few days later.

    On a narrow road covered with fog, two figures— one tall and one short— walked on it.

    The slightly shorter person slowly said, “Right now, only a few people know. Evolution actually has a course. Just like many years ago, all living things originated from a common cell. Over thousands of years of evolution, different classes have been formed.”

    His voice sounded like a male for a while, and then sounded like a female the next moment. His age also sounded different, which was extremely peculiar.

    “For you, the final form of evolution is… Are you listening or not?!”

    Next to him, Shen Qingyang stretched out a pitch-black tentacle on his waist, lifted off the white T-shirt, and yawned, “Teacher, I’m sleepy.”

    He was probably really sleepy. Even the eyeballs on the tentacles were half-closed.

    Because he was staying up late to study high school textbook knowledge, he had not been sleeping enough lately. One thing Shen Qingyang regretted in life was that he had only a junior high school education qualification. Therefore, he couldn’t raise his head in front of Lu Yan because of his low self-esteem.

    It was a pity that he didn’t have money for tuition at the beginning. He earned enough tuition fees later, but missed the qualified age of studying and had no time to study.


    So much so that he didn’t start high school until now.

    Prophet also didn’t expect that it was useless to bewitch him for a long time. In the end, the reason that Shen Qingyang agreed to join the group was actually because of his 705 score in the college entrance examination.

    Prophet’s own pollution value was not low, but because of the mutation in his brain, his combat power was not very strong.

    If Shen Qingyang fought with him, he probably could only yield ten of his tentacles.

    Therefore, Prophet could not actually do anything to him.

    He was silent for a moment and said gloomily, “If you still have this attitude, I won’t tell you how to solve the hyperbolic equation.”

    Shen Qingyang immediately put away his tentacles and said solemnly, “Teacher, please continue.”

    The Pollutants whose mutation degree had exceeded 7,000 were all learning. What excuses do human beings have for not working hard?

    Prophet felt much better now.

    The only eye on his front face slightly narrowed, “I started out the arrangement 30 years ago. Dragon Maiden Lake is our first step. Let the mutated Dragon Maiden nurture the Kingfish, after devouring it, you will be one step closer to the divine throne.

    “Counting the days, the Kingfish should’ve been bred around this time.”

    Shen Qingyang was not interested in becoming a god, but he really had nothing to do.


    “As the Pollutants evolved, they would inevitably devour their own kind. You have to eat more.”

    “Although I don’t know why, that Kingfish did not parasitize on you. But among all the initial forms of this sequence, you are the closest to a God.”

    A trace of enthusiasm appeared in Prophet’s eyes. “Sooner or later, this world will be ours.”

    The two Pollutants walked for a long time, and at the end of their line of sight, a small village finally appeared.

    Shen Qingyang still felt uncomfortable after leaving the water for too long, even if there was a layer of water vapor wrapped around him.

    The men with big bellies were muddle-headed, their eyes were empty, and no one even looked at them.

    Shen Qingyang couldn’t help frowning, “They smell so bad.”

    After all, they were human beings who were already in the third stage of distortion.

    “Don’t worry, they are just simply the Dragon Maiden culture medium.”1as in breeding medium. Prophet said indifferently, “Let’s go to the Dragon Maiden Lake. Although it’s also a perfect evolutionary body, it will not be your opponent. It just so happens that you also need to train yourself through battle now.”

    By the Dragon Maiden Lake, Zhao Cheng was still chatting with his daughter. The Dragon Maiden who was listening quietly by the lake suddenly straightened up.

    Her cloudy irises lacked pupils, but she was a little more vigilant for no reason.

    She gently pushed her father with her hand, “…Go.”

    Zhao Cheng was a little puzzled, “Where to go?”

    The Dragon Maiden still couldn’t say much, she could only point to the woods on one side, and repeated, “Go.”

    Zhao Cheng didn’t understand why, but he still walked into the woods.

    The Dragon Maiden sneaked into the bottom of the lake.

    In the Dragon Maiden Lake, hundreds of little Dragon Maidens circled her side.

    A few minutes later, two people came to the shore.

    Prophet cleared his throat, and the human face behind him actually shouted in Zhao Cheng’s voice, “YuanYuan— Are you there? Dad came to see you.”

    But the Dragon Maiden Lake was still calm, and just set off a wave of undercurrents.

    “Can’t trick her.” Prophet said, “Do it.”

    Shen Qingyang let out an “en,” and his lower body began to twist, turning into a ball of octopus-like tentacles.

    These tentacles were so long and thick that Shen Qingyang’s entire body became much taller.

    An inky-black tentacle reached under the water surface, splashing a stream of water.

    At the bottom of the lake, the little Dragon Maidens screamed and rushed towards it. However, the fangs that could tear Zhou Qiming’s skin so easily could not even leave a single tooth mark on the surface of his tentacle.

    The second tentacle also reached into the water.

    Dragon Maiden Lake was not small, but Dragon Maiden’s snake tail was longer.

    Shen Qingyang’s tentacles found her easily. Then, like a fishing net, it tightened fiercely.

    He fished the Dragon Maiden out from the lake.

    Prophet was a little surprised, feeling that the Dragon Maiden seemed much weaker than he imagined.

    One of Shen Qingyang’s tentacles pierced through her snake’s tail and nailed her to the ground.

    The Prophet looked at her abdomen, and soon, uncontrollable anger appeared in his tone, “Where is the fish fetus I asked you to raise?!”

    The blood stained the grass on the shore, and the gills that the Dragon Maiden used to breathe on land had been cut off. The suffocation and the severe pain from the snake’s tail made her scream in pain.

    Zhao Cheng couldn’t see, and he didn’t know what happened, but that didn’t prevent him from hearing his daughter’s cry for help.

    At that moment, his mind was blank, and he couldn’t care less about anything else.

    The Dragon Maiden heard him yelling, “What are you doing! Let go of my daughter!”

    Don’t… Don’t come out…!

    The Dragon Maiden wanted to keep him hidden, but the current situation simply did not allow her to do so!

    Zhao Cheng had never run so fast before, and his body even burst out with the speed and strength that a person should not have in his old age.

    At this moment, he didn’t even realize that he had awakened into an Enlightened.

    But a newly awakened Enlightened was so weak that it was pitiful. Shen Qingyang didn’t even need to take action; Prophet grabbed Zhao Cheng by the neck and lifted him into the air.

    “It was him that asked you to pull out your nails, scratch your dragon scales, peel your gills, and cut your abdomen?” Prophet’s tone was full of playfulness.

    Not caring about her own injuries, the Dragon Maiden angrily stretched out her hand and attacked Prophet, but was quickly beaten to the side by Shen Qingyang’s third tentacle that came swinging in the air.

    She crawled on the ground and coughed up mouthfuls of blood.

    Prophet said to Shen Qingyang, “See, this is what happens when you act on your emotions. Emotion is the most useless thing in this world. All relationships are only divided into which one is useful, and which one is useless.”

    Shen Qingyang thought about it, still with a smile on his face, “Is that so?”

    Prophet took two steps forward and pressed Zhao Cheng’s face to the Dragon Maiden’s side.

    “Who did you give the Kingfish to?” Prophet said in a cold and indifferent tone. “Tell me.”

    The Dragon Maiden kept hissing and struggled to crawl towards her father.

    “Oh, I forgot you can’t talk. Then I’ll change the question.”

    The Prophet grabbed Zhao Cheng’s hair and asked, “Who brought you to the Dragon Maiden Lake?”

    Zhao Cheng’s condition was exceptionally bad. He stretched out his hand tremblingly and patted the back of Dragon Maiden’s hand. “YuanYuan, a long time ago, Dad told you… sooner or later, Dad will leave you first. To be born, to age, to fall sick, and to die are normal. You must have a bottom line and dignity as a human. Dad is really happy to see you again. I’m very blessed. It’s like, back then when I held you for the first time, you were little…”

    Prophet was not interested in father-daughter love at all, which would make him think of some disgusting memories.

    “Hurry up—” He interrupted the conversation between the two of them.

    Zhao Cheng spat on Prophet’s face, “I won’t tell you! You damn dog.”

    After saying that, he used both hands and viciously snapped his own neck.

    273rd Ability — Giant Strength.

    Translator’s Note

    Kris Xian: Here’s Shen Qingyang. The secondary source of these artworks is the author’s Weibo. I saved these long ago and now I forgot the primary artists.

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