After the Global Evolution, I Stand at the Top of the Food Chain

Chapter 016: “Then all these years, I’ve been putting in all these efforts for nothing?”

This chapter is translated by BigDivineBear, translation checked by Rin, and edited by Cia.

In many cases, hiding under the bed in a crisis was never a wise choice.

Lu Yan’s life was monotonous, but he was unexpectedly fond of watching horror movies to relieve stress. In many of these movies, the cannon fodders died under the bed.

But in the end, the bed was the only cover available in the bedroom. In terms of safety, it was much more secure than hiding in the closet.

He could also choose to recklessly face-off with the nanny, but his physical condition did not allow it.


The other party was holding a big axe. With his spiritual power threshold of over 500 in this dream and adding the small dagger, it might not even be enough for the other to cut him twice.

The axe smashed the door plate into smithereens. The nanny reached into the door and unhooked the security chain to unlock it.

There was no one in the room, it was dead silent.

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“I hate you rich people the most. A girl’s bedroom is bigger than my house.”


“Miss Lu, have you ever been poor? Have you ever tried squeezing a family of five people into a 20-square-foot rental house? The father was sick, and the grandparents were in poor health. It was because of this that my son developed a habit of picking and stealing. He just wanted to reduce the burden on the family.”

The nanny’s tone became more and more furious, as if she was venting her anger. She chopped a few more times into the closet, flying scraps hit her face but the nanny didn’t even blink her eyes.

Although you could see rust on the axe’s surface, it was unexpectedly sharp.

“He must be a bad person in your eyes, but who was it that made him like this? Mr. Lu is a good person. He provided legal aid to my husband who couldn’t repay his debts and even gave me a job. However… For what reason can you enjoy all of this, just because you were born into a good family?”

The nanny took the axe and walked slowly to the princess bed in the corner of the bedroom.

Lu Yan could clearly see the pair of bloated feet coming towards him.

He squeezed the chain in his hand and rehearsed the movements in his mind hundreds of times, including what to do if faced with a different emergency…

But, in this dream, he only had one opportunity.

The nanny’s figure kept approaching, and her ankles appeared extraordinarily sturdy.

Lu Yan calculated the distance in his mind, he threw the iron chains from under the bed, making it form a circle.

It just so happened that the foot of the babysitter stepped in it completely. The unusual movement made her lower her head in confusion.

Thanks to the mutation degree that has soared to more than 80 in this dream, Lu Yan’s current reaction speed was faster than that of the Anurae1[Chinese: 蛙人; pinyin: waren; literal translation: frog man. ‘Anura’ (plural: Anurae) is a term derived from the frog’s scientific name, Anura.] he had encountered before. He drilled out from the bottom of the bed like an arrow. Within a few breaths, he had already run to the other side of the room.


Feeling that the chain had tightened, Lu Yan pulled hard towards himself without hesitation.

People with large tonnage are particularly prone to imbalances. The nanny, caught off guard, tripped and fell to the ground. The axe also fell making a dull loud noise.

The nanny was in pain and let out a roar from her throat. Lu Yan stepped forward holding the dagger, this was the first time he saw the whole appearance of the monster.

It was an obese woman with a height of two meters. Her body was covered with thick heavy layers of fat, and her belly was high and bulging as if another person was fitted into it. 

Lu Yan had no doubt that he would only be able to pierce the top surface layer of fat with his knife.

So he had to temporarily change his plan and instead chose to pierce the dagger into the eyes of the nanny.

The nanny was very heavy and had a lot of strength. However, it didn’t seem like she was good at fighting.

He knew that this was an unavoidable situation, one of them had to die, so he was merciless when he took action. There was no pause even when the nanny grabbed his neck.

The sharp blade pierced her eyeballs, and Lu Yan’s hand was splashed with blood that had long rotted, black and smelly.


The nanny covered her eyes and screamed in agony. She didn’t expect Lu Yan to resist so strongly.

The two hands from the marsupial pouch also came out at this time. Following his mother’s will, he firmly grasped Lu Yan’s waist.


The extremely cold smell of a corpse invaded his body, half of Lu Yan’s body was frozen into a paralyzed state by the cold air.

The Kingfish in his body has never been so active. Lu Yan’s palm cracked open, a huge grinning mouth appeared, and bit off the son’s dry black arm in one bite.

A male scream sounded in the bedroom. Both arms retracted in pain.

The pollutant in the nursery bag was much more vulnerable than his mother. After all, it was still in the process of gestation and has not fully developed.

After chewing twice, the mouth thought it was too unpalatable, and spat out the scrawny hands.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion but Lu Yan even heard it gag.

“You damn little bitch!” The nanny grabbed the chain and flew into a rage, “You actually dare hurt my son, I’ll kill you!”

Because of her son’s injury, the nanny’s condition became weaker.

Lu Yan realized something in an instant: She was a pregnant woman.

Under these conditions, there was no better weak point than the stomach.

Lu Yan drew out the knife and pierced her belly with his backhand.

The nanny subconsciously wanted to protect the child in her stomach, but soon realized that only by resolving Lu Yan can she easily protect him. So, regardless of the possibility of her son being injured, she swooped forward and pressed on Lu Yan.


Lu Yan rushed out like a slippery fish, but before he could even rejoice, he was pulled back by the nanny using the chain.

Damn… He didn’t expect that the first time he’d be pulled back by the ankle like that, wouldn’t happen in bed.

Lu Yan couldn’t untie the chain, so he and the nanny were now “grasshoppers tied to the same rope.” It tripped the nanny before, but now it restricted him.

To be honest, this wasn’t a very good way to deal with the opponent, but Lu Yan couldn’t think of another way to clear the stage in such an urgent situation.

Too weak. He didn’t have enough power.

Lu Yan deeply felt the helplessness in this sentence.

The nanny choked his neck, staring at him with blood-red eyes. Her face was covered by madness. If it wasn’t for the fact that his body was strengthened, Lu Yan’s neck would’ve probably snapped by now.

The nanny panted with pain and looked terrifying, “Little b**ch, I finally caught you. Let me see where you can run to now!”

She grabbed Lu Yan’s neck with one hand and reached for the giant axe with the other.

When the axe was about to fall, Lu Yan closed his eyes subconsciously. This had nothing to do with fear, it was an instinctive reaction of the body.

Then, he choked on the blood that directly fell on his face.

The nanny’s head hit Lu Yan’s face, it hurt a lot.

Lu Yan eased from his suffocation and let out a few painful coughs.

“Little girl, where’s your guardian?” A lazy-sounding question came from above his head.

Lu Yan sat up, raised his head, and looked at the person.

Very tall. Lu Yan himself was 1.8 meters tall and the person in front of him was at least half a head taller than him.

Logically, it was inevitable that a person who was tall would look very strong, but the other person’s figure was long, he had a graceful beauty like a shark diving under the sea.

A dark long knife hung on his waist, and he had a pair of excessively bright golden eyes.

When he was sizing up Tang Xun’an, the other party was also looking at him.

The data report of the detector came from Tang Xun’an’s headset, “The target’s mutation degree is 81.7.”

She was actually not a pollutant.

Tang Xun’an called him a little girl.

Lu Yan lowered his head and glanced at himself. He felt that with his height, and the slightly bulging arc on his groin, it was impossible for him to be recognized as a girl no matter how he looked at it.

But thinking about his identity in this dream, Lu Yan reasonably speculated that his body looked like a girl in the eyes of others.

The Kingfish, who had been quietly lurking under his skin, suddenly became agitated for no reason. Lu Yan was one with it so he could clearly perceive the fear from the Kingfish.

This kind of fear had not appeared even when facing Lu Jiahe.

Therefore, Lu Yan’s eyes inevitably showed vigilance.

Tang Xun’an waited for a long time but didn’t receive a reply from Lu Yan. He glanced at him and saw the sensor watch on Lu Yan’s wrist, feeling that it was very familiar.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, “En, a comrade? I haven’t seen you before.”

It is reasonable to say that if he could reach this level in the dreams, even if he were a colleague, his skills should not be too shabby. Tang Xun’an recalled his memories for a long time, and although there were many powerful female Enlighteneds that had left an impression on him, none of them looked like Lu Yan.

According to Tang Xun’an’s aesthetics, the girl in front of him didn’t look half bad, much like the campus belle2[Originally “school flower,” which pertains to the prettiest girl in school.] who wore white clothes in the next class when he was still in high school. Even if one had only seen her photo, it was hard to not have a favorable impression. 

Lu Yan’s hand quietly grabbed the dagger behind him, “Who are you?”

Tang Xun’an was stunned, “You don’t recognize me? Then all these years, I’ve been putting in all these efforts for nothing?” 

Lu Yan pursed his lips. On the watch, this person’s mutation degree was 98. It was already very dangerous.

But he thought about it again. He couldn’t even beat the nanny and yet this person killed it with a single blow. Even if he deteriorated into a pollutant, he would still be unable to beat him. Thus he quickly put down his guard.

He began to lower his head, using the bedsheets to deal with his injuries.

It was mainly the arm. It had been scratched by the axe and has been bleeding out since then.

His technique was very professional.

“Doesn’t it hurt? I have a military tranquilizer here.” Tang Xun’an handed a cigarette, “There is no tar or nicotine and its lychee flavored. It’s made into a cigarette because it’s small and easy to carry.

Lu Yan, “No need.”

This little girl was quite alert.

But Tang Xun’an thought of the social news that he occasionally saw while surfing the Internet, and he felt that it was not incomprehensible.

He thought for a moment and took out his credentials from his bosom, “Here, take a look. Where’s yours?”

It was a work permit issued by the PDC.

Lu Yan glanced at it and there were only two lines on the front.

Tang Xun’an.

S-Class Enlightened.

Below was the job number, fingerprint, and DNA code.

Lu Yan found his own card and handed it to him.

“Only an F-Class. Seems like you haven’t been in the industry for long. You probably haven’t even participated in the training session yet so it’s natural that you don’t know me.” Tang Xun’an’s heart suddenly felt a lot lighter, “Who took your ID picture? This skill level is too bad, the picture looks like a man’s.”

Lu Yan hesitated to speak but stopped, “…”

He didn’t really want to explain.

Tang Xun’an, “Although the problems seem to have been solved, I came here because I felt that the pollution value is the highest here.”

He pointed to the nanny lying down on the ground, “I didn’t even need to draw a knife to kill this thing. So it shouldn’t be the boss of the last layer of the Wall of Resentment.”

The Wall of Resentment…?

Lu Yan thought of something and suddenly looked at the blood-stained wall.

It was completely covered by blood and concealed the original first two words, “Save Me”.

“I was performing the mission with Lin Sinan. Then I slept and woke up here. The highest level pollutant here is…”

Before Lu Yan finished speaking, Tang Xun’an suddenly stretched out a finger and gently pressed it on his lips.

The surrounding temperature began to rise.

In Lu Yan’s eyes, the world was submerged in a layer of red.

The red light unceasingly drew near.

The dark horizon seemed like it was ripped open by a shooting star, lighting up one side – No, it was not a shooting star. It might be more appropriate to describe it as a meteorite.

But it wasn’t a meteorite. It was a person lit up in flames.

It had no facial features, and there were traces of carbonization all over the body, which was no different from the coal people previously seen on the side of the road.

As it approached, everything around it gradually became carbonized, like a scorched plant.

Only the white bone spurs growing on its dark body made Lu Yan realize what it was: This was Lu Jiahe.

The older brother.

Lu Jiahe received the text message so he didn’t dare stop for even a moment.

But if it weren’t for Tang Xun’an, in the end he would be a step late. He would lose his sister yet again, just like many years ago.

Lu Jiahe seemed to remember something in his chaotic mind, but he was unable to hold on to it. Because at this time, there was only one thought left in his mind.

The flames directly melted half of the wall, and even if there were no facial features, Lu Yan could feel the undisguised killing intent from his brother. Especially when he saw the bloodstains on Lu Yan’s body, the killing intent almost materialized its own form.

In the city, except for the place where Lu Yan was, a raging fire erupted everywhere else.

Lu Jiahe looked at Tang Xun’an and said in an eerie tone, “Was it you that hurt her?”

Tang Xun’an slightly narrowed his eyes, a hint of excitement flashed under it. It was the thirst for battle.

He subconsciously moved Lu Yan behind him, and Yellow Dust was placed in front of him, “It wasn’t me, but you’re somewhat qualified to make me draw my sword.”

“Damn… He didn’t expect that the first time he’d be pulled back by the ankle like that, wouldn’t happen in bed.” 

Kris Xian: The NSFW connotations of this sentence… Hahahahah!  And yup, Tang Xun’an is our ML.

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