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  • After the Global Evolution, I Stand at the Top of the Food Chain

    Chapter 015: Save Me

    This chapter is translated by Hoenimochi, translation checked by Rin, and edited by Cia.

    It was quite difficult to wake up a person who was pretending to be asleep.

    Lu Jiahe straightened Lu Yan’s lapel1Lapels are the folded flaps of cloth on the front of a jacket or coat, it’s most commonly found on formal clothing and suit jackets. as if he couldn’t smell the scent of blood on his body.

    He was careful in doing this, for fear that the bone spikes on the back of his hand would scratch Lu Yan’s skin.

    “Gege is going on a business trip and will be back in two days.” Lu Jiahe’s voice was very soft, “After gege cleans up the school, you can go back.”


    Lu Yan was tied back to the bedside again. He felt very irritable inside, but because he couldn’t beat Lu Jiahe, he could only hold back.

    Lu Jiahe closed the door, “Wait for me to come back.”

    There was a layer of gloomy crimson under his eyes.

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    Nw Zyd nswzed’v blzr cwv alrzu, “Ebs yal usw?”

    A red exclamation mark appeared on the phone. His phone was not in a serviceable area, so naturally, no messages could be sent.


    Lu Yan was woken up by some noises. Because he was too bored, and he didn’t sleep well before, not long after taking a bath, he fell asleep leaning on the bed.

    He woke up and looked at the sky outside the window, it was completely dark. Probably because he hadn’t eaten for more than 30 hours, Lu Yan’s stomach grumbled untimely, a little hungry.

    The sound of a door opening came from downstairs, accompanied by the seemingly non-existent call, “Lu Yán~! Miss Lu, it’s time to come down and eat.”

    “Mr. Lu would be angry if he finds out that I didn’t take care of you.”

    “I receive my salary from Mr. Lu, so naturally I can’t let him down, right?”

    “Lu Yán, come out quickly.”

    He was unable to distinguish the gender by the voice, but it was so hoarse that it was unpleasant to hear, like scratching at a blackboard with nails.

    In the dark night, the sound of footsteps could be heard. Lu Yan listened carefully, it was as if someone was dragging something. In addition to the footsteps, there was also the sound of something metal hitting the wall.

    Lu Yan listened to the sounds, it seemed like some kind of controlled knife.2China’s definition of controlled knives includes daggers with a tip angle of less than 60 degrees, three-edge scraping blades, spring-loaded knives and any knife with blade length of more than 220mm.

    The value on his sensor watch rose rapidly as the person approached. It soon broke through 1000, and finally stabilized at a value of 1500.

    Lu Yan’s current spiritual power threshold barely reached a fraction of this Pollutant.

    He decisively stood up and locked the door.


    Lu Yan didn’t know if what he did was useful, but the chains tied to his feet had no intention of loosening, which meant that his range of motion was limited to this bedroom.

    On the wall, the dried red blood seemed to come alive, seeping out of the wallpaper, and dripping onto the floor.

    He remembered this should be the nanny Lu Jiahe invited, but Lu Yan had not forgotten the news he had seen during the day.

    He held the dagger, took a deep breath, and tried to cut the chain with it, but the chain was stronger than he thought. The double-edged dagger worth 500 contribution points stirred up a burst of sparks but did not leave any trace on the iron lock.

    However, the nanny had already arrived at the door.

    At first, she wanted to open the door quietly, but when she found that Lu Yan had locked it, she turned to knocking vigorously.

    The door of the bedroom was just a wooden door, which seemed to have been strengthened to a certain extent in the dream. Even if the knock on the door was frantic as if beating a drum, the bedroom door just kept shaking and didn’t directly break into pieces.

    “Lu Yan, why are you being so childish!” The nanny’s voice was full of anger, “Open the door!”

    In the room, the four eyes that had stayed constantly open were closed tightly at this time. Lu Yan speculated that this meant that the surveillance in the room had been cut off.

    Lu Yan looked for a weapon that he could use in the room, and answered calmly, “I’m not hungry.”

    “You have to eat even if you’re not hungry. Your brother spoils you too much!” the nanny said, “It’s not that I’m blaming you, but where exactly did your brother wrong you?! I’ve never seen a sister like you! It wasn’t easy for him to bring you up, how can you be so unfilial? Your brother is so busy at work, can’t you at least save him the trouble?”

    This was probably the image of Lu Yán in the eyes of outsiders.


    In the eyes of outsiders, the Lu family accident was completely just a misfortune, and it was hard to say whether it had any direct relation with Lu Jiahe.

    Lu Yán might also understand this, but after losing her parents, she could only vent this unspeakable pain through anger.

    Outside the door, the nanny raised the axe in her hand.

    She was a strong-looking woman, nearly two meters tall. She wore a bright lipstick and blue eyeshadow, a cotton-padded jacket and trousers. The nanny’s jacket was open, there was a baby pouch, similar to a kangaroo’s, on her belly. A thin, scorched arm poked out of the baby pouch and kept groping around.

    That was her dear son.

    Although her son was light-fingered and had a bad habit of petty theft, he only had ill intentions of stealing as he ran into the employer’s sister. It was true that Lu Yán was not killed by his son. Lu Yan fell to her death when she jumped out the window to escape!

    This was her dear baby. She had been feeding him spoonfuls of milk and rice until now. He was the lifeblood of the old Wang family and her spiritual support. How could he go to jail?

    But this damn Lu Jiahe— the nanny knew that he was a well-known lawyer in the industry. He had a reputation for providing pro bono3Pro bono publico (English: “for the public good”; usually shortened to pro bono) is a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment. The term typically refers to provision of legal services by legal professionals for people who are unable to afford them. legal assistance to many families in need, repeatedly rendering the perpetrators speechless in court, and firmly punishing every criminal with the maximum sentence permitted by law.

    If they let her son bear all the crimes, he would only have the option of paying with his life.

    Therefore, she explained that Lu Yán was pushed down the window by her. She was so furious during their quarrel that she pushed her.

    This was her confession.

    It was just that the nanny didn’t expect one thing.


    Lu Jiahe believed in the rule of law. Ee firmly believed that only the law had the power to punish the guilty, even if sometimes, the code was not appropriate.

    The nanny didn’t expect that such a person would choose to use illegal punishment.

    Lu Jiahe spent a month memorizing her son’s travel route and behavior. Finally, one night, he secretly took him away without anyone knowing.

    He locked his son in a basement, castrated him, cut his flesh inch by inch with a knife, and finally set his body on fire, burning him into charcoal.

    After committing such a heinous crime, the murderer seemed to have disappeared from the world without a trace. He did not even accept legal sanctions! Only her tragically dead son was left to wander alone in hell.

    She was deeply distraught about this.

    Fortunately, in this world, the nanny can put his son back in her stomach and help him regenerate again.

    The nanny raised the bloody axe and slammed it on the door.

    The axe blade emerged from the other side of the wooden door breaking it into many pieces.

    “Miss Lu Yán, don’t hide anymore. Come out to eat…” A smile appeared on her face, “Don’t hide, my son misses you, too.”

    The nanny stretched out a hand, fumbled a bit, and found the doorknob.

    Lu Yan hid under the bed and pulled out his phone.

    The phone still had no signal.

    He found the dialogue with Gege in the inbox and sent two words without hope, “Help me.”

    -Enlightened Forum-

    Subject: The newly emerging polluted areas in the suburbs of K City and M City are a collection of Level A Pollutants, ‘Dream Eater’ and ‘Walls of Resentment’. The K City and M City PDCs have dispatched more than 12 Enlighteneds and more than 110 soldiers to assist in the investigation, but no one survived during the operation. It is tentatively designated as a Level A pollution incident.

    1L: No one survived??? This is too scary. Is there any more news on those who returned?

    2L: My house is right in that area. Fuck, K City and M City are next to me. It has always been peaceful before, and the parasitic fish in the Level C pollution incident also occurred in K City a few days ago.

    3L: Earth, is doomed one way or another.

    4L: There have been more changes recently than in the past ten years, and they are all obvious. Now the news of the pollution disease and the Enlightened has been made public… I hope it will not cause more commotion.

    5L: What’s it like abroad? The “Heavenly Calamity” in the Level S pollution zone really wiped out a small island country. There is no point in hiding this situation. Sooner or later, everyone will find out that the Public Relations Department has been working overtime for several years and deleting posts on the Internet every day. Let them rest.

    6L: Too weak and small, no power.JPG 4 (smoking)

    73L: Latest news. The Tyrant and his drag-along were dealing with the “Wall of Resentment” before. The wall originally appeared abroad last time, and now it has reached M City, he should have followed in.

    74L: Did the Tyrant go in? Then it’s been four days, why is there no news at all.

    75L: Dream Eater Nightmare Realm + Wall of Resentment, the combination of resentment and reincarnation, no one knows how many small instances are in it… Give them some time to kill?

    “15 minutes before the start of the entrance exam. Invigilators, please organize the candidates and enter the examination room…”

    The voice on the speakers was a bit eerie.

    Tang Xun’an stood in the corridor, leaning on the balcony to smoke, watching the Pollutants passing by.

    These strangely distorted people have vicious expressions on their faces, staring at Tang Xun’an motionlessly, the saliva at the corners of their mouths almost dripped to the ground.

    “Want to eat me?” Tang Xun’an’s tone was provocative and a little sloppy, “Come here then.”

    Nonetheless, these pollutants didn’t dare to come over. The exam was about to begin. If one violated the examination room discipline, they would be torn to pieces by the invigilator.

    Tang Xun’an pinched off the military tranquilizer, his tone was sad, “I didn’t think I would still have nightmares about the college entrance exams when I’ve already graduated for so many years.”

    The stairs vibrated, and in the dark corridor, a pair of scarlet eyes lit up like lights.

    A steaming hot fish smell was brought by the wind. It was a sickening putrid smell.

    A two-headed giant wolf, which was a floor tall, came out of the stairs.

    This was the invigilator for this exam.

    Mutational Course: Gigantization, Animalization.

    The giant wolf asked under its breath, “Why didn’t you enter the examination room?”

    Tang Xun’an put his hand on the Tang Blade5The term Tang Blade is the general term for the four styles of swords in the Sui and Tang dynasties, including Yi Blade, Zhang Blade, Heng Blade, and Mo Blade. on his waist. This sword is completely dark and had a very special name, “Yellow Dust.”

    Yellow dust and clear water under the Three Mountains. Shift with every thousand years, as fast as a galloping horse.*

    This name was naturally not randomly chosen. People at the Research Institute said that there was no one who was more suitable for this ancient sword than Tang Xun’an.

    “Of course, it’s because… I’m waiting for you.” Tang Xun’an drew the sword and casually smiled.

    It’s somewhat different from his usual laid-back temperament, his eyebrows were too cold, like a snow coming late in the middle of winter. Therefore, when he laughed, it inevitably reminded people of the trickle of water under the ice layer in early spring.

    Tang Xun’an was quick to strike his blade and even quicker in withdrawing it.

    The light of the sword flashed, and the werewolf in front of him was cut into two. Its blood gushed out and wet the soles of his shoes.

    The changes of the corpse did not stop there, the werewolf’s dark hair turned gray, showing its aging state, and the body shrank continuously. In just a few breaths, it was like dried bacon, quickly dried and weathered.

    There were two ways to crack the dream. The first was to kill the Pollutant with the highest pollution value in the dream, and the second was to awaken the dreamer.

    For the purpose of saving time, Tang Xun’an had always used the first method.

    He took out his pocket watch and glanced at the value of 97.2. It was a value that would make the Headquarters of the PDC nervous and pass out.

    The only benefit in the dream was that although the pain was real, no matter the pollution value or the injury, they were actually all fake. As long as they didn’t die and didn’t become a Pollutant, then there wouldn’t be any serious problems.

    The space in front of him began to twist, reorganize, and finally turned into another dream.

    A road appeared in front of Tang Xun’an, not knowing where it led to. There was a faint smell of sulfur in the air. On the side of the road, several charred corpses occasionally struggled to climb forward a step or two.

    “The pollution value exceeds 10,000. Finally…” Tang Xun’an looked at the distant city, “Can I get off work?”

    The author has something to say:

    *From Li He’s “Dreaming of Heaven.”

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