After the Global Evolution, I Stand at the Top of the Food Chain

Chapter 014: “Don’t be mad, meimei.”

This chapter is translated by BigDivineBear, translation checked by Rin, and edited by Cia.

After the brother left, the pollution value on the sensor watch gradually decreased, allowing Lu Yan some space to breathe.

The length of the chain was just enough to allow Lu Yan to walk from the head of the bed to the toilet.

The eyeballs in the corner of the wall constantly followed Lu Yan’s movements. This feeling of being constantly monitored was very uncomfortable.

In addition to the bed, the bedroom also had a TV, desk, bookcase, dressing table, and so on.


The dressing table was full of cosmetics and skincare products. Lu Yan randomly picked one out, and the brand of the face cream read LA MER.

Lu Yan only used Longrich and Vaseline for his skincare, but he had vaguely heard about the price of LA MER.

From this you could see that the sister’s daily life was very luxurious.

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To his surprise, there was an unfamiliar contact in the text messages of his mobile phone.


Remarks: Lu Jiahe.

The messages stopped in December 2111.

Lu Yan clicked on it and saw that it was basically all just messages from the other party. He scrolled up and decided to start reading from the first one.

The first text message was sent in 2109.

[You told me you had cram school after class, so I didn’t have to pick you up. But what is this?]


It seemed to be secretly taken. In the picture, he could see the backs of two people. A man and a woman. The distance between them was normal, not excessively intimate. 

[Did you fucking find someone to supervise me again?]

[I’m just worried about you.]

[You’re crazy. Get lost.]

[Today is Mom and Dads’ memorial day, do you want to go visit their graves with me? ]

[You still have the face to see mom and dad?]


[If it weren’t for you, my parents wouldn’t have died.]

[How are things at school? ]

[The teacher said you had a fight with the girls in your class. What happened?]

[I’m really worried about you acting like this. Let’s go back to M City. Although M City cannot be compared to the first-tier cities, it will be convenient to take care of you.]

[No need.]

This pair of siblings’ interactions was quite strange.

The text messages were everyday conversations. However, for almost a year, there were no exchanges.

Lu Yan frowned slightly and scrolled to the end.

[Lu Yán.]

[Where are you? Answer me.]

[Answer the phone.]

[I beg you, please don’t abandon gege.]


There was still no Internet on his phone. Lu Yan clicked on his WeChat, which was still his own account. It had not become Lu Yán’s WeChat account.

He thought for a while and turned on the TV in the bedroom, tuning in to the news.

As expected, the current date was displayed in the lower-left corner of the TV.

July 21, 2111.

On the TV, the anchor reported the local news.

“Recently, a wicked criminal case occurred in our city…”

Lu Yan came to the desk with a fashion magazine on top. Near the lamp was a row of nail polish.

A report card was underneath the magazine, and Lu Yán’s name came second to last.

This showed that the sister’s grades weren’t good. No wonder Lu Jiahe was so worried.

Combined with the way she spoke, the image of a delinquent girl with a bad attitude immediately appeared in Lu Yan’s mind.

There were three cabinets under the desk, all of which were locked.

Lu Yan didn’t find the key, so he could only put his hands together and said to the air, “Excuse me.”


Then he punched each of the three cabinets.

There was a crackling noise as the doors of the cabinets were smashed to pieces.

Lu Yan’s expression remained unchanged as he took out what he wanted from the cabinets.

In the first cabinet, he found a group photo with three people, a married couple and a child. The boy’s expression looked particularly restrained. However, from his face, a reflection of Lu Jiahe could be seen. The background was in the “Qiu Shan Orphanage.”

Below was an adoption registration form. Lu Jiahe’s parents unfortunately passed away in an earthquake, and he, the only survivor, was adopted by Lu Yán’s parents who had no male children.

In the second cabinet was a death notice.

When Lu Jiahe was a freshman, he missed the ticket for returning home during the Spring Festival. Lu Yán’s parents insisted on picking him up, but they ended up dying in a car accident on their way.

In the third cabinet was a diary.

Lu Yan turned to the first page. The date or time was not written. Reading from the notes, the writing was very immature, but as he continued to flip the pages, the handwriting and tone gradually became like an adult’s. 

“Clearly, I am the biological child! Clearly, I am the biological child!”

“I am not Lu Jiahe’s sister.”

“I said in front of other people today that Lu Jiahe’s parents were dead and it was my family that took him in. He looked sad. I feel a little guilty… So annoying, so annoying!”

“I told Lu Jiahe not to come back for this year’s Spring Festival. I wanted to spend time with my parents, not with him.”

“F**k, my parents went to pick up that unlucky harbinger of death.”

The diary turned to the last page.

Lu Yan roughly understood the context of this dream.

Lu Yán was born into a patriarchal family. Her parents couldn’t give birth to children due to various reasons, so they adopted Lu Jiahe. Unlike ordinary adoptions, the child adopted by the Lu husband and wife was already relatively big.

It stands to reason that such a healthy and good-looking boy had never lacked interest in being adopted. But the strange thing was that every family that adopted Lu Jiahe would eventually encounter all sorts of misfortunes. Some went bankrupt, some fell ill… and so Lu Jiahe had been returned to the orphanage for the third time.

The year he was adopted, Lu Yán was 6 years old and Lu Jiahe 17.

She had no affection for this brother that suddenly appeared. She was like a beast whose territory had been invaded, full of aggressiveness.

But Lu Jiahe cherished everything he had. He studied hard, respected his parents, and also learned how to be an older brother.

He tolerated every tantrum and fury of his sister.

But alas, misfortune still befell this family.

Lu Yán’s parents died in a car accident on their way to pick up Lu Jiahe.

Fortunately, Lu Jiahe had already reached adulthood for a long time and could shoulder the responsibility of educating his younger sister——Though it was still too early for him.

After losing his parents, Lu Jiahe’s desire to protect his only sister grew close to being pathological. He controlled her friendship, love, and everything else about Lu Yán. He wanted her to live in a safe, sterile, and vacuum world.

He hated that he couldn’t cut out his own heart and show her the pulsating blood vessels inside it, but his sister never opened her heart to him.

After entering the rebellious period, the sister’s behavior became more and more perverse. But after all, Lu Jiahe was not her real brother and his discipline always seemed lacking.

“Is this Lu Yán’s dream or Lu Jiahe’s dream?” Lu Yan closed the diary, lost in thought.

Lu Yan was more inclined to think that this was the sister’s dream. Here, the surveillance installed were annoying eyes, and the brother’s protection were the chains and shackles tied to his body.

‘The only thing I don’t quite understand is that if I’m the younger sister, then where is the real younger sister?’

On the TV, the news came to an end.

“This is a vicious robbery. The suspect, Zhang’s mother, is the Li family’s nanny. They learned from their mother that the Li family was out on a business trip and only the victim was at home, so the idea of burglary popped into their head. The victim usually stayed at the school dorms, but they played truant that day and rested at home.”

“After the nanny discovered this, the nanny assisted Zhang in destroying the body and erasing the surveillance. They falsely claimed that the victim ran away from home.”

After broadcasting this piece of news, the TV made a noise and then proceeded to turn into a glitchy screen.

It is said that dreams are the embodiment of the subconscious. Lu Yan didn’t think this was a random, boring piece of news.

He looked at the TV screen that had lost the signal, and his expression became weird, “…Dead?”

Lu Yan studied the chains on his feet for a long time and confirmed that he could not unlock it.

His watch showed that his mutation degree has risen to 33.7.

In addition to his arms, fish scales started growing on his back. Probably because of the lack of water, the scales cocked up and cut him, causing pain to run throughout his body.

The increase in the mutation degree was to a certain extent, not that bad. At least Lu Yan could feel that his physical fitness had become stronger again.

He was in a good state of mind and even pulled out a fish scale to study it. Looking at the color and shape, after he completely mutated, he would probably become a koi fish.

Possessed by a koi, no wonder he was always lucky.

In the afternoon, a noise came from the entrance gate.

“Meimei.” Lu Jiahe’s voice came downstairs.

The data on Lu Yan’s watch began to soar rapidly. Lu Jiahe opened the door.

There were more bloodstains on his body, and the black suit he wore was drenched. He left behind a bloody footprint every time he took a step.

Lu Jiahe’s body showed signs of distortion. Other than the burning wounds, a few bone spurs grew from the back of his bloody hands, resembling a sharp blade.

“A lot of strange people have appeared in the city. I feel like they are all here to harm you. But don’t worry, brother will kill them all.” He spoke the most frightening words with the most tender expression. As if he was just talking about how good the weather was.

Lu Yan said, “I want to go out by myself.”

Lu Jiahe shook his head firmly, “No, you will definitely run away from home again. I won’t let you go, it’s too dangerous outside.”

Brother, you really have no self-awareness.

Everything outside added together would not be nearly as dangerous as you alone.

After only a moment of being near Lu Jiahe, Lu Yan’s mutation degree already reached 49.2.

Although he didn’t know what would happen if he exceeded 100 in the dream, Lu Yan vaguely felt that it would not end well.

“Wait till I deal with the dangers, then you, my sister can go back to school…”

“Lu Jiahe,” Lu Yan said suddenly, “I am not your sister.”

Naturally, he shouldn’t be so impulsive. He had originally thought that the sister was the master of the dream, but the sister was dead.

In that case, the only option left is Lu Jiahe but he had no way to wake the other up.

If things dragged on and the mutation degree exceeded 100, then he would still die.

This sentence acted like some sort of switch.

Outside the window, the sky that was still bright just now became gloomy.

Lu Jiahe raised his head, his eyes narrowing slightly.

In his pitch-black eyes flashed a trace of blood.

Lu Jiahe stood up, walked toward Lu Yan step by step, and strangled Lu Yan’s neck with his hands.

Lu Yan was choked to the point he couldn’t breathe, and the smell of burning sulfur rushed into his nose, making his eyes hurt.

His heartbeat sped up uncontrollably but it had nothing to do with fear. This was the instinct of a prey facing a hunter.

Lu Jiahe reached his hand onto the back of Lu Yan’s nape, rubbed it, and dug off a layer of fish scales. Blood spilled out and wetted his back collar.

Needless to say, it was painful. It was like pulling a tooth without anesthesia.

“Don’t be mad,” Lu Jiahe lowered his eyes and wiped the tears from Lu Yan’s face with his blood-stained hands, “Meimei.”

Author’s Note:

Hello, Reviewer.1[The author seems to be addressing the person in JJWXC responsible for reviewing if the novel chapter is… appropriate enough.] He’s being called “meimei” because with the character “Lu Jiahe,” his memories in his dreams are in chaos and he regards the protagonist as his dead sister. It’s not orthopedics.2A slang for incest.

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