Chapter 3: Seniors’ Explosive Appearances

Reflected in the mirror, Guangshen was staring at the door, displeased. A smiling boy stood there.

The boy has crisp, neat black hair with a faint coffee-colored sheen. On his equally clean face are softly defined features, large eyes with deep double eyelids, punctuated by long lashes just right, giving his eyes an extra touch of softness and aura.

Unlike the high nose and sunken eyes of the God of Light, he was a true Chinese ancient beauty, with a slender nose that brought out the gentle beauty of our oriental Jiangnan beauty, and the smiling red lips made him look extra sunny and bright.

He wore a refreshing, white casual shirt with a black tie. The tie looked casual, adding a touch of coolness. The white belt and the gray dark trousers were also casual. It gave him a youthful look.

“Humph! Feng Lingcan, did you really go the wrong way?” Guangshen let go of me but stood beside me, putting a hand on my side as if I was still his prey, and didn’t want me to leave his range.

The boy named Feng Lingcan smiled and said, “Guangshen, Hongri is looking for you, and you are doing this….”

He stepped forward, stretched out his hand, and grabbed my arm. He wanted to pull me.

Guangshen suddenly pulled my other arm. He quickly bent and whispered in my ear, “Tell me your number, and I will let you go.”

I looked at him strangely. “You are sick! You got a nerve pretending to be a vampire! You’re so deeply involved in the drama, you don’t know how to come out of it.”

I had enough of the two boys trying to rob me during the day. It was obvious that the guy Guangshen was ill. This Feng Lingcan was helping me!

“Puff!” Feng Lingcan laughed loudly beside me.

Murderous intent appeared in Guangshen’s blue eyes, staring at my face fiercely.

“Should I call Hongri?” Feng Lingcan unhurriedly said. Guangshen sneered, he shook my hand away, walked coldly past me like a gust of wind, and grabbed Feng Lingcan’s collar.

“Remember! You’re nothing! Don’t care about this young master’s business!” After he finished speaking, he pushed Feng Lingcan and walked out of the bathroom without looking back.

Feng Lingcan then let go of my hand and looked at me gently. “You are a newcomer, be careful.”

I looked at him strangely. “You are not the first person to tell me to be careful. What kind of university is this? Why does everyone tell me to be careful?”

Unexpectedly, after I asked him, he showed a more surprised expression than I am. “You still don’t know what college you are in?”

I shook my head, and he looked at me strangely. “This is the first time I have seen someone like you.”

He looked outside. “Follow me, don’t talk to anyone.”

“Good, good!” I nodded and thought about it. I took out the jewelry box my father gave me, opening it. The crystal pendant shimmered under the light with a colorful glow, attracting Feng Lingcan’s gaze.

I took out the necklace and wore it. One reason was I’m forgetful and easy to drop things. And the other was that the outside world was terrible. I should put on my Mother’s amulet to make myself feel more at ease.

After putting it on, the crystal flashed suddenly, as if electrified, a flashing light appeared. It took me by surprise and found that Feng Lingcan’s eyes were deep, staring at my pendant. I immediately tucked the pendant under my clothes.

“What’s that?” He smiled again, looking at me gently.

I was on the alert immediately, everyone here was so weird. He saved me, but he wasn’t necessarily a good person.

“It’s a talisman,” I replied casually, closing the jewelry box, and the coat of arms on the box flashed silver under the light.

He smiled and turned to leave.

While putting away the jewelry box, I followed him closely and went out. I looked back to reconfirm that it was a women’s bathroom. Why are these boys so calm when going in and out of the women’s toilet?!

I had to pay attention to this person.

When I came out, I saw the girl who reminded me earlier who was like an imperial sister, but also who didn’t like to talk.

When she saw us coming out, she immediately walked over and looked at Feng Lingcan. “It’s okay.”

She looked at Feng Lingcan’s eyes as if she trusted him very much.

Feng Lingcan smiled helplessly and looked at her. “Bai Ying, can you be brave if you want to help next time? That’s the women’s bathroom.”

Feng Lingcan glanced at the women’s bathroom with his arms around his chest.

It turned out that the girl named Bai Ying wanted to save me.

Bai Ying lowered her head silently. “You know, the matter of Guangshen…it’s not easy to intervene, Afeng. Let me owe you personally this time.”

She raised her face and looked at Feng Lingcan seriously.

Feng Lingcan smiled faintly and nodded.

Bai Ying looked at me seriously again. “Which family are you from?”

“Family?” It surprised me. 

“Yanhuang? Huaxia? Or the Five Elements family?”

It stunned me. “I…I am Chinese, I should be…Yanhuang descendants…”

Feng Lingcan laughed again beside me, lightly covering his stomach with one hand.

Bai Ying’s face sank. “Feng Lingcan! Be serious!” 

Then she looked at me again, “Be careful of the light god, especially if you are a human being. He is the descendant of the Dracula family and the Hanyan family…”

“Don’t say it.” Feng Lingcan suddenly interrupted Bai Ying, “She doesn’t know anything, even what school she goes to.” 

“What?!” Bai Ying was even more surprised and looked at me. She was sluggish for a long time, as if feeling divided. It was unbelievable. It was like someone told me that a vampire was going to my school.

I also watched her. What Dracula, what demon! What the hell was the descendant! After talking with Feng Lingcan and Bai Ying, the mystery in my heart deepened.

Bai Ying was a very quiet girl. She looked like a royal sister, but she didn’t speak to the surrounding people very much. She always stared at her phone. 

However, there were a lot of people around her. It was strange, there was a weird feeling of indulgence, like she was a lady from a big consortium. 

I sat next to Feng Lingcan and looked at the surrounding people. I’m completely out of place!

Although Feng Lingcan didn’t look at me but because I sat beside him, people paid attention to me.

“That seems to be a freshman.” Some girls began to look at me and whisper.

“But as a freshman, it seems to be a bit older.”

Someone laughed. “You don’t allow others to grow old?”

I wanted to say to them, “Hey, hey, please talk a bit more quietly, ok! Or you could also use something called mobile group chat!”

“It looks like she should have taken the college entrance examination like us, I don’t know how much she scored the exam though.”

Too annoying! Was the college entrance examination score really that important?!

“What score are you asking? Is the college entrance examination still useful for us?”

“That’s what people like you who did poorly in the exam said~~~~I was admitted to Peking University~~~”

“What do you think about being admitted to Peking University? You don’t go to Peking University?”

Another girl said teasingly, “With us, it’s useless even if you can get admitted to Harvard~~~ Here, we don’t count the subjects of mortals~~~~”

Oh my! These people really regarded themselves as gods!

“Everyone, please prepare to board the plane.” Finally, there was a voice on the radio asking us to prepare to board the plane.

Phew, finally boarding, my ears could be clearer. No matter how these people saw me as a new student, they watched me like an alien!

“You just carry luggage like that?” Feng Lingcan looked at my little backpack curiously.

I put on my backpack: “Well, I think this school is so strange. I won’t be staying here for a long time.”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Feng Lingcan smiled at me secretly, and suddenly there was deep emotion in his clean eyes.

Looking at his smile, my heart became more anxious and suddenly remembered what my father had told me before I left. Perhaps, this time, I really wouldn’t stay for long.

The plane slowly lifted off from the ground. In high-tech planes, there was wifi! Modern mobile phones dominated the world. No matter how weird these students were, they still held mobile phones like normal people. 

This made me feel a little more normal and get used to it. However, I didn’t know why I didn’t have a signal. 

Didn’t it mean there was no wi-fi? Why can’t I find it? Could it be that my phone was too outdated?

Not being able to connect to the internet made me anxious. And could the one in front of me be careful about his big white snake! The big white snake was poking its head out of the seat, staring at the beef jerky in my hand!

“Hiss, hiss.” It blinked, and the white color of the whole body made it look less terrifying and a little cute. I didn’t know why, maybe my mind was missing a string called fear or my heart was too big. In short, I had never been afraid of anything since I was young.

I looked at it, and it looked at the beef jerky in my hand. Okay! I slowly put the beef jerky in front of it. It stared at it, bit the beef jerky, and disappeared behind the chair!

What kind of college was this!

Circus Academy?

“Hey, don’t be afraid, the animals here don’t hurt people. You just have to be careful about the people.” Feng Lingcan finished the instructions with a smile, got up, and walked towards Bai Ying.

I blinked, this order did not give me relief at all, okay?! What did it mean that animals were not scary, but to be careful of people?

Suddenly, I felt someone staring at me again, and I turned my head stiffly, and across the hall, it was the zombie!

He opened his mouth to me, “Uh…” 

Black teeth!

I swallowed, turned my face to look out the window, and took a deep breath. It was better to play in a circus than to drive an excavator, haha.

Suddenly, a red shadow passed over the wings of the plane!

What the hell!

Bird?! It seemed bigger than a bird, though.

I immediately stared at the window, and at this moment, under the wing, a boy gradually emerged!

What the hell was this!!!

Someone was outside the plane!

Oh! I! Shit!

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I was so scared that I jumped up, everyone looked at me. Feng Lingcan and Bai Ying also stared at me. 

Feng Lingcan frowned slightly as if the swearing was very unacceptable.

I pointed out the window: “Have you seen it?! A boy is flying!” 

In the cabin, it was extremely quiet. Everyone looked at me with no surprise. It turned out that I was just making a fuss. Then they turned their heads to look again at their phones.


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