Chapter 2: Flurry Of Demonic Students

I stared blankly for a long time.

“Squeak!” Another black car pulled up. I immediately looked at the vehicle. The door opened and a white dress floated out.

What the hell!

I saw a girl in a Hanfu walking out of the car. The girl was wearing an elegant, white, simple fairy dress with a thin sleeve and a light skirt, making it easy to move. 

Each side of her long hair was pulled up with a retro, crystal peach blossom hairpin at the back. It was antique, beautiful and refined, which matches her face with willow eyebrows and apricot eyes.

The girl’s eyes were big, but her expression was very cold. With headphones in her ears, she dragged her luggage and directly walked past me. She just glanced at my direction, and looked at her mobile phone again.

This! Yes! What! What! Situation! The situation!

I knew that many people cosplay nowadays, and although the girl was wearing Hanfu and headphones, there was no sense of contradiction.

Damn, she went to school in a hanfu, she was very unique! Should I wear my Spiderman costume, too?

At this moment, more cars came to a halt. Neat rows of luxury vehicles were spectacular to see just like the arrival of a national leader. In an instant, this place became extremely lively.

The boys and girls who looked like students got out of the cars one after another. I was totally stunned!

Some of the students wore ancient clothes, some wore modern clothes, and some wore martial arts uniforms like old men doing Tai Chi, but they were much more handsome!

But what the hell was the copper coin sword!

And what the hell was a demon-slaying pestle!

How could they carry weapons on their bodies?!

What was going on with that guy that had a big, white snake on him?

Ah! The girl’s box dropped. The thing that was flying all over the place, was it a talisman or a coin? 

I turned around stiffly, covering my mouth for fear of losing control and shouting, “What kind of school is this?”

“Bang! Bang!” A boy stretched his arms straight and jumped over me and stopped. I looked at him stiffly, and he looked at me rigidly, with a pale and green face, with panda-like black eyes. A piece of yellow talisman paper placed in the center of his eyebrows. 

Oh, my! Did you want to play cosplay so professionally?

What smokey makeup in broad daylight! Pretending to play zombie?

He sniffed at me.

What were you doing? I didn’t have body odor!

When he stiffened and leaned towards me, suddenly a girl in a strapless dress jumped to his side and slapped him on the head like training a dog. “Stop it! Let’s go!!”

The girl obviously had a very cute baby face, with purple highlights on her hair, but she looked fiercely like a dominatrix. Non-mainstream black lipstick, black nail polish, and with several rings on her whole body. 

The zombie’s expression distorted, he turned away and continued to jump straight forward.

Good, professional, I admired his professionalism.

“You stay away too!” The girl didn’t give me a face. “Don’t stand here to seduce my zombies!”

“Huh?! You!” Before I could speak, she moved away.

“Thump!” Suddenly someone bumped into me, a red figure swept past me. A cool electric skateboard made a perfect arc to stop in my front and a handsome face instantly zoomed in front of me with narrow eyes, slender eyebrows, a straight nose, red lips, deep sunken eyes and short, curly blond hair at the ends.

He was a mixed race, and my eyes were instantly drawn to his eyes, which were as blue as sapphires! With a slight hint of purple! It was as if the color of blood had stained his precious blue eyes from the depths.

“Rookie.” He raised his lips, and it brought an uninhibited and evil charm. He licked his lips. “Newcomer, what’s your name?”

I stared at him blankly when suddenly a petite girl in a little plaid school-like dress squeezed in between him and me and glared at him like a bitchy girlfriend, “Why don’t you go in?”

The boy grinned. Laughing, he turned around, leaped off the skateboard, and stepped on it gently. The skateboard was erected by his side, and the girl immediately ran to him, took his arm tightly, and leaned on his shoulder, as if announcing to the world that the boy belongs to her.

The boy walked forward, and the girl looked back at me. I saw something very delicate! A girl who looks so beautiful like a milk tea sister1 A Chinese term that came to be synonymous with a pure and unassuming femininity. .

However, her gaze at the moment was very sullen, as if to warn me that it was her boyfriend, and she didn’t want me to come close.

Oh my! Was it necessary?!

This girl was ill. I didn’t say a word to her boyfriend, just met her, and she was like this already. So if I said a sentence, she would kill me!

“Don’t get close to the God of Light, the Red Sun will kill all the women who are close to him!” A calm female voice spoke beside me.

“Light…God?” I turned, my face in doubt and looked at the girl who reminded me. She was dressed very neatly, wearing a white sportswear, holding a mobile phone and dragging her luggage. 

Finally, I saw a normal one! There were too many weird people who passed by me, making me dizzy.

The girl in front of me has a kind of imposing temperament, oval face, almond eyes that were dark but bright, looking very generous and capable.

She looked at me. “It turns out that you are a newcomer. In short, don’t get close to Guangshen and Hongri, be careful.” 

After that, she left coolly.

I stood among the endless stream of people, once again confused.

Everything in front made me, Xia Xiaolan, for the first time, feel like I have entered another world, and I was a stranger.

I quickly entered the waiting room, full of cosplayers.

We were clearly going to school, but it felt more like we were going to a grand anime exhibition!

I was about to collapse. I must be in the wrong style. I had to stay calm.

I rushed into the bathroom at the side, and poured my face three handfuls of cold water. The whole bathroom was quiet. Only the sound of the faucet made me feel that I was still on earth and in my own world.

I turned it off, stood up, and a figure suddenly reflected in the mirror in front of me! It was that light god!

“Ah! Um!” Before I could see him clearly, my mouth was covered by him from behind me! He heavily pressed against my back, and I put my hands on the sink to avoid falling to the ground. 

He was very heavy, and the mirror reflected his evil smile. He curled his lips and looked down at the top of my head.

“Not bad~~~The taste is very pure~~~ There are not many so pure now ~~~My luck is really good!”

After that, he tilted my head, and swiped my hair to the side to see my neck. He opened his mouth to bite down. I saw his sharp teeth behind his red lips!

“Um~~~~~~~” I exclaimed! People were too into the drama! I didn’t say that playing a vampire you could really bite people!

“Ah! I went to the wrong door.” Suddenly, a boy exclaimed from the side. Immediately, Guangshen stopped, his sharp teeth so close to my neck.


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