Chapter 1: Finally, I Didn’t Have To Go To Lanxiang!

My college entrance examination…failed.

I, Xia Xiaolan, got the lowest record in history. I really wanted to die…  

Say, I was no less intelligent than anyone else, so why was my memory lacking when I read and study? I could do every question! But every question …… I got one or two points wrong.  

A point or two, plus one to two points, plus a point or two points …… I got the lowest of the low scores.

Although my father had never scolded me, it makes me feel even worse, guiltier and more ashamed!

I wanted my father to scold me, beat me up and throw me out of the house with the bedsheets!

Uh …… looks like I didn’t have much viability either……

“Ding-dong, ding-dong.” The doorbell rang and I hurriedly shouted, “I’ll get it!”  

I didn’t pass the exam, so I would just stay at home and behave. I was the most annoyed by those three aunts and six mothers1 Meddling women recently. 

When they saw my dad, they asked, “How did your daughter do in her exams?

My son was admitted to Tsinghua University~~~

My daughter was admitted to Peking University ~~~

So annoying!

What a show off!

It was so hard to see my dad just smiling. I also wanted to make my dad look proud and say, “That’s nothing! My daughter got in! It’s Oxford!”

Oxford was impossible,  but New East(New Oriental)…I could go.

I ran enthusiastically to the door, hoping to use my diligent hands to redeem myself properly over the summer.

When I opened the door, I jumped in surprise!

“Holy shit!”

What did I see? Two men in black!

Black suits, black sunglasses, and a black ring on their middle finger with a weird, eight-trigram like badge pattern on it! They also had headphones in their ears like bodyguards!  

Two tall, big, black men with poker faces stood in front of me like two door deities! No! More like a loan shark from TV dramas! 

“How many times have I told you! Little girls don’t curse all day.” Father came out of the kitchen while wiping his hands on his apron, and then, I heard him curse, “Shit!”  

Although he said it very, very softly, I still heard it.  

I glanced at him, see, Father, you also said the words when you see them.  

But then, I saw the look on Dad’s face, which became grave. His face sank, looking straight at the men in black at the door, who turned their head together to look at him.

“The time has come, Mr. Xia.” 

What time?!

I look at Dad in panic! Dad! You didn’t commit a crime, right?

“Is it time?” Dad asked back.

The men in black nodded.

I looked back and forth. Dad, don’t scare me!

Dad looked at me seriously, “Xia Xiaolan, go into your room, you’re not allowed to come out until I call you!” 

Dad looked so serious, and couldn’t be disobeyed! Dad was as majestic as an emperor at the moment. 

I looked at his serious face, “Dad, are you …… okay?”  

“Get in the room!” He suddenly yelled at me and, completely confused, I turned my around and ran back into the room, closing the door to see two mysterious men in black enter the living room with my dad.

So nervous, my heart was pounding furiously, like someone was beating a drum in my chest. More than anything, I was worried.   

Could you not be worried about the sudden arrival of two mysterious men in black in your home?  

However, Dad had always been law-abiding and has no bad habits, so he should not be in debt to loan sharks. Although my mother died early and my father was both a father and a mother, he worked very hard to take care of me, but he was still earning a good salary.  

Could it be!

Those two weren’t loan sharks, they were from the government!

It was over! Dad couldn’t really be doing something bad in the unit!

No, no, no!

Xia Xiaolan, you’re out of your mind! Daddy had always been upright, how could he do something bad?

“Pa, pa.” I slapped myself twice in a hurry. I easily zoned out, no wonder I failed in the entrance exams.

I was so anxious in my room, I took a deep breath, peeked open the door and saw the two men in black actually handing Dad an envelope!

An envelope!

My imagination was running wild.   

Then the men in black left, and Dad walked them to the door, his face heavy, making the atmosphere in the house feel like it was frozen in place.

What did the man in black mean by “the time has come”?

I went out of the room worriedly and my dad had already brought the food to the table. I sat down quietly and ate, well-behaved. My dad was preoccupied and didn’t say a word or move his chopsticks.

Then he gave me a piece of chicken and put it in my bowl, “Eat it, it’s the last time Daddy will cook for you ……”

“Daddy! You didn’t really commit a crime, did you! How can you do wrong! Let’s hand over the stuff and try to get a lighter sentence!”

“Pah!” Father was furious and dropped his chopsticks, his eyebrows twitching. “If your brain had been used properly in your studies, you wouldn’t have failed the exams! You’re always thinking wildly! Great! Now you can have a chance to do it!”  

“Pah!” Father flung out an envelope which I instantly recognized as the envelope given to him by the men in black, but at the time, being far away, I could only see that it was white. Now, I could see that the envelope still had a faint silvery pattern of what looked like flowing clouds on it, and on the seal, there was even an ancient vermilion crest, and I recognized that crest as the ring of those men in black!  

Holy! I should have been a detective! 

“It’s a university, you pack your things tonight and they’ll come and get you tomorrow!” 

My father said sullenly, like he didn’t want me to go.

“University?!” I looked at him in surprise, “It’s university, dad, why are you so upset?”

“Because I don’t want you to go!” Dad was suddenly sad.

I deflated, “So …… you mean you want me to go to New Oriental and drive an excavator.”

“So it’s better I let you go!” Dad looked very torn, and I looked at him with guilt. 

“I’m sorry, Dad. I know you don’t want to let me go, but what kid doesn’t go to university and leave his parents? I’ll call you, every day, ok?” I looked at him with a smile on my face, it was great! 

Finally I didn’t have to go to New Oriental!

But ……how did I get into this university? Dad actually said someone else would come and pick me up!

Dad looked at me, worried and hesitant: “You wouldn’t understand! Anyway, since you’re going, be careful.”

His words made me even more strange! My heart was disturbed.

Don’t moms and dads usually send their kids off to college saying to study hard and eat well? Or don’t rush into a relationship, don’t live with a boy or something like that, why would dad say to be careful?  

“Dad, it isn’t right! Where is this university? How come there is someone who’ll pick me up? Why is it tomorrow, so soon? Isn’t it still summer vacation? It’s still early for school,” I asked in rapid fire. 

“Because there’s an exam.” Dad’s expression was suddenly serious and earnest, “The admission to this university is very special, so you will enter early and take the entrance exam, and, Xiaolan, this university ……” 

Dad suddenly paused, his gaze, showing a hint of nostalgia, as he looked towards the picture of my mother on the wall, “It’s your mother’s university.”  

“Mom’s school!” I exclaimed and jumped up in surprise, but the look on my dad’s face, however, was, getting gloomy…

I didn’t know why dad became so worried after I finally had a university to go to, but, this time I had to take my chances and not let my handsome, brilliant, youthful father down again!

Back in my room I took out the envelope and tried to open it, how strange! I didn’t know what this envelope was made of, it just wouldn’t open! 

It looked like paper, but I couldn’t open it even if I tore it or used scissors.

It was amazing!

Never mind, I would go to bed first, it was more important to be refreshed and make a good impression on my teacher tomorrow!

The next day, I got up early, put on my backpack and went out of the room.

Dad looked at me surprised. “Is that all you’ve got?”

I smiled, “Nah! That’s all, your daughter will study hard this time and will not let you down!”

In daddy’s eyes, a complicated look appeared again. He clasped my shoulders and looked at me in a serious way, I thought he would have said: study hard…

“This time, just don’t try too hard ……”


With a complicated look on his face, Dad pulled a small, black jewellery box out of his pocket, and on that jewellery box, there was actually that same strange, eight-trigram crest.

What the hell was going on here? Why would Father have something with this crest too.

“Xiaolan, try not to get chosen, and if you do, wear this, it’s your mother’s.” Father opened the black box in front of me, and inside, was a necklace, and at the end of the necklace, was a crystal, a bit like a cross, and a bit like a pendant in the shape of a sword.

There was something strange about the pendant, something flowing through the crystal, and as I tried to see it, the doorbell suddenly rang, “Ding-Dong.” 

My father hastily slipped the box into my hands with a serious instruction, “Take good care of it! And don’t let anyone know who your mother is.” 

With that, he opened the door and outside, sure enough, were the two men in black.

“You guys take her away.” Dad pushed me out the door as hard as he could, and as I stumbled out the door, “Thump!” Dad closed it with a bang.  

Suddenly, I had the strange feeling that I was being taken away forever. It was so weird!

Why had Dad said not to let anyone know who my mother was?

As I descended the stairs with an uneasy heart, I was shocked by the sight before me! Suffice it to say, I was dumbfounded.

All along, I only knew about the top student in the entrance examinations, who would be snatched up by prestigious schools, but I hadn’t heard about a special car ride.

However! I! Had!

The same black, obviously, a luxury car was parked right in front of me, and the car was marked with that same mysterious badge.

This organisation even had its own car?

The men in black sent me into the car. I didn’t dare to speak the whole time because the two men in black were staring at me like I was a prisoner. I was extra nervous while I held into my mother’s jewellery box.

The limousine didn’t stop at the airport, but drove straight into another special lane, went through security and stopped at a separate waiting room.

The man in black opened the door for me and I stepped out of the limousine and when I lifted my head, I saw a black plane with the same logo!

A black fuselage with a silver like auspicious cloud pattern, and a mysterious emblem on the wings!

Holy shit!

My father and mother didn’t have a hidden identity, did they?

What kind of university was this?

A private car!

People to pick you up!

And a private plane!


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