Flight To You

Sky 4 Part 1 – You’re old but vigorous, work for a few more years

Cheng Xiao returns to the country for a whole week before visiting her father.

Cheng Houchen is over 50 years old, and the corners of his eyes are already marked by the vicissitudes1A change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.of time. When he sees his daughter who completed her studies, his eyes spark with joy, but he deliberately hides it. He loudly scolds her. “You still remember I’m your father, I guess I didn’t raise you in vain.”

Cheng Xiao relaxingly sits beside her father, taking away his financial magazine at the same time. “Old Cheng, always looking at these boring things will make you more and more lonely.”

Cheng Houchen will show her what it’s like to be lonely. “Well, that’s because you are unfilial.”

Cheng Xiao grins, her cynical2Concerned only with one’s own interests and typically disregarding accepted or appropriate standards in order to achieve them.attitude almost like not talking with her father. “Well, when I come back I’ll just ignore you. Send me a check, and it’ll be loyal enough.”

So who’s the father and who’s the daughter? To actually talk about loyalty with him!

With her arrogance still fresh in his mind, Cheng Houchen warns sternly, “If you dare to do it again, see if I’ll break your leg!”

“Wow, it seems like the story that no man is capable of hurting his own children is a lie. Or have I mistaken my biological father for all these years?”

Cheng Houchen raises his hand to slap her.

Cheng Xiao usually doesn’t lose, even if the other party is her own father. She holds back Old Cheng’s elbow in a timely manner and placates3To make someone less angry or hostilehim. “That’s about enough. Anger is harmful to the body, and even if you don’t admit you’re my biological father, I always thought I was your biological daughter. I can’t bear to see you take the wrong path.”

Cheng Houchen glances at her. He doesn’t insist on doing it, but his tone does not have the intention of relaxing. He continues to reprimand, “What happened that day? Why did you need a check for a rear-end collision? Where did you spend all that pocket money I gave you?”

You have always been generous, but I won’t ruin the family. I would never do something foolish like squandering money.” Cheng Xiao doesn’t hide it, but tells him frankly, “I met someone who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.4A Chinese idiom describing someone’s ignorance and arrogance. She said that even if I became bankrupt, I wouldn’t be able to compensate for her BMW. I couldn’t bear the sight of it, so I killed her spirit. But unexpectedly, the plot is as bloody as an idol drama. That person is actually Fei Yao’s fiancé. Tell me, if I didn’t extinguish her prestige, would it be worthy of your reputation?”

“Little Fei’s……fiancé?” In an instant, Cheng Houchen’s expression hardens. “What happened between you two? When did you break up?”

“We broke up that day.” Cheng Xiao does not take it seriously. “I also tossed a check in his face as a break-up fee.”

A break-up fee? Cheng Houchen is glad he doesn’t have heart disease, as he can barely withstand this “blow.” “What good can I say about you?” Something suddenly occurs to him, and he immediately questions, “Did that boy take advantage of you?”

Take advantage of her? Cheng Xiao laughs and thinks, Old Cheng is the world’s most adorable and protective father in the world. “With my wit, of course I wouldn’t have let him succeed.”

Cheng Houchen is quite relieved, but still sighs. “When my daughter is all grown up, I am just worried. You, give me a break.”

Cheng Xiao is dissatisfied. “I didn’t even settle scores with him, look how calm it is.”

As a result, exasperated that his daughter does not live to his expectations, Cheng Houchen says, “How did I give birth to such a useless daughter like you!”

One second, he was telling her to not cause trouble. The next second, he turns hostile and thinks that she was too magnanimous about the matter.

What kind of father is this? Probably the weirdest in the world.

Cheng Xiao bickers with him. “Then you have to ask my mom!”

In the end, Cheng Houchen cannot resist, and slaps her.


During dinner, Cheng Houchen asks, “Did you go visit your mom?”

Cheng Xiao continues to serve herself food. “I am such an interesting person, so of course I have to see you first. Mom is on the back of the list.”

He clearly knows it’s to coax him, but Cheng Houchen still has a smile in his eyes. “At least you have a conscience.”

Cheng Xiao carelessly asks, “Did you find a stepmother for me yet? Is it not enough for you to be lonely?”

Once again, Cheng Houchen suspects the disrespectful rascal in front of him is not his own. “You’ve grown capability, minding your father’s business!”

Cheng Xiao looks at him with a smile. “I’m just trying to create some gossip. Or else, when I visit my mom on another day, it’ll be so awkward, with nothing to talk about.”

They all say a daughter spoils the rich, but it’s all a lie. Cheng Houchen really wants to slap her. “I indulge you too much, right?”

His daughter is not only unafraid of death, but she also lets out an “mhm.” She argues back, “You caused me a lot of problems.” Then, before Old Cheng attacks, she flatters him again. “Fortunately, you can support me. Otherwise, how could I live to be so arrogant?”

After she says this, Cheng Houchen’s natural instinct of covering his shortcomings is overjoyed. Instead of continuing to be strict with his daughter, he says indulgently, “My daughter is born to use arrogance towards her advantage.”

Cheng Xiao can’t contain her happiness anymore. “I thank you.”

Cheng Houchen doesn’t bother to argue how much sincerity there is in her thank you. Instead, he asks, “What are your plans for work?”

Cheng Xiao’s take on this matter is: “Currently, the overall resources for domestic airlines are limited. The lack of flight personnel will make it easy to get a job.”

This is the truth. Although the overall employment circumstance isn’t poor, pilots are very scarce. It even limited the development of the aviation industry. Cheng Houchen is about to praise his daughter for having good taste and majoring in flight. Then he hears Miss Cheng add on: “Only when I start working, can I fly around every day. You won’t be able to see my shadow.”

Avoid him? Cheng Houchen almost slams his bowl on the table. He holds it in and says, “Go to HNA. Little Feng mentioned to me many times, he wants you to help him out after you graduate.”


Early the next morning, Cheng Xiao is notified. She is to meet Mr. Feng at HNA in the afternoon.

Cheng Xiao, who stands on the second floor, praises her father’s actions. “A good sword never becomes dull. It always executes swiftly.”

Something comes up and Cheng Houchen needs to go out. Before leaving, he glances at her. “You better restore that bright-colored hair to its original condition for me.”

Cheng Xiao scratches her fluffy hair. “When did your eyesight start to have problems?”

Cheng Houchen does not understand.

Cheng Xiao leans on the stair’s handrail with her elbow. Condescendingly5Having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority. she says, “It’s clearly just a wine-red color. How did it become bright-colored?”

Cheng Houchen points his finger at her, not saying anything.

Cheng Xiao jokingly asks, “Dying hair is expensive, is there going to be reimbursement?”



After having breakfast alone, Cheng Xiao strolls to the greenhouse. Sister Li is watering the flowers.

Brother Li and Sister Li are husband and wife. Brother Li is the Cheng family’s chauffeur, and Sister Li is responsible for Cheng Houchen’s three meals each day, as well as housekeeping. Cheng Huochen is a picky and irascible6Having or showing a tendency to be easily angered.person, but he isn’t stingy. The couple’s wages are very generous. Plus, they have always sincerely cared for the constantly bickering father and daughter.

Seeing Cheng Xiao come over, Sister Li laughs. “If Sir was at home, he definitely wouldn’t let you come over.”

Cheng Xiao randomly picks a rose. “It’s like he’s afraid that I’ll hurt his flowers and plants.”

Sister Li knows her temperament too well, but doesn’t stop her. “These flowers are all Madam’s favorites.”

Cheng Xiao casually fiddles with the flowers. “When did he learn how to yearn for a person? Is it because when people get older, they become more mild?”

Sister Li replies, “Sir likes to ponder in the greenhouse. It’s quiet.”

“As long as I’m not here, what part of the house isn’t quiet?” Cheng Xiao casually asks, “Has my mom come here?”

Sister Li shakes her head.

It’s just as she expected, but Cheng Xiao doesn’t show off any signs of surprise. She questions even further. “Then, has my stepmother come here?”

Sister Li never talks about Cheng Houchen’s private affairs. To be exact, she doesn’t pay close attention to it. So when she hears this, she is shocked.

Cheng Xiao raises her eyebrows. It’s like she has discovered a new continent. “It seems like she has come before.”

Sister Li hurriedly explains, “No, no, she hasn’t come before. You child, actually taking advantage of your Sister Li’s clumsy mouth.”

“You don’t have a clumsy mouth, you’re just honest.” Cheng Xiao grins. “Even if she has never come, she must have called before.”

This time, Sister Li neither denies nor admits it. “I shouldn’t gossip about Sir’s affairs.”

Cheng Xiao doesn’t continue to question her. Only, she pulls out a row of blooming roses, roots and all. Facing Sister Li’s dismay, she nonchalantly7In a casually calm and relaxed manner.says, “Such a vulgar thing is an eyesore.” Almost already out of the greenhouse, she turns around and says, “Don’t tell him I uprooted them for him. Just say they got damaged from the hail. Or else it’ll seem like I’m unfilial and purposely angered him.”

Hail? Sister Li looks around the intact greenhouse, and can’t refrain from laughing. “You child.”

Cheng Xiao waves, her back facing Sister Li. “I put you and Brother Li’s gift on the dining table. No need to thank me, Old Cheng paid for it.” Then she leaves.

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