Flight To You

Sky 3 – I won’t kneel down to anybody for love!

How much trouble she can make, Gu Nanting is aware of in his heart. Especially since
he learned just yesterday. But, crashing his car that was parked nicely on the side of the
road, he can only say: his heart can still bear it.

Or what? Let her also throw a check at his face?

You’re right, Gu Nanting saw the previous scene earlier. No matter how much Ms. BMW
knows, he has already guessed the rough idea. If Cheng Xiao didn’t lose her mind
because of her anger, she would not have unknowingly hit his car. Her courage to bump
into the BMW, and her unrestrained way of throwing checks, had the aura of a legal wife
tearing up a mistress.

Gu Nanting should be admiring her. However, all he wants to know right now is: Before
him, just how many relationships did she have? This man today, what is his significance
towards her? Letting her disregard his own safety, in a car collision?

Paying no attention to the Porshe’s “injury”, Gu Nanting strides straight toward Cheng

After the rain, the sun shines through the tree’s leaves, casting mottled silhouettes on
his face. Short hair, a stiff suit, and a calm but cold gaze. His whole aura is colder than
in early summer.

This man with elite temperament is simply handsome……incomparable! But now is
obviously not the time to admire handsome men. Xia Zhi says first, “Sir, really……”
Before the apology is even expressed, it is interrupted. Gu Nanting says coolly, “Let her
say it.”

The tone of the command has hints of familiarity. Familiarity? Xia Zhi is sure this is her
first time meeting him. So this idea only lasts for a moment, as she denies herself.
Cheng Xiao glances over his slightly raised chin, her vision landing on his dim black
eyes. “Now I know what to say.”

At the airport yesterday, he asked her, “Do you have something to say to me?”

And how did she answer?

Gu Nanting puts his hands in his pockets. He looks her up and down with cold eyes,
waiting for her to continue.

Cheng Xiao shrugs. With a helpless and resigned appearance, she says, “Sorry.”

He remembers now. At the time she said, “If you are waiting for me to apologize, you
are doomed for disappointment. I, as a person, seldom admit my mistakes.”

Gu Nanting does not say anything, his eyes and brows are very light.

Facing his cold and aloof bearing, Cheng Xiao continues. “If it is possible, lift up your
noble hand.”

She also knows to admit defeat? Gu Nanting lowers his head to look at her and laughs.
“I thought there would be a check thrown at my face. For this reason, I was nervous and
excited for a while.”

This time, it’s Cheng Xiao’s turn for her face to become cold. “Except for peeping and
eavesdropping, I’m curious how many other bad habits you have.”

Gu Nanting doesn’t even explain. On the contrary, he says provocatively, “My emotional
world is very rich.”

“That doesn’t count as anything.” Cheng Xiao sneers back. “The ones you saw, are
merely the tip of the iceberg.”

He stares at her. Clear eyes and brows, not revealing his facial expression.

But Cheng Xiao knows he’s angry. However, whether he’s angry or not, what does that
have to do with her?

“I’m not an actress. It’s not my obligation to let people watch good movies for free. So,
I’m not planning on taking the responsibility for the car crash. Take it as a ‘viewing fee’.”
She glances at his exquisite suit. “You can sue me for a hit-and-run. I believe that with
your ability, to find me, and sue me until I’m bankrupt, it won’t be hard.”

Sue her until she’s bankrupt? He must really live an easy and interesting life!

Gu Nanting peeks at her faintly prideful look. Really speechless.

Cheng Xiao has no intention of continuing. She pulls Xia Zhi to leave.

Xia Zhi is still considered normal, she knows to turn around and show weakness. “I’m
sorry sir, we didn’t mean it. You won’t really make things difficult for us, will you? Right!”

Gu Nanting’s gaze is sharp and clear. “Wait.”

Cheng Xiao looks back, waiting for his lecture on how to be magnanimous.

He really wants to ask her where she gets her confidence from, that he won’t pursue her
repeated collision. Unless——

Gu Nanting holds back his temper and reminds: “Fasten your seat belt!”


When the unknown condition of the injured Porsche speeds on the road, Xia Zhi
realizes what she has missed. She glares at Cheng Xiao.

Cheng Xiao takes a peek at her. “What kind of look of yours is that? It’s like the one who
cheated wasn’t Fei Yao, but actually me!”

“You also may not be innocent!” Xia Zhi slightly squints her eyes. “Do you dare to say
you don’t have another sweetheart?”

Cheng Xiao is defeated by her connection of the dots. “I just met him on the plane for
the first time yesterday.”

Yesterday? On the plane? Xia Zhi starts to think again. “He is……”

Cheng Xiao does not hold it back. “The person who picked up my boarding pass!”

“What the h*ll!” Xia Zhi can’t wait to strangle her. “Such as handsome benefactor knows
you so well, Cheng Xiao, you actually let him down?”

“Or what?”

“Ask him to marry you!”

Cheng Xiao: “……Then I’d better just kowtow to him.”



This seems to be it about the car crash.

The person Ms. BMW wants to investigate Cheng Xiao’s boyfriend, Fei Yao. Strictly
speaking, her ex-boyfriend.

On the Porsche benefactor’s side, Xia Zhi concludes, he should be a gentleman. He
won’t do anything about Cheng Xiao.

As for Cheng Xiao, she no longer has any intention of pursuing Fei Yao?

This is absolutely impossible.

Xia Zhi considers herself a narrow-minded person. Until the evening, when both of them
are about to sleep, she’s still muttering under her breath: “It really is pointless to explain
and apologize at this point, but at least scold him to relieve your anger, right?”

Cheng Xiao stares at her laptop. “Didn’t I already vent when I crashed the car? Besides,
he has already ceased to be faithful, why force him to belittle himself? He has already
lost love, surely he doesn’t want to also lose face at the same time?”

Her reasoning is correct, but——Xia Zhi leans over to look at the laptop. Unable to
understand she’s still in the mood to work on her resumé, “So you’ll just swallow the
insults and humiliation? Didn’t you hear, he gave a BMW to that woman. A BMW! When
you were together, what did he give you? I’m not fussing over money, it’s his favoritism!”

Cheng Xiao saves her file, then closes her laptop. She walks into the bedroom and gets
under the covers, before she says, “We were only together to have one other person to
spend time with.”

They really didn’t have the dependency and intimacy of lovers. However, Xia Zhi follows
over to the bedroom and says, “After all, you guys established a dating relationship.”

“So I’m just angry he didn’t want to be together anymore. Why he didn’t just be
straightforward and explain.” Cheng Xiao smiles bitterly. “It seems like in his eyes, I,
Cheng Xiao, am a petty woman. Or maybe he thinks, I love him to the point of life and

“What is this logic? Your meaning is: If he didn’t betray you, you don’t mind being

“Being together is a matter of mutual willingness. Since there is no intention of
continuing, whoever dumps whom, has the same outcome.” Cheng Xiao turns her back
to her and closes her eyes. “Besides, men like him, even if they aren’t soaked in wine, it
will be lying in the color. Without a body as strong as iron, how could they stand it?”

So, since she went abroad to study aviation, there had been no news of him. Or maybe,
starting from the beginning, she never hoped to last forever with Fei Yao. At least, such
negative love ending early, counts as not delaying each other.

Drowsiness attacks her, and Cheng Xiao’s voice gradually lowers. “I should thank him
for giving me the say of breaking up.”

“You forgot to take your medication, right?” Xia Zhi pulls her blanket. “I didn’t even know,
you became a person who lets bygones be bygones.”

Cheng Xiao murmurs, “People will change.”

Xia Zhi pinches the fat at her waist. “Then why haven’t I lost weight?”

Cheng Xiao glares at her. “You used to be skinny, so you are also amazing.”

Xia Zhi does not care. Only, it is hard for her to calm down. “How nice he was to you at
the time.”

How good was he at the time? Surprisingly, Cheng Xiao can’t remember anymore.

“I didn’t like him at first, and Coffee even persuaded me. Saying ‘Drinking water like a
fish, one knows whether it’s hot or cold’, as long as you think he’s good. As a result, I
spent my youth on a scumbag. Hey, I say you……” When Xia Zhi still wants to say
something, Miss Cheng Xiao beside her has already started to snore.

What about the agreed jet lag? Xia Zhi has a headache. “I haven’t seen anything bigger
than your heart!” Although she may say that, she considerately turns off the lamp on
Cheng Xiao’s side. As a result, she doesn’t feel sleepy herself. Tossing and turning,
unable to sleep.

A phone’s ringtone is particularly abrupt in the silent night. Xia Zhi is frightened, a look
of surprise on her face.

Deeply afraid of waking Cheng Xiao, she hurries to get the phone. Seeing the name on
the screen, almost clenching her teeth with bitter hatred, she says, “He still dares to
deliver himself to the door!” Just when she’s about to accept the call and scold him, a
hand stretches out from behind her, taking the phone from her hand.

Cheng Xiao picks up the call, and asks in a normal voice, “What, are you inviting me to
your wedding?”

He probably doesn’t expect her to say that. There is an obvious pause on Fei Yao’s
side. “I’m downstairs. Come down and let’s have a chat.”

Without thinking, Cheng Xiao refuses. “There’s no need. Although I, Cheng Xiao, am
experiencing such a thing for the first time, I am very familiar with explanations and
apologies. Let’s not waste our feelings. With my vindictive personality, I obviously will
not wish you happiness. Just a word of advice: Have better domestic discipline. Don’t let
your nuisance of a fiancé offend me. Otherwise, I won’t be polite.”

After speaking, she hangs up. Then she shuts down her phone and lies down.

Her voice is clear and crisp, and she’s thinking clearly. How would she look like she just
woke up?

Xia Zhi kicks her. “You were pretending to sleep earlier?”

Cheng Xiao says as a matter of factly, “If I didn’t, would you be able to stop? If you
didn’t talk until daylight, you would fail to live up to your tongue.”

What she says is correct. But, “I’m only doing this for your own good. Okay, I’ll stop.
Anyways, splitting you two up, I will also be considered successful.”

Cheng Xiao does not immediately respond, until Xia Zhi thinks she’s asleep. Then she
says, “I won’t kneel down to anybody because of love.”


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It’s Monday, and it is drizzling. The China Southern Airlines board meeting is held as
scheduled. At 9 o’clock sharp, Gu Changming and his son head to the conference room.
The directors have already passed a resolution, aware of the topic of today’s meeting.
So, when Gu Nanting appears, everyone applauds.

China Southern Airlines is the fastest-growing enterprise in the aviation industry. It is
currently nicknamed the industry leader, along with HNA and Minghang. And its current
owner, Gu Changming, is about to retire behind the scenes today, giving his power to
his only son, Gu Nanting.

Although this is a matter of course, it is common for ambitious people to want to
monopolize power for themselves. However, there is not enough shareholding, and
there cannot be a replacement. They can only bide their time, and wait for an
opportunity. So, how many real congratulations there are in the applause, and how
many untruthful flatteries, Gu Changming knows, as he’s been through many battles.

So, when he helps his son mount the horse, he uses his influence to send his son
another ride. “After Nanting graduated from aviation school, he ranked top 3 in the
world’s top 10 airlines, with more than 3,000 hours flown safely. In these past two years,
he has held the post of Deputy General Manager in Country X, accumulating rich
experience in safety and operational management. And in order to improve the
company’s hardware equipment, he proposed a ‘Special Charter Plane’ and an
‘Investigation on Private Planes’ project. He has become the key to improving the
company’s performance this year. After being deliberated by the Board of Directors, it
has been decided Gu Nanting will officially return to China Southern Airlines, serving as
the executive Deputy General Manager.”

The year Gu Nanting graduated aviation school, Gu Changing gifted him 10% of China
Southern Airlines shares as a coming-of-age gift, letting him into the Board of Directors.
After 5 years, when Gu Nanting is 26 years old, he is allowed to return with advanced
management models and concepts from the foreign aviation industry. It can be said that
he has been given much thought to.

The directors obviously won’t object. They once again congratulate the ‘New Master’
with applause.

Even if not for reading countless people, a scheming Gu Nanting knows how much
sincerity and hypocrisy there is. In front of everyone, he orders, “With one year as the
deadline, China Southern Airlines’ annual performance will increase by 20%.”

In the increasingly fierce competition today, to increase the annual performance by
20%, is no easy feat. The candidate for the next executive, can’t possibly be him.

Smiles twitch at a few of the directors’ lips. The applause is also for the frivolity of young


After the meeting, China Southern Airlines’ mailbox receives the appointment notice for
Gu Nanting. Presently, the young vice president has become the focus of the company.
Because the Cabin Service Department learns that Gu Nanting is taking the company’s
flight back to City G, there are many speculations about him.

At half past one in the afternoon, it’s Lin Ziji’s turn to submit his report to Gu Nanting.
Lin Ziji, 36 years old, head of the Flight Department, and a senior captain. He behaves
modestly and is dependable. But, when Lin Ziji gives him the schedule of the week at
the same time, Gu Nanting is puzzled. “How did the Flight Department know of my

Lin Ziji explains, “The HR Department has already screened and evaluated assistant
candidates recommended by various departments. They’re waiting for your final
decision. Before a new assistant is put in place, I will act on their behalf.”

The implication……Gu Nanting restrains himself. Then he asks, “Who are there?”
Lin Ziji replies with two names. They both are the best candidates evaluated by the HR
Department. However, Gu Nanting’s brows slightly furrow. “What about Coffee of
the market system?”

Coffee? If he remembers correctly, there is no one called Coffee in the
market system. Lin Ziji thinks about it carefully, and answers cautiously, “I’ll immediately
ask my colleagues in the HR Department to check it out.”

Gu Nanting takes out his phone and looks at the calendar. Making sure he remembers
correctly, at this time, Coffee should have worked in the market system for a year.
He just started to show his brilliance. How come now——

Gu Nanting rubs his temples. He has to think, is it because he postponed the date for
returning, which is causing the development of events to change? Under normal circumstances,
he shouldn’t have met Cheng Xiao the day he returned. As for Coffee, he should have been
his assistant once he took over. How come now, his whereabouts are unknown?

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