Flight To You

Sky 2 Part 2 – Fireproof, theftproof, and friendproof


The drizzling lingers, and doesn’t stop until the afternoon. Breathing in the fresh air, and
driving on the wet and clear streets, Cheng Xiao drives her car like it’s an airplane.

This is exactly what Xia Zhi is afraid of. She grips her seatbelt tightly, and refrains from
chattering her teeth. “I shouldn’t have told you I have Coffee’s car keys. I’m such a

The more scared she gets, the more furious Cheng Xiao gets. “With Coffee’s affection
towards you, how could he not leave his car to you when he’s away? I don’t believe it.”
Xia Zhi argues with her. “You’re just jealous about the fact that Coffee loves me more.”

Cheng Xiao forcefully steps on the accelerator, continuously speeding up.
Xia Zhi warns her, “Cheng Xiao, if you dare to go any faster, I will barf on you!”

Understanding Ms. Xia’s personality, she will actually do it.

Cheng Xiao smiles and slows down.

The green light flashes at the intersection ahead. Cheng Xiao determines there are a
few seconds before the light turns yellow, so they can completely be able to pass.
However, when she is about to ignore Ms. Xia’s warning, and step on the gas pedal to
pass the light, the speeding BMW in front suddenly brakes.

Cheng Xiao’s reflexes are already fast enough. But even if her first reaction is to brake,
she wouldn’t have been able to escape. There ends up being a rear-end collision.

In this case, suddenly stopping their car, are often older female novices. Cheng Xiao
takes back her hand that stretched out in front of Xia Zhi when she braked, and beats
the steering wheel hard.

As a female novice who just got her driver’s license, Xia Zhi is still in shock. Her trembling
voice reminds Cheng Xiao. “Coffee said, no matter the circumstances, a rear-end
collision is the rear car’s responsibility.”

Cheng Xiao has already unfastened her seatbelt and left the car.


The BMW’s owner is indeed a woman. She isn’t older, but actually a young adult.
Around the same age as Cheng Xiao. With exquisite makeup and a classic Chanel suit,
her demeanor matches the BMW very well.

Although she is angry, traffic regulations clearly state who is responsible for rear-end
collisions. Cheng Xiao tries to weaken her anger by forcefully slamming the car door.
She intentionally slouches, seeking out the other party on handling options.

However, before she can speak, the BMW’s owner satirizes disdainfully, “Do you know
how to drive? If you’re in a hurry, why don’t you just fly over?” Looking at her own tail
light that got damaged, as well as Cheng Xiao’s casual clothes, and an inconspicuous
Great Wall behind her, she becomes even more arrogant. “Whatever car, you dare to
tailgate. It’s really brave. Only thing is, can you afford it?”

“I’m poor. Did I eat your family’s rice?” Xia Zhi’s original intent was to give her an
apology. Now she’s all riled up. “You’re not worried enough, aren’t you Miss?”

Ms. BMW is pressing down on them. “So rear-end collisions are reasonable now? I’m
telling you guys, even if you become bankrupt, you still have to pay.”

Cheng Xiao feels that settling this matter is quite a shame for the other party’s
arrogance. She raises her feet, high-heels directly greeting the BMW’s body. “Become
bankrupt? With just this?!”

Looking at the car door that suddenly got dented, Ms. BMW’s temper worsens. “Oh, so
you’re showing off, right? Then let’s not go with insurance, let’s settle this privately!”

“Fine, let’s do this privately.” Cheng Xiao turns around, slowly walks towards Great Wall,
and sits in the driver’s seat. When Ms. BMW shouts “Don’t go”, she pulls her car to the
side of the road.

She always has a tacit understanding with Cheng Xiao. Xia Zhi uses her finger to point
at Ms. BMW. “Take your piece of scrap iron and stop it over there. Don’t affect the traffic.
What, it can’t drive? Yo, it’s not as sturdy as our little Great Wall, so weak! Do you need
help finding a tow truck?”

Ms. BMW glares at Cheng Xiao. “Don’t regret it!”

Cheng Xiao smiles, takes out her phone, and calls a number. “It’s me, have someone
send me a check, I tailgated.” After that, she reports her address, then looks at Ms.
BMW. “Name a price!”

Ms. BMW is furious, her chest rising up and down. “Be careful of acting too far, or else
when you slip up, you won’t be able to get offstage.”

Cheng Xiao lowers her head and laughs, a whole “thanks for your care” attitude.
Ms. BMW clenches her teeth. “Am I wrong? What’s that expression of yours?”

Cheng Xiao has a clear voice, along with a gentle tone of response: “Whatever you are,
is what my expression is.”

Ms. BMW is infuriated, and she kicks at the car’s tire. “If you have the capability, leave!”
Maybe it was because she hurt her foot, she turns around and sits in her BMW, with a
look like she’s about to cry. Along with the continuous sounds of honking, she parks her
beloved car on the side of the road. Then she finally starts to make a phone call.

Xia Zhi is full of anger. “Sh*t. We should have checked the Tung Shing1The Tung Shing (通勝) is a Chinese divination guide and almanac. Most of the contents of the book say what is suitable to do each day. Some Chinese families still follow these days for wedding ceremonies, funerals, etc.before going

But Cheng Xiao is fully absorbed in choosing music from the SD card.


10 minutes later, a Bentley drives over. The car door opens, and a man in his forties
comes out. When he sees Cheng Xiao, he bows slightly, handing the checkbook over
with both hands.

Cheng Xiao smiles slightly. “I’ve caused you trouble, Brother Li.”

Brother Li thoroughly looks at her from head to toe. “It’s good as long as you’re not

After sending the visitor away, Cheng Xiao leisurely leans in front of Great Wall. She
raises her voice and asks, “Have negotiated the price with your rescue team? I don’t
have that much time to waste with you.”


Ms. BMW’s eyes sweep over the Bentley that is more expensive than her own car, at a
lost for words.

At this moment, a familiar private car comes rushing over, and parks next to the BMW.
Ms. BMW’s eyes start to water. She quickly runs over, throwing herself into her
rescuer’s arms.

“Fei Yao?” Realizing who the rescuer is, Xia Zhi can’t help scolding, “You don’t even
know when to pick the time to die!”

Cheng Xiao’s face has already turned completely cold.

Fei Yao’s expression also changes when he sees her.

Not understanding what is happening, Ms. BMW is still complaining about her injustices.
“They tailgated first, and insulted me!”

Fei Yao rubs his temples and persuades her to drop it.

Ms. BMW does not give up. “We can’t just let it go like that. She damaged the car you
gave to me, and humiliated me.”

Cheng Xiao walks over. With a cold tone, she slowly asks, “Who is this?”

Ms. BMW thinks she is asking her. Of course, Cheng Xiao is asking her. However, the
person who should answer, is the one who came to save the day.

Under her cold gaze, Fei Yao is silent for a moment.

Ms. BMW says as a matter of factly: “He’s my fiancé!”

Xia Zhi follows over, and coldly says back, “Didn’t ask you!”

Cheng Xiao’s eyes have a dangerous glint in them. “Really?”

Fei Yao knows she is asking himself. With Ms. BMW’s puzzled expression, he admits:

“Oh.” Cheng Xiao laughs bitterly.

In the next second, Xia Zhi wants to go up and slap Fei Yao’s face.

Cheng Xiao holds her back, and pushes her toward the grass. She then sits back in
Great Wall, and reverses the gear.

Just when Xia Zhi says “Hey”, she hears the engine revving. Then, Great Wall drives
straight towards the BMW.

Xia Zhi immediately starts to sweat. She shouts with horror, “Xiao!”

“My car!” Ms. BMW breaks away from Fei Yao’s arm, and throws herself onto the car.
Fei Yao shouts subconsciously: “Cheng Xiao!”

It’s obviously too late to change anything.

The BMW has been severely collided with.

Ms. BMW rushes over and scolds: “You woman, are you crazy?!”

“If I am, do you have a hospital to recommend?” Cheng Xiao gets out of the car, and
throws the check at Fei Yao’s face. “You guys can fill in the numbers.”

Ms. BMW finally reacts, and gives a deathly glare towards Cheng Xiao. “What kind of
person are you?”

Cheng Xiao has an indifferent face. “Ask your fiancé, he has an obligation to explain my
actions.” She then reaches out and mercilessly pushes Ms. BMW out of her way. “A
good dog never gets in the way.”

The other party has never suffered from such injustice. She angrily asks, “Who are you
calling a dog?”

Without looking back, Cheng Xiao says, “Whoever’s in a hurry.”

Fei Yao stops her in a timely manner.


When the flustered and frustrated Ms. BMW is taken away, Cheng Xiao looks at the
watchful crowd. She calmly asks, “Everybody here is standing still, are you waiting for
me to collect fees?”

The crowd disperses. Xia Zhi yells at Cheng Xiao, “Are you crazy, playing your life with

“Like he’s worthy!” Seeing Xia Zhi who looks like she’s going to eat someone, Cheng
Xiao is still able to laugh. “What are you afraid of? I’m a professional pilot. It won’t kill

“Psychopath! Impulsiveness is something that you should not have.” Xia Zhi pushes her.
“Your steam is all out right? Now it’s time to solve our problem.”

“I told Coffee about the car crash, you don’t need to worry about it.”

“It’s not about Coffee.”

Cheng Xiao turns her head to where Xia Zhi is signaling. At a place not too far from
them, she sees her “benefactor” she spilled coffee on from the plane, come out from a
Porshe. And the front of the Porshe……seems to have been hit?

Her brain short-circuits for a few seconds.

Cheng Xiao says innocently, “I did that?”

Xia Zhi nods. “It was when you backed up.”

Cheng Xiao rubs her forehead. “I was careless.”

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