Flight To You

Sky 2 Part 1 – Fireproof, theftproof, and friendproof

When Gu Nanting comes back, nobody is home. The butler says, “Sir has accompanied
Madam to the Xiao family’s old house. Miss has lessons in the afternoon.”

This is to let him have a good rest. Gu Nanting understands.

After more than 10 hours of a long-distance flight, it would be a lie to say he isn’t tired.
He takes a shower, giving himself to the big bed. He originally thinks he won’t be able to
fall asleep. After all, what has been happening recently to him is too unusual, suffering
from insomnia for many days. But when Cheng Xiao’s disdainful and delicate appears in
his mind, he gradually falls asleep.

It is a good sleep.

Around evening, Xiao Yuheng bursts into his room, not having a good expression on her
face at all. “What did you do last night? Didn’t you sleep? I’ve been back for a long time
already, and you still haven’t woken up.”

It’s obviously a question, but that familiar and nostalgic voice, unconsciously makes Gu
Nanting’s tone relax. “Since when did I have to report my whereabouts to you?”

Xiao Yucheng hmphs. “I am locating you on Daddy’s behalf.”

Then, he hears someone downstairs say: “Nanting, come downstairs for dinner.”
It’s Xiao Su. Father’s second wife, his stepmother, and his stepsister Xiao Yuheng’s

Gu Nanting should go downstairs. “I’ll come right away, Aunt Xiao.”

As the brother-sister duo go downstairs together, Xiao Yuheng demands her gifts the
entire time. “If there’s nothing new, you don’t get to eat!”

A 17-year-old adolescent, her every frowns and smiles are flirtatious. Gu Nanting moves
out of her way, firmly grasping her wrist to avoid her “murder.” “Where would these new
things come from? I’m not an expert at inventing.”

Xiao Yuheng can’t shake him off, shouting for reinforcement. “Daddy, come look,
Brother is bullying me.”

Gu Nanting half carries and half drags her to the living room like a bird. “You only know
how to file a complaint! Have you not realized I’m too old for Dad to beat me?”

At the same time, a male and female voice say:

“Nanting, don’t hurt her!”

“Hengheng, stop troubling your brother again!”

Gu Nanting follows the sound and looks. He sees Gu Changming and Xiao Su come out
of the kitchen, one after another.

Father at that time did not have the slightest hint of aging at all, his build was tall and
straight, and his eyes were sharp. His wife at his side, is also the same as Nanting
remembers. Charming, gentle, and virtuous.

A smile tugs at Gu Nanting’s lips. “Dad, Aunt Xiao.”

Xiao Su comes over first. “You’re finally back. During the time you weren’t home,
someone was having fun.”

The mild and affectionate words of like a mother, and the sincere affection in her eyes,
makes Gu Nanting feel warmth. He releases Xiao Yuheng, holding out his arms to hug
Xiao Su. “Really? Wait until I teach her a lesson.”

Xiao Yuheng protests. “Who are you talking about? I didn’t.”

Xiao Su pokes her on the forehead. “You’re willing to take actions, but not the
responsibility that comes with it.”

Xiao Yuheng links her arm into Gu Changming’s elbow. “Daddy, look, Mommy is partial
to Brother. It’s like I am the one that was picked up.”

Gu Changming pats his stepdaughter’s little head affectionately. “Are you jealous?
Daddy has always stood on your side.”

Xiao Yuheng denies it. “I am not! You men are all the same. You don’t keep your

Xiao Su reprimands her lightly. “This child, what are you saying?”

Xiao Yuheng lets go of Gu Changming’s hand, runs to the sofa, and sits down. “Brother
has long promised to take me on vacation, but I’ve waited year after year, and he’s still
busy. Now he’s going to take over the position as leader, which leaves even less time to
fufill his promise.”

Xiao Yueheng’s words make Gu Nanting think of something, and he unconsciously

Xiao Su doesn’t notice the abnormality of her stepson, scolding her daughter, “When we
let you go with us to spend the holidays, you wouldn’t go. You just insist on pestering
your brother.”

Xiao Yuheng has her own reason. “You and Daddy were on your honeymoon, should I
have gone and been a light bulb? I had to consider what was happening.” While saying
this, she eagerly looks at Gu Nanting. “Can you take me to the ancient city during
summer vacation? I’ve been yearning to see how time has changed the world, to see
the simple and classic beauty.”

Ancient city? Yes, if nothing goes wrong, she will go to the ancient city this year. Then
she’ll meet——

Gu Nanting isn’t sure if he should promise at once, and go with her to overcome all
obstacles. Or do absolutely nothing, and let things develop naturally, becoming the

Xiao Yuheng doesn’t understand his sudden change, taking his silence as a refusal.
She childishly hits Gu Nanting. “Fine, I won’t go with you, Bad Brother who doesn’t keep
his promises.”

Gu Changming and Xiao Su share a smile, only treating the matter as a little girl acting

Only Gu Nanting’s heart suddenly lost its sound.


The night is deep.

It’s drizzling in the city, and the silence is boundless. Gu Nanting holds a glass of his
father’s treasured red wine, standing upright on the balcony, silent as the night.
After quite some time, he puts down the wine glass, and takes out his phone. He
doesn’t even need to check his contact list, directly dialing a number.

Looking at the name displayed on the phone’s screen, he deviously presses the call

He doesn’t expect the call to go through. Until the other party asks him, “Who is this?”
Gu Nanting wakes up from his daze.

The other end waits for several seconds without receiving a response, slightly impatient.
“If you don’t talk, I’ll hang up.”

It actually went through. Precisely speaking, it really is her. During this time, she was
already using the number that is so engraved in his heart.
Is it a coincidence, or——

The voice and tone that is so familiar to him in the microphone, was so real it could
make you puzzled.

But he could only say: “Sorry, wrong number.”

The rain gradually gets heavier, landing on his forehead. Gu Nanthing raises his hand to
cover his forehead, taking a long exhale.


At the southern end of the city, Cheng Xiao, who is also not asleep, looks at the
moonlight that streams in from the gaps in the curtains, shining onto the wall.
Xia Zhi turns over, away from her. “Who was it?”

Cheng Xiao answers truthfully. “Wrong number.”

Xia Zhi turns over towards her. “In the middle of the night, disturbing someone’s sweet
dreams, you didn’t even scold him?”

Cheng Xiao pulls the blanket to wrap herself in it. “I was suddenly baptized.”
Xia Zhi is amused. “It is, hundreds of levels higher than I expected.”

“So I used to be too vulgar to live?”

“So you think you’re not that right now?”

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

Xia Zhi doesn’t mind being given the cold shoulder. She snuggles up close, holding onto
Cheng Xiao’s elbow. “Hey, what did you end up saying to that benefactor? Earlier I got
interrupted by ‘Coffee’s’ call and forgot to ask.”

Cheng Xiao thinks back at what happened during the day. “Say what? You don’t mean
for me to apologize to him, do you?”

Xia Zhi thinks she ought to. “You spilled his coffee, it’s only right to apologize.”
Does it count as her spilling it? Cheng Xiao closes her eyes. “You’re also right, at such
an age, it’s not easy.”

How old though? Was it an uncle? Xia Zhi expresses deep regret. “I thought you guys
gave each other’s contact information, to have a follow-up, and maybe develop
something else.”

Cheng Xiao concludes, “You’ve been poisoned too deeply by romance novels.”

Xia Zhi changes the topic. “Has the call gone through?”

Cheng Xiao shakes her head, and answers: “I didn’t dial.”

Xia Zhi makes fun of her. “Are you afraid that a woman will pick up?”

Cheng Xiao says bluntly, “I’m not good at acting two-faced. Rather than listening to him
lie and make excuses, why don’t I just take him by surprise?” Her tone openly admits
the reality of her boyfriend’s betrayal.

Xia Zhi gives her a thumbs up. “But you can’t even see his shadow, how can you catch
him off guard?”

Cheng Xiao glares at her, her eyes with a solid confidence in them.

Xia Zhi makes a “pssh” sound. “How can you just conclude that I have his new

Cheng Xiao points her finger at her. “Otherwise it would be harmful to your scheming
plans, Miss Xia.”

Xia Zhi smiles innocently. “I can’t help it if I never liked him. If I don’t harm him when I
have the opportunity, all my efforts would be in vain.”

“If people didn’t know, they would think you have a crush on him. Like you’re trying to
steal my boyfriend or something.”

“Maybe I am.”

“You already are.”

Xia Zhi does not take it seriously. “In order to save you from your misery, I’m going all out.”


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