Flight To You

Sky 1 Part 2 – Do I look like a hopeless romantic? 


When the plane is descending, it encounters some turbulence. The radio announcement reminds passengers to sit tight in their seats, and fasten their seatbelts. But some people just do not listen. Not only do they turn on their phone and make a phone call, they also stand up to open the overhead bin. 

This is a very dangerous behavior on a passenger airplane. Not only will the mobile phone signal interfere with the aircraft, but the turbulence may also cause luggage to fall out of the overhead bin, injuring passengers. 

The flight attendants see what is happening and immediately stop him. “Sir, please turn off your phone, and wait until the plane has completely stopped to pick up your luggage. Sir, please sit back in your seat, sir!”

The passenger ignores the warnings, on one hand, continuing his conversation on the call. “I have already arrived, and am about to get off the plane, don’t rush me anymore.” On the other hand, he is about to open the overhead bin.


Cheng Xiao usually minds her own business, but this person sits in the row before her, and the distance is just too close. So, she unfastens her seatbelt and stands up, beating him to it first, holding down the overhead bin with her right hand. 

Gu Nanting does not move.

The passenger is slightly annoyed. “What are you doing? I’m in a hurry, get out of my way.” When he speaks, he actually reaches out his hand to push people. 

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The plane coincidently happens to jolt at this time. If it wasn’t for Gu Nanting’s quick reaction, reaching out his hand to help the flight attendant at the right time, the flight attendant would have flown backward with her hands and legs in the air. Even though they were okay, his waist still hits the armrest. 


Cheng Xiao’s patience has run out, she grabs the other party’s phone, and reprimands him coldly. “Your current actions have caused illegal interference with normal flight operations. You will be punished or investigated for criminal responsibility, I advise you to stop.” She then looks at the flight attendant. “Contact ground service, let the airport police pick him up.”

One after another, the other passengers’ condemnation start to come in:

“At this time, opening the overhead bin, what should happen if luggage falls down and injures someone?”

“The plane hasn’t stopped yet, why turn on your phone?”

“A plane full of people, only you are the busiest! So what if you have to wait a few minutes?”

“He also pushed people, it’s such bad manners.” 

Cheng Xiao turns off his phone for him, her eyes and words filled with means of exerting pressure. “If you don’t believe me, try it!”

The flight attendant is worried the situation might take the next level, holding back her temper, persuading, “For the safety of you and all the other passengers, please sit down first, the plane is about to land, it won’t take you a few minutes.”

Perhaps it was because he couldn’t handle everybody’s pressure, that passenger didn’t persist, but threatened Cheng Xiao before sitting down. “Just you wait!”

“Waiting for you!”

“Give me my phone!”

“Okay.” Cheng Xiao raises her eyebrows disapprovingly. In order to give his ignorance and irrationality a lesson, she waves her hand. 


“Well——” About to see his phone fall to the ground before his eyes, the passenger immediately leans over to catch it. 

But it was still a step too late. 

With a “pa” sound, the phone steadily and accurately lands in Gu Nanting’s arms. 

It’s better than it falling onto the ground. Otherwise, another big wave will be unavoidable. 

The problem is——

If the passenger in the seat next to Gu Nanting was not holding a paper cup in her hand, if she didn’t happen to pass over her half-drunk coffee to the flight attendant to take it away, if, there are no more ifs.

Seeing Gu Nanting’s shirt splashed with coffee because he caught the phone falling from above, the auntie next to Cheng Xiao clicks her tongue. “Girl, hurry and help wipe him. Oh dear, what a perfectly white shirt!” 

Meeting her “benefactor” ’s angry and forbearing glare, Cheng Xiao laughs unkindly. 


Amidst his seat partner’s apologies, Gu Nanting looks coldly at Cheng Xiao, the creator of the bad incident. It was like saying, “Please give me a break.” Then he gives the flight attendant the empty paper cup, instructing, “Go sit tight, the plane is landing.” 

His pupils are clear, calm like a lake’s water. His tone is restrained, mild without any anger. 

The flight attendant’s eyes land on his face, whispering respectfully, “In a little bit I’ll help you clean your clothes.”


The phone’s owner is also silent now. He takes back his phone, grumbling, “It’s all wet now.” Then, behaving himself, he returns to his original seat. 

Gu Nanting ignores him, only shooting a look at a standing Cheng Xiao. “Do you need me to remind you what to do when the plane is landing?” 

That slightly sullen look in his eyes, and cold, harsh tone, gives off some overwhelming manly vibes. 

Cheng Xiao thinks this man is quite interesting. She raises her eyebrow, sitting down in an almighty manner. 


After the airplane stops, Cheng Xiao doesn’t fight with the passenger who disrupted the flight sequence earlier before. Instead, she waits before the crowd, only moving when her “benefactor” gets up. She walks neither too close nor too far behind him, the last one off the plane. 

It seems like Gu Nanting does not realize he is being followed. Only when he comes to the cabin door, and the flight attendant asks again to clean his clothes, he refuses. “No need.” He then puts on a blazer, and buttons it, easily solving the problem of covering the stain on his white shirt. 

The flight attendant’s admiring and disappointed look, makes Cheng Xiao, as a fellow woman, also unbearable. But her “benefactor” fails to live up to their expectations. 


Cheng Xiao looks back, and hears the flight attendant tell her: “Thank you for what happened earlier.”

It’s too late to take back the promise she made in her heart toward Mr. “Benefactor.” Cheng Xiao says with a smile, “No need.”



The surging crowd of people in the airport fails to block Cheng Xiao’s line of sight. She notices that her “benefactor” has just arrived at the exit. And then, a man dressed in formal attire comes to welcome him, talking to him with a slight bow. “Benefactor” then nods his head and walks out. After only taking a few steps, he stops and looks back. 

Cheng Xiao’s sixth sense tells her that he is looking in her direction. 

It’s that inexplicable and candid gaze, that doesn’t flash or hide.

Did he find out she was following him after getting off the plane, or does he have other intentions?

Cheng Xiao decides to break the ice. 

She slowly walks toward him, the crisp sound of her small high heels very clear in the noisy airport. 

Until she comes near him, Gu Nanting merely stands in place, completely indifferent. 

Cheng Xiao squints her eyes, looking at him, not saying anything. 

Gu Nanting stares at the cold face in front of him, and her sharp, emotionless eyes. 

The air is flowing with a calm and forbearing atmosphere of competition, making the people around them become part of the background. 

Finally, he asks, “Do you have something to say to me?”

The author has something to say:

For the convenience of reading, here is a brief summary:

In the introduction: The male protagonist Gu Nanting is 33 years old, the female protagonist Cheng Xiao is 28 years old, and the younger sister Xiao Yuheng is 23 years old. Also known as “seven years later.” It is normal time. 

In the main text: The male protagonist Gu Nanting is 26 years old, the female protagonist Cheng Xiao is 21 years old, and the younger sister Xiao Yuheng is 17 years old. Also known as “seven years before.” It is resetted time.

The story has a “time warp” (time traveling back to seven years ago, but there are no power-ups, so this is a very realistic and normal event). The parts Gu Nanting recalls, are in normal time. And the timeline he is experiencing with his seven years of memories is resetted time. 

Thank you for clicking 《Sky》, I hope you like this story. 

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