Flight To You

Sky 1 Part 1 – Do I look like a hopeless romantic?


It was one of the police’s hostage rescue operations. She was the plane’s captain,
which made her a very valuable (and noticeable) person. As a result, she became one
of the bargaining chips in the hostage exchange.

He was there at the scene, and after some struggle, he took out his phone. When he
was about to dial a number, a crisp female voice behind him said, “No need to call, I’m

He looked back, seeing her dressed in a captain’s uniform, walking towards him.
He cooperated with the police to arrange the plane and have the runway cleared. He
was only waiting for her, the plane ready to take off at any time.

She didn’t have the slightest bit of fear being a hostage. Instead, she was as calm as on
any previous flight, so calm that he wanted to curse.

Seeing his composed face, she was still able to laugh. “Why don’t you just say a few
farewell words, don’t hurt yourself holding it back.”

He took some deep breaths, forcefully holding back his temper. “Shut up!”

She laughed heartlessly. “If we don’t succeed, this is our last time talking face-to-face.
Even if your attitude becomes better, nothing’s really going to happen.” Then, as if
worried he was going to explode, she put her arms on his shoulders like they were
homies. “I have an idea, are you interested in hearing it?”

Deep in his heart, he actually yearned for this moment of physical contact with her, but
his eyes were full of anger.

Not noticing his anger, she leaned into his ear and said, “I’m considering your proposal.”
Without waiting for his reply, she let go of him and walked in the police’s direction.
Proposal? She still has this leisurely mood at this time?! Staring at her back, he really
felt that this woman was f*cking hopeless, but still couldn’t help calling to her. “Wait!”
Ugh. So annoying.

She looked back. “What?”

He stepped forward, spreading out his arms and pulling her into a hug.
She didn’t push him away like the times before, but instead hugged him back. Only her
tone was calm: “It’s okay, there are so many policemen, I can’t actually die…”

“Shut up!” He warned sternly in her ear: “Be smart!”
She patted him on his back. “Hug me gentler, I can’t breathe.”
He let go, staring at her. “I told you to be smarter, did you hear me?”

Her answer, however, was: tiptoeing and briskly kissing him on the lips.
Then turning around and never looking back.


【Main Text】

【Section 1】Appreciation For Not Marrying Me

There is nothing that can be guaranteed success, especially love. Never humble
yourself for someone who doesn’t love you. When you work hard enough, and are good
enough, you will find someone better. Then, to the person who didn’t know to cherish
you, look down on them, and thank them for not marrying you.

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qyxkzkya, zkjl uswa lm-tkazqaklde, cldlqynvsa?”

Benefactor? Gu Nanting’s eyebrows slightly furrow, retorting with forbearance and a
deep, confident voice: “You thought too much, young lady!”

Young lady? Under these circumstances, Cheng Xiao does not think being addressed
this way is supposed to be a compliment. With a warning in her eyes, she says, “Then
don’t stare, it’s very fragile.”

Gu Nanting’s gaze is quiet and deep. After a few seconds of the confrontation, he leans
his head against the back of the chair, and closes his eyes.

At this very moment, he really wants to have some silence.

Cheng Xiao looks at him. The man has a full forehead, a straight nose, and clear side
face lines making him look healthy and strong. At the moment, he is rolling up the
sleeves of his white shirt, revealing his forearm muscles; they are smooth, while not
undermining their strength.

If he didn’t talk to herself in such an accusatory tone, if he didn’t “peep” at her like he
was staring into her soul earlier, Cheng Xiao would have thanked him for picking up her
boarding pass in a timely manner一praising him a “gentleman”, and also maybe not
being able resisting the urge to touch his forearm.

Although she has never required herself to live like a lady, she cannot recklessly allow
her hidden inner demon to be exposed.

Cheng Xiao buckles her seatbelt, emitting a “pa-pa” sound.



The cabin door closes, and the plane applies for take-off. After taking off, the radio
announcement follows the same old pattern: “Welcome aboard to China Southern
Airlines, Flight 1268, our plane has already left City A, heading towards City G. The
estimated flight time in the air is……”

The plane has already been flying for 10 hours straight. A weary Cheng Xiao wraps her
jacket around her, and puts on a sleeping mask, preparing to sleep until the arrival at
City G.

Maybe it was because of jet lag, the whole time Cheng Xiao was dreaming. She has
been best friends with Xia Zhi since high school, but later, Xia Zhi couldn’t join her in

aviation school because Xia Zhi failed her physical examination. Two years later, she
went abroad by herself to take an advanced course on flight. So far, she has obtained
the required qualifications to complete her studies. The things that have happened in
the past few years are still vivid in her mind.

So vivid it wasn’t like a dream, but more like a recollection.

She’s only in her early twenties, a blossoming age, it’s too early for recollection.

Cheng Xiao takes off her sleeping mask, letting the midday sun stimulate her to return
to reality.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are expected to arrive at City G and Heping Airport in ten
minutes. The plane is currently descending, please sit tight, and turn off all personal
electronic devices……”

Cheng Xiao straightens her seat’s backrest. When she reaches out her hand to collapse
the small tray table, she sees there is a glass of water on it.

The auntie beside her sees that she is awake, saying in a timely manner, “They were
just serving beverages, the gentleman next to you asked the flight attendant to save it
for you.”

Cheng Xiao glances at the auntie. “Thank you.”

The auntie smiles, with a kind face. “He has already offered to take the first step, so just
forgive him. I saw he was quite concerned about you, even asking the flight attendant to
bring you a blanket.” While saying this, the auntie even pats her hand affectionately, her
pair of eyes saying: “You don’t have to say anything, auntie has been there, so she

Cheng Xiao lowers her head, seeing that there indeed was a thin blanket on top of her
jacket, the kind that is only used in airplanes. She looks over to her “benefactor” on the
other side of the aisle. He currently has his eyes closed, sleeping peacefully. She turns
around to face the auntie filled with motherly love, replying, “The privilege of having a
girlfriend is that they do not expire, how can I let him off the hook easily?”

The auntie stares blankly for a few seconds, not understanding, and shaking her head.
“You youngsters!”

Cheng Xiao picks up the paper cup. In the eyes of her “benefactor” who woke up at
some unknown moment, he is smiling contently.

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