Feigned Pity

Chapter 8

Standing by the window, Gu Jing Yuan was playing with his mobile phone. He suddenly heard a shout from afar and when he looked down, he saw a familiar figure, once again, in a familiar fallen position.

But this time, she remained strong and did not cry.

He put down his phone, propped his chin on his palm while he observed as she struggled but failed to stand; with no intention of helping her. 

Simply like watching a show, it was quite interesting to watch her as she got frustrated.

Maybe his gaze of spectating a performance was too intense that she suddenly raised her head. Their eyes collided with each other.


Tao Yi Xi’s eyes lit up as if she spotted a savior. Her eyes reddened in volition as if pleading, “Ge-ge…” 

Gu Jing Yuan froze for two seconds before he turned around and heartlessly disappeared from her view.

Did she use this technique too many times that he already built an immunity to it?

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“Aiya, Brother Yuan, let’s go together. If I go down myself, I’ll be shy,” Qi Yue fiddled with his fingers.


Was it even acceptable for a hunk to act coquettishly?

“I’m not going,” Gu Jing Yuan was thoroughly disgusted, his stance unwavering.

“Huh, what a hard-hearted man!”

After blurting that sentence, he flew to rescue his goddess.

Gu Jing Yuan was the only one left in the empty classroom. The image of her weeping kept appearing in his mind. He denied vehemently that he had been unconsciously deluded by her.

She might not be hurt badly this time. If it was really severe, that crybaby would’ve definitely cried pitifully again like the last time.

Standing by the window, Gu Jing Yuan saw Qi Yue reach her side. Her pleasantly surprised expression was exactly the same as when she saw him just now.

This slightly displeased him.

He observed as the two exchanged a few words before Qi Yue ran off again. This time, her head remained hanging down without looking up again.

Qi Yue soon brought over a girl who supported Tao Yi Xi while he followed behind. The trio slowly made their way to the school infirmary.

After they walked out of his view, he slowly withdrew his gaze.



Tao Yi Xi sat on the chair and rolled up her school track pants, displaying her beautiful calves. Qi Yue was taken aback and was about to look away when he spotted the injury and could not help but sigh.

Because her skin was too fair and delicate, the two bruises on her kneecaps looked even more glaring.

Zhou Zhi directly sucked in a breath, almost cussing out loud.

How did her dainty little fairy come to suffer such harm!

The school doctor frowned and asked, “how did this happen?”

Tao Yi Xi calmly explained, “I accidentally fell, it just so happened that I bumped against the same area twice.”

“I’ll help you apply some medication first. But after school, it’s best to go to the hospital to have it properly examined.” 

“En,” she nodded.

The amount of strength the doctor used was heavier compared to when she did it for herself last night. The pain she experienced increased, causing her to frown and break out in cold sweat. Yet, she held back, without making a sound.

Pretending to be pitiful wouldn’t gain her any benefits, so forget it. 

Standing by her side, Zhou Zhi was distressed as she gripped tightly onto Tao Yi Xi’s hand hoping that it would relieve her of some of the pain. 

Tao Yi Xi could feel the sweat from Zhou Zhi’s palm. If people didn’t know better, they would’ve thought that the one getting treated was Zhou Zhi instead. 



She chuckled internally. And for the first time, she no longer rejected Zhou Zhi’s touch.

Zhou Zhi was not the same as those people she dealt with before, and she shouldn’t keep living in the past.

The school doctor finally finished, “Done, little lady sure has a high pain tolerance. Other girls would’ve already cried by now.” 

Tao Yi Xi smiled and rolled down the legs of her pants. After further contemplation, “Doctor, can you help him take a look too?”

She pointed to Qi Yue.

How could the school doctor not know what happened? His tone was completely different from when he was talking to Tao Yi Xi, “You got injured from fighting right?” 

Qi Yue scratched the back of his head in embarrassment, “I’m fine. It’ll be better in a couple of days. No need to apply medication.”

“I’ll prescribe you an iodophor to disinfect the wound.”

Tao Yi Xi, “Doctor, can you prescribe one more set?”


“There’s another person who is also injured.”


When she stretched out her hand, the sharp-eyed school doctor spotted the two-days old burn on the back of her hand.

“And how did this happen?” 

“I accidentally scalded myself, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.” 

“Little girl, you should take care of yourself better. It would’ve been too late for regrets if it left a scar. Furthermore, you’re a pretty child, wouldn’t it be more regrettable?”

“I understand. Doctor, thank you,” Her indifferent tone showed that she did not care much about it.

Zhou Zhi and Qi Yue, both stood on either of her sides like a couple of guardian angels. As they exchanged a look, they shared an unspoken agreement as they both saw the same heartache in each other’s faces. 


By the time they were done, school had ended. Tao Yi Xi refused Qi Yue’s escort and was going to refuse Zhou Zhi as well. But Zhou Zhi would not have any of it, using various coquetry only known by girls, Tao Yi Xi finally caved and Qi Yue was left in amazement.

In order to avoid everyone’s suspicion, the car assigned to pick them up was instructed not to stop directly in front of school. This was the only tacit understanding shared between her and Gu Jing Yuan.

A black Bentley was parked at an intersection where fewer students would pass.

Zhou Zhi was naturally glad for her, “fortunately, you have a car to pick you up. Go, go, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay. Zhi Zhi, thanks for today.”

“What are you talking about? We’re friends! This is a small matter, there’s no need for thanks.”

Zhou Zhi’s kindness came from the heart; simple and straightforward.

Tao Yi Xi smiled warmly, “it’s still necessary. Then, I’ll go first. You should head home too.”

Tao Yi Xi was stunned to see the person that had not appeared in the past few days when she opened the rear door.

Gu Jing Yuan glanced at her before he continued to play with his mobile phone, undisturbed.

She consciously took two steps back and closed the door.

As Zhou Zhi had yet to leave, she asked doubtfully, “Aren’t you leaving anymore?” 

“I think the front seat is more spacious and comfortable.”

“Then let me help you over.”

“Oh, there’s no need. I can manage myself, you should go back quickly.”

She didn’t want people to know that she had ties with Gu Jing Yuan, so she supported herself to the passenger seat at the front.

Gu Jing Yuan raised his eyes and glanced at her, at least she posed some self-awareness. 

When he got home, the servant was surprised to see Gu Jing Yuan coming back on time.

“Young Master, are you having dinner at home tonight?”


After getting a definite answer, everyone moved quickly to prepare. No one paid attention to Tao Yi Xi who came in behind.

It didn’t bother her, she was already used to it.

After going upstairs, she knocked on his door. The person inside ignored her, as per usual. 

This time, she did not even get a ‘get lost’.

“Ge-ge, I got some medicine from the school doctor. Remember to use it.”

She put the things down and left, this time without stalling. She also wanted to go back to her room to rest as soon as possible.

Gu Jing Yuan was in a game with Qi Yue. But Qi Yue’s mouth never stopped chattering.

“You didn’t know, she was so badly injured! But she was so strong! Even a guy, like me, can’t help but cringe in pain but she didn’t even react.”

Hearing this, his hand paused, causing him to make a mistake, allowing the opponent to hit him with a skill. 

Did they know the same Tao Yi Xi?

“Maybe it just looks serious.”

“Brother Yuan, how can you be so heartless? People’s knees were already blue and purple but you still think that it’s not serious.”


“Moreover, there’s a red scalded mark on her hand. Do you think she’s being abused at home?” Qi Yue asked in fright.

Gu Jing Yuan paused before decisively stating, “no.”

“How do you know? You didn’t see her injury!”

Because she lived in his house… Who abused her?

Thinking about this, he made another mistake. This time, he was immediately killed and the screen turned black.

Gu Jing Yuan fell into brief contemplation.

It seemed that every time she got injured at home, it was because of him. It didn’t seem like it was completely unrelated to him after all.

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