Feigned Pity

Chapter 7

As soon as morning lessons were over, Gu Jing Yuan was the first out the door. After Qi Yue gave Tao Yi Xi a heads up, he followed after Gu Jing Yuan.

Tao Yi Xi started sorting out her books and notes. Just beside, the books of her deskmate were just strewn carelessly around, it was as good as new with all the blank pages. A sharp contrast with hers.

Zhou Zhi intimately greeted her, “Yi Xi, let’s hurry to the cafeteria. I’m starving!”

Tao Yi Xi neatly put the books into her schoolbag, “okay, let’s go.”

Zhou Zhi’s eyes were glued onto her the whole time, her eyes sparkling.


“Yi Xi, how do you make wearing the school uniform look so fitting?”

Their school uniform was not very conventional. It had a white base with black-colored patterns. It was simplistic and not considered ugly, but it was just very ordinary. 

Tao Yi Xi’s long hair cascaded down her back, her small face was white and clear with exquisite facial features. She had a slender and tall figure. If she was under a filtered lens, she might be regarded as a female lead in a campus drama.

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“It seems so.”


Zhou Zhi smugly whispered, “currently, the school forum is filled with posts about you. They’re all saying that you’re prettier than the current school flower. Hence people are flocking over to take a look at you. Some even wanted to vote again, causing a huge ruckus with the school flower’s group of fans.” 

Good friend, Zhou Zhi, patted her chest, “I’ve given my vote to you.”

“Ah, thank you?”

Tao Yi Xi was not very interested in this kind of stuff. After all, getting the school flower title would not help improve her grades ranking. 

“Let’s go see what delicious food is on today’s menu.”

“En.” Compared to those superficial titles, this was more practical. 


In the afternoon, Gu Jing Yuan and Qi Yue did not turn up for class again. It was as though they only come for morning lessons to ‘clock in’. 

The form teacher had an anxious expression as he looked at the empty seats.

Previously he was called upon by the principal. He was instructed to have a good talk with Gu Jing Yuan, asking Gu Jing Yuan to refrain from skipping so many classes and affecting the overall grades of the school’s admission.

Good heavens! This little rascal did not even turn up for class, how would he even have the chance to have a talk with him? 

“Yi Xi, come over.” 


The two stood in the corridor, near the classroom door. Students loitered along the passageway, many of which were unfamiliar faces.

The form teacher wondered out loud, “oh my… why are there so many students hanging about today?”

Tao Yi Xi limped over and paused. Turning her head to look at them, an embarrassed blush crept up her cheeks before quickly disappearing.

“Teacher, may I ask why you were looking for me?”

“What’s wrong with your leg?”

“I accidentally fell yesterday while trying to pass classmate Jing Yuan his homework,” she lowered her head and muttered.

The form teacher noticed immediately that something was not right from her tone. It most likely was not as simple as just accidentally falling as she claimed. 

“That stinky rascal! Did he accept it?”

“He did, but he was very reluctant.”

The form teacher raised his eyebrows in pleasant surprise, “doesn’t matter if he did it unwillingly, as long as he accepted it.”

Previously when he got other students to hand him his homework, no one knew where Gu Jing Yuan died to. Even when he personally passed it to him. In a blink of an eye, it would end up in the trash. No one had any idea how to handle this kid.

But this? This was finally a turning point!


However, this little girl looked so delicate and weak. Was there any way she could be Gu Jing Yuan’s match?

The form teacher pondered for a moment, “forget it. I’ll contact his family later, you go back in first. You did well yesterday.”

“It’s alright. Then I’ll leave first.” 

When the form teacher was not paying attention, she limped back into the classroom; her gait seemed to have improved.

Just as Tao Yi Xi thought that she could continue to enjoy the luxury of sitting alone, Gu Jing Yuan unexpectedly returned. There were even injuries littered all over his face.

Qi Yue, who was behind him did not look any better; anger was also written all over his face.

“Those little bastards, how dare they find people to ambush us! Next time, I’ll teach them a good lesson!”

“Shut up,” his yapping gave Gu Jing Yuan a headache. 

Qi Yue immediately shut his trap. After all, he was responsible for the disaster that befell them. If it was not for Brother Yuan, he would have been beaten to death this time.

In the end, his Brother Yuan had always been the one defending him from everything.

As he sat next to her, she got a closer look at his handsome, wounded face. It inexplicably gave off a feeling that he was an abused beauty.

Tao Yi Xi was in the midst of admiring his face when his dissatisfied gaze swept over. She immediately frowned and asked worriedly, “Ge-ge, what happened to you?”


“Why the hell is it any of your business?”

She sighed, “alas, Uncle Gu would be worried if he sees you like this.”

Gu Jing Yuan was in a foul mood and did not bother to pay attention to her.

“Do you want to see the school doctor? Or why not take a leave of absence and go to the hospital to get checked? Why didn’t you clean your wounds first before coming back?” At the end of her sentence, there was even a hint of melancholy. 

It would’ve been nice if he didn’t come back at all. 

“Your prattling is so fucking annoying!”

Tao Yi Xi, “wu wu wu… Ge-ge is so fierce.”

“…” Gu Jing Yuan shut his eyes in anger. She was really irritating.

“Oh Brother Yuan, people’s just concerned about you! You don’t always have to be so fierce to her.” Qi Yue’s loyalty was blowing fiercely in Tao Yi Xi’s direction.

She nodded, “Classmate Qi Yue, you understand where I’m coming from.”

Gu Jing Yuan coldly watched as they chirped back and forth, ”continue talking and I’ll leave you to get your ass whooped next time.”

“Shutting up now,” Qi Yue made a zipping motion across his lips.

Yet, he could not hold back but to ask another question, “Yi Xi, why do you address me as ‘classmate’, but him as ‘Ge-ge’?” 

Tao Yi Xi blinked, “Teacher’s here, let’s concentrate in class.”

Although Qi Yue disliked studying, he would not disturb those that wanted to learn.

“Brother Yuan?” He threw his curiosity at Gu Jing Yuan.

However, Gu Jing Yuan shot him a sharp look.

Alright, he’ll shut up now.

Gu Jing Yuan leaned against his chair, from the corner of his eyes, he stared at her. Tao Yi Xi went back to concentrating silently in class. Not bothering to give him any more attention. 

There was no way that she was concerned about him just now.

Humph, hypocrite.

He lowered his head and continued to play with his phone. It was as if there was a wall between them, separating them into two worlds.

On one side, there was the wayward and rich young master. Then there was the striving for her own, a life filled with strenuous studies, little girl.

If she had not been forced into his world, maybe the two would have never met in this lifetime.

The last period was physical education. The whole class assembled on the field, except for the two delinquents.

Waiting for the self-activity to start, Tao Yi Xi hid away and took out a small book from her pocket to review.

The monthly exams were approaching. She had to pass this exam to assess her position in this school. She must not embarrass her mother, so she must give it her all.


The scream pierced through her eardrums.

Before Tao Yi Xi could react, she was struck by a ball-shaped object on the back of her head. It caused her whole person to fall forwards onto both knees, adding more injury to the trauma.


She spent a long time last night applying the safflower oil grandma prepared for her before she even felt slightly better…

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it, I’m really sorry!” The girl hurried away with the volleyball that was rolling on the ground. It was as if she was afraid that Tao Yi Xi would find trouble with her.


Tao Yi Xi gritted her teeth, her legs softened, making her unable to get up.

She hid far away in order to get some peace and quiet. And everyone else was so far away on the sports field. Hence even if they were to call out in warning, she would not have heard them. 

After struggling for so long, it seemed to hurt even more.

She looked around and her eyes met with someone who was upstairs. He gazed at her coldly.

I’m truly curious… Do students schooling in China really vote on who the best-looking males and females are in their school? 


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