Feigned Pity

Chapter 37

Gu Jing Yuan froze on the spot in astonishment. Both his raised hands froze midair.

The gentle touch within his embrace felt so real. 


“Thank you.” Within his broad and warm chest, she slowly closed her eyes, trying to absorb some sense of warmth.

Gu Jing Yuan was stunned, “Thank me?”


“Thank you for the gift.” 

So she found out.

Gu Jing Yuan relaxed his brows and his soft eyes lingered on the top of her head.

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“Are you really okay?”


“I’m fine. I’m late because I went out to borrow a book from the library.”

She raised her head and looked at him, “Ge-ge, let’s skip class.”

“What-?” Gu Jing Yuan could not believe what he was hearing. She was the most well-behaved student he had ever met. 

Tao Yi Xi’s expression was faint and she gave him a weak smile. It was completely different from her usual smiles, but it felt extremely real. 

“I suddenly don’t feel like attending class anymore. I want to go to the rooftop to read.”

He took a glance at her. She was wearing a scarf, so he nodded, “Okay.”

And what’s not okay about that? The reason he kept attending classes was because she was there.

The rooftop was out of bounds to students. There was even a chain lock put in place.

Gu Jing Yuan thought that she would just give up on the idea, but she stepped forward and fiddled with it a couple of times. Finally, her slender arm gave it a hard tug and the iron chain lock fell to the ground.

She turned back and gave him a full-blown smile, pure and innocent, “it’s open.”


If she decided to rebel, the title of ‘School Delinquent’ might not be his.


Gu Jing Yuan silently accompanied her. While she was reading a book, he used a software to memorize some text.

No words were needed, just silent companionship.

Tao Yi Xi’s heart gradually calmed down. Despite the cold breeze, she did not feel the cold. 

She had long seen through this ruthless reality long ago. The only unaccounted variable was him.

But this unaccounted variable was not what she had expected.

On the rooftop, the wind bellowed past their ears.

“The wind is starting to pick up, let’s go back.”

“I want to stay a little longer.” She pouted her lips, staring expectantly at him with clear watery eyes. His heart nearly melted under her gaze. 

Gu Jing Yuan shook his head to return to his senses. After knowing her for so long, he knew what she was like. She had a natural affinity for feigning pity. He walked towards her with a cold and dissatisfied expression.

Her cold little hands were instantly wrapped in a warm grip. It was an extremely familiar sensation.

She curled her fingers and was reluctant to withdraw her hands, instinctively wanting to draw more warmth from him.

“I think you aspire to become a snowman on this rooftop.” Although his words were full of mockery, his hands tightened around hers. 


Tao Yi Xi blinked her eyes. Her thick eyelashes were like two delicate fans, caressing the corners of his heart.

He pursed his thin lips, “It’s useless to act cute in front of me.”

She raised her eyebrows, “Really?”

He chose not to reply.

“Let’s go then.” Tao Yi Xi replied as she jumped down the steps.

He took the book from her in one hand and the other reached out to grab hold of hers. 

As for Tao Xi Yi, she did not withdraw her hand. Everything felt natural and instinctive.

Gu Jing Yuan’s lips raised involuntarily and his indifferent face contained hints of tenderness. 

Currently, the classrooms were filled with students reading aloud and the corridors were empty.

On their way back to class, someone suddenly rushed out into the corridor with his hand clutching his stomach. 

The moment the person appeared, Tao Yi Xi immediately extracted her hand from his grip, catching Gu Jing Yuan off guard. 

The student did not notice them as he quickly walked past with a grim expression.


Once again, only the two of them remained in the corridor.

Gu Jing Yuan stood to the side, his eyelids lowered as he slowly slot his hand back into his pocket. 

Taciturn and imposing.

Her eyelashes trembled and her eyes flickered, “Ge-ge, let’s leave quickly. Otherwise, when the bell rings, the corridor will be crowded.” 


His long legs extended in front of him as he slowly strode to her side. He maintained half a meter distance from her, not taking the initiative to get closer.

He thought to himself, ‘that’s right, she’s still addressing me as Ge-ge.’    

Yet, the turbulent emotions would not stop manifesting because of logical thinking.


The thermos cup was placed on her desk. The bottle’s exterior was stained with water droplets.

He silently returned to his seat without disturbing her conversation with Zhou Zhi.

When they were almost done chatting, she instinctively reached for the bottle and opened the cap to take a sip. She did not need to blow on it as the temperature of the liquid inside was just nice. 

Later on, Tao Yi Xi was called away by the mathematics teacher.

When Qi Yue finally saw that Gu Jing Yuan was alone, he excitedly asked, “Brother Yuan, let’s go and play basketball.”

“Wait a minute.”

Qi Yue followed behind him and watched as Gu Jing Yuan walked towards Zhou Zhi.

A tall shadow suddenly fell over her.


Zhou Zhi panicked, “Uh, is something the matter?”

“Previously, you gave some ginger brown sugar cubes. Can you give me some more? It’s nearly finished.”

“Oh, sure thing.”

“How much? I’ll transfer to you.”

Zhou Zhi waved her hand, “No need, no need. It was originally for Yi Xi.” 

“Alipay account.”

“It’s really not necessary.”

He frowned, he had always been impatient when dealing with others, “quickly.”

Zhou Zhi was so frightened that she quickly blurted out a string of numbers. She soon realized that he had yet to note it down and was ready to repeat it once more. However, Gu Jing Yuan’s brows relaxed and he thanked her, “Thanks.”

His fingers smoothly flew across his phone as he keyed in the number she said.

Zhou Zhi was shocked. Her phone suddenly pinged with a payment containing a terrifying string of numbers.

She hurried returned the transaction only to have him send it back to her again. She was very anxious.

[Student Gu Jing Yuan, there’s no need to transfer so much money.] 

[For all her future ginger brown sugar cubes.]

[This amount is enough to cover a few lifetimes. Let me check on the price before you pay me.]  

In the end, with the price, Zhou Zhi calculated the amount and returned the rest of the money to him before her heart felt more at ease. 

This large amount of money was not something she could accept. Truly, if it was not meant to be hers, having that money was really scalding.

Belatedly, Zhou Zhi became baffled. How did he know that Yi Xi’s ginger brown sugar cubes were nearly finished?

With this small thought lingering, she could not help but turn and observe them. Only then, did she notice the ambiguous atmosphere surrounding them.

Taking advantage of the fact that no one paid attention to their area at the corner, he had his gaze fixed on her side profile. He naturally reached out and tugged the strand of long locks behind her ear as it was covering her face. Her beautiful face was completely reflected in his eyes.

A sense of secret pleasure welled up in his chest.

Seated behind, Qi Yue watched eagerly.

Oh, Brother Yuan… You’ve fallen completely.

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