Feigned Pity

Chapter 34

With the month coming to an end, it ushered in the next monthly examinations. 

Once again, Tao Yi Xi prepared two sets of notes, jotting down topics to pay attention to. Qi Yue was over the moon and could not wait to give Tao Yi Xi a big hug to express his gratitude.

“Sister Yi Xi, you’re so awesome!” In Qi Yue’s heart, he was laughing maniacally, ‘Hahaha… It’s in the bag again!’

On the other hand, Gu Jing Yuan returned the few pages worth of notes back to her.

Tao Yi Xi tilted her head and looked at him in doubt, “Ge-ge, what do you mean by this?” 


“This time, I wish to do it on my own.” 

He could not keep relying on her. He also wanted to test his true ability. 

From the side, Qi Yue smugly joked, “Brother Yuan, best be careful or I’ll surpass you this time around.”

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His lips were tightly pressed into a straight line and the frigid air around him prevented others from approaching. 


He stared holes into the names occupying the first position. For the first time in the school’s history, there were two names there. 

Chen Ze, Tao Yi Xi, 726. Tied for first place.

After the flag-raising ceremony, the dean stood on the podium and enthusiastically gave his speech, “Good day students. In the last round of the City’s Mathematical competition, two of our students clinched first and second places! Can I now invite Chen Ze of Class Two-Eight and Tao Yi Xi of Class Two-One onto the stage to receive your awards.” 

What was once an originally boring and lethargic flag-raising ceremony turned into loud bouts of energetic applause from the students when they saw their beloved school flower and study god made their way to the stage together.

In neatly dressed uniforms, the two stood side by side, holding their award while calmly smiling at the crowd as they received the congratulations of their schoolmates.

Lost within the sea of students, stood Gu Jing Yuan who also raised his head up to look at the two people on the stage. 

He felt extremely isolated amidst the crowd’s enthusiasm.

He turned away from the podium and took large strides away from the place. 

“Brother Yuan…” Qi Yue chased after him. No one else knew better than him what Gu Jing Yuan was currently feeling. 

Why did Brother Yuan, who always disdained studying, suddenly want to pick up a book? It was all for the person on that stage. Otherwise, why would a person who previously did not care for the existence of the red list suddenly want to go check it out the moment it was pasted on the board?

In the end, what greeted him was news of the girl he liked having close connections with other males where her name kept appearing beside another male. Although it was not cheating in any sense, it sure felt like it.

Alas, Brother Yuan was too hard on himself. Before all these, Brother Yuan was abstemious with few desires. But yet, the moment he chose someone, it was such a top-notch person. To bring so much pressure onto oneself.



Gu Jing Yuan had skipped class.

Tao Yi Xi waited for a whole lesson, but he did not turn up. When she finally decided to call his phone, no one answered. 

Qi Yue, who always stuck by his side, was also nowhere to be seen. Likewise, his phone was also not reachable. 

She scrunched her brows and was unable to concentrate in class. Under her desk, she secretly sent messages to him but received no replies to those either. 

The form teacher approached her with a glow on his face. After giving her some encouragement and praise, he turn left and right, looking for someone else. 

“Where’s Gu Jing Yuan?”

“I think he when to the washroom,” she answered earnestly. 

“I see. Then let him know that he has improved once again! 101st position!” In his many years of teaching, the form teacher had never encountered a student with such rapid academic progress. 

He could not hold back his words as he exclaimed, “what raw talent!”

After sending the form teacher off, the smile on Tao Yi Xi’s face gradually faded. With her mind occupied, she was unable to concentrate on what she was doing.

Halfway through the math Olympiad question, she would constantly take glances at her phone. A mock test that usually only took her twenty minutes was only completed after an hour. 


Her phone finally vibrated as the time neared eleven in the evening. Without much consideration, she picked up the call immediately.


“Sister Yi Xi, have you gone to bed?” As Qi Yue’s background was noisy, he had to yell through the phone. 

“Not yet, where are you guys?”

“Then quickly come to the Helan Bar. I’m about to lose control of Brother Yuan!”

Tao Yi Xi reached for her coat. As she made her way to the door, she informed him, “Wait for me.” 

After making his call, Qi Yue sneakily made his way back into the private lounge. Gu Jing Yuan was still drinking. 

The few brothers that were called to join, exchanged glances of dismay. Brother Yuan was too fierce. Five of them had already toppled over from excessive drinking but he was still going strong. They still wish to maintain a sense of sobriety to play.

“Brother Yuan, please stop drinking already.”

Gu Jing Yuan lifted his eyes and sharply swept them across the crowd. This caused everyone to swallow deeply and remain silent.

No one dared to confront Brother Yuan directly. Everyone had, at some point, witnessed how brutal he fought with others. His stance was deadly and unforgettable, lingering deep in their minds.  

“Qi Yue, what’s wrong with Brother Yuan?” Every discerning person could tell that Gu Jing Yuan was trying to drown his sorrows in alcohol.


“It’s a long story. You guys hang in there for a little while more. I’ve already called in the calvary.”

“Who is it?”

“The only one that’s capable of saving Brother Yuan now.” 

“There’s such a remarkable person in this world?”

“Just wait and see.”

Qi Yue was still chatting when the private lounge door was pushed open. It was Shen Chen Chen.  

Despite the cool autumn season, she still wore a crop top and short skirt. Accentuating her long legs, making them even more attractive.

The group of boys could only gap in awe and someone whispered, “Brother Yuan attracted peach blossoms once again.”

Shen Chen Chen pushed aside the person sitting beside Gu Jing Yuan as she claimed that seat for her own. She helped herself to the alcohol as she poured a glass for herself before lifting her face to look at him. She gave him a charming smile.

“Why didn’t you inform me that you’re coming? I’ve asked my elder cousin to have more alcohol brought over. Let me accompany you for a drink.” 

“You?” Gu Jing Yuan’s icy gaze swept across the girl seated beside him. She had a grin on her delicately powdered face. He nonchalantly added, “already reached the legal age?”

Shen Chen Chen was momentarily stunned, “Soon.”

“I don’t drink with minors,” Gu Jing Yuan gulped down the rest of the contents in his glass. The drink burned its way down his throat, merging together with the bitterness he was currently suffering from.

The group looked on regretfully, though they have long been accustomed to such situations. 

As expected of their leader, Brother Yuan.

The sofa on the other side of Shen Chen Chen sank. Before she knew what was happening, the glass in her hand was taken away. When she looked over, she was met with Qi Yue’s disapproving gaze.

“Brother Yuan is right, underage drinking is not allowed.”

“But I’m only a month away from becoming legal!”

“Even if you’re a day away, it’s still considered as being underage.” Qi Yue, who was always happy-go-lucky, maintained an unwavering attitude. Then he cast a side glance at her before asking, “aren’t you cold?” 

“It’s not cold. Girls usually wear clothes like this.”


Just as his words left his mouth, Tao Yi Xi, who was completely wrapped up, pushed open the private lounge door.  

“Sister Yi Xi, over here!” Qi Yue raised his hand to gesture her over before pulling Shen Chen Chen to sit next to him. 

At a loss, Shen Chen Chen was dazedly dragged away by Qi Yue. She could not understand why they would invite such a good student like Yi Xi to such places.

Upon hearing a familiar name, the glass in Gu Jing Yuan’s hands paused mid-air as he turned to look in her direction.

As their eyes met, he noticed that she did not have her usual smile on her face.  

Stopping directly in front of him, her shadow shrouded his being, and he had to look up in order to look at her.

As soon as she stepped in, she was bombarded by the stench of alcohol. Apparently, most of the empty bottles were located in front of him.

“Why are you drinking?”

“Just because I want to.” Yet, the glass in his hand was returned to the table with no further intention of picking it back up. 

“Didn’t I tell you that alcohol is harmful to the brain? Although you’re legally recognised as an adult, you still need to keep your mind in good condition in order to study well.” 

“I don’t want to study anymore.”

“What?” Tao Yi Xi furrowed her eyes as she asked again. “You’ve already put in so much effort, why are you giving up now?”

He shifted his gaze away as he lowered his head and murmured, “What’s the fucking point?”

He only heard her sarcastic chuckle, “You’re just going to give up because your improvement was too little? Gu Jing Yuan, you’re being ridiculous. Do you know, you’re already luckier than most people?”  

Although her words were uttered mockingly, he could tell that she was truly angered as she called out his full name.

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