Feigned Pity

Chapter 3

After Gu Jing Yuan slammed the door shut, he stood temporarily frozen.

He had never bullied a girl before, especially this kind of weak chicken that looked like a complete pushover.

Vexed, he started another game, abusing his opponent until they surrendered within fifteen minutes; he was tracking the time spent on his watch closely. Leaning on his gaming chair, he felt better upon seeing the computer screen flashed with the word ‘victory’.

Opening the small refrigerator in his bedroom, it was completely empty. He had drunk the last bottle of Coke this afternoon. After going downstairs to grab a random bottle of cold drink and drink it. As he threw the bottle into the rubbish bin, he spotted a very familiar packaging.

Was that not the drink he wanted this afternoon?


Their neighborhood supermarket had yet to replenish this brand of drink. Hence, he got Qi Yue to go and buy it. But that fellow used it to win the favor of some girl he just met.

Now, the drink was lying perfectly intact in his trash.

Tao Yi Xi’s delicate and fragile appearance appeared in his mind.

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“Okay, good night mom.” 


After everything was settled, Tao Yi Xi let go of her artificial smile the moment the door closed. She started taking out her clothes to hang inside the wardrobe. All of them were personally packed by her grandma.

They were out of place amongst the flowery dresses that Xia Yan prepared.

Yet, she cherished each and every one of them. She closed the closet only after stroking them a couple more times.

Afterwards, from her suitcase, she took out a box of Huoxiang Zhengqi Water1Huoxiang Zhengqi Water is some type of ‘supplement drink’ that tastes pungent and bitter. Apparently, it sounds like some miracle drink considering it can be used for internal injury, balancing qi, and even nausea and headaches? and drank two bottles without a change in expression.

Lying on the big soft bed, resting her head on her hands, she felt slightly unwell. This afternoon, the sun was too hot. Even under the shade of the trees, the heatwave could cause one to feel faint.

She raised and examined her red hand. In all honesty, the soup was not that hot. It was just that her skin was too delicate, even a slight bump would take several days to heal.

Tao Yi Xi recalled Gu Jing Yuan’s split-second reaction and his hesitant expression. A few more intentions popped into mind.


Tao Yi Xi was ready bright and early in the morning. Yet she was left waiting for a certain someone and everyone seemed accustomed to this.

The long hand of the wall-hung clock had already completed one round. After the seventh bell chimed, she could not hold back any longer, “Mom, why not let me go first?”

Xia Yan immediately rejected without a second thought, “there’s only one chauffeur. If you head off first, what about Jing Yuan?” 

“I can take a taxi to school.”


It might have been for the convenience of Gu Jing Yuan that the school was located not far from the villa. It should not take long to reach school after grabbing a cab from the gate of the community.

“Wait a little longer. It’s better to have someone familiar to bring you when going to a new school.”

Tao Yi Xi opened her mouth wanting to say something, but upon noticing her mother’s expression, she swallowed back her words. 

Staying under another’s roof; mother already disagreed, what else can she say? They waited until the head of the family, Gu Mu Yang, came down but there was still no shadow of that person. 

“Why haven’t you gone to school yet?”

Xia Yan immediately explained, “Xiao Xi is waiting for Jing Yuan. Since the two of them are going to the same school, it’s good to have a companion.”

Seeing only Tao Yi Xi, Gu Mu Yang frowned, “Jing Yuan still hasn’t gotten up yet?”

Peeking at the man’s expression, Xia Yan replied, “boys will be boys. He most likely wanted to sleep longer. I’ll get someone to call him.”

After another lengthy wait, Gu Jing Yuan leisurely trotted downstairs.

Observing his drowsy appearance, Gu Mu Yang’s fury surged, “just look at yourself! Which part of you look like a student!” 

Gu Jing Yuan yawned, unmoved by his father’s criticism.

Gu Mu Yang became angrier, “why have you become like this!”


Xia Yan hurriedly tried to smooth things over, “Jing Yuan quickly sit down and have breakfast. The chauffeur is already outside and can leave at a moment’s notice.”

“What time is it already? Still can sit down and eat? Take your breakfast and eat it on the way!”

Xia Yan hurriedly packed the breakfast and personally handed it to him. Yet, that certain someone did not appreciate her kindness. He simply walked out without looking back at Xia Yan’s outstretched hand. 

Xia Yan did not know whether she should retract her raised hand, the smile on her face was stiff and embarrassed.

“Gu Jing Yuan, what attitude is that?! It’s your body that would cry in hunger, not someone else’s!” Gu Mu Yang severely berated him, but it was not difficult to hear the trace of worry in his tone.

Hearing his father’s words, his steps faltered but he soon continued making his way outside.

As the person that everyone revolved around left, the scene froze once again. This time round, Xia Yan finally noticed Tai Yi Xi.

“Xiao Xi, can you help Jing Yuan bring his breakfast? You can pass it to him when you’ve reached school.”

Tao Yi Xi was temporarily taken aback as she looked at the breakfast stuffed into her hands. Then with a tender smile, she assented. Seeing that Gu Jing Yuan was about to leave, she grabbed her school bag and hurried to catch up with him.

As soon as he opened the car door, Gu Jing Yuan peered at her, “sit at the front.”

Tao Yi Xi did not argue with him. Be it the front or the back, it was all the same to her.

The breakfast in her hand was warm. Without even thinking, one knew that he would definitely not accept it, she would just be slapping her face if she passed it to him.


Looking through the rearview mirror, he had his head lowered playing with his phone, and his schoolbag was carelessly tossed to the side. She retracted her gaze, hugging her schoolbag. Awaiting her new beginning.

When they arrived at school, they made it just as the second lesson came to an end. After alighting from the car, the two made their way on the same path. Gu Jing Yuan could feel that there was a person trailing behind him.

He tugged his schoolbag up his shoulders and irritably turned his head back, “don’t follow me!”

Tao Yi Xi stilled. The distance between the two of them was at least two meters. Blinked innocently, “Ge-ge, I’m also in Grade Two.”


That was awkward.

Gu Jing Yuan pulled his school bag and lengthened his stride. Relying on his long legs, he tried to create more distance between them in fear that she would cling to him.

Tao Yi Xi paid him no mind, after all, she did not plan to depend on him. 

She asked for directions along the way as she steadily made her way to the Grade Two teacher’s office.

After she left, someone leaned over and asked, “Who is that? So pretty…”

“Don’t know, but she looks like a Grade Two transfer student.” 

“Our school accepts transfer students? Must be from a rich family then.”  

Fu Middle School could be considered a prestigious middle school. One must score excellently in the middle school entrance examination in order to be offered a place.

However, there were also wealthy families that would be willing to spend the money to give their children the best education. The most famous incident in the past few years was the Gu family. They donated two buildings! One of which was a cash-burning arts building, with all the latest equipment provided.

Who would reject such an offer? 

The student was slightly lacking aptitude for studying, it’s still acceptable. 

It’s just one more transfer student, just admit her. 

Bearing this heavy responsibility, the class teacher touched the little bit of hair left on his head. Sigh, he was in a difficult position.

On the first day, the new student together with that little overlord was late. Just as he was fretting, someone arrived at the entrance. 

It was a little girl wearing a light blue plain skirt, carrying a schoolbag, standing ramrod straight.

“Hello Teacher, is the teacher in charge of Grade Two, Class One here?”

“That’s me, you are?”

“Hello Sir, I’m the new transfer student, Tao Yi Xi.”

“Oh, so it’s you.”

He originally expected her to be another headache-inducing little devil. The discrepancy between the one standing in front of him and his imagination was quite large.

“Why are you late?”

“I apologise Sir. I’m not familiar with the place,” the girl’s voice was clear and delicate. Her head lowered guiltily, as she fiddled with her schoolbag strap.

Looking at her anxious figure, how could the form teacher be able to continue criticizing her?

Cough. Do pay attention next time. Let me take you to class first.”

He gathered his lesson plan, as it so happened to be his class next. As soon as the form teacher entered, the noisy class fell silent.

The whole class was focused on the new student who was not wearing their school uniform. Among them, Qi Yue was the most astonished. He frantically tapped on Gu Jing Yuan who was seated beside him, abruptly waking him up.


Before Gu Jing Yuan had time to lose his temper, he heard the soft and dainty feminine voice from the podium.

“Nice to meet everyone, my name is Tao Yi Xi. Please look after me in the future.”

He was still groggy from his nap as he gazed coldly in her direction. His facial expression was particularly ugly. 

Tao Yi Xi’s eyes collided with his and she gave him a sweet smile.

The students burst into applause, everyone was extremely warm and welcoming.

In a science class, there were naturally fewer girls. And yet, now a little fairy had joined them. Not to mention the boys, even the girls all stared at her.

Although their class grades were not very high, their class attractiveness index was definitely ranked number one!

Under everyone’s fervent gaze, the form teacher was about to assign her seat.

“Tao Yi Xi, you shall sit…”

The classmates with vacant seats next to them began to tidy up in preparation for the arrival of a new deskmate.

“Sit next to Gu Jing Yuan. Qi Yue, tidy up your desk and move to the back to sit with Chen Yan.”

“Huh?” Qi Yue did not have time to react, everyone was also stunned. How did this arrangement come about? Regardless, Gu Jing Yuan never had a female as his deskmate before. 

The form teacher rushed, “Qi Yue, hurry up! Don’t waste everyone’s time.”

Gu Jing Yuan was the first to object, “I refuse.”

“You have the worst grades, so you’re not qualified to refuse.” The old teacher patted his precious head of hair. He dropped the most strands because of him. 

Gu Jing Yuan leaned back against his chair, unrelenting, “she sits here and I’ll leave.” 

The form teacher was not affected by his words and bluntly countered, “frankly, when have you sat through my class?” 


Qi Yue swiftly packed his things and slipped into the seat behind. It was already satisfying enough to know that the little fairy was seated in front of him. 

Looking at Qi Yue’s excitement, Gu Jing Yuan sneered and condemned his actions. 

“Tao Yi Xi, go over to your seat.”

Tao Yi Xi put down her schoolbag and smiled at his frowning face, “Ge-ge, please look after me in the future.”

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