Feigned Pity

Chapter 26

He closed the gaming interface.

Thinking of something, he clicked into the school forum for the first time.

The hottest post on the homepage was currently of her’s and Chen Ze’s CP.

His eyes narrowed as his finger involuntarily clicked into the post.

Title: Is there any ship for [Study God X School Flower]!?


LZ1LZ stands for 樓主, which means the original poster.: With my own eyes, I spotted the two study gods leaving the teacher’s office together! It was such a visually attractive picture! Strong Strong CP, anyone interested in this ship?

1L: Strong Strong CP is amazing! ‘For you, I’m willing to give up the first place! I’ll share my glory with you!’

2L: Upstairs, I have the feels.

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Qw Kkdt Zwyd lmralppksdzlppzu okvbealo qasx vbl rspv. Ebld bl prsvvle vbl plyanb cwvvsd, bl wdnsdpnkswpzu vurle kd [Mys Zk Dk].&dcpr;

Xwv rsrrle wr yzz jkdep sq rbsvsp yde tsppkr qasx obs jdsop oblal. Mblal oyp yzps y rspv ycswv bla osapbkrrkdt Fvweu Qse clqsal vbl lmyxkdyvksdp. 

He did not manage to find what he wanted to see even after a few pages.    


After pondering for a bit, he re-entered the keywords [School Flower].

Even more posts popped up, as well as her CP posts. 

Several of the more popular threads were about them.

Topic: ‘School Flower X School Delinquent CP’ I’m in love! [343 replies]

Topic: Today is another day when I’m graced by the beauty of the School Flower and School Grass. When will they end up together!? [466 Replies]

Topic: Is there any nice fellow writing a story on our School Flower and School Grass? I have a friend who wants to see it! There will be reward! [1055 Replies]

This was by far the most popular post.

He shall skim through them. The corners of his mouth rose up and he was in a pleasant mood.

Naturally, he could not forget about this post. After he clicked in, he realized that it was not as innocent as it seemed and he spent a long time reading it.

“Ah? Brother Yuan, why is your face a little red?”

Cough, it’s a little hot.”

Qi Yue looked at the cloudy skies outside the window, “Really? But today’s temperature has already dipped.”


Gu Jing Yuan exited the post with a flushed face. Those people sure had a wild imagination.

The second explosive post on the forum: School Flower just admitted to being School Delinquent’s sister! Sobs… my ship has sunk! [1001 Replies]

The heat on his cheeks suddenly reduced.

Indeed, it was impossible between them.

After exiting the forum and turning off his phone, he glanced at the empty space beside himself and suddenly felt lackluster.

“Sister Yi Xi, you’re back.”

Tao Yi Xi rushed back before class started. The once vacant seat was now occupied.

He glanced at her and did not say anything. On the other hand, Qi Yue who was seated behind was a little excited.

“Sister Yi Xi, I heard that you’re participating in the math competition?”


“Respect!” Things like entering competitions were a far-fetched dream for a mediocre student like himself. 

“Then I shan’t keep disturbing you anymore. But can you still give me some key pointers before every test?” Qi Yue looked at her with starry eyes.     


“Of course, but you’ll still need to pay attention in classes. Otherwise, the key pointers I give wouldn’t make sense.”

“Yes, yes.”

“I’ll recommend a few online tutorials for you to watch as well. Don’t worry if you have any questions, you can bring them up to me.”

“You’re so nice~”

Bored, Gu Jing Yuan continued to fiddle with his phone. He was not able to join in their conversation. 

Besides, why was he trying to join their conversation?

For the whole of today, she did not request him to recite any theory or do any questions. 

He took a quick peek in her direction. She was concentrating on her own assignment, showing no signs of paying him any mind.


Gu Mu Yang received a call from the form teacher informing him of Gu Jing Yuan’s grades and was utterly delighted. He immediately canceled his evening plans and returned home. His normally stern face finally displayed a smile.

The four people sat silently at the dining table. Gu Mu Yang, who rarely spoke first, started, “Xiao Yuan, I heard from your form teacher that you did very well for your exams this time around and have made tremendous improvement.”

Gu Jing Yuan calmly hummed, “um.”


The atmosphere was a little frigid, but Xia Yan continued with a smile, “How much did Xiao Yuan improve by this round?”

“He improved by 298 positions. The form teacher said that he had never seen a student who jumped so many ranks so quickly.” Although Gu Mu Yang’s tone was rather calm, it was not difficult to discern the pride in his words.

Xia Yan cooperatively widened her eyes in awe, “That’s amazing! As expected, Xiao Yuan is naturally smart. It’s just the lack of interest in studying. You’ll definitely be able to do even better next round.” 

“Don’t try to flatter me.” He stared at her indifferently.

“I’m just stating the facts. Haha, Jing Yuan is so humble.”

Gu Mu Yang nodded in approval, “To be neither conceited nor impetuous, but keep up the good work.” 

Gu Jing Yuan endured his irritation, “Why are you praising me? It’s not just my effort alone that got these scores.”

Amongst the four people, only she did not have a name.

Gu Mu Yang finally noticed the other person who had been silent this whole time and lightly complimented her.

“I’ve heard from the form teacher that you’ve done very well in the exams. Tao Yi Xi, continue keeping up the good work. And thank you for helping Jing Yuan as well.” 

Under Xia Yan’s pressurizing gaze, Tao Yi Xi gave a smile, “Ge-ge is smart. Generally, people don’t improve so quickly.” 

“Really?” Gu Mu Yang’s face lit up in glee.

“Indeed.” Her steadfast reply pleased Gu Mu Yang immensely.

“Very good.”

Tao Yi Xi lowered her head and continued eating her dinner. However, Gu Jing Yuan’s mood did not improve.

That night, after taking his shower, Gu Jing Yuan waited for a long time but no one came.

The person who rarely sat in from of his study desk, open his WeChat. 

Her avatar was of a curly-haired girl looking a little sloppy. She was sitting on the subway, her head bowed down writing something. The picture looked a little old. But the aura surrounding the girl in the picture was exactly the same as Tao Yi Xi.

Gu Jing Yuan: [Still not coming over?]

Tao Yi Xi: [I won’t be bothering you anymore. You’re quick to pick up the basics so it’s sufficient to just watch through the online tutorials in the future. Oh yes, I’ve emailed the tutorials to you, remember to check if you received them.]

Gu Jing Yuan pouted: [That’s all?]

Tao Yi Xi: [Don’t worry, that’s all.]

Then she added on: [Ge-ge, fighting!]

After sending out the messages, Tao Yi Xi let out a sigh of relief.

Let’s leave it at that.

Recently, she was too attentive to him that it even affected her emotions. This was not good. 

After contemplating, she decided to send the last message to him as well.

She placed all the books and materials she previously prepared for him into a bag and put it in the corner. She would hand them to him tomorrow and end this. 

As for whether he looked through them or not. For the time being, it was not within her scope of consideration.

As long as his grades could get him admitted into Third Grade. Even if he failed a couple of subjects, his father would definitely have a way to aid him. 

She needed to start preparing for herself.

The prestigious schools in the capital were definitely different. There were more opportunities provided to their students as compared to other schools.    

As long as she was able to secure an admission, she would be able to leave this place earlier than anticipated. In addition, there were just six more months before she reached adulthood. By then, she would be able to find a part-time job to fund her tuition fees.

The faster she could earn some money, the sooner she would be able to fetch her grandmother over. It would be easier to take care of her then.   

With a vision in mind, her drive and motivation were renewed.  

That night, the lights in her room were the last to turn off again.


Even in complete darkness, Gu Jing Yuan was lying on the bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

There seemed to be something stuck in his chest. Neither was he able to let out or swallow back down. 

How could she give up just like that?

Back then, when she shamelessly chased after him to study, he did not see her giving up as easily as she did now. 

He turned over again.

Did the words he say previously hurt her? But what he said was not wrong, no? 

He just did not want her to tire herself so much. It was not like he wanted her to completely ignore him.

How annoying…

The next day, when the two encountered each other after exiting the bedrooms, she acted like she normally would. 

“Good morning, Ge-ge.”


“Ge-ge, please wait a moment.”

From her room, she brought out a bag and handed it to him. Her slender and white fingers were tugged until they turned red. It was extremely glaring.

“These are all the materials you’ll need. Occasionally, when you’re free, you should go through them. Otherwise, there’s a chance that you’ll forget what you’ve previously learned.” 

He bent forward to receive the bag. The straps of the bag had already embossed a red line on her skin.

Analyzing her smiling face, he really wanted to ask her. 

What if my grades dropped? Does it mean that you’ll care about me again?    

He pressed his lips together.

It was too weird. He could not bring himself to voice out those words.

“Ge-ge, let’s go, or we’ll be late for school.” 


Due to the rare silence that reined in the car, the chauffeur, who was usually focused on the road, could not help but spare the two a second glance through the rearview mirror.

The two people were like the Jinghe River and Weihe River; distinctively separated. One was reading a book while the other was playing on his phone. There was a large gap between them.

Ever so often, he would see Young Master’s eyes drifting towards Miss Tao.

As for Miss Tao, she was completely oblivious. As if the person who constantly pestered Young Master to study previously was some other person.


After being notified that they were going to participate in the competition yesterday, a screening test was scheduled for today.

From First Grade to Third Grade, the top scorers for mathematics were all gathered within one classroom.

When Tao Yi Xi arrived, everyone’s attention was focused on her. There were surprise, shock, and even some face slapping.

The top scorers from the other grades had yet to meet this legendary school flower. From the bottom of their hearts, they did not believe that the person who could score more than 700 points for the monthly examinations would be the crowned school flower.

After all, those that usually spent their time and effort studying, would not put much thought into their appearances. 

But now that they saw the person herself, they had to believe it.  

With a face like hers, where was the need to dress up? With slender eyebrows, clear bright eyes, and the little mole under her left eye on her milky skin gave another sense of pure beauty. 

The ever aversive school uniform looked good on her figure despite being too big. But then again, the design of the school uniform was baggy and wide to fit the majority of the students’ body shapes. 

On top of that, she did not have the school uniform altered to better fit her figure. Thus, from the looks of it, she did not spend much thought on her appearance and dressing up.  

She was already so good-looking without putting in any effort. If she were to put in the effort… she could very well enter the entertainment industry and come out on top.

Tao Yi Xi had long been accustomed to people paying her more attention.

She gave the group a friendly smile; gathering people’s hearts.

She took out her necessary stationeries for the test before leaving her school bag at the front podium and made her way to her seat. She waited patiently for the test to start.

Males and females alike, all blushed after receiving Tao Yi Xi’s smile. Too good-looking!

This study god’s temperament was as stable as Mount Tai. They believed it now. 

Turns out, there were really perfect people in this world.

Chen Ze was the last to arrive. He held onto a blue and yellow covered ‘Intermediate Mathematics’ textbook. From the looks of the cover, one could tell it was well used.

Reaching the classroom, he casually left his book on the podium. His seat was directly in front of Tao Yi Xi. Upon reaching his seat, he took out a pen from his pocket and started spinning it in boredom. 

“Is everyone here? I’ll be giving out the mock test paper now. You’ll have one hour to do this test.”

Forty minutes into the test, Chen Ze was done. He was relaxed as he spent the rest of his remaining time double-checking his answers. 

As for Tao Yi Xi, she still had two major problems to complete. She pursed her lips, retracted her gaze, and hurriedly return to her own questions.

The reason she was able to get a full score in the math exam was because of her solid foundation. The way she went about tackling her questions was to do them step by step, steadily. 

In the case of a competition, there were too many trick questions with twists and turns that shook her. She knew that she would be able to do the questions, but it would take time.

“Alright everyone, time is up. Please stand and pass your papers to the front of the row for collection.”

Putting down the pen, she still had one last question but she did not have enough time to complete it.

Her expression was a little tense, but overall, she looked like she normally would.

However, Gu Jing Yuan was able to tell that her mood was rather down.

“Hey, what’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.” She gave him a small smile.

Turning to look at her, he could see that her posture was lower than usual while she was reading. Her long hair blocked her side profile and only the tip of her nose could be seen.

“Tch.” How perfunctory.

The trip home was also very quiet. She sat in a daze hugging her schoolbag. It was a rare sight that her head was not buried within a book.

This was no better than when she was studying. 

She had been acting weirdly ever since she returned from the screening test for the competition.

This daft look did not suit her.

It was obvious that she was suppressing her emotions.

He lowered his eyes, his heart felt stuffy.

“Tao Yi Xi.”

“Huh?” She subconsciously responded when she heard someone calling her.

When she finally reacted, the surprise pulled her drifting thoughts back. This seemed to be the first time he called out her name.

“Were you crushed by the questions?”


“Isn’t it normal? After all, you came from a sub-urban city. How could you compete with them?”

“Yes, how could I ever compare.” Her voice was low. At that moment, she looked a little lost. 

Gu Jing Yuan swallowed. Why did it feel like the more he tried to comfort her, the worse it became?

For a while, the atmosphere became more stagnant.

She did not even come down for dinner that night.

Gu Jing Yuan could only guess that she must be locked up in her room practicing more questions.

Was it necessary to go to such extremes? Did she not care about her health anymore? 

After noticing that Nanny Yang was not there, he called out to another servant.

“Young Master, what’s wrong?”

After his thoughts circulated around his mind for a bit, he licked his teeth and replied, “Nothing.”

Damn it. What did her well-being have to do with him?

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