Feigned Pity

Chapter 15.2

The sound of an approaching car came from outside. It seems like Gu Mu Yang has returned.

Xia Yan immediately got up and went to the entrance to wait for his arrival. Tao Yi Xi remained seated on the sofa with a blank expression.

When Gu Jing Yuan went downstairs, he saw her silhouette on the sofa with gloom enshrouding her.

Was she really that upset about being second in level? 

“Jing Yuan, you’ve come down? Just in time, your father just got home. Go wash up, we’re about to have dinner.” Xia Yan called out to him softly. This drew Tao Yi Xi out of her reverie.


Tao Yi Xi turned around and smiled sweetly at him, “Ge-ge, wash your hands and let’s eat.”

Xia Yan nodded in satisfaction before she turned to serve Gu Mu Yang.

Gu Jing Yuan was momentarily stuck in a trance. Although she always had a smile on her face, it was rare that she smiled so sweetly at him.

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He ‘took her out’ for delicious food because he needed her to pay for the bills. He ‘did not disturb’ her in class because he was sleeping most of the time. Whereas taking her out to relax before the exams? It did not look like she managed to relax much either. 


The good student’s ability to utter nonsense with her eyes open was also full marks.

Parents inevitably enjoy listening to others praise their children. Gu Mu Yang was no different and even his tone was no longer as harsh as before.

“Have you all taken your monthly test?”

“Yes, the results were released today.”

“How did you two do this time around?” The question was directed to Tao Yi Xi, but his eyes were locked onto Gu Jing Yuan. 

“Still acceptable.”

“What about you? Did you sit for the exams?” This time, he directed the question to Gu Jing Yuan but was ignored.

Tao Yi Xi had no choice but to reply on his behalf, “Ge-ge went.” 

Gu Mu Yang’s furrowed brows eased.

“And how did he do?” 

Tao Yi Xi tactfully replied, “There’s still a lot of room for improvement.”



Gu Jing Yuan lazily replied, “It’s best you stop placing your hopes on me. On the other hand, your good daughter here scored second in level but is still unsatisfied with her scores.” 

Gu Mu Yang was a little taken aback. After all, the standards between the two cities were drastically different. Even if she was the best in that small town, it would not be surprising if she did not do as well in the big city.

Turns out he underestimated her ability.

Noticing Gu Mu Yang’s attention, Xia Yan nimbly explained, “Yi Xi didn’t do well this time around. But she promised me that she would get first place in the following exams.”  

Gu Jing Yuan gave Xia Yan a funny look. She really dared to make such a proclamation. As far as he knew, that Chen Ze had always held first rank since he joined Fu Middle School two years back.

Gu Mu Yang nodded, “That’s good, keep up the hard work.”

“I will, thank you Uncle Gu.”

“Whenever you have time, you should help Jing Yuan more. As a student yourself, you would know better strategies on learning than those private tutors.” With a couple of sentences, Gu Mu Yang placed that big hat on her head.

“I’ll try my best.”


Seeing the two exchange words, deciding on his business like he was not there Gu Jing Yuan put down his chopsticks, “Who wants her help?”

Gu Mu Yang bluntly fired back, “She’s younger than you, but her grades are so much higher than yours. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?” 


“What’s there to be ashamed of? Didn’t you say that I’m a useless trash back then? I thought you already knew that?” 

“You!” Gu Mu Yang was so angry that his chopsticks shook.

As long as the two of them came together, there was never peace. 

While comforting Gu Mu Yang, Xia Yan tried to persuade Gu Jing Yuan, “Back then, your father said those words in anger, he didn’t mean it.” 

Gu Jing Yuan stared at his father, “You wouldn’t have said it if you never thought of it. There’s no need to explain.”

He left straight after that, leaving behind an awkward and depressing atmosphere.

Tao Yi Xi took two more bites, while Xia Yan continued to soothe Gu Mu Yang.

“Don’t be angry. During this period, Jing Yuan has already become more well-behaved. You need to take things slowly with him, success is not obtained overnight. The fact that he’s attending school and sitting for exams already shows that he’s making progress.”

Tao Yi Xi kept her facial expression in check, but inside she snorted. Just punctually attending classes and going for exams were considered the most basic of what was expected of a student. But when placed on Gu Jing Yuan, it suddenly became a huge improvement. 

“Besides, with Yi Xi here, Jing Yuna’s grades will definitely improve.”  


Who gave her that confidence?


Her excellence in studies suddenly became a bargaining chip in Xia Yan’s hands.

“Yi Xi, don’t you agree with me?”

Xia Yan looked imploringly at Tao Yi Xi. Her beautiful face was like a delicate Chinese trumpet vine, the fragile flower crept up a tall wall, and would wither away without support.

Xia Yan was the woman that gave life to her. They did not have deep affections for one another, but the shackles of blood relations tied them together.

Tai Yi Xi could not break free, and she also could not bear to see her mother wither. So, she could only use the nutrients she worked so hard in getting to support her mother.

“Yes, I’ll help Ge-ge do better.”

Xia Yan smiled with relief.

“Our Yi Xi is so smart, she’ll definitely think of a way.”

Gu Mu Yang’s expression finally looked slightly better. Thinking of Gu Jing Yuan’s behavior recently, Tao Yi Xi indeed played a big role in his improvement.

“Yi Xi, you’re a good child. Do your best in helping Jing Yuan, after he grows up, he will not forget this favor.”

A businessman really knows how to draw a rosy picture. After he grows up? Would she be able to wait till then? 

Even if Tao Yi Xi knew the truth, she still had to pretend to be oblivious, “It’s something I should do.”


With Tao Yi Xi’s outstanding performance during the monthly exams, her name once again dominated the forums. This time, everyone’s opinion of her was more towards admiration of a studious student. 

Previously, the selection of their school flower was in full swing. But as soon as the news that Tao Yi Xi had scored 714 points, Shen Chen Chen, who scored around the bottom, was immediately kicked out.

In school, students with good grades have their own form of halo.

This halo, when placed on Tao Yi Xi, who was already like a fairy, was simply like the icing on the cake, her radiance doubled.

Every student believed that in Fu Middle School, they would not be able to find another person who was as perfect as she was.

All of a sudden, her popularity skyrocketed even more.

If Gu Jing Yuan was around, it was still okay as no one dared to approach in fear of provoking him. But as soon as Gu Jing Yuan left, many students would surround her. Even Zhou Zhi had a hard time squeezing through the crowd. 

“Yi Xi, can I look at your chemistry paper? I really don’t understand this question.”

“Yi Xi, can you help me analyze where I went wrong with this question?”

“Yi Xi …”

Zhou Zhi rested her hands on her hips in frustration. These stinky boys all approached Yi Xi under the guise of asking about the test.

“All of you, get out of my way!”

She immediately started to pull people away, before finally seeing the delicate little lady in the middle of the crowd.

As a weak female, Tao Yi Xi must have been frightened after being surrounded by so many males.

“If you have any questions related to the test go and ask the teachers. My artist1LOL Zhuo Zhi saw herself as Yi Xi’s manager. is on her break now, so all of you, scram!”

Zhou Zhi assumed the responsibility of protecting Tao Yi Xi and helped her to disperse those who were reluctant to leave.

“Thank you, Zhi Zhi.”

“This is nothing. Sometimes you don’t need to be so nice to them, or they’ll keep clinging onto you.” 

Zhou Zhi held Tao Yi Xi’s little face in the palms of her hands. Those big watery eyes blinked up at her. Her densely packed lashes were like small fans, tickling her heart. Her fair skin was translucent and flawless, just like a precious ceramic doll. Making everyone want to pamper her in the palm of their hands. 

Don’t even know which stinky boy, would her stunning Yi Xi belong to in the end.

After pondering about it, Zhou Zhi could not think of anyone suitable. But with how dainty Tao Yi Xi was, she definitely needed a boy who could protect her. 

The two chatted for a while until someone called out to Zhou Zhi, and she needed to leave. 

More than half of the class was over, and Tao Yi Xi did not see Gu Jing Yuan return. 

But Qi Yue was still in class.

“Qi Yue, do you know where Ge-ge went?”

Qi Yue was busy gaming on his mobile, and he distractedly replied, “Maybe he went to the toilet?” 

“…” She was really traumatized whenever he ‘goes to the toilet’.

Can’t be on the one day she forgot to monitor him, he really disappeared from school, right?…  

Tao Yi Xi was mentally exhausted. She only had so much energy. Gu Jing Yuan truly knew how to torment her.

She clutched her stomach and went to the teacher’s office to ask for leave for the last class.

When the form teacher saw the fragile girl, he wanted to instruct someone to accompany her for fear that she would bump and injure herself further.

Tao Yi Xi rejected the form teacher’s good intentions several times. She righteously expressed that she did not want to disturb other students’ studies. After all, a quantitative change like every minute and second spent learning might amount to a huge qualitative change in their future.

Her every word shot right into the teacher’s heart.

Looking at her, why she could score more than 700 points in the exams, this was the reason why!

Tao Yi Xi said a few more polite words, and she smoothly left the teacher’s sight. 

When she came to the short wall next to the toilet on the first floor, she noticed fresh footprints after careful observation. The shoe size should belong to Gu Jing Yuan.

The bell signaling the start of class rang. With no one else around, she took a few steps back before neatly stepping onto the wall and flipping herself over the parapet.

Behind the school wall was an alley.

She was aimlessly walking around before she heard a loud noise and a familiar name coming from one of the corners.

“Gu Jing Yuan, don’t think that just because you have a rich dad I won’t dare to touch you! Your brother dared to hook up with my girlfriend, this is not over!”

Tao Yi Xi leaned on the sidewall, eavesdropping quietly.

“You didn’t even realize that there’s a problem with your own girlfriend. My brother liking someone like her? What a joke!”

His rhetorical question was condescending.

“Call Qi Yue to come out, and I’ll spare you.” 

Gu Jing Yuan lazily replied, “Want to fight? Come at me then. Just nice, recently I have a lot of pent-up anger with no outlet to vent.” 

Tao Yi Xi stuck her head out and took a peek.

Oho, one V.S. five.

The five people on the opposite side looked very sturdy.

She wonder how badly he would be beaten up today.

She slowly reached for her phone. When it’s about time, then she would call for help. 

Should she call for the form teacher or the police?

She had the mindset of a spectator watching a good show. But who would have expected that the person guarding the perimeter suddenly shouted, “Who goes there?!”

Is it just me, or was Tao Yi Xi hoping to only call for help after Gu Jing Yuan was beaten black and blue?

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