Feigned Pity

Chapter 1

During this summer vacation, it was particularly scorching, the temperature hit a record high. But this did not affect the person holed at home with the air-condition blowing. 

A female voice resonated from the computer, “Quadra Kill.”

Yet, the person in front of the screen remained expressionless. Just as he was engaging in a fierce battle with his fifth opponent, his phone vibrated.

Effortlessly, he enabled his loudspeaker. 



The loud shrieking suddenly bombarded his ears. The shock caused his hand to jerk, making his skill misfire, giving his opponent the opportunity to strike back, earning his first death.

Gu Jing Yuan’s tone was grim, “three seconds, spit it out.”

“I ran into a little fairy at the gate of your community!” 

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Ylxcla J: [Pyeeu, obyv byrrldle?! Gal usw vkale?!]

Qw Kkdt Zwyd: [Yu czwdela]

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Overcome with boredom, he started another round.


This time, he chose to be a support as he just wanted to kill time. But looking at the AD’s2AD (or ADC) stands for attack damage carry. It’s the person that deals the most damage and carries the team. red-rimmed eyes, he took the lead and went on his own. In the beginning, the AD gave his prayer, but in the end, he knelt down and called him ‘daddy’.

He became the MVP3MVP (most valuable player) is usually the AD, cause they deal the most damage and carry the team, duh., a head harvester. 

He received nine more friend requests but rejected all of them. 

Finally, after completing another session, he turned to find that the person had yet to return. Giving him a call but no one answered, Gu Jing Yuan’s face sank further.

He went directly into WeChat: [Did you die by the roadside?]

It took a while before the other party replied. 

[Almost there!]  

After waiting for ten more minutes, Qi Yue came back. He was sweating and his face flushed from the heat but the excitement could not be concealed as he grinned like a Cheshire cat.

Gu Jing Yuan leaned lazily against his gaming chair, tilting his head to observe Qi Yue’s unstoppable smile brimming over with spring, only feeling that it looked vulgar.

Qi Yue yelled, “I just met a little fairy at the gate of your community! She has long fluttering hair, wearing a white dress. When the wind blows, it looks like she’s floating.”

Without a change in expression, Gu Jing Yuan drily stated, “then that must be a female ghost.”

“Bullshit! Even without seeing her from the front, I can tell that she’s a fairy!”


Gu Jing Yuan glanced at him again, “so where’s my drink?”

He was not interested in this or that fairy. What he cared more about was why Qi Yue came back empty-handed.

In euphoria, Qi Yue steadily continued, “I gave the drink to the little fairy!”

“Then why are you back, huh?”

“I really went to get your drink! Sorry! I was wrong! Brother Yuan! Daddy! It’s forty degrees outside. It’s so hot but she was waiting for someone at the gate of the community. As ideal men in this new era, we must have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex. You won’t mind, right?” 

The corner of Gu Jing Yuan’s mouth twitched, displaying a fake smile, “what do you think?”

Qi Yue cried, “I was wrong.”

Gu Jing Yuan’s heels pushed against the floor, rolling the gaming chair back into position, “tsk, go to the next room and come online.” 

“Huh?” Did he just spare him like that?

After one round, Qi Yue was on his knees once again. He consecutively dropped two ranks! 

Qi Yue hugged his account and howled, “I just bragged about my game with the online ladies! My master ah ah ah! Gu Jing Yuan, you’re too treacherous!”

Gu Jing Yuan ignored him as he opened the last bottle of Coke.


“Forget it, if the old doesn’t go, the new wouldn’t come. I plan to come to your place more often in the future to meet the little fairy. Not trying to boast, but those school flowers4The prettiest girl in the school; campus belle. and candidates in the school forum have to step aside.”

He infatuatedly rested his face on his arms. Sinking into recollection, “Little sister was so radiant, glowing under the sun. I can’t help but look at her. And the more I look, the more beautiful she gets! Her eyelashes were long and curled, I really want to swing on little sister’s lashes~ Oh, and under her left eye, there’s a cute little mole.”

Gu Jing Yuan’s expression remained faint, no matter how extravagantly Qi Yue described her, he was unmoved.

“She must be in the same community, you really don’t have any impression?”


Qi Yue looked regretful, “what a pity.”

After that, Qi Yue did not give up, hoping to increase his ranking points again. But Gu Jing Yuan remained motionless.

Humph, heartless man!

Qi Yue squatted on the sofa, gazing depressingly at the scenery outside the window. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he vigorously and lively whooped.

“Hey! I saw the little fairy at your door!”

Gu Jing Yuan ignored Qi Yue’s overreaction. This face dog5Face dog (颜狗) is an internet slang referring to someone who treats good-looking people exceptionally well. has always been like that.

There was a knock on the door, “Young Master, it’s time for dinner.”


Qi Yue also rushed him, “let’s go, let’s go! Let’s head downstairs and have a look.”

He leisurely went down the stairs and heard a woman talking below. When Gu Jing Yuan’s expression sank, Qi Yue immediately knew why.

“Is that her?”


Qi Yue’s excitement suddenly plummeted.

Gu Jing Yuan encountered his stepmother on the stairs. She had just come back and was followed by a stranger in a pure white dress.

He heard the woman ask, “Xiao Xi, I forgot that you’re coming today. Have you waited long?”

“It wasn’t long,” the girl’s voice was soft.     

Before she had time to ask more questions, Xia Yan turned her head and noticed the person. She immediately diverted her attention, “Jing Yuan, you’re at home! Quickly come and eat.” 

The girl casually looked up at him. Only then, did Gu Jing Yuan manage to see her clearly. Qi Yue’s description, which he had long tossed to the back of his mind, now became vividly concrete.

The girl had a fair complexion and silky black hair, with tamed flat bangs framing her small face.

Her most striking feature was her eyes; the black and white were in sharp contrast, large and slender, with the tail of her eyes slightly raised, giving off the feeling of quick-wittedness. The mole under her left eye was as eye-catching as Qi Yue described.

Her whole person looked thin and weak as if she could be blown away by the wind.

When Qi Yue saw the girl, his eyes instantly lit up.

But being surrounded by this dull and awkward atmosphere, he dare not act rashly.

Just then, his phone buzzed, glancing at the message he informed, “erm, my mother told me to go back for dinner. I’ll take my leave first.”


Before Qi Yue left, he could not help but to quietly glance at the girl once more. The girl gave him a soft smile in return.

Only three awkward people remained after the outsider left.

Xia Yan immediately said, “by the way Jing Yuan, this is your sister, Yi Xi. She’s one year younger than you and just got transferred to your school. Xiao Xi, called Ge-ge.”

Tao Yi Xi faintly smiled at him, her eyes forming into crescent moons, “hello Ge-ge6I stuck to using ‘Ge-ge’ instead of translating it to ‘elder/older brother’ for the way Tao Yi Xi addressed Gu Jing Yuan as it showed more intimacy.!”

He scoffed, “I don’t have any unheard-of sister.” 

The atmosphere instantly fell below freezing point.

Annddd, I’m back with a new novel for the new year!

Credits to my lil’ bro for helping me with the gaming ‘terms’, cause I was super lost… (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Throughout the novel, please feel free to let me know if there are any terms or idioms that didn’t make sense because I didn’t leave a description or definition. 

It never crossed my mind that people might not get what it meant because:-

1. I’m Chinese so it just inherently ‘make sense’ to me, and/or

2. I read quite a bit of CN novels myself, so I’m already used to the terminologies used to describe some things. 

Yet, these terms wouldn’t make much sense to say, for first-time or native English readers.

This kinda came to me when I used the term ‘green tea bitch’7Use to describe ambitious women who pretend to be very innocent =3 (thinking it was common knowledge) and my friend was like ‘???’

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