Feigned Pity

Chapter 4

Gu Jing Yuan got up to leave but was caught by Qi Yue, who just moved to the back.

“Bro, bro, calm down, class is still in session.”


One had to know, previously when he skipped classes, Qi Yue was the first to tag along. Very good… Now he became the first to stop him.

Gu Jing Yuan glared at him. Qi Yue gave him a fake grin and continued latching onto Gu Jing Yuan.


Tao Yi Xi had tidied her area, placing her textbooks and notes on the desk.

Her back was straight and when she saw Gu Jing Yuan sitting back down, she turned her head and asked, “Ge-ge isn’t leaving anymore?” 

The corners of Gu Jing Yuan’s lips twitched. Was she looking forward to his departure?

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His brows furrowed. Was it that serious? 


By the time the lesson ended, Qi Yue could no longer restrain himself.

“Hello Yi Xi, my name is Qi Yue. We met yesterday! Do you remember me?”

Tao Yi Xi smiled, “of course, and thank you for giving me the drink yesterday.”

“Is it nice?”


Gu Jing Yuan raised her eyebrows. Seriously, she could maintain a calm face and a composed mind? If he had not seen it with his own eyes last night, he would have also fallen for it.

Satisfied, Qi Yue gleefully added, “I’ll bring another one for you next time.”

“Thank you,” she beamed. Qi Yue felt that his heart was going to float away.

In high spirits, Qi Yue introduced, “Brother Yuan, this is the little fairy I told you about yesterday. After meeting her today, you see that I didn’t lie right?”

Qi Yue hooked his shoulder, and Gu Jing Yuan rolled his eyes, “just so-so.”

Tao Yi Xi could not help but glance at him.

‘Just? So-so?’


Although she was not a girl who placed high value on ​​her appearance, his contemptuous tone rubbed her the wrong way.

Qi Yue gasped in surprise, “what the hell? I’m afraid that only goddesses can meet your standards.”

Tao Yi Xi silently concurred. Agreed.

Whoever caught this young master’s attention was bound to be unlucky. Just based on his temperament, who could stand him? 

“Hey, why are you nodding,” Gu Jing Yuan’s gaze cut towards her with a sullen expression.

Tao Yi Xi shook her empty water bottle, “I realised that my bottle is empty. I’m going to refill it.” 

She took the opportunity to slip away. 

On her way back, she came across a group of boys pushing and shoving. Their eyes fluttered in her direction muttering things like, “you go and get her contact number, don’t be a chicken.” 

A discerning person would know what was going on at a glance.

Just as she was about to avoid them, the group suddenly became more unruly causing one of them to accidentally knock into her. Tao Yi Xi staggered a few steps and unconsciously grabbed onto the nearest thing to stabilize herself.

The feeling under her palms was warm and firm to the touch.

The rowdy boy looked flustered and immediately bent over to apologize, “I’m sorry! We didn’t mean it, are you okay?”


“I’m alright, do be careful next time.”

“Umm… that… you…” 

The boy frantically gestured to the thing she was still holding. His expression was indescribably panicked and awkward.

Tao Yi Xi followed his gaze and met a certain someone’s cold glare.

“Ah, sorry,” she immediately withdrew her hands.

Gu Jing Yuan’s veins popped. He took out a piece of tissue and vigorously rubbed the area she touched till it became red; as if she was something dirty.

His actions pierced her nerves. She can’t be that dirty…

Gu Jing Yuan threw the tissue away and warned her, “if you dare touch me again, I’ll sever your arm.”

Tao Yi Xi smiled faintly, giving Gu Jing Yuan a bad premonition.

He watched as her two slender eyebrows wrinkled and ever so pitifully said in an overly sentimental voice, “Ge-ge, you’re so fierce. I’m scared… Hic… Hic…” 

Gu Jing Yuan, “…”

Seeing his goddess being wronged, Qi Yue jumped forward to defend her, “that’s right! Brother Yuan, why must you be so fierce to her? Classmate Yi Xi didn’t do it intentionally.” 


Then he turned to Tao Yi Xi and softly coddled, “he’s a bit of a germophobic. You’ll understand the longer you interact with him in the future, so don’t blame him.”

Tao Yi Xi sobbed and nodded cautiously.

Gu Jing Yuan could not stand it anymore and coldly sneered, “lapdog.”

Cough,” Qi Yue winked at him. Saving a bro some face, don’t expose him so directly.

Gu Jing Yuan turned and left. It so happened that the class bell rang again. It seemed that he was going to skip this lesson.

“Hey, Brother Yuan!” Qi Yue chased after him.

Now there was an empty spot next to Tao Yi Xi, yet she felt that the air was much better.

When the teacher entered the classroom, he first peered at the empty seat and frowned, but said nothing about it.

“Class, turn your mathematics textbooks to unit four. Today, we’ll be covering a new module. The units in front were already covered in our previous semester. So do your own self-revision in preparation for the upcoming monthly class test.”

At that very moment, the whole class howled in dismay, “why is it that they just came back from vacation and there’s already an upcoming monthly test…”    

Tao Yi Xi flipped through her textbook. The textbooks used in both cities were vastly different. Comparing the learning contents, the progress here was much faster. In this prestigious middle school, even those in the ordinary class have to follow at the speed of the majority in the level.

She put aside the textbook and looked up, ready to pay attention to the teacher first.

From morning to now, she had reaped much from the lessons.

The teaching materials of a prestigious school were indeed more superior as compared to her previous school. It allowed students to learn more, faster, and in greater depths. It seemed that she would have to study overtime to make up for the parts that she lagged behind.

Just as she closed her textbook, a lovely female classmate approached. Unsure of the reason, Tao Yi Xi gave her a charming smile.

The girl stared at her dreamily, her cheeks slightly flushed.

“Classmate, is something wrong?” Tao Yi Xi asked softly.

‘Ah, her voice sounds so pleasant too.’

The girl’s eyes were bright, “our form teacher asked you to drop by the teacher’s office.”

“I see, thanks for letting me know.” 

The girl shook her head, “it’s nothing.” 

After some thought, she added, “since you just joined, do you know where the cafeteria is?”

Tao Yi Xi shook her head and the girl grinned brilliantly at her.

“Then shall we have lunch together?”

“Hmm?” Tao Yi Xi was a little dazed in the face of her enthusiasm.

The girl did not catch on and assumed that Tao Yi Xi agreed. Beaming cheerfully, “I’ll accompany you to the teacher’s office and wait for you at the entrance later.”

Saying so, she proceeded to lead the way.

Tao Yi Xi observed the girl’s chubby face. Her round eyes were full of expectation, and Tao Yi Xi could not bring herself to refuse.

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