The Flesh of a Swan [ABO]

Chapter 1: Destiny

The man was escorted to the interrogation room and sat down in the interrogation chair.

He looked contemptuous while tightly closing his mouth, as if disdaining everything around him.

However, the prosecutor in front of him was also quite indifferent, as if he hadn’t noticed him coming in, and lit a cigarette for himself.

In the late afternoon, the rusty yellow sunlight shone into the gap between the semi-closed shutters and fell into the eyes of the young male prosecutor. He had a pair of pale brown eyes. Under the light, his skin appeared white and transparent, and his skin color was very light. The tobacco white mist fluttered in the air like a veil. The young prosecutor raised his eyes, cold and quiet, and his eyelashes seemed to be covered with invisible ice and snow.

The male prisoner smelled tobacco along with a faint sweet and cold fragrance.


The beautiful young prosecutor said, “Start confessing.”

He felt like he had been hypnotized by a demon.

When questioned by the snow-and-ice prosecutor, he spilled all the testimony that he didn’t dare say in the past two days without missing a word.

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The young male prosecutor’s surname was Shen and his given name was Wenjun, 29 years old this year. He was the second-in-command of their procuratorate, and had already achieved outstanding results. It was also reported that he graduated with first place in the H University Faculty of Law that year. Even though he only worked in a small local prosecutor’s office when he graduated because he was an omega, over the years, because of his excellent case handling and excellent grades, he had risen step by step at a rocket-like speed.


Shen Wenjun was the only omega prosecutor here. He was also the only omega student in his class at school, and he never concealed his identity. In addition, his colleagues were all alpha.

Even if there was an ABO Human Right Act, the discrimination against omegas was still everywhere in the society, thinking that omegas were stupid, sick, and inferior human beings.

During his heat period, Shen Wenjun also came to work after taking inhibitors, but even so, still emit a small amount of pheromones.

After finishing her work, the female clerk, Xiao He, asked anxiously, “Mr. Shen, are you really alright? I don’t think you look very well today.”

It felt really uncomfortable.

Even though his heat symptoms were very mild, he still felt unwell, nauseous, sick, dizzy, and suffering an abdominal pain— he must endure all these pains as an omega.

Shen Wenjun pressed his forehead, “It’s okay. I can bear it.”

In fact, he didn’t like working and interrogating prisoners during his heat. He almost had an accident before, but it was also true that interrogating prisoners at this time, especially alpha prisoners, would have twice the result with half the effort.

There were pros and cons in everything. Being an omega did not seem to be very bad.

After a day’s work, Shen Wenjun put on a cloak-style black windbreaker coat and a pair of beige gloves. He arranged himself meticulously before returning home from getting off work.

Looking at his appearance, no one could guess that he was an omega. He was 182cm tall, with handsome features, long stature, wide shoulders, and long legs, and he was quite manly.

Several of his alpha colleagues followed him into the elevator and descended to the parking lot.


They all smelled the pheromone scent on Shen Wenjun’s body— a cold scent that resembled his own personality. It was sharp and clean, not sweet and greasy, and had a different sensual feeling.

As an alpha, staying in a closed space with an omega during his heat was still a little difficult.

Shen Wenjun stood near the elevator door with his back facing them. He had just cut his hair, and his beautiful white neck was exposed. The unmarked gland was not swollen under the effect of the inhibitor, but there was still a light trace of redness, like a light pink petal sticking to it, or a cinnabar mark accidentally drawn on a blank rice paper, which made people couldn’t help but mind.

It’s not that they hadn’t made invitations to Shen Wenjun, but they were all rejected by him on the pretext of not wanting to have an office romance.

It was rumored that there was a brave person who pursued restlessly. Finally, Shen Wenjun was very annoyed and simply told the truth, “Your work performance is too bad. I don’t want to fall in love with an alpha that is not as good as me.”

This was really terrible.

Shen Wenjun returned home, took a shower, and just laid down because of fatigue and discomfort during his heat period.

Just after falling asleep, he suddenly received a call from his friend, Xie Han.

In the past few days, he had always been in a particularly irritable mood. He asked angrily, “Hello? What’s up?”

Xie Han said, “Xiao1[小 (Little) is an address of endearment.] Jun2[钧 from Shen Wenjun (沈文钧)’s name.], remember to clear your schedule on Friday night.”

Shen Wenjun asked strangely, “Why do you want to clear my sched? ”

Xie Han replied, “Because your 30th birthday is on Friday.”


Shen Wenjun turned his head and glanced at the calendar before he remembered, “Oh.”

Xie Han said, “I will go over to celebrate your birthday with you.”

Shen Wenjun said with disgust, “There is no need to be so ceremonial, okay? It’s just a birthday, and I’m not a child. I won’t be clamoring to have a bunch of friends bless me and sing happy birthday songs to me. It’s too childish.”

Xie Han asked, “At any rate, it’s your 30th birthday. Even if you don’t have a party or a banquet in the hotel, at least you should have a birthday cake, don’t you think?”

Shen Wenjun nodded, “Okay, see you then…”

He was very tired. He fell asleep while listening to his friend.

Xie Han said, “I have already filed an application of transfer to your place to my superior … I think it can be approved,  so that I can work in the same place with you in the second half of the year…”

After waiting for a long time, I didn’t hear Shen Wenjun’s response.

There was only the sound of gentle and long breathing.

Xie Han sighed and softly said, “Good night, Xiao Jun.”

The next day.

Shen Wenjun did not go to the procuratorate.


He also served as an honorary instructor at H University Faculty of Law, and went to give a lecture once a week.

When he got up this morning, his heat symptoms were still severe. When brushing his teeth, he retched several times, so he gave himself a shot of strong inhibitor, which made him feel a little better.

Shen Wenjun put on a black three-piece suit and a black trench coat. He looked in the mirror and felt that his face was as pale as a vampire today.

Shen Wenjun thought to himself, I hope that the group of bastards from the law faculty will not be too stupid and make me feel worse.

H University Faculty of Law.

Freshman dormitory.

Teng Rui was sleeping on his bed when his roommate woke him up, “Rui-zi3[子 is also some sort of endearment, similar to 小.], get up and go to class. There is a special lecturer coming to class today.”

Teng Rui stretched out his hand, waved weakly, and said dazedly, “You go first… I’ll go later, help me reserve a seat.”

Ten minutes later, all his roommates left. Teng Rui looked at the time and it was already late. He struggled to get up, brushed his teeth carelessly, and wiped his face with a towel. He put on socks that hadn’t been washed for two days, a sweater that hadn’t been cleaned for four or five days, and jeans that have not been washed for a long time. In the end, he went out unkempt.

Halfway through, he realized that he had forgotten to change his shoes and still wore a pair of slippers on his feet.

Forget it, just wear slippers then.

Teng Rui was 19 years old this year, and a freshman student. His first gender was male, second gender was alpha.

However, he still felt a little bit of shame and thought that if girls saw his appearance, it would be over.

As a result, what he feared came.

On the way, he ran into the music department girls who went to a screenplay a while ago.

When the girls saw him, they detoured in disgust.

Teng Rui felt despair in his heart.

When he was in junior high school, he was fat. In senior high school, he worked hard to lose weight and succeeded. In order to have a girlfriend in the future, he studied hard for three years and was admitted to the H University Faculty of Law.

He felt that he was not only a high-achieving student, but also an alpha. He was handsome and tall. Wasn’t it supposed to be easy to find a girlfriend?

As a result, no girl liked him so far, so he had to take the initiative to attack, and still didn’t get a girl.

Why was it like this?

He just wanted to have a girlfriend, why was it so difficult?

Teng Rui walked halfway and heard a few girls from other departments discussing,

“I’ve always wanted to see him.”

“I heard that Instructor Shen is very good-looking.”

“Instructor Shen is my idol. As a male omega, he is so excellent that even many alphas are not as good as him.”

“I also brought Instructor Shen’s book, and I want him to sign it.”

Teng Rui thought bitterly in the bottom of his heart, weren’t all male omegas sissy? What wasn’t as good as an alpha? These women had no eyes.4[It means that they are ignorant.]

Teng Rui entered the school building.

This school building was built in European style. The stairs of the lobby extended upwards to the left and right sides, and large swaths of sunlight were poured in from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The moment Teng Rui stepped onto the stairs, he suddenly felt strange.

A fragrant —a good type of fragrance— and rich smell was like someone knocked over a bottle of perfume. However, this fragrance was not greasy sweet, but refreshing and coldly sweet, that he came to love it once he caught a sniff of it.

His heart beat faster and his breathing became difficult. He raised his head and looked at the person standing on top of the stairs.

It was a man, dressed in black.

Similar to a vampire wrapped in bat wings.

The man seemed to be aware of the unusual situation, turned his head, and looked down at Teng Rui.

Shen Wenjun smelled a strong scent of alpha pheromones.

This kind of situation was not common, he immediately thought that he might have met his destiny.

In the past thirty years, he had imagined many scenes of meeting his destiny, but he never thought it would be like this moment.

He actually saw a boy who looked like he was only about twenty years old— still wet, unkempt, and stinky, and had a stupid expression— looking up at him. The charming alpha pheromones he smelled were emanating from this stinky boy.

How could it be such a little fool?!

Shen Wenjun was so angry that he bit off the cigarette he held in his mouth.

“F*ck.” He cursed in a low voice.

The author has something to say:

Well, it’s not a whole novel at all. 

I don’t study law, have a background regarding it, or have a constitutional monarchy country.

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