Falling In Love in an Escape Game

Chapter 9: Ability

“Xia Nuo!!!”

Kan Chen’s voice was filled with anger, like a beast that had been violated in its territory and robbed of its beloved object, showing its sharp fangs and letting out a roar of fright and fury. However, underneath hid an imperceptible panic. 

But Ye Qiang didn’t notice.

When she fell to the ground, thinking she was dead, she opened her eyes the next moment only to find that she had become the puppet that was trying to strangle her earlier. 

In front of her, the young man who had watched her die was sitting defenselessly on his seat, but the man who had claimed to be his protector was not by his side.


For a time, all her new and old hatred rushed into her heart. She immediately rushed towards the young man without thinking about it, grabbed his neck fiercely, and said with a grinning smile. “When you saw me dying, you didn’t think that you would eventually fall into my hands, right?”

Xia Nuo felt a searing pain in his back. He tried to pull the puppet’s hand away from his neck and said with difficulty, “W-What…”

Ye Qiang pinched the young man’s thin white neck as if she could feel the rush of blood in the carotid arteries under her hand. She was in control of whether he would remain dead or alive. This feeling felt wonderful. She couldn’t help but close her eyes in ecstasy.

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“That… I don’t think there’s anything I could do to help.”


He did create the puppets but that didn’t mean that he can control them. He truly could not help.

“I’m really sorry, but… How about I turn him into a puppet when he dies? Then I’ll give him to you. Would you like that?”

Kan Chen’s expression didn’t change. He continued to persuade him. “Anyway the person inside would still be the same, it would still have the same soul. There won’t be any difference, right?”

The puppet hastily pulled the corner of his coat to stop him from speaking. Only a carpenter like him would feel not the difference! To say such words is like asking for the man’s hatred!

“I don’t want a puppet.” Kan Chen felt an intense, deep pain for the first time in his heart as he remembered that the young man trusted him to protect him. “I want him back unharmed.”

Even if it was in exchange for his life.

Xia Nuo who was lying on the ground heard the conversation clearly. He sensed the sadness in the man’s voice and felt the need to comfort him.

Don’t be sad. Even if I fail the game, I won’t die. At most, I could just quit the game then have points deducted from me. Points can be easily earned so don’t be sad.

When he thought that the man would feel sad because of him, his chest felt all stuffy and tight. Was it because of the lack of oxygen?

His neck remained strangled by the puppet, and he could not even utter a word. All he could do was to make some gurgling trills.

Ye Qiang wickedly controlled the force in her hand to a level that would make the young man feel uncomfortable but not immediately kill him. She indifferently watched the conversation of the two men then felt that it was the right time to share her thoughts.

“I could spare him, you know.”


“On what condition?” Kan Chen knew immediately the meaning to her words.

“Let me get out of this damned manor at once!” No sooner had she finished than she got two distinct responses.

One of the puppets said, “No!”

Kan Chen, however, said, “Alright.”

The little puppet jumped and answered, “You’re insane! There’s still time left before the manor can be opened! Don’t you know what happens if you break the rules?”

The man didn’t want to hear what it wanted to say and spoke to the woman, “Let go of him first. I’ll open the gates and let you leave.”

As he spoke, the shadow under him lengthened infinitely, merging with the shadows around him, while Ye Qiang dropped her guard a little. The ravens lurked in the shadow and approached her quietly.

Ye Qiang slightly loosened her fingers. Xia Nuo finally recovered his breath and made coughing sounds. His throat was a bit hurt and made his voice hoarse.

“*cough* Mr. Kan Chen… Don’t listen to her.”

“Shut up!” Ye Qiang said viciously as she stood up with the young man in her arms, pressing one hand on his shoulder and the other at his heart.

The puppet’s pointed fingers were almost sinking into his flesh. Xia Nuo could not help but let out a loud cry and bit his lips tightly. He didn’t want to show weakness to the woman, nor did he want Mr. Kan Chen to worry about him but… it was too late.

Kan Chen had obviously heard him cry, and could not help but step forward. Ye Qiang became vigilant.


“Stand back!”

Kan Chen’s reaction probably made her anxious. She scanned her surroundings, and could not help but sneer as she found some clues. “You probably weren’t sincere when you said you’d cooperate. Fine…”

“Nuo Nuo, dodge!” Kan Chen shouted hurriedly as she rushed towards Ye Qiang.

A flock of ravens shot at Ye Qiang from the darkness like an arrow, but her reaction was also very fast. She held Xia Nuo back quickly and retreated as her sharp fingernails popped out and viciously stabbed him.

Kan Chen’s eyes widened, but he could not stop what was happening in front of him. He could only hear the sound of a sharp weapon cutting into the flesh. Bright red blood seeped out and stained the young man’s shirt.

“Ahhhhhh!” Ye Qiang’s scream was heard coming from the flock of ravens. Almost in an instant, everyone then heard the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground.

A moment later as the ravens dispersed, Xia Nuo was seen standing blankly in front of them, clutching his chest. He looked almost unharmed except for the fact that his clothes were stained with blood.

He ‘looked’ at the motionless man who stopped half a step away, then hesitated to say, “…Mr. Kan Chen?”

At his feet were pieces of fragmented puppet parts, wooden arms, legs, and body. The puppet’s face retained a look of disbelief as if questioning the reason why it could not escape death when it had become an immortal creation.

Kan Chen then reacted and pulled him into his arms and held him tightly, unable to stop himself from recoiling inwardly: He had already lost too many things. If he lost Xia Nuo, he wouldn’t know what to do then.

Li Charlie, though, was concerned about another thing.

He picked up a warm, glittering, jade-like black wood from the scattered parts of the puppet and said, “This material is most suitable for making a collar. But tell me, how did you kill her?”


It was his first time seeing someone who could kill such creatures. Even the most powerful in the manor, Kan Chen, could not do so.

The two puppets hiding behind him timidly looked at Xia Nuo. The one who had dared to threaten Kan Chen had now obediently tried to hide his presence, recalling whether they had offended this soft-looking, easy-to-bully older brother before.

With this kind of ability, how could they not feel afraid?! 

“Ah? Me?” Xia Nuo shook his head blankly as he laid his head on Kan Chen’s arms. “I… I don’t know?”

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