Falling In Love in an Escape Game

Chapter 5: Vermin

I can finally stop being blind!

However, his surprise only lasted for a second when Xia Nuo realized that the points needed to redeem his eyesight was horribly high.

It says on the game panel:

Eyesight: 250 points per minute
Vision (static): 1 point per minute
Vision (dynamic) 5 points per minute 

Xia Nuo looked at the pitifully small number of points in his hand and fell into a pensive mood. With his current fortune, he could only exchange one minute for eyesight. After seeing the light for a short period of time, he would have to face his empty pockets.

This is the first time Xia Nuo has experienced the feeling of wanting something but not being able to afford it at all.


His family was well-off and his parents basically gave him whatever he wanted, except for being able to get him back to health. No matter how expensive something was, as long as he liked it, he would buy it without blinking an eye. But at that time, Xia Nuo’s interest came and went quickly, and those items that lost the owner’s favor often had only one end – in the warehouse to collect dust.

Looking back now, his previous self really was blessed and didn’t know it!

He looked at the very tempting, seemingly glittering gold eyesight redemption button, but endured and reluctantly bought a one minute dynamic vision.

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However, he didn’t think that someone could bully the small animal under his watch so he was really curious as to what was going on.


“Ai!” Xia Nuo sighed heavily and lamented from the bottom of his heart, “I suddenly realized that I’m really poor!”


The man looked him up and down, from his well-made handmade dress to his pricey watch accessory. The young man’s entire body was full of the smell of money, waiting to be taken.

Moreover, ordinary people don’t express this kind of emotion while walking. They must first have the desire to spend money before they lament their poverty, right?

Kan Chen didn’t think that there would be anything that would arouse his desire to buy in such a place.

However, it is true that there are often many discrepancies in the young man. From the first moment he saw him, he had already noticed it.

“Is there anything you want? I know where the manor’s treasure room is, it’s still quite an abundant collection.” Kan Chen gently and tentatively threw out a bait, like an unscrupulous owner who was holding a teasing stick in front of his cat’s eyes from a distance, wanting to see it dart over.

Before, many people risked their lives to come to this haunted manor just to find the manor’s treasure. However, the thieves were so greedy and insatiable that they were all killed by him, and they became victims one after another in the bloody legend of the manor.

But if it is the boy in front of him, let him think… Is there any treasure in his treasure room suitable for the boy?

Well… That necklace called “True Love’s Heart”, the pink diamonds on it would look good on his beautiful collarbone. An emerald ring, it would  look good on the young man’s finger, and a pair of sapphire cufflinks. That would also go well with his clothes.

He didn’t realize that his current behavior was like a little girl who just got his beloved pet and wanted to dress it up enthusiastically.

As the object of his imagination, Xia Nuo could not help but shiver. He tightened his arms to hug himself and looked blankly at the man beside him. After exchanging points for his vision, he could already see the man’s tall silhouette, but he couldn’t see the man’s expression. He could only feel the man’s body exuding a sense of pleasure.


“Mr. Kan Chen, do you think it seems to be getting cold?”

Is it because they are outside now?

As soon as his words fell, a gentle breeze blew by, and the smell of rose blossoms filled the wind.

His words interrupted Kan Chen’s thoughts that were getting more unrestrained. He came back to his senses, coughed, and replied casually: “No, do you feel cold?” Then he took off his coat and put it on Xia Nuo’s body.

“Strange… I don’t feel cold anymore now.” Xia Nuo shook his head and grasped the wide coat on his shoulders. “Thank you for your coat. But Mr. Kan Chen, do you smell the fragrance of roses?”

The tip of his nose moved, trying to find the source of the rose fragrance.

In the real world, because of his pollen allergies, his parents never put flowers in front of him. Even if he wants to see flowers, he can only look into the distance through the thick glass wall outside the flower room.

Now that he smelled the scent, he suddenly remembered that now he is in the game world and has no pollen allergies. He could touch those flowers as much as he wanted!

He realized that he was very fortunate that he had come to participate in the escape game. Not only can he experience things he has never experienced before, but he can also meet very reliable friends. Yes, in Xia Nuo’s mind now, Kan Chen has already been regarded as an important friend, ranking only behind his parents and his brother in terms of importance.

Kan Chen, who didn’t know that he had actually become the “friend” in the little pet’s heart, stopped. “This is just an abandoned garden, and no rose flowers are planted here, but…”

He seemed to have thought of something, but didn’t continue.

Xia Nuo looked around and could only see many dark shadows. It can only be vaguely distinguished that there are many plants, but it isn’t clear what kind of plants there were.


There was a tall tree to his side, stretching out its long branches, on which rested a vague black shadow.

“Yah-yah-yah-yah,” The dark shadow emitted a gruff cry, and Xia Nuo realized it was a bird.

The bird’s call was familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had heard it. However, Kan Chen responded after the bird screamed: “Okay, I see.”

“Can Mr. Kan Chen understand what it says? What did it say?” Xia Nuo asked curiously.

He suddenly felt that being able to communicate with animals was really a very useful skill. But looking at his current pitiful fortune, he wondered how long it would take to be able to redeem such an expensive talent.

Before he had time to feel dejected, a slightly cool hand rested on his head and touched his hair affectionately. “It is saying that the vermin of the manor is wreaking havoc.”

Xia Nuo felt the comfort from his movements. The man’s strength was very gentle, reminding him of his brother who also likes to touch his head, but compared with his brother, the man’s movements are much stranger. He always touches the top of his hair all the way to the back of the neck, and will rub there a few times, intentionally or not.

The back of the neck was Xia Nuo’s sensitive spot. Once the man touched it, he was like a rabbit pinched by someone who didn’t dare to move.

“Vermin?” To distract the man from touching him, he questioned the unfamiliar word.

Kan Chen showed a warm smile and explained. “It’s just a group of sinister dark beasts. They will destroy plants, pollute spring water, scare away horses… and cause damage to the manor. My task is to clean them up.”

Xia Nuo couldn’t help but tremble, for his words revealed coldness and killing intent.

The man saw his fear, and comforted, “Don’t be afraid, you are different from them. You are pure white, and very easy to distinguish. I won’t mistook you for one of them.” 


Zhang Man was oblivious to the fact that he had become a “vermin”. Not long after he entered the horse farm, another group of people arrived there.

As soon as the two sides met, both were stunned, and then began to look at each other without moving.

“He Lina.” The woman headed by the trio stretched out her hand at him first, “These are my two assistants, Liu Cheng and Xu Kai.” She introduced the two men behind him who were watching him guardingly.

Although they were assistants, those two men were tall and their bulging muscles could be seen under their suits. More like body guards than assistants.

“My name is Yang Ke.” Zhang Man made up a name casually, but didn’t go to shake the woman’s hand.

From his past experience, this woman did not look like an ordinary character, so naturally he would not make contact with her hastily.

He Lina snickered. “Don’t be so defensive. You don’t not know me, do you?”

She was very beautiful and had a charming smile. “Could it be that I’ve gone out of fashion?”

Zhang Man easily guessed her identity: a popular star. She seems very confident in her charm.

However, what she met was a game player. Zhang Man naturally wouldn’t be fascinated by an NPC. He just smiled and said, “Excuse me, Miss He, I don’t usually follow stars.”

“Alright,” He Lina didn’t seem to be embarrassed at all. “Meeting here is also a kind of fate. If Mr. Yang gets to know me more, maybe he will like me.”

“Here?” Zhang Man looked around and shrugged, the meaning of which was self-evident.

By now night has long fallen, and under the dark sky, the empty horse farm looked silent and eerie.

“The environment here is really not very good.” He Lina was not annoyed by his repeated refutations, she said self consciously, “Has Mr. Yang heard the rumor that this manor is haunted? It is said that the manor has experienced three masters, each of whom died. Over time, there were rumors that evil spirits lived in this manor. It regarded the manor as its own property and did not allow anyone to enter. Everyone who entered the manor would be killed by it in the end.”

“Really? That sounds interesting, but I am an atheist. Evil spirits or something, it sounds too unreal to me.”

Zhang Man pretended not to care, but in fact, he was very interested in the rumors that He Lina had said. Because so far, he has received too little information about this game. Except for the name of “Raven Manor House” and the opening plot, he knew almost nothing.

But he knew that the more he dismissed it, the more the woman would tell him more in order to gain his trust.

He was right. The woman opened her mouth and wanted to continue to say something. But suddenly, she seemed to see something terrifying: “Hide quickly!”

At this time, an inconspicuous black shadow flew over the sky.

“Found it.” The man squinted his eyes, as if remembering some unpleasant memory. “They actually got together. I have to say that these vermin are really dangerous.”

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