Falling In Love in an Escape Game

Chapter 33: Night Attack

“I’m so annoyed. Why isn’t that Chang’an guy here yet? How long do we have to wait for him?”

Zhuo’er led Xia Nuo to the door and left. Xia Nuo stepped into the hall alone and heard a loud bang, as if someone had kicked a table.

The voice came from a woman dressed in a sorcerer’s robe. She was definitely the one called Shi Xue Li. She was sitting on one side of the long table. Opposite her was the demon hunter with a full beard wearing leather armor. On Shi Xue Li’s left and right side were men dressed exactly like a knight. Xia Nuo had no idea who Kui Ke and Ka’er were.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting for long,” Xia Nuo’s footsteps paused for a moment, before sincerely apologizing.

He looked kind, and the expression on his face was sincere. Shi Xue Li was planning to have a fit, but now she just grunted coldly and said nothing more.

The demon hunter didn’t say a word even after Xia Nuo took a seat beside him. The knight sitting beside Shi Xue Li smiled and said, “No, we didn’t wait that long. Did you come by train? Actually, the Sorcerers Association has a special teleportation channel. You should also have a teleportation array in your Temple of Light, right?”

“Yes, but I don’t have money,” Xia Nuo replied.

It costs gold to open a teleportation array and Xia Nuo didn’t have that kind of money since he had only entered the game. Even his train ticket worth ten copper coins was bought by a kind-hearted person. Otherwise, not to mention late, he’d probably won’t arrive here.

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With a straight face and a stiff tone, she said, “Take that. Don’t give it back to me if you don’t want it. It’s just worth 15 points. I’m just giving it to you ’cause it’s too heavy!”

“T-thanks?” Xia Nuo said with hesitation.

His eyes turned wide in surprise. He looked like a frightened little animal.

The knight on the right showed a helpless smile. He and the other knight looked at each other and saw from each other’s eyes the same sentiment: Miss, are you a tsundere? Can’t you share your thoughts well?

However, Xia Nuo didn’t misunderstand her. He put away the bag of gold coins and thanked her again. “Thank you. You can also come to me if you’re injured in the future. My healing spells are good.”

He was oblivious to the fact that he seemed to be cursing them to get hurt.

The knights: “…”

All of a sudden, they’re no longer worried!

After everyone made a belated self-introduction, Xia Nuo was finally able to distinguish who’s who with the two knights. The knight sitting on the right was Ka’er, while the knight on the left was Kui Ke.

The two and Shi Xue Li obviously knew each other before. They were subservient to her, like they had a superior-subordinate relationship.

Though Shi Xue Li was grumpy and a bit awkward, she was good-hearted. She had a closer relationship with Ka’er. Just like now, they would fight with her but would later coax her with a few words. On the other hand, Kui Ke acted much more restrained.

Luo Yin, on the other hand, was a man of few words. He introduced himself briefly. This person didn’t seem to be very good at interpersonal relationships. Xia Nuo had seen him several times in a daze and he had no idea what he was thinking.

After getting a general understanding of the other players, the village chief appeared.

He was a spirited old man in his fifties, who spoke with a smile on his face.

“Welcome all brave people to our village, Nasuru. I know it’s getting late so you all are probably hungry now. Let’s go to the dining room. We have prepared a sumptuous dinner for all of you.”

Xia Nuo was not hungry, only sleepy. His head bobbed down a few times as he sat on the table. He could vaguely hear Shi Xue Li complaining that she didn’t like the food, and Ka’er comforting her.

When dinner was done, the village chief said, “Your rooms are ready. Let me take you all to your rooms to rest.”

Xia Nuo stood up dazedly and followed him. Before he knew it, only him and the village chief were left in the corridor.

Everyone else was already in their rooms yet the village chief still led him on and on to somewhere. Xia Nuo soon noticed that something was wrong and asked.

“Aren’t we there yet?”

The village chief answered with an apologetic face, “Since we didn’t expect a female brave one to come, we only prepared two rooms. The room we are taking you to now is a temporary replacement. I hope you don’t mind.”

Xia Nuo was too sleepy to mind him. He let the village chief guide him until they reached the end of the corridor.

If he had been not so sleepy, he would have realized that the room was only a wall away from the room where he had seen the peeping figure from the courtyard.

However, he was so sleepy now. All he ever wanted now was to lie down and have a good sleep. He took the key from the village chief, opened the door and threw himself inside. The raven on his shoulder flew up and stopped at one cupboard next to the door.

The young man’s breathing soon turned calm. Time went by. On the small clock on the bedside table, the hour hand slowly pointed to number twelve.

Suddenly, a sound of footsteps was heard from the corridor, so soft that it was almost imperceptible. It was accompanied by a soft rustling sound of something hard on the ground.

The footsteps stopped when it reached the vicinity of Xia Nuo’s room. Because of the young man’s negligence, the door was left unlocked. The moonlight fell on the ground, and a long black shadow was seen in the gap between the door.

However, the owner of the shadow had no intention of stepping inside  the room, only standing quietly outside. After a while, a long, thick, unknown creature came in through the doorway and raised its head high.

From its position, it was easy to see the young man sleeping on the bed.

The young man was sleeping soundly. His lovely face was flushed. He smacked his lips, muttering some words.

The unknown creature stared at him quietly, and remained unmoving for a long time, as if attracted by the sight.

When the young man turned over, he fell down to the ground, and woke up. Inadvertently, he turned his head and caught sight of the raven on the cupboard.

The raven paused for a few seconds before it buried its head under its wings.


Xia Nuo woke up hungry.

Halfway through his sleep, his stomach rumbled. The result of not having a good dinner was that he became unbearably hungry in the middle of the night. Not to mention that he had slept enough during the day, he couldn’t continue sleeping now.

He sat up from the bed and looked strangely at the neatly arranged shoes on the floor.

He clearly remembered that in his rush to get into bed last night, he just threw his shoes. Why were they neatly arranged by the bed now?

“Did you arrange the shoes for me?” Xia Nuo asked the raven standing on the cupboard.

He had no one else to blame but this raven.

The raven cawed in response. He didn’t notice anything wrong as he put on his shoes and prepared to go out and look for some food.

The small clock on the bed showed that it was now two o’clock. There was still some time before dawn.

Xia Nuo opened the door to his room and was startled by a figure in the corridor.

The lights in the corridor had long since gone out. He was not prepared to see a dark shadow in front of his room, so he couldn’t help but take a step back and ask in a trembling voice, “Who are you? What are you doing there?”

The figure turned his back on him but hearing this, Xia Nuo took down a kerosene lamp hanging on the wall and lit it up.

It illuminated the figure’s pale face.

He was a man who looked like someone in his twenties. He was tall but he looked a bit too thin. Maybe because it was kind of dark, his lips seemed to be lifeless, like it had no trace of blood.

“I couldn’t sleep so I came out for a walk. What about you?” The man asked in a low voice.

After confirming that the dark figure was human and not something strange, Xia Nuo sighed in relief. As soon as he relaxed, his stomach let out a sound.

He covered his stomach and explained, feeling embarrassed. “I didn’t eat much dinner, so…”

Was it just his illusion? Just now, it seemed like the corners of the man’s mouth were raised?

But when he tried to look again, the man still had an indifferent face.

“Then…” The man said, “I have nothing to do anyway. Let me take you to the kitchen.”


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