Chapter 3: His Name

“No. He won’t be Nana’s prey anymore.” The man shook his head.

Maybe it was fate.

It was just for a moment when he inadvertently glanced around the banquet hall. There he saw a strange scene in the midst of the commotion. The darkness of sin that swirled around a young man suddenly disappeared, resembling a tidal wave that settled down. A new, pure lamb emerged and replaced him. This little lamb even threw himself straight into his arms. At that moment, he immediately decided that he would take him captive.

If he hadn’t taken this delicate and lovable creature, he would have surely been swallowed whole by the monster of this manor, wouldn’t he?

But being held as a captive by him will surely be different from that. He would protect him, give him the most exquisite food, prepare toys for him to play with, and coddle him in his arms.

His face revealed an intoxicated look as he imagined a picture of this young man rushing into his arms.

Seeing his expression, the green eyes of the black cat looked at him suspiciously. “You’re not having a relapse, are you?” 

Having spent so much time in the manor with him, the cat knew that the man was fond of adorable creatures. He could even break his principles and rules for them, and do things, impossible things, that he’s never done before. But those cute creatures he had taken were all just small, fluffy animals. To humans, he had only shown his true colors.

The cat looked at the young man from his head to toe, trying to see what was so special about him. Its scrutinizing gaze made Xia Nuo shudder.

What’s going on? Is the man talking to the cat? How did he understand the cat?

The black cat’s words fell on his ears in a series of cat meows in varying lengths but the man seemed to understand what it was saying and answered accurately.

He seemed to have found another one of his boyfriend’s skills.

Xia Nuo, once again, was amazed.

What kind of skill was that? He vaguely remembered seeing it in the system’s store, and it was very expensive. He only checked the number of points needed to exchange for a healthy body so he didn’t pay much attention to the other skills.

Speaking of game points, he doesn’t seem to have seen his mission in this game yet?

He got lost in his own thoughts while the conversation between the man and the cat continued.

“Kate, you scared him.” The man held Xia Nuo’s hand and looked at the cat disapprovingly. “The rule of the manor is to kill those who are guilty. It doesn’t apply to him. I’ll explain this to Nana.” 

“Nana won’t accept this.” The black cat stroked its beard slowly. “She waited for a long time so she could take her revenge on them, and now you want to stop her? That’s impossible.”

“You don’t need to worry about that.” The man pulled Xia Nuo’s hand and prepared to leave. “Anyway, I saw your Lady Elizabeth heading for the Goddess statue fountain. Aren’t you going to check it out?”

“…” The black cat’s eyes immediately sharpened. “Thanks for telling me. In exchange, I won’t tell Nana that you’re keeping a prey. If she finds out, don’t blame me. You better look for a good place to hide him.” 

When it finished speaking, it jumped down the stairs, walked away and disappeared. 

“I don’t need you to tell me that. I’ll protect him…” The man muttered to himself.

At the end of the staircase was a small attic, which was his original destination. It’s the safest place to keep a cute little pet. No one dares to go there except him.

During this time, Xia Nuo was looking at the game panel in his head, unaware of what just happened.

It says on the game panel:

Main quest: Survive inside the manor for seven days.
Reward: 1,000 points

Side quest: Explore the manor.
Current completion: 0.5%
Reward: 5,000 points

Special quest: Uncover the mystery and free the evil spirits of the manor.
Reward: 15,000 points

Reminder: Game package (unused) released. Game exchange function turned on.

Special Item: Invitation to the Oriel Manor (Do not drop)

“Mr.____ is cordially invited to attend a banquet on the 15th of July to celebrate the 25th birthday of the owner of Oriel Manor.

Best regards,
Oriel Manor Personnel

Note: We have prepared a surprise for you in the garden. Please be sure to come and see!”

“15,000 points?” Before Xia Nuo could even focus on the other notifications and special item at the bottom, the game reward had caught his full attention.

The rewards of the first game world for rookie players were this many? The points needed to redeem a healthy body was 120,000 points. If he finished the three quests, he would get one sixth of the points needed to redeem.

It’s quite exciting when you think about it!

If the system was here, it would definitely scold him and make him dispel this unrealistic idea.

The generosity of the reward is proportional to the difficulty of the quest. The danger ranking of the [Raven Manor House] game world is actually in the middle level. It is not suitable for training rookie players, but its main quest is considered to be easy. As long as the player remains alive and abides with the rules of the game, it could be accomplished.

The system brought Xia Nuo into this game world to help him familiarize with the rules of the game. Who would have thought that he’d be so eager to finish all of the quests?

Unfortunately, the system could not enter the game world. Xia Nuo is currently accompanied by the game world’s built-in system. It isn’t intelligent, and only has the basic function of stating the quests and rewards. Naturally, it wouldn’t have any objection to Xia Nuo’s idea.

So Xia Nuo held this unrealistic idea, and followed the man inside the attic where an iron door appeared in front of them.

The iron door was large and heavy. Because it had not been used for a long time, the latch was covered with a thick layer of rust. An iron lock laid across it.

The man looked at the house he used to live in before he was twelve. With a look of disgust in his eyes, he quickly covered it up.

He had intended to take out the keys from his pocket to open the door, only to remember that it had been long since he left and he didn’t know where it had been thrown.

Although the butler must have a copy of the key, he is now in the banquet hall with his grandson having “family fun”. It wouldn’t be good to disturb them.

After thinking about it, the man put his hand on the lock. A moment later, a click was heard and the lock fell to the ground. He turned his head and said, “All right, come in.” 

As soon as the iron door was opened, the damp, dank air of the attic poured out, bringing forth the smell of stale decay.

Xia Nuo winced. At this point, a small animal’s keen sense of intuition to avoid harm came to him. He asked hesitantly, “So, uhm… Why are we here? It’s kind of weird here…” 

Though the system told him to listen to his ‘boyfriend’, the attic in front of him kind of exuded an evil atmosphere. Xia Nuo could not summon the courage to walk in.

Why did the man bring him here? There’s no quest event trigger here, is there?

This little pet’s instincts are really sharp, ah.

The man looked at the young man who looked so miserable, almost shrinking into a ball, and couldn’t help but want to tease him.

He took a step forward. Shadows shrouded the floor forming a massive dark silhouette which writhed, squeezed, and revealed many scarlet eyes.

Xia Nuo did not see this terrifying scene, but he sensed it instinctively.

“Can you guess why I brought you to this ‘weird’ place?” The man deliberately lowered his voice. His originally magnetic voice sounded somewhat distorted, which added a lot to the current weird atmosphere.


Xia Nuo stepped back and grabbed the handrail of the stairs. His big eyes widened, showing a look of helplessness.

Just now, the man actually understood why some people like to scare their pets. Being able to see how cute a little pet looks after being frightened really makes people feel a sense of accomplishment.

“Have you thought of the reason why?”

“Because… Because…” The boy’s body trembled slightly in front of him. His fingers were clenched into fists on his side. After several attempts to speak, he finally opened his mouth.

“Because… You want to protect me?” 

“Ha… Hahahahaha!”  After a moment of silence, Xia Nuo heard the man suddenly laugh. He laughed louder and louder, as if he had discovered something interesting. He couldn’t stop laughing.

“W-What? Am I wrong?” Xia Nuo, who was so sure of his guess, became uncertain after being laughed at like that.

Did he really guess wrong?

However, in the previous conversation between the man and the cat, although he could not understand what the cat said, he could indeed understand what the man said. He could also hear the defense in his words.

Not to mention the phrase he mentioned, “I’ll protect him.” Though the man’s voice was not loud, he still heard what he said with his keen sense of hearing now.

He didn’t think that at first, but remembering the words the man said before, the answer was obvious.

“No, you didn’t guess wrong.” The man stepped forward and looked at him intently. “I thought you would misunderstand the situation just now.”

“I wouldn’t!” Xia Nuo gave the man a strange ‘look’. “Though I’m a little slow, I could still distinguish what’s true and what’s not. I can feel it too when people are nice to me.” 

The man has been very protective of him from the start. Whether it’s reminding him to pay attention to the stairs, gently touching his head, or saying to protect him, Xia Nuo kept everything in his heart. How could he misunderstand the situation?

“Thank you so much for taking care of me. If there is anything I can do, please let me know!” Xia Nuo said very solemnly.

Damn, how could he be so cute! The man sighed in his heart.

So he said, “Then in return, tell me your name.”

“Ai?” Xia Nuo did not expect such a request. The system’s warning came to his mind, making him hesitate.

“Why? You can’t tell me your name?” The man’s voice was low and sounded disappointed.

“No, no. I can.” Xia Nuo seemed to have lost his thoughts and immediately agreed. But the moment he said that, he felt a little uneasy for no reason. “My name is Xia Nuo. The Xia (夏) in summer (夏天), and Nuo (诺) in promise (承诺).”

The system told him not to share his name with NPCs. But it’s okay to share it with your companion, right?

Unaware that he had stepped into the trap set by the devil, he unconsciously showed an incredibly trusting smile at that very same devil.

The man smiled back and told him his name, “My name is Kan Chen. Be sure to remember it.” 

If Xia Nuo knew things about the estate, he would have realized that “Kan” was the surname of the first owner of the manor. After his death, the manor changed owners several times but every single one of them died.

But it was his first night on this manor, and as soon as he entered the game, there was no time to gather information. He simply answered, “En,” and nodded to indicate that he would remember.

At this time, a sudden ripple of water appeared on the invitation. The letters rearranged then combined to look something like:

“We welcome our distinguished guest, Mr. Xia Nuo, to the Oriel Manor. The doors of the Oriel Manor are always open to you. All of our staff are looking forward to your arrival.

Sincerely yours,

Kan Chen of the Oriel Manor.”


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