Falling In Love in an Escape Game

Chapter 28: Like


When Zhang Man heard this, he couldn’t help but connect that to some weird, fantastic idea. A few weird expressions passed over his face.

Xiao Yi looked at him strangely while he handed a box to Xia Nuo. It also knew that Zhang Man had dirty thoughts, so he muttered in a low voice, “Bad adult.”

Zhang Man: “…”

Never would he have expected to stand side by side calmly with a small BOSS without having a fight with it. He was even spat out by it. What a wonderful experience this is, he thought.


Xia Nuo took the box as Xiao Yi repeatedly urged him to open it, “Open it, quick. Check if you like it. Daddy worked hard to make it.”

The light-colored box made a ‘snap’ sound as he opened the lid. On the scarlet velvet lay a black collar, about two fingers wide. It was still warm and even emitted a foggy glow.

Zhang Man was surprised. He used an appraisal item to identify the rarity of the collar. It was a B-class item.

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Tl nyzzle Dky Lws ‘szela casvbla’ cwv nyzzle xl ‘wdnzl’? Gal ol vbyv ekqqlaldv? Hbydt Yyd pvyale yv bkx kd ekpclzklq.

“Iyd Ubld…” Tl’p pvkzz kd vbl xkaasa prynl, kpd’v bl?

Fweeldzu, y vyzz qktwal sq y xyd yrrlyale clbkde bkx.

“Eblal’p Nkvvzl Iyd Ubld?” Dky Lws eked’v pll vbl pxyzz qktwal yde ypjle.

“Tl oldv cynj vs oblal bl’p pwrrsple vs cl,” Iyd Ubld ydpolale.

Xiao Yi’s eyes darted back and forth between Kan Chen and Xia Nuo, revealing a subtle look.


What’s that look about? It contained a bit of hate for iron not becoming steel1To feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement. Guess Xiao Yi wants the ship to sail~, and also a bit of gloat.

The expression on the little puppet’s face was so obvious, Zhang Man couldn’t help but let out a ‘tsk tsk’ and sighed.

But that expression didn’t stay for long. Kan Chen turned his eyes on the puppet. It couldn’t help but shrink its neck.

Strange. I’ve never felt so threatened by Kan Chen like that before. What exactly happened in the two days he disappeared?

The little puppet was so confused and no longer looked at Kan Chen with a playful expression. It pointed to the collar in the box and said, ‘It’s up to you now to decide what carvings you want to engrave on it.”

Kan Chen picked up the collar, put his two fingers together in the middle and wrote clearly the word ‘Nuo’. The foggy glow on the collar disappeared, and the light that appeared before was now restrained but it looked thicker than before.

Zhang Man couldn’t help but use his appraisal item again. This time, it appeared as a Class A item.

Zhang Man didn’t think that this kind of change was possible. He really did learn a lot today.

“Come on, lower your head.”

Xia Nuo complied and lowered his head. Kan Chen fastened the collar to his neck.

The young man’s snow white skin was in sharp contrast to the black collar. It rested perfectly on his collarbone and exuded a breathtaking sense of beauty.

Unused to the feeling of having something on his neck, Xia Nuo touched his collar. Kan Chen told him, “Use it, okay. It will save your life if you ever get in danger.”


Xia Nuo’s heart felt a bit complicated. He remembered the scenario before when the little puppets dragged them to the Opera house, and they used this collar as a bargain.

That time, he wondered why Kan Chen, who originally had no plans to go to the Opera house, changed his mind when he heard that Li Charlie would make him a collar. 

Now, he understood.

He then remembered that his original intention was to ask Kan Chen why he lied to him after coming out of the mirror space. He wanted to ask him what he was to him. Though now, it didn’t seem necessary anymore.

“Thank you, Kan Chen.” He looked up at the man, his face looking serious and cute at the same time.

“You don’t have to thank me,” the corners of Kan Chen’s lips raised up as he gently stroked the head of the young man.

The little puppet looked at this warming scene, and couldn’t help but wonder: Are these two really together now?

Seeing that the atmosphere between them was weird, there must be something between the two of them. But if they were really together now, why did they still seem polite? Just kiss already!

Xiao Yi silently protested in his heart, then soon he remembered something.

“By the way, do you know where Nana went? I went to the garden to ask her where you were, but I didn’t see her,” the puppet scrunched up its face as something came to its mind, “There was also a lingering stench in the garden. Did Nana go somewhere else because of that?”

Xia Nuo remembered that the last time he saw the little girl, she planned to take him to Kan Chen. Then he met Zhang Man, who seemed to have thrown something then…

Zhang Man saw Xia Nuo turn his head to him. He pushed his glasses and explained, “What I threw out that time was a mirage stone. It can make people fall into some sort of illusion, but it won’t put you in danger. Besides, she wouldn’t disappear into thin air even if she was confused because of the mirage. Something else must have happened to her.”


Mirage?” Kan Chen remembered the dark object he had taken out of the fountain before.

Because of that thing, he saw the Xia Nuo who questioned him in tears.

Nevertheless, soon he found out that something was wrong and was able to escape the illusion. Though the ‘Xia Nuo’ that time looked exactly like the original, it couldn’t copy one thing—the pure white soul of the young man.

After he realized that it was only an illusion, it all disappeared.

The reason he was delayed was because he spent all his time waking up the black cat who was trapped in an illusion too and didn’t respond.

Kan Chen nodded at Zhang Man’s statement, “There’s indeed no danger even if you get trapped in an illusion. But  Nana—”

“—she’s in another place now.”

He sent her to a dimension parallel to this world, where she was just an ordinary little girl. There, she wasn’t murdered, she’d grow up and live her life in peace—this was the compensation he gave her.

The object of Nana’s vengeance no longer exists in this world but if she ever learned Xia Nuo’s real identity, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine what she would do. 

Kan Chen wouldn’t want to watch her hurt Xia Nuo so he could only use this method.

“So she won’t come back later?” Xia Nuo felt a bit sad. Though that little girl kind of treated him like a doll, the thought of not seeing her anymore still made him sad.

Kan Chen nodded.


Zhang Man, unexpectedly, didn’t find his news pleasant.

Nana was gone. That means he didn’t have to deal with that small boss, which is actually a good thing, but the information revealed in Kan Chen’s words frightened him.

He had always felt like Kan Chen’s ability had already exceeded the strength level of a normal game NPC. Even his ability as a final boss was too overpowered.

He could manipulate time and space. Wasn’t this beyond the rules of the game?

“Can we talk?” Zhang Man asked Kan Chen, his expression looking very serious.

Kan Chen glanced at him. He probably had guessed already what he wanted to say so he immediately followed him to the other end of the corridor.

The little puppet suddenly became excited as it watched the two walk away. Since Kan Chen no longer was here, it could finally ask the question he’d been hiding in his heart.

“Brother, are you and Kan Chen dating?”

“Ai—?” Xia Nuo blushed immediately when he heard Xiao Yi’s question. Dating?

“No, no,” Xia Nuo rambled. “We’re not, we’re just friends. Why would you ask that?”

“No?” Xiao Yi didn’t believe him. “But he always looks at you gently. No way would he look that way at you if you were only friends. I’m not sure about the other details, but I’m really sure about this one thing—he likes you.”

Xia Nuo felt embarrassed but there was no denying that when he heard those words, his heart rippled in circles like a lake being brushed by the  wind.

“What about you? Do you like Kan Chen?” The little puppet asked hurriedly.

As it asked, the little puppet thought that Kan Chen really ought to thank him for this otherwise the two of them would still be clueless!

“…I don’t know.” The young man hung his head. He looked very confused. “How would I know?”

“Say… If you want him to be with you all the time, if he’s all you could ever think about, and your emotions fluctuate because of him… Something like that.” Xiao Yi was also kind of clueless. It tried to recall all the romantic drama it had seen before and tried to explain what it knew.

“Yeah?” Xiao Nuo muttered to himself. During their time together, he really did think about Kan Chen a lot (because of special hints), he wanted to be with him all the time too. Did wanting to find him count too? His emotions also fluctuate a lot of times. So—

“I like Kan Chen?” He hesitantly came to a conclusion.

Zhang Man, who came from the other end of the corridor and had just finished his talk with Kan Chen, immediately froze when he heard Xiao Nuo’s words.

Little rookie, what do you think you’re saying?!

On the other hand, Kan Chen took three steps and rushed to Xia Nuo’s side, his eyes turning dark blue, “Do you mean that?”


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