Falling In Love in an Escape Game

Chapter 27: Promise

He Lina stared at him in disbelief, but the expression on the man’s face did not look like he was lying. Her heart suddenly burst with ecstasy. She asked, “Then… does that mean you’ll let me go alive?”

Though she didn’t know why Kan Chen said no, since he didn’t hate her, he wouldn’t kill her… right?

Let her go?

The two beautiful eyebrows of Xia Nuo knitted together. He looked at Kan Chen but found that the man was staring at him with a gentle look in his eyes.

Xia Nuo’s heart seemed to stop beating for a moment. His fingers gently curled up, he felt a subtle itch from the palm of his hand, his snow-white skin was tinged with a beautiful red.


He couldn’t help but hang his head, but the red tips of his ears revealed his emotions. “You…”

He wanted to say something to him, but didn’t know how to say it.

Why are you looking at me like that? Will you stop looking at me?

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Unbeknownst to Zhang Man, whose intention was to protect the pure heart of this child, the very same child he tried to protect already labeled him as ‘old-fashioned and obstinate’.


He Lina looked at the interaction of the two. A trace of disgust flashed in her eyes.

She’d had a bit of an aversion towards this young man since she met him. Now, this has completely turned into disgust.

To her, Xia Nuo was acting. He was obviously Yang Ke’s lover, yet Yang Ke pretended to know nothing about it and let the young man stay in Kan Chen’s embrace. She didn’t feel like watching them.

But she considered his acting skills really good. He actually managed to fool Kan Chen. That’s very admirable.

Since her question remained unanswered, He Lina couldn’t help but smile, “Silence means yes, I guess. Though you didn’t hate me, I know that what I did to you before was wrong. I’d better leave first to keep you from seeing me as an eyesore.”

After seeing the hope of surviving, He Lina immediately changed her strategy and began to apologize, trying to make the people forget her previous unrepentant posture.

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned her body sideways. She wanted to pass through the gap in the door and quickly slip away.


He didn’t look at her and yet Kan Chen opened his mouth to stop her as if he could see her movements.

Before He Lina could react, several iron bars immediately appeared on the door, blocking her way.

She was almost able to get out of the room but now she was stopped. She stiffened and asked, “Anything else?”

“I did say that I don’t hate you…” Kan Chen lifted up his eyes. They were unsympathetic. “…but they didn’t say that.”


The sin of killing someone doesn’t just go away just because the victim doesn’t want to pursue the matter, not to mention that the person didn’t say that he would forgive her.

“They?” He Lina repeated.

Suddenly, she felt a small, cold hand touch her calf. She was startled. She trembled as if she realized something, then she lowered her head.

A blurry, underdeveloped child grinned at her, revealing a scarlet mouth.

Another hand gently patted her shoulder, and when she turned around to look, a girl whose face was covered with burn marks smiled at her.

He Lina’s heart was beating fast. She also saw a man she cheated out of his property and kicked away; a woman whose family was destroyed by her, as a result, she commited suicide; and lastly, the senior who helped her, who still had a benevolent smile on his face, yet he looked weird and terrifying.

Her eyes widened to an unbelievable degree because of the fear she felt. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught the image of Kan Chen reaching out his hand to slowly close the door in slow motion.

“No—!!!” With the strength that came out of nowhere, He Lina kicked the baby away and lunged towards the door.

However, it was too late. The door slammed and the last glimmer of hope disappeared completely.

—she was now locked in this room with these monsters.

The meaning of this situation finally dawned on her. She broke down emotionally in an instant.

She threw herself at the door and banged desperately while shouting, “I was wrong! I knew I was wrong! Kan Chen! For the sake of my mother who used to take care of you, forgive me, please! Kan Chen—”



After closing the door, Kan Chen turned around without hesitation and intended to leave. When the door was closed, all the struggles and desperate cries from the other side were cut off. Xia Nuo looked back and asked, “We just… leave her?”

“Don’t worry. Her ‘old friends’ will treat her well for me.”

Zhang Man listened to Kan Chen’s answer and looked at him in surprise with a thoughtful expression.

He felt like a subtle change had taken place in Kan Chen after reuniting with Chang An.

The aura around him seemed to have become reserved. Before it was like a daunting mountain range, with its sharpness exposed. Now, it’s more like an unseen abyss that deters people.

If he met Kan Chen before, he’d think he has a 20% chance of defeating him. But the Kan Chen right now makes it impossible for people to think of confronting him at all.

He Lina’s situation also led Zhang Man to make a guess.

If he guessed correctly, the mirror space is now completely under Kan Chen’s control.

Xia Nuo, who was oblivious to this, was still kind of worried, “There are only two keys left. How are we going to find the right door?”

There are only two keys left but the rooms in the corridor seemed endless with no end in sight.

Instead of telling him the truth, Kan Chen asked him, “Nuo Nuo, how’s your luck?”


“Not so good.” Xia Nuo answered honestly. He folded his fingers to list down some of his unlucky experience.

“I haven’t won a single lottery in my life; I don’t win at raffles even when the odds are high, flights I schedule are often delayed, albums I want to buy are always sold out…”

He cited many more examples. With his hands both open, he said, “That’s pretty much it.”

Zhang Man and Little Kan Chen both showed a sympathetic look: Such luck can no longer be described as ‘not so good’. More like ‘bad’, right?

Kan Chen’s eyes were smiling as he handed him a key, “Go. Find out which door is real then open it.”

“Me?” Xia Nuo was surprised. “But I… I have really bad luck…”

He felt the key in his hand getting heavy.

“Trust me. Go ahead.” Kan Chen put his hand on his shoulder and gently pushed it. Xia Nuo raised his head and stood in front of a room with the number 715.

The number looked familiar, as if he had seen it many times somewhere.

“Do I just open it?” Xia Nuo was still a little unsure of himself.

“Yeah.” His cautious look made Kan Chen laugh.

Little Kan Chen also encouraged him, “Brother Nuo Nuo can definitely do it!”

Zhang Man quietly watched this scene. The time had come to verify his guess.

Xia Nuo slowly inserted the key into the keyhole. After a ‘click’, the door slowly opened, and the familiar stairs and corridor appeared in front of them.

The sound of glass breaking was heard.

As the saying goes, it is hard to become frugal after becoming accustomed to luxury1In this case, let’s say that: It’s easier for people to adapt to the transition from being poor to rich, than to return to being poor after getting used to being rich.. When darkness fell back to Xia Nuo’s eyes, he could not help feeling a little lost in his heart.

Xia Nuo blinked and opened his dynamic vision. He found that only Zhang Man was standing behind him. Kan Chen and Little Kan Chen had not yet come out of the mirror space.

“What do you want to say to me?”  Kan Chen bent down and looked at his younger self.

A moment before he walked towards the door, Little Kan Chen pulled on the corner of his coat and whispered, “I have something to say to you.”

With a serious expression on his face, the little boy asked, “Do you like brother Nuo Nuo?”

Kan Chen raised his eyebrows and answered without hesitation, “Yes.”

“Then, does he like you too?” Little Kan Chen asked, looking even more solemn.

“I’m not sure,” Kan Chen answered frankly. “I hope he does though. If not…”

Little Kan Chen smiled, his eyes shining, “Then try harder.

“You must treat brother Nuo Nuo well. You shouldn’t make him angry. You must make him happy everyday, treat him well… Dad said that if you like someone, you have to do all these things, otherwise, you don’t deserve to say you like them. Will you do them all?”

Little Kan Chen had a premonition that once he got out of the mirror space, he would return to his original time and space. Before that happens, he had to get a promise from his future self.

“I will.”

The man’s reply echoed in the empty corridor. There was no one in front of him now.

Outside the mirror space, Xia Nuo worried because Kan Chen was still inside. Did something happen?

The calm Zhang Man reassured him, “Don’t worry, he’s fine.”

The entire mirror space was under his control. How could he not be fine?

“Hey! Older brother, you’re here!” Xiao Yi suddenly appeared near the staircase and greeted Xia Nuo. “Dad has already made the collar you ordered.”


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