Falling In Love in an Escape Game

Chapter 26: Memories

When they saw He Lina, everyone’s expression instantly changed.

Naturally, it would be hard for Xia Nuo now to have a good impression of this murderer. This was the first time that he had such a bad impression of a person. Before witnessing the murder, he had never once thought that someone could be that vicious, not even hesitating to snuff out a young, fresh life.

In addition, teenager Kan Chen had even helped her find a suitable hospital for her operation because of Mother He’s request. He was kind to her yet that was how He Lina returned the favor.

Little Kan Chen didn’t know the woman in front of him but when he saw older brother Nuo Nuo’s angry expression, he naturally considered the woman his enemy too. He also fiercely glared at the woman.

Strangely enough, Kan Chen, the victim, was very calm. He looked at the trembling woman in front of him and had no intention of opening his mouth.


The atmosphere froze. Zhang Man asked, “Miss He, what are you doing here?”

“I… I…” He Lina wrapped her arms around her shoulders and retreated slowly.

In fact, she didn’t know why she’s here.

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Luckily in this misfortune, maybe because Kan Chen was held up by those two, but during that period, no one came after her.


At that time, she was thinking whether to make a difficult decision or not. Should she take the risk of being caught by Kan Chen and run to the east wide to find that ‘something’? 

He Lina hesitated for less than half a minute before making a decision: She’ll go to the east side of the mansion.

Ever since she was a child, she had been always very decisive and could easily be ruthless, both to herself and to others.

Just like when she was still young. Her mother decided to start a new family with someone else, and told her that she would soon have a little brother. She decided to kill that little life after only half a day of consideration.

The reason for this was that her mother had focused more on the unborn baby, making her feel insecure. She thought that the birth of her brother would take away her favor and resources.

She was quick to make decisions and took actions immediately. It only took a few tricks to get her mother to have a miscarriage. The unborn brother of hers could no longer pose a threat to her.

However, she was still too young back then, so she left some loose ends. By coincidence, Kan Chen found out the traces of her deed.

At that time, an opportunity to enter the showbiz world came to her—a senior saw her talent in acting, decided to take her on as a student and promised to help her with her corrective surgery for free.

This was a rare good thing but she was disturbed by the fact that this senior was very particular about personal integrity and conduct, and had even worked with Kan Chen several times.

He Lina was afraid that Kan Chen would tell him about her brother’s death, so she thought about what to do and decided to make the first move.

The previous killing of the unborn baby had emboldened her to kill again. It actually didn’t bother her. Her plan was to lure Kan Chen out then kill him when he’s unprepared.

The teenage Kan Chen was quite naive and extreme. Because of his relationship with her mother, he had been unguarded against her. When she attacked him, he didn’t even have the time to resist.


But when she recalled that scene, something about what happened then confused her even up to this day—the look in Kan Chen’s eyes before he died was just too calm.

There was no surprise, no fear, no resistance, as if he had already foreseen his own death.

His lips mouthed something in silence as he fell.

“This is not the end,” he said.

Why would he say that?

She hadn’t realized that something was wrong until she returned to the manor and met Kan Chen who had taken on the form of an evil spirit. Then, a terrifying guess suddenly sprang up in her mind: Kan Chen, didn’t plan this to happen, did he? Did he willingly get himself killed back then?

No, that can’t be right? He’s no god, how could he foresee what will happen after his death?

Yet that speculation never left her mind and always made her feel restless. It only strengthened her determination to find that ‘something’.

However, when she stepped on the stairs to go to the east side of the mansion, something happened. In a blink of an eye, the scene around her changed and she appeared in a dark room with Kan Chen’s voice faintly coming from the outside of a door.

Before she could think of an action, the door opened with a click.

Her eyes swept from Xia Nuo, Kan Chen, Little Kan Chen and finally stopped on Zhang Man. Her heart froze. 

“…You guys teamed up?”


She saw the young man who was supposed to be Yang Ke’s boyfriend snuggled up in Kan Chen’s arms, holding a boy who looked a bit like Kan Chen. Yang Ke stood beside them and wasn’t actually repulsed by this scene.

Would a normal person let his own boyfriend cheat on him face to face?

He Lina shook her head and became more sure of her suspicions.

She didn’t run away because her only way out had been blocked by Kan Chen. She only asked, “What do you want to do to me?”

She looked coldly at the indifferent man in front of her.

“You probably hate me. If I hadn’t killed you, you would still be the high and mighty Lord of the manor, sitting on a million dollars and being sought after by everyone, instead of being like this now, an evil spirit who could only live in a dark place like this.”

Her words contained infinite malice, and she even felt a bit smug for destroying the future of such a promising young man.

But that didn’t stay for long because the man immediately gave her an unexpected answer.

He said, “No.”

Why would Kan Chen say ‘No’?

Everyone in the room was puzzled, so was Xia Nuo.

If it wasn’t for the man’s arm firmly wrapped around his waist, he would have wanted to jump up and hit this shameless woman in front of him.


After killing someone, she didn’t even reflect on it. She was even proud? She’s too much!

Even he, an outsider, was angry, so why would Kan Chen say no?

Kan Chen lowered his head and looked at the young man who looked very confused. The young man’s round, black eyes reflected his appearance. He smiled at him and said, “No. I want to thank you instead.”

The moment he saw himself as a child, memories locked away in the depths of his mind came flooding back, overwhelming him like a tidal wave.

He remembered his lonely teenage years. When the former manor owner died, he—as the only heir—took over the manor as a matter of course.

He dismissed many of the servants in the manor, no longer held banquets like the former owner did. The large manor suddenly became desolate and less popular.

Kan Chan knew this.

But so what? His mother died long ago, his father’s whereabouts were unknown. No matter what he does, where he goes, he’s all alone. Other people’s lives never had anything to do with him.

Even after leaving that cramped attic, the only thing that accompanied him was loneliness. He had gotten used to savoring that solitude.

But suddenly, everything had changed—he heard footsteps from someone who came from another world.

A black-haired, black-eyed teenager appeared beside him.

When Kan Chen first saw him, he thought he was some young master from a family that had mistakenly entered the manor. The young man’s face looked quite young. His dark eyes looked at him curiously as if he had seen something unique.

He couldn’t help but laugh.

Such a cute young man, who was his parents? Mrs. Zhang? No, he doesn’t resemble Mrs. Zhang except for his black hair and eyes; Mr. Li? No, Mr. Li’s eldest son has just turned twelve; then Master Chen?

But soon, these guesses were overturned when he saw the young man’s arms hidden in the snow-white wall—he was not human. He was a ghost.

Strangely, he did not feel afraid, and even wanted to go up and talk to him.

Though his attempt failed.

Their two worlds seemed to be separated by an unbreakable barrier, no words or movements could reach each other. The young man didn’t even know he could see him.

What made him feel grateful was that although he could not talk to him, the young man would follow him whenever and wherever he was, like a silent shadow. Kan Chen never felt bored. The young man was also very good at entertaining himself.

He would sing a song out of tune while he was at his office, pick a flower and put it on his pencil case, fold a paper and turn it into a small animal…

The word ‘boredom’ never seemed to exist in the young man’s vocabulary. He was always lively and bright, even the air around him seemed like that too.

Even so, the paths of their lives were like two parallel lines that will never intersect.

Is it death that’s holding them back?

Because of this speculation, a crazy thought came to his mind.

The moment He Lina tried to kill him, he didn’t even fight back.

He had a hunch that he would meet the young man on the other side.

“This is not the end.”

He looked at the young man who anxiously reached out to him but could not touch him, and silently mouthed those words to him.

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