Falling In Love in an Escape Game

Chapter 20: Cooperation

Last night.

“I think we should cooperate.” He Lina told Zhang Man. 

“Cooperate with what?” Zhang Man asked calmly.

The two assistants were sitting on the grass outside the hut with a small bonfire in front of them. The orange flames leaped and the firewood crackled.

They agreed to do rotations for the night watch. He Lina offered to do the first half of the night with Zhang Man, while the two assistants would do it for the second half.


The summer night was still a bit chilly. Zhang Man found a pile of firewood and lit a fire, which could not only keep them warm but also scare off some beasts who attack at night. After all, behind the horse farm was a mountain forest. There wouldn’t be any shortage of wild animals there.

“Don’t you want to know how to leave the manor?” He Lina smiled mysteriously.

The bait was finally here.

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At first glance, that man indeed looked similar to Zhang Man. Though his face was mostly covered, his eyebrows and eyes were exactly the same as his.



Zhang Man silently took the newspaper and read the news that occupied the whole page.

The general content of the news was that a doctor at Ren’ai Hospital inadvertently injected an allergy-inducing drug to a patient, resulting in the patient’s death.

It seemed like an ordinary medical malpractice, but there were three reasons why it had attracted a lot of attention.

First, the doctor was very popular in the medical field at that time. The doctor had excellent professional skills, strict medical attitude and a very good reputation in the hospital. People didn’t want to believe that such a promising young man would make a mistake because of negligence.

Second, the patient who died was a young girl, just a young flower bud. She was an only child. Her parents regarded her as the most important in their life. When their daughter suddenly died like that, they couldn’t accept it. They chose to take the case to the court because of their anger and grief.

Third, before the little girl died, she signed an organ donation consent form and donated her cornea membrane. Many people were moved by her selfless action and demanded that the doctor be severely punished.

In fact, the most regrettable thing was that the little girl was originally admitted to the hospital just because of a common cold, a condition that wasn’t even serious, and only needed a few bottles of water to get rid of. Yet, because of the doctor’s negligence, the little girl lost her life early. Even if the doctor gets dismissed, he would never be able to pursue this profession again. The little girl’s life would never come back.

“It’s been five or six years since that incident happened, right?” He Lina said to herself. “I investigated. After that incident, you left the hospital, and entered your boyfriend’s business as a chief financial officer, right?”

Zhang Man did not answer. In fact, he didn’t know that he had such a story behind his character setting.

“Then I went on to investigate further and found something interesting.” He Lina stared straight into Zhang Man’s eyes. “Your boyfriend had undergone a corneal membrane transplant after that medical incident.”

She chuckled, “Mr. Yang, tell me. Whose membrane was used for that surgery?”



Zhang Man cursed in his heart. Even if his system prompted him to find his character’s hidden plot and gained 1000 points, he was still dumbfounded.

Through the newspaper and the information He Lina revealed, the truth of the incident was already spilling out.

“Are you saying that I deliberately killed the patient so I could give her corneal membrane to my boyfriend? Do you have any proof?” His voice sounded hoarse.

“I didn’t say that.” He Lina waved her hand again and again, then smiled wryly. “But if this matter were made public, it wouldn’t be hard to say that people would think so.”

Today’s communication was much more developed than it was five to six years ago.

Once that happens, the response of the public will be much more intense. Although a long time had long passed, no one can say that there wasn’t any evidence left.

Zhang Man knew less than she did. The system had just unlocked his biography.

Yang Ke didn’t just create a medical malpractice at that time. After he fell in love with his boyfriend, he took part in the  black business of his boyfriend’s family—selling human organs.

He operated with his own hands and picked up countless organs, but because of his prudence, he had never killed anyone. The incident with the little girl was done at the request of his boyfriend. He deliberately injected an allergy-inducing drug to kill the girl so he could get what he needed.

Maybe because of retribution, his boyfriend did regain his eyesight after the operation but in less than three months, he went blind again. Then, according to a doctor’s diagnosis, he no longer had any hope of regaining his eyesight for the rest of his life.

After reading it, Zhang Man began to worry about the rookie from the bottom of his heart.


As the mastermind of the incident, he must have attracted a lot of hatred from evil spirits. It was alright if he knew the hidden meaning in the invitation, but if he didn’t and then he went to the garden… That was too much for Zhang Man to imagine.

But right now, he needed to deal with the problem in front of him first. He asked, “How do you want me to cooperate?”

Now, He Lina was the one calling the shots so she answered calmly, “Mr. Yang, please rest assured that I only have one goal. That is to leave the manor. I have no other plans aside from that. I only need Mr. Yang’s help.”

Zhang Man was silent.

She said she had no other plans, but he didn’t believe it. This woman probably already had her eye on him a long time ago. Otherwise, how could she have specifically investigated him and uncovered the past incident that happened years ago?

He wanted to know what He Lina wanted.

“How could I help?” Zhang Man asked.

“Mr. Yang really is a smart man.” Knowing that his question meant that he agreed, He Lina praised him and smiled. “Do you remember the rumor that the manor is haunted?”

Zhang Man raised his eyebrow. “Yes, I remember. I told you that I don’t believe in those things.”

“It’s not up to you to decide if you could believe it or not.” He Lina answered. “That little girl who died, her name was Yu Na, right? Now that she has become an evil spirit, she’s out here to seek revenge. If you want to get out of the manor alive, then you must listen to me.”

She learned this information from an evil spirit. She learned of the existence of this ‘Yu Na’ and then followed some clues to investigate Yang Ke and his boyfriend. Then she decided to work with Yang Ke.

Zhang Man was also surprised by her ability to obtain information. She even managed to frustrate him the way no NPC could ever do so. However, he no longer had time to think about that as He Lina took out a bottle containing a black irregular object.


As soon as Zhang Man saw it, he immediately felt repulsed.

“Now listen to my plan, Mr. Yang.”


“Big brother, are you still sad because brother Kan Chen kept a secret from you?” The little girl took Xia Nuo’s hand and hopped along the stone path. “Don’t be sad. I think the reason brother Kan Chen did that was because of… secret troubles. Yes, because of that!”

“I don’t think so.” Xia Nuo lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes trembling like butterfly wings. His whole persona was shrouded with a fragile sense of beauty.

As he recalled how they first met in the banquet hall, it was him who mistook him as his ‘boyfriend’. Kan Chen just chose to accept that mistake and didn’t tell him the truth.

He can only blame himself for being stupid. He shouldn’t blame anyone else for his mistake.

Xia Nuo bowed his head in remorse. He was very sad.

He couldn’t help but think, what did Kan Chen think of him then?

Did he think that he was stupid, and gullible? Did he secretly laugh at him?

His heart throbbed at the thought that beneath his gentle appearance was a man who might be mocking him for his stupidity and gullibility.

He suddenly realized that he didn’t know when the man had started to occupy an important space in his heart that he could easily affect his thoughts. Are those words about his desire to protect him also fake?

But it didn’t seem like he was faking it when he remembered Kan Chen’s anxious expression when he was put in danger.

Xia Nuo’s brain was in chaos.

He had never experienced something like this. He had no experience at all. The only thing he could think of was to ask Kan Chen directly.

If the truth was what he was thinking then he… He…

Xia Nuo had no idea what to do.

The little girl beside him was still nonchalantly humming. Xia Nuo could not help but envy her.

If only I could forget all the troubles in my mind like her.

Xia had just stepped into the embroidered-like garden that he saw before when suddenly, a hand grabbed his wrist from behind.


He heard a voice of a man shouting, and the sound of glass breaking. Then a bottle-like object was thrown out and fell to the ground. A strange smell pervaded the air.

The author has something to say:

System’s Hint: Hello, your ‘boyfriend’ Kan Chen is now offline. BIG BOSS Kan Chen is now ready to make his magnificent appearance. Please look forward to it.

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