Chapter 2: Escape

It is human nature to fear the dark and seek the light, because darkness represents the unknown, and in the unknown lurks hidden danger. This is still true even in a peaceful world, much less in an escape game world like this.

Even though Xia Nuo has done a lot of psychological preparations before entering the game, he could not help but panic upon losing his ability to see the light and being plunged straight into darkness.

Losing his eyesight heightened his other senses. He could clearly hear the birds flapping their wings, the chaotic footsteps of the people running around, the rustling of their clothes and their intermittent outcry. There was a faint smell of blood, and it was likely that someone had been injured.

No one probably thought that these birds, who are just occasionally seen in the wild, would actually come here to frighten them to death and one day pose a threat to their lives.

These birds had scarlet eyes, three to four times larger than the size of a regular crow. They had sharp claws, sharp beaks, and large wings that could inflict deep pain with every flutter. Not only did these people feel pain, but they held unspeakable fear of facing these unknown creatures.

Even though he can’t see what was happening, Xia Nuo couldn’t help moving towards the direction of his ‘boyfriend’. Like a scared little animal seeking protection, he asked with a quivering voice, “Shouldn’t we escape now?” 

“Escape?” The man pulled him backwards and took a few steps back, avoiding someone who was desperately running because of the chaos, and vaguely repeated the word he said. 

He looked around, and watched the guests running amok. All these powerful and influential people could no longer maintain their composure and dignity in the midst of this mess. Their hair and clothes were all in disarray, and they were all in a hurry to search for the way out without a care for others, revealing their true, ugly nature.

This farce he orchestrated himself seemed to show the results he desired. He also seemed to have gained an extra bonus, a silly little lamb who has thrown itself straight into the trap.

He looked at the cowardly young man who was leaning on him full of trust, waiting for him to make a decision. He laughed and asked, “Well, where should we go?”

The man’s voice was deep and magnetic. His lips touched Xia Nuo’s ears as he spoke and it was unknown if he was doing it on purpose. The distance between the two was so close that it seemed as if they could kiss at any moment.

“!!!” Xia Nuo covered his blushing ears, but he still felt the warm breath of the man over his sensitive ears, making him uncomfortable.

“You… You decide.” Xia Nuo answered. “I’ll listen to you.”

“Alright,” The man answered. He looked up, and a subtle sense of delight filled his voice. “Let’s go.” 

They stood somewhere in the corner of the room, not far from a locked door in the banquet hall. The man pulled him up to the door and took out a key from his pocket.

The guy covered in flames who was standing in the main front door of the hall turned his head and stared at the man. He couldn’t help but take a few steps aside, his eyes showing hesitation. The man gave him a cold look, and succeeded at stopping his wavering thoughts. The blaze man seemed to have received his warning, as he cried bitterly and turned to chase a young man in a suit.

TL’s note: I’m gonna call this guy ‘blaze man’, since calling him a guy covered in flames seems a bit long hehe

“Damn! Why is it chasing me?!” Zhao Chang clenched his teeth and ran away quickly.

He didn’t think he’d get caught up with this kind of situation. There was only a one percent chance of something like this happening in someone’s life, but it actually happened to him. There were so many people around him, but out of all them, he was the one who was chased.

Being chased by this monster and being chased by the ravens were two different things. When you get chased by the ravens, you only have to bear the pain of being pecked, but being chased by this blaze man, there’s no way but death!

He didn’t notice that the blaze man, despite running after him, didn’t actually try to cause him any harm. There were several times where he had almost caught up with him, but he deliberately slowed down.

Xia Nuo, who also heard the blaze man yelling, shivered and turned his head along the direction of the voice. Naturally, he didn’t see anything since he was blind.

The man gently turned his head away. “Don’t worry about that, it has nothing to do with us. Watch your steps.” 

He had opened a door, and behind it was a very old-looking staircase no one has probably used for a long time. The carpet on the staircase had a thin layer of dust, and some small, inconspicuous black footprints.

“Oh… Okay, okay.” Xia Nuo, who noticed that the man was pulling him up the stairs, asked, “Shouldn’t we head outside?” Though he can’t see it, the crowd must be heading outside, right?

“No.” Every time he lifted his foot, the man thoughtfully guided him so he wouldn’t trip and fall over. “The ravens pose more threat once they get to fly outside; and we’re going somewhere else.”

Those prey who were all trying to escape must have been running towards the main gate, but they didn’t know that they had been already trapped inside the manor, its entrance all closed. All the greedy hunters had long been in place, and they simply cannot escape the day of their death.

Of course, he’s going to be on the hunt too. But before he does that, he’s going to have to handle this special little prey. Some angry woman is waiting for him at the garden and probably can’t wait any longer to tear him into pieces.

“Ai?” Xia Nuo’s face looked a little lost.

‘Going somewhere else’? This ‘boyfriend’ of his, did he already have another job to do?

Is this the difference between a veteran and a rookie player? Although he entered at the same time as him, he knew nothing about the game, but this other person seems to know a lot of information already. Isn’t that amazing? When can he become as good as him?

Xia Nuo couldn’t help but ‘look’ at his boyfriend, and seemed to view him with adoration.

Unaware of these thoughts, the man thought that this young man really looked cute at the moment. He could not help but raise his hand to ruffle his hair and sigh in satisfaction. Once again, he thought that abducting him was really the right thing to do.

As a slightly cold palm fell on his head, Xia Nuo suddenly froze. Although he had been barely touched by his parents or his older brother and had nothing else to use as a comparison, he wondered if the way the man was touching him was the same as how people stroke their pets?


His thoughts were interrupted by a soft mewl of a cat.

It sounded like a normal whimper of a cat, but in this game world, he needed to be wary of everything. He subconsciously pulled the sleeves of his ‘boyfriend’ and hid behind his back as he gingerly leaned in to glance at the cat.

On the handrail of the staircase lays a giant black cat, which is generally much larger than that of its kind outside, and is three times larger than normal cats. It wasn’t large because of fat but was full of muscles on its back that continuously moved due to its breathing.

“Meow–” It wailed again, but it wasn’t as soft as a normal cat’s meow, rather it was rough and a little hoarse.

“Did you steal Nana’s prey?” It spoke.


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