Falling In Love in an Escape Game

Chapter 19: Illusion

Kate and Kan Chen stood under the statue of the goddess. A black spring emerged from the ground, emitting an ineffable stench.

As soon as Kate got closer, the smell went straight to her nose. A cat’s sense of smell was not as good as that of dogs but it was much more sensitive than humans’. Her expression suddenly distorted, “It wasn’t like this before when I came over last night. That was about 10 o’clock.”

That time, she had heard about the whereabouts of ‘Miss Elizabeth’ and came over there at once. It so happened that the manor’s clock had struck ten times then, so she remembered very well.

“The contamination probably happened between 11 to 12.” Kan Chen answered confidently as he recalled what happened last night. “There was trouble at the opera house that time, so security was a bit lax.”

That was when Xia Nuo was held hostage. He called all his ravens with no time to worry about the consequences. In turn, someone used this situation to do something against them.


Kate narrowed her eyes. “Have you identified the suspect?”

Kan Chen’s face remained calm. “Pretty much. She’s the only one who’d probably do such a thing.”

“You mean… He Lily?” Kate asked with a pause.

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An older evil spirit provoked Kan Chen and tried to seize the management of the manor. Its strength was the most powerful in the group of evil spirits that entered. Not to mention that it also formed a group of equally restless evil spirits. The threat that they gave was overwhelming.


At that time, Kan Chen was alone and his situation was not good. The other evil spirits that entered the manor either chose to stand by and watch, or were attracted to join the older evil spirit. The black cat belonged to the former.

Evil spirits do not have compassion. Kate wasn’t willing to help him because he was young and weak. After all, what the older evil spirit said was right—”If you have no diamond, don’t take on the responsibility of making porcelain.”1Only act according to your ability.

She also wanted to see if Kan Chen had the ability to handle this huge manor.

But she didn’t think highly of him, after all, he was ‘young’. She didn’t believe that Kan Chen would be able to beat someone older than him.

In the end, Kate was slapped with the results.

Kan Chen appeared silent, not answering the provocations of the older spirit. Everyone thought that he was timid. The older spirit also had the same idea so it became more arrogant, clamoring to drive Kan Chen out of the manor.

And so, Kan Chen struck back—

Many years had passed. Kate could still remember clearly the tragic scene when a huge raven surrounded that older spirit, tore its spirit to pieces, then swallowed it one mouthful. The spirit’s cried angrily then, and then disappeared. It took only a few minutes for it to disappear from the world.

What impressed Kate the most was Kan Chen’s performance during this.

No matter how the spirit struggled, wailed and begged, Kan Chen remained unmoved. He stood there, and watched coldly, like he was just an outsider.

Then he took this opportunity to clear out the spirits with different intentions and only took the ones who really wanted to take revenge. The atmosphere of the manor then became harmonious.

After that, Kate had now considered the boy capable. He had his own means of doing things. She had really underestimated him.


After devouring that spirit, Kan Chen’s appearance visibly changed. Before, he looked like a 15 year old boy. He still looked young but he had become taller, his features became sharp and angular. He looked mature like a handsome man!

Kate: Does devouring evil spirits have this effect?

There was a saying that says, the curiosity killed the cat. When all the evil spirits around him were surprised by the strength Kan Chen showed, they all retreated. Then she inquired about the reason for his change.

Although the process of inquiring was difficult—mainly because Kan Chen repelled people—after some efforts, she finally got the answer from the butler of the manor.

“The young master died of murder by a peer when he was only thirteen years old.”

So Kan Chen adjusted his body to his actual age by the energy he gained by devouring evil spirits.

Kate asked further but Butler Zhao refused to say any more. She could see that he was very afraid of his young master.

Later, Kate learned by chance the identity of the one who killed Kan Chen. She changed her real name and her face. She was now the popular actress, He Lina.

She knew now that He Lina came back to the manor with her two assistants which were actually her bodyguards. Even so, She didn’t expect the woman to be this restless and have the heart to make such a small move.

“She probably knows some things about the manor.” Kan Chen said. “Perhaps some of the spirits who came to the manor before leaked them out.”

His guess was correct indeed.

He Lina was a selfish person. She wouldn’t want to give up her money and her current status, she wouldn’t want to just die like this here. However, she couldn’t refuse the invitation letter and could only desperately pray to all the gods, worship Buddha, and seek help from all kinds of experts.


Well, she had money and the status so she naturally found a way. She learned that as long as she survived for seven days, the doors of the manor would open and she would be able to go out and continue her life.

But she also knew that Kan Che would not let her go so easily. That teenager with sharp eyes as if he could see through her heart, that teenager who discovered her secret and so she pushed him into the lake and drowned. Surely, he wouldn’t let her escape so easily.

So she needed to make preparations. It wouldn’t be enough to hire two bodyguards to protect herself. She needed a foolproof solution.

“She must have put something in the fountain.” There were obvious signs of the floor tiles being moved around. Kate endured the stench and looked closer. Through a small outlet, she saw a black object sinking at the bottom, constantly emitting patches of black fog.

Kan Chen moved away from the floor tiles. A raven poked its head in and took out that black thing then put it in his palm.

“What’s this?” Kate leaned over. Unlike the stench coming from the fountain, the black object emitted a fresh fragrance.

She sniffed it a few more times. “Strange. I think I’ve smelled this fragrance somewhere.”

Kate tried to recall where she had smelled this but it suddenly became dark. Then, she found herself in a pink, cute room.

“Good evening, everyone!” A ‘girl’ in a pink princess lolita dress smiled sweetly in front of a camera.

[Good evening, dear!]

[Elizabeth looks beautiful again today!]

[The user ‘Doudou Loves Elizabeth’ sent a bouquet of roses!]


A large pop-up screen flashed across the computer screen.

Kate froze as she looked at the familiar scene in front of her.

She clearly remembered driving this person into the dense forest yesterday. So what was this person doing here?

She couldn’t help but take a step forward to identify this ‘Miss Elizabeth’ but she found herself locked inside a narrow cage. A sharp pain came over her body. She couldn’t help but yelp as she fell down the cage.

“Oh, that was nothing, just a cat acting to be spoiled.” The ‘girl’ pretended.

On the other hand, Kan Chen was experiencing a similar problem.

The man opened his eyes and found that he was still next to the statue of the goddess, but there was an unexpected figure in front of him.

“Nuo Nuo? What are you doing here?” He frowned, somewhat surprised. “Didn’t you promise to behave and wait for me to return?”

He saw the young man raise his head with a pair of red eyes. Kan Chen’s heart suddenly ached when he heard the young man’s question, “Why did you lie to me?”

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