Falling In Love in an Escape Game

Chapter 15: Garden

“What’s this?!” Xia Nuo was startled.

The fluffy thing burrowed into his arms, as if frightened by something. Xia Nuo could hardly hold it properly, but this movement made Xia Nuo feel its long ears.

Xia Nuo quickly exchanged his points for dynamic vision and asked, “Is this a rabbit?”

“Yeah, but you still haven’t answered my question. Why were you crying?” The aura surrounding the man suddenly became heavy. “Did someone… bully you?”

He just went out for some time but came back to see his cute little pet’s eyes red and watery. He looked like he was about to cry.


Kan Chen’s first thought was that someone had taken advantage of his absence to bully his little cutie.

Who would be so brave to do such a thing?

“Crying?” Xia Nuo touched his eyes, and sure enough, there was a little wetness. He felt embarrassed as he explained, “No one bullied me. It’s just that I saw some story and it made me feel sad.”

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“R nswze y obkzl yts, cwv dsv dso.”

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“…” Iyd Ubld zsolale bkp lulp.

Not that he wanted to investigate the secrets of this little pet, in fact, he knew that the young man was hiding a lot of secrets. He didn’t intend to delve into this because he knew that he’d get the answers some day.


He felt unhappy because at that moment, he felt the oppression of the rules on him.

Kan Chen became the owner of the manor when he was 12. It was when the original owner of the manor, his grandfather, died suddenly, and his mother died three years earlier than that because of depression.

He was the only heir so he was released from the small room in the attic. He came to the main mansion for the second time and became the owner of the manor.

Also because of something that happened later, his *** died and incarnated into an evil spirit and became an inhuman creature. That was the first time he felt the existence of the rules.

[TN: *** – twas blank. Like this: □□]

The rules told him: One, the manor can take in evil spirits who want revenge. Two, after twelve years, the gates of the manor will open and those who are guilty will be killed. Third, once the manor is opened, it will remain that way for seven days.

Of course, the rules weren’t directly said to him, but were merely put to his mind. Perhaps because of the rules’ recognition, he eventually felt that his control over the manor increased a lot. The manor had since gained the ability to travel through space.

On the surface, the rules didn’t make any excessive demands on him. Also, judging from those three conditions, it gave special treatment to them, evil spirits. However, Kan Chen was still wary of it. He didn’t know how someone was supposed to react to this.

He could feel that there was always a pair of eyes watching them indifferently, as if evaluating and watching their every move. That when something out of control happened, it would not hesitate to intervene.

Just like now.

He looked at the young man who was ignorant of his thoughts and was showing a face of regret. What does his little pet have to do with the rules?

He got so absorbed in his thoughts and didn’t notice that Xia Nuo was saying something. When he came back to his senses, he heard the boy speak in a cheerful voice.


“…is that okay, Mr. Kan Chen?”

What? What is? 

Kan Chen’s eyes showed a bit of confusion.

At this time, the rabbit fluttered up in Xia Nuo’s arms to show its existence. It no longer felt the killing intent from the man, and was getting ready to leave.

The rabbit weighed more than ten pounds. As soon as it jumped, Xia Nuo could no longer hold it and had to let it jump down to the ground.

Because of this, his hands were now free. He grabbed the arms of the man who had been silent just now and repeated his question, “I want to touch your face and feel the contours of your face to feel what you look like. Is that okay? Is it?”

Though he could just redeem his eyesight again to see it with his eyes directly, Xia Nuo felt that doing it like this would be more interesting.

Kan Chen didn’t answer immediately. He looked at the fat rabbit who was trying to escape and succeeded at making it stop. The rabbit huddled at the young man’s feet, trembling.

He subconsciously pulled his arm away when he felt that the warmth from his arms was too hot. But he saw the young man’s surprised expression and blurted out, “Okay.”

Xia Nuo immediately forgot to probe the man’s evasive action just now. He tried to touch his face and found that it wasn’t easy so he said, “Mr. Kan Chen, can you lower your head please? I can’t reach it.”

The man leaned down, allowing the boy’s thin white fingers to move around his face.

He started from his forehead, then to his eyes, to the bridge of his nose, to his mouth and then his chin…


He stood still even though the boy’s delicate fingertips brought a subtle tingle as they traced his skin, even though his fingers stroked back and forth over what could be called a sensitive part for him, his eyes…

A handsome face gradually appeared in Xia Nuo’s mind.

His forehead was broad, the arch of his eyebrows were high, and beneath his handsome eyebrows were deep eye sockets. His features were three dimensional and profound with a kind of exotic feeling to it. His eyelashes were long and thick, like small fans fanning out under him. Below the high bridge of his nose was his lips that were moderately thick, with something like a small bead on the top.

Lips like this should be very suitable for kissing, right?

“…” Xia Nuo didn’t know how his thoughts went there suddenly. He immediately withdrew his hand as if he had been burned by something. To hide his embarrassment, he spoke hurriedly. “Is Mr. Kan Chen a mixed blood? It feels like your facial features are very deep.”

“Yes, my father is Russian, but I think it’s already been mixed up in my generation.”

“Russian blood, sounds awesome!” Xia Nuo let out a sigh.

No wonder Mr. Kan Chen is so tall and reliable! His ancestors were Russian!

He remembered news of Russians fighting bears with their bare hands, swimming naked in winter at -20°. His heart was filled with a deep feeling of admiration.

Kan Chen squinted his eyes as he recalled something. “It’s nothing impressive. When I was a kid, no one wanted to play with me because I looked different from them. Even when I approached them first, they just drove me away. They also called me ‘ugly’ as a nickname.”

“What? Isn’t that too much?” Xia Nuo said with righteous indignation. “What kind of kids are they to be that impolite?”

“There really was something wrong with their eyes,” He comforted. “If I’m ugly, then what are they even called? But you don’t know how much I wished to look like you.”


Xia Nuo touched his face and complained, “But my face doesn’t look manly at all. Everyone only compliments my cuteness. They never say I’m handsome. I’d love to be praised as handsome in this lifetime.”

Kan Chen laughed at his childish complaint, “I think you’re fine just like this.”

Like his constantly big heart, who always has a space to like anything.

Xia Nuo sighed, “Handsome people like you will never understand my pain.”

“Is that so?” Xia Nuo raised his eyebrows. Though he didn’t care much about his appearance, his heart was still filled with joy when the young man praised him.

“Yep, yep,” Xia Nuo nodded his head, trying to prove his point.

After he finished nodding, he suddenly remembered the rabbit at his feet so he asked, “By the way, Mr. Kan Chen. Why did you bring back a rabbit?”

Instead of answering, Kan Chen asked, “Do you remember what you dreamed about last night?”

“My dream?” Xia Nuo tried to remember. “I don’t remember clearly… food?”

“Think again, what food was it?” Kan Chen asked, as if directing him to something.

“…” Xia Nuo thought hard, then finally remembered something. “A roast suckling pig! It looked very tempting, but it didn’t taste good at all. I ate a mouthful of pig ears but there was no taste at all!”

“…so that’s why.” For some reason, the man’s voice was mixed with a sound of teeth grinding. Xia Nuo couldn’t help but shrink his head, secretly reflecting on the words he said. Fortunately, Kan Chen quickly regained his composure.

“You talked in your sleep last night, you said that you wanted to eat a roast suckling pig. Sadly, there’s no suckling pig in the manor, so I went to the forest to catch a rabbit.”

He said this lightly but it actually wasn’t that simple.

There’s a mountain forest behind the manor. Kan Chen entered the forest early this morning with the information the ravens provided. The ravens found several lairs of wild boars. The boars were fat and weighed several pounds, but there wasn’t a piglet.

He stood there worried for half a day. The black cat, Kate, told him that there was a fat rabbit in the pine forest, and that roasted fat rabbits also taste good. Only then did he decide to hunt again and finally caught the rabbit, who was now shaking in fear behind the boy’s legs.

“Thank you.” Xia Nuo didn’t expect the man would go to so much trouble just because he had talked in his sleep. He didn’t know what else to say.

Isn’t Mr. Kan Chen too kind to him? His heart was moved but he also felt a little fear.

How am I supposed to repay Mr. Kan Chen in the future? He became very worried.

“Don’t mention it,” Kan Chen felt that he had satisfied the young man’s wish. A feeling of accomplishment arose in his heart. “Are you hungry now?”

It was tolerable, but Xia Nuo’s stomach began to growl. He remembered that it was already noon but he hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. He nodded.

“Follow me.” Kan Chen picked up the rabbit and guided him out the room and down the stairs.

“Are we going to the kitchen?” Xia Nuo followed him obediently and asked. “Can we go to the garden after lunch?”

He couldn’t forget the garden after he saw its beauty.

Kan Chen’s footsteps stopped. Xia Nuo heard him answer his question with a determined voice, without any room for more questions. “You absolutely must not go to the garden.”

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