Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 53-54

Chapter 53: The Ball 

Li Jia wanted to cry, she really didn’t want to attend, she’d sternly refused her brother on the grounds that there was an important mission in the brigade. She even dragged her grandfather over to use as a shield just to keep her brother away from her.

And she ended up popping up at the ball… wasn’t that a slap in the face?

“Don’t worry.” There was a vague hint of excitement as Yun Bin took her hand.

Yun Bin wore a white suit, but he wasn’t wearing a bow tie like a businessman, but a fair, dark purple bow. With his handsome appearance, decent manner, and youthful energy, Yun Bin was like a Prince Charming figure in the university. 

Li Jia attended as his female companion, her long, soft hand resting on his palm.

When the two appeared in front of the two elders of the Yun family, they could not hide their amazement and appreciation in their eyes.

Li Jia wore delicate light make-up, a purple diamond gemstone necklace around her graceful swan-like neck, earrings with pearl pendants, a small white silk strapless dress, a dark purple butterfly ribbon pinned to the left side of her slender waist, and white high heels.

Walking together with Yun Bin, they were like a prince and princess coming out of a fairy tale. Mother Yun and father Yun marvelled in awe. 

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Father Yun gave a meaningful glance  at the young couple, after so many years in the military, he wouldn’t be the pillar of the Yun family if he failed to notice anything. 

Recently, his son had been on duty with the Criminal Police  Brigade and when things were the most tense, he came back to attend the ball, he felt that something was amiss. 

As a man of experience, the eyes of his son staring at the Lu family’s Miss was so obvious, he might as well turn a blind eye to it.  

The Sky room in the Imperial hotel was extravagant and gorgeous to the extreme. A glorious venue of the ball was decorated with a floor of New Zealand wool carpets with a fine and delicate gold thread pattern, without the slightest echoing when stepping on it.

The lively piano music reverberated, and people were gathering in twos and threes to toast and chat. There were many men and women dancing on the dance floor.

A white carved dome with crystal lamps reflecting a gorgeous radiance, marble wrapped in gold leaf and waiters in red dresses carrying tall red wine glasses moved through the scene.

On both sides of the venue, long tables covered with gorgeous tablecloths were filled with gourmet desserts, and even the most ordinary seats were gilded with gold trim.

Lu Yichen arrived late, having met an acquaintance at the entrance to the hotel and was delayed for a moment.

Han Dongyan was holding a glass of red wine and chatting happily with a few military and political seniors.

When Lu Yichen walked into the ball and the waiter read out his name, he immediately caught the attention of all the people in the venue, especially Han Shichang who was originally talking to Han Dongyan and had already walked over with a smile.

“Young master Lu is late, let’s punish him with a drink.”

“Mayor Han is glowing with happiness, has there been a happy event at your door recently?” Lu Yichen smiled and picked up a glass of red wine from the tray brought by the waiter to toast Han Shichang.

“Is this the young Lu of the Genesis Consortium?”

” The Lu’s noble son, I heard he has foreign aristocratic blood and is not married yet.”

Chapter 54: The Showstopper part 1

“I wonder who is the noble lady accompanying him?” 

Xia Yuxuan had been  here for a long time, and no man had asked her to dance. She felt bored when she heard a few ladies whispering. When she looked up, she saw the sexy and flirtatious red-dressed woman beside Lu Yichen, her face twisted for a moment. 

Mei Xue! 

How could Yichen bring this bitch to a party like this?

It was the first time Mi Xue had attended such a grand and luxurious ball, and even though she had seen a lot of the world, she was still a little nervous.

Lu Yichen quickly settled into the atmosphere of the ball, and many of the people present had their eyes on Young Master Lu and would always find a reason to come up and talk to him.

Han Dongyan was also a very sociable person and the party atmosphere was very cordial.

He glanced at Xia Yuxuan, his deep gaze flickering slightly, and walked forward very gentlemanly, extending a hand. “I wonder if I could ask the beautiful lady to dance with me.”

Xia Yuxuan’s red lips curled up and she looked in Lu Yichen’s direction. She was satisfied to see his eyes looking over, she nodded slightly and walked onto the dance floor, accepting Han Dongyan’s hand. 

In order to cope with today’s situation, she had also learnt social dancing for some time, so as not to make a fool of herself.

Lu Yichen’s thin red lips curved slightly as he took a sip of red wine and looked at the couple dancing in the middle of the dance floor.

The pianist who played the music was very good at capturing the rhythm of the atmosphere and soon it made them the main characters on the dance floor.

Wearing a small white dress with a pinched waist that perfectly accentuated her figure, Xia Yuxuan’s gentle appearance, and with Han Dongyan deliberately showing off her dance moves, many people applauded as soon as the dance was completed.

Seeing Xia Yuxuan make such a splash, Mi Xue was so angry that she gritted her teeth, especially when Young Master Lu’s eyes kept staring at her. Mi Xue’s pretty face twisted.

“Who is the woman dancing with Han Dongyan on the dance floor?” A low baritone voice beside him asked.

“Not sure, it seems to be Han Dongyan’s sister’s classmate.” Another voice interspersed.

“That’s a bit interesting.” The low baritone voice penetrated with a hint of interest.

Mi Xue heard the others’ appreciation of Xia Yuxuan, her nails digging into her palm, fox spirit!

Han Dongyan had already led the small, red-faced Xia Yuxuan off the dance floor, following Xia Yuxuan’s intentions and bringing her to Lu Yichen.

“Young  Master Lu, why don’t you have a dance with your female partner?” Han Dongyan laughed.

Xia Yuxuan smiled warmly and lightly, looking towards Mi Xue. “Greetings, Secretary Mi.”

As soon as her words were spoken, the men at the ball who originally thought Mi Xue was quite pretty immediately frowned, Lu Yichen’s secretary?

Lu Yichen had been revealed to have a sister by the media a while ago, and they had thought that Lu Yichen would bring his sister over today.

Mi Xue’s face turned red and she was so angry that her body shook slightly. If it wasn’t for the occasion, she would have wanted to tear Xia Yuxuan’s mouth off, the bitch had done it on purpose!

She desperately tried to suppress her anger and pulled out a small smile. “Miss Xia looks really pretty, your father’s gambling debt of two hundred thousand dollars should have been paid off, right?”

Xia Yuxuan’s smiling face froze for an instant.

Two hundred thousand dollars of gambling debt…

This was simply more embarrassing than  revealing that Mi Xue was a secretary. The waiter serving here didn’t even put a mere two hundred thousand dollars in his or her eyes. She was paying off a debt?

It was simply a very hard slap in  Xia Yuxuan’s face, she was almost unable to maintain her gentle persona. 

“Yichen…” Xia Yuxuan’s watery eyes clouded with a layer of hazy mist as she bit her lips to look at Lu Yichen. “You’re here.”

“Young Master Luknows Xuan Xuan?” Han Dongyan put one arm around Xia Yuxuan’s waist, a playful smile on his lips.

Lu Yichen knew more than just Xia  Yuxuan, and had willingly done a lot for her.

“Xia Yuxuan, you…” 

Lu Yichen was just about to say something when he heard the usher outside announce the names of the new arrivals. 

The moment the people heard the surname Yun, they all turned their heads to look over. 

Lu Yichen wasn’t that curious, but the surrounding men’s eyes all looked over and vaguely showed amazement. A look of doubt swept across the bottom of his eyes, and he also turned his head to look back. 

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